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Navigating the jungle of patriarchy. Radical feminist. Mental health research, attitude change stuff. Mother of the Lucifer. Been here for ages. Welsh woman.
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8 Dec 20
There's a misogynist obsessed with claiming feminists and conservatives* have the same approach to gender. Guess the difference between "gender is an oppressive system, abolish it" and "gender is innate and tied to sex" is hard to tell apart when you're so busy navel gazing >
His understanding of homophobia and inequalities is specious to say the least but grasping these things should not be beyond him. Patriarchy wants to keep women as submissive breeders and care takers, that is the root of gender. >
One of the ways men enforce gender is by policing heteronormativity. That is why homophobia is rife and why people who identify as trans are attacked and demonised by conservatives and some other men**. They see gender non conformity and it frightens/disgusts them. >
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