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4 Sep
This is certainly some big #news from the #IUCNcongress today, with the release of their latest ratings of tunas, sharks, rays, and other species. @IUCNRedList is hoping to soften the concerning news about sharks and rays with better tuna news but... 1/
Some of the new ratings mask serious concerns with unique populations of yellowfin and Atlantic #bluefin. Concerns that are substantial enough that I (a tuna conservationist - yes that is a thing!) am having trouble celebrating. 2/
To be clear, the tuna team did not really get things wrong. The issue is that the IUCN standard requires experts to examine population trends and status at the species level, meaning a genetically distinct population could be crashing, while the species is doing ok. 3/
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7 Dec 20
Ok, I'm ready to talk about it. The Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission concluded its annual meeting late Friday night (5am Sat for those calling from Europe) with no agreement on any management for next year for the...wait for it...tropical tunas. The namesake species. 1/
By this, I do not mean that they could not agree on a way forward and therefore had to roll over the existing measure. I mean that they did not even agree to that. 2/
Starting on Jan 1, there will be no management of #tuna fisheries in the entire eastern tropical Pacific. No limits on the amount that can be caught or the amount of fishing. No closed areas or seasons. No gear restrictions. No FAD management. 3/
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19 Aug 19
Reports from the #CITESCoP18 (a meeting of countries which have ratified a treaty to protect endangered species where international trade is contributing to the endangerment) are that neither the USA nor Canada will be supporting a proposal to list shortfin mako sharks. 1/
This is despite the fact that the species is considered endangered, worldwide, by the @IUCN @IUCNRedList, a group of scientists who are best placed to make these determinations. 2/
And despite the fact that the north Atlantic population (where, you know, USA and Canada are located) is in awful shape, with the pop expected to continue to decrease until 2035, even with zero catch, and the chance at recovery on a 50-year timeline barely better than 50/50. 3/
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