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24 Nov
"Evolution of @Tetranode": NFTs art & Crypto stereotypes; a thread 🧶 1/25
In order to understand the figure of @Tetranode in the cryptoverse, we have to review some concepts, which may seem obvious. The first being, that Tetranode is not any whale, but an orca, this is, a killer whale 2/25
Why is this important? In the early days of #BTC, with little liquidity, the market was easily manipulated by large sums of capital; this type of investors were denominated "whales". They would "move" the market in their own benefit, feeding on smaller fishes panic selling 3/25
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22 Nov
#Deriswap is a project developed by @AndreCronjeTech which focus in efficient liquidity management. The project would integrate LP, futures, loans and options all at once, so the user doesn’t have to choose between splitting his capital into different protocols.
Instead of having 50 ETH providing liquidity in @Uniswap and lending 50 ETH in @AaveAave, you could have 100 ETH in #deriswap and use the same assets to do both at the same time, thus, gaining the double
#deriswap have not been launched nor have any specific date. The last time @AndreCronjeTech talked about it, was 1 year ago and it was undergoing some audits. No further official announcements have been made.
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8 Nov
An in depth analysis of @PopsicleFinance stealth launch scenario and whatnots. Interested? Let's hold hands while I walk you through another @danielesesta fundamental pillar in the #OccupyDeFi and #FrogNation vision.
@PopsicleFinance was launched on 6th Nov. with $ICE reaching 66$. Because of capped LP pools and a flat 7% APR on $ICE, people sold the news.
Is this all? No, wait. In order to hop in the pools, people had to sell 50% of their $ICE positions. Some of them, were just holding 100% $ICE bags and probably swapped to ETH/SHIB where they are currently getting an astonishing 1745% APR.
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