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Don’t follow me and get shocked I agree with the Catholic Church on all matters of faith and doctrine, idiots
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11 Jun
Who the hell does anti-lawn talk appeal to but leftists on twitter
You guys have healthcare stuff, wage inequality, just keep hammering on that.
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11 Jun
Yeah but see the thing is it made me laugh, so I think it did pretty good at the whole comedy thing.
This person either

A) was too young to see those things then
B) sucks
In charity, I will presume A
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11 Jun
Critics worry that it will do what it’s intended to do
The thing is, it would be very easy for them to lift, simply repent and obey the Church. Very simple!
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10 Jun
Ben, thanks for sticking up for giant investing companies
Your precious free market will be gone in all practical senses, Ben
Who gives a shit if Blackrock dies as a result of action taken if the action means that American families can actually own homes and build wealth
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9 Jun
There is a great sickness in the world. Image
The idea that a man should simply smile and accept such a thing is repulsive.
The entire mindset is one of unimaginable cruelty.
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8 Jun
No. Please, I’m begging you, stop with this.
Like seriously, please, just stop. Stop with this shit. Go away
Just say we should give to the poor. Just be normal. It’s not that hard. We should give to the poor, it’s good to do that. Why the heretical shit
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8 Jan
Ok I especially don’t want to hear a fucking thing from you
It’s been hilarious hearing from Boeing, a defense contractor, Coca Cola, which funded hit squads against union leaders, and Disney, who has directly worked with China even with the genocide they are pulling off there, about the need to preserve democracy.
Seriously, big corporations, just stfu. Just sell your product if you’re going to be assholes.
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7 Jan
Thinking about him
If he is still alive, I hope he is doing well.
The only men and women who are wise are the hermits, monks, and nuns who have eschewed all worldly things.
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7 Jan
The reality is that we must make a radical effort to reenter into community with our neighbors, parishioners, coworkers, and the like.
As I thought after my ridiculous meltdown yesterday, I realized that I had already noted the path ahead before: the small path.
This isn’t even about preserving any particular form of government. It’s about preserving the very things that make us human and, more importantly, Christian.
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5 Jan
It’s cold and impersonal, and rarely works out
An industrialized process of rejection and miscommunication, forever
The internet is an all-consuming maw that will destroy all other forms of socialization. I hate it so.
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25 Sep 19
Got a no from this job today and then this posted so yep, that’s it, I’m done.
Done trying. Done with it.
I regret my life’s choices so deeply.
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20 Sep 18
These sorts of stories actually don't help make the case for Dr. Ford, much like the "boys will be boys" shit doesn't help Kavanaugh. There is one single question: Did it happen or not? Nothing else matters.
This is so frustrating because this will inevitably become a circus of "he did stupid thing x that isn't a crime" and "She did stupid thing y that isn't a crime" instead of "DID THE ACTUAL ALLEGED RAPE OCCUR?"
I keep reading how Kavanaugh apparently liked to drink a lot. did I! I never did anything criminal though!
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20 Sep 18
One thing about “letter of the law not spirit” is that when you read of the Pharisees, they weren’t using the letter to like be more pious, they were using it to get out of stuff
It was always like “don’t lift a hand to help someone bc its the Sabbath”.
It was never “you must obey this hard teaching” it was always “use this easy teaching to get out of a hard teaching”
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14 Sep 18
Ok, to not shit on myself for a moment: Could I be some piece of shit pickup artist type with my handsome looks, intellect, and charisma? Sure. Why be a piece of shit though
What peace would bedding a million women like they are some sort of playthings bring me
Like, even put aside the moral awfulness of that, what would it bring you in the end?
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16 Aug 18
(Considers whether to post “Abeefa Franklin” in an homage to his father’s penchant for mocking names of things he has no dislike for)
Please do not get mad at me, it’s an extremely funny thought
Cowards, all of you
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6 Aug 18
(Match with a dropdead gorgeous gal, 24 so she can’t be divorced right?
(Check info on her)
(Divorced at age 20)
Was the
That’s supposed to be “why” not “was the”
It’s not fucking fair, man. It’s not fucking fair
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5 Aug 18
(Cleans computer out of dust)
(Runs slower than ever)
This makes zero sense. How does it work worse now that I cleaned it
It somehow uninstalled the graphics card driver??
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2 Aug 18
This sort of shit is insanely pathetic. Shut up. We’re not heroic.
Just because its dumb when people complain about Millennials as being the cause of all bad things doesn’t mean Millennials are great.
Look. I’m an okay guy. i tip. Cool. I also can be a dick sometimes. I have turned down donating to things sometimes. Which ain’t right, but I doubt I’m alone, ok?
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2 Aug 18
I will attempt to soldier on in this understanding but my patience is extremely limited at this point.
I am clawing at a way to still believe but I’m skeptical to begin with so these sorts of things greatly disturb me
I mean, look, do I wish the teachings were different? absolutely. But at the end I decided that it is not my place to say what is truth, as I am foolish. That’s why I have clinged to the Church.
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31 Jul 18
Folks I am only doing joke answers, let’s make this happen
1. Bananaphone
2. Finglesmorken
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28 Jul 18
Yeah God forbid we have someone who finally deals with the pedo bastards
“Buh buh one time it went bad” jeebus there’s apparently a massive number of demonic bastards who need expelled and sent to prison, I’ll take the chance
I’m sick of the defending of these bastards. By anyone. Root em out. Separate the chaff, throw it to the flames
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