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16 Jun
If we’re going to have a holiday celebrating the end of slavery, shouldn’t we wait until we actually end slavery?
What came after slavery, sharecropping, was the same exhausting work and degradation. The only difference was that it no longer mattered to capital whether or not you starved to death. And we can hardly say that modern wage slavery represents much of an improvement.
The modern work visa system that ties workers to their employers (quit your job and you get deported) and uses debt to trap them in those jobs, this is a form of slavery no less pernicious than chattel slavery.
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16 Jun
The Americans involved in the creation of Covid-19 are now throwing their Chinese partners under the bus, that’s all this is.

You won’t hear Jon Stewart talk about what Tony Fauci, Peter Daszak, and Ralph Baric’s groups were all up to.
I don’t think China gets a pass here btw, but it’s abundantly clear that some of the principal drivers of WIV lab research were Americans.
They are comfortable with redirecting anger towards China because it can be massaged into support for their goals - they will probably use it as an excuse to resurrect TPP or something. They are much more freaked out that you’ll blame the American Establishment for their role.
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14 Jun
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be in a secret society/cabal with its own internal culture and existence that open society has no knowledge of and then I remember that this exists and is called twitter groupchats…I would say that’s where 98% of RW Twitter takes place
If I were a lib or a journo (but I repeat myself) I would be paranoid about what the dissident right is up to behind closed doors
Each one has its own particular energy, and this is changed when people leave or new people added…you see where initiation rites come from…strict selection process is necessary to creat correct vibe
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13 Jun
This is an important point. Before AA everyone wanted to be considered White, after AA was implemented the incentives changed e.g. Lizard Warren claiming to be Cherokee. The material incentives are to be anything but a straight white able-bodied man.
CRT is nothing more than a tool used by grifters to obtain power (material and status) they could not obtain under anything resembling a normal society. They would rather be a king in hell than a subject in heaven.
Intersectionality is when you win a sweet government contract because you’re a service disabled woman veteran who is both Black and Indigenous (8a set aside) and has a small business in an opportunity zone that has a partnership with an HBCU
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10 Jun
I have a visceral negative reaction to people hating on boomers and it’s because the boomers I know IRL are all wonderful kind people who go out of their way to do nice things
But also I’ve been on the receiving end of generational stereotype and slander (Millennials). If you engage in any of it you’re basically doing what the commies want by participating in the war of all against all
Anyway, without boomers we would have never had President Donald J. Trump. Don’t forget that.
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10 Jun
Capital investment markets work similarly to the body’s cholesterol system, and deficit spending/Federal Reserve liquidity injections are the equivalent of eating soybean oil.
Cholesterol made from chemically unstable fats doesn’t make it to its intended destination. So you get a weird phenomenon of obese people whose cells are starving for lack of energy. They are starving at a cellular level and bloated at a macro level.
We’ve seen a similar phenomenon here, where Capital/liquidity infusions into economy did not spur creation of new factories or businesses to address stress points of our system that initial pandemic shock revealed.
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8 Jun
The only way we turn the longterm economic decline around (by ending wage-price spiral) is to cut government expenditures to = revenue minus a bit more. The only way to do that is to completely destroy the medical monopolies, which are the drivers of the budget deficit.
There is no way around it - the only way we’re ever going to have an economy that works for everyone is to stop being fat.
Deficit spending destroys standard of living for lower economic rungs by driving up the cost of living. It is inflation that makes minimum-wage jobs so precarious.
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7 Jun
>translates his country‘s name literally as “the Republic of the Savior”
>laser eyes pfp
>just made Bitcoin legal tender
>no cap gains tax on crypto
>no property taxes
>permanent residency for crypto investors

Yeah, I’m thinking something beautiful is brewing in the Tropics
The embrace of crypto by Mayor @FrancisSuarez is very important here as Miami is the business hub of Latin America. We are seeing the embryonic beginnings of something special, a swath of freedom and human flourishing in the land of the conquistadors. Viva Cristo Rey!
You will live to see caravans of Americans walking across Mexico to get to El Salvador
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6 Jun
File under “Things I was told was impossible”. Study finds that some patients keep testing positive for months after they’ve recovered because viral RNA is now incorporated into their genome > producing viral proteins which then are detected by PCR tests

Viral RNA becoming part of DNA via reverse transcriptase is surprising because viral RNA tends to be very fragile, unlike the lab-stabilized RNA thats being used in mRNA shots. How long until we find out the latter is also being transcribed to DNA?
This would be worse because reverse-transcription of virus from natural infection seems to cause production of N-proteins, while reverse transcriptase of mRNA therapies would likely cause production of the pathogenic spike protein.
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2 Jun
March 17, 2020.
Tony Fauci gives instructions for who to work with to make movie about his life.

March 18, 2020.
Asked for opinion on potential treatment which worked on original SARS, Fauci replies only “Thank you for your note.” ImageImage
March 19, as cases rise exponentially and up to 2 million deaths are projected, Fauci dismisses compassionate use of safe repurposed drugs, opting instead for a randomized clinical trial approach that will take significantly more time and cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Image
March 18 - NYT reporter sends rude email asking why the Atlantic got an interview but not the Times, Fauci spends considerable time giving the reporter a tongue bath. ImageImage
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31 May
Poasting a partial list of primary sources for why I believe these clowns were behind SARS-CoV-2
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10 May
The question isn’t whether or not the virus came from a lab, the question is whether it was intentionally released or leaked out accidentally.

If it was intentional, here’s why it could be WWIII

Ethnic bioweapons have long been a sort of holy grail among the bioweapons community

Israel was working on one in the 90s. Funny enough, the journalist who broke the story died in an airstrike. Funny how that happens.
Note the date
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3 May
Medicines/diet of certain American Indian tribes are notable for being quite effective in their curative powers. I believe that the spread of european disease led to a selection effect in which tribes with less-effective medicines died out entirely.
These tribes who had Fauci medicine men were long gone by the time the white man arrived, extensive network of trade routes had carried disease from the first coastal arrivals across the continent centuries settlers arrived inland.
The only tribes that survived were ones with best health practices, so they represent the very best of indigenous medical research.
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2 May
I’m not kidding btw
“Boa tarde my handsome anon husband, I hope you enjoyed your nap. Maria is firing up the grelha, I hope you’re in the mood for churrasco.”
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3 Apr
Can confirm that the fundraising operation did this. Unforgivable behavior. The GOP operatives responsible, along with the ones working at party committees who constantly spammed our phones with fundraising texts, should be sent to prison for a very long time.
@emeriticus has covered much of the grifting very well.

I asked Roger Stone about the weird funding stuff on Clubhouse a while back and he confirmed that hundreds of millions vanished from the campaign war chest. The campaign had to pull ad buys in crucial states during the homestretch because they didn’t have the cash to cover them.
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3 Apr
A lot of people talking about Nation of Islam today really have no idea how deep the lore goes.
Don’t be blinded by hate - they are trying to silence this truth
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26 Mar
Big issue with housing supply is that houses aren’t built to last. Your average new house lasts 30-50 years tops. Significant repairs are needed within the first decade. Average age of houses in my ancestral village in Germany is 650 years, some were build in the 1100s.
Pay the upfront cost for a house that’ll last centuries and you have a place that will serve as a home to dozens of families. Skimp on quality and it’ll only last for a generation.
Building longevity into housing stock lowers the baseline replenishment rate and allows for a steady increase in supply commensurate with population growth.
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24 Nov 20
Linked thread is great but let me try to breakdown into laymen’s terms why Niacin seems to be a very very good Chinese plague treatment.
Niacin lowers serum free fatty acids. Or in other words, purges the bad (PUFA) fats from your blood.

This is important because one of the cardinal indicators that a patient has increased Covid mortality risk is hyper-ferritinemia - too much iron in the blood.
Patients who don’t survive have iron levels that are twice as high as that of survivors.

Paper here describing hyper-ferritemia as a hallmark trait of Covid mortality: thelancet.com/journals/lance…
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22 Nov 20
Like I said wayyy back...lockdowns (when used at all) should have been tailored to high-risk (sick and older) Americans. This ideological insistence on treating everyone exactly the same is deranged and debunked.
EQuALitY means having the exact same guidelines for a healthy teenager as you would for an 80 year old. The cost-benefit calculation here is wildly sensitive to factors like age and pre-existing conditions and not taking that into account has been a massive policy failure.
It also means that you drag out the timeline and expose the elderly to greater risk. Rapid acquisition of post-infection immunity by the lower-risk would have reduced the number of carriers posing a threat to the high-risk.
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22 Nov 20
Trump needs to send in lawyers who are SHARKS. I have great respect for Giuliani, Powell, others, but they aren’t appellate lawyers. This isn’t a case for defense attorneys and former prosecutors - SCOTUS can only consider arguments presented, not make the arguments for us.
We need lawyers with strong appellate records who know relevant election caselaw. @tedcruz and @LindseyGrahamSC and other Judicial committee lions should be involved here. We need 2000s style Brooks Brothers clad lawchads.
The lower court filings need to be solid - it’s hard to introduce new evidence at SCOTUS level. Lin Wood got a settlement in a libel case. Cool. What’s his track record in election law (other than messing up our Michigan filing)? Has Jenna Ellis ever argued before Supreme Court?
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