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I live in the place they labeled as Canada. Unique and free thinking. Blocks hateful spell casters.
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6 Aug
Had a 💡moment when I woke up.
The phases of the moon may not be caused by directly reflected light.
They may be caused by triangulated radiation between the sun, moon and ground below.
As you may have seen before in my posts I don't believe we live on a ball.
I believe we live on a specific point on a never ending plane. The celestial objects move above in seasonally changing orbits.
For example on full moon the triangle of energy exchange is large, which is visible when you see a very bright glowing moon.
When its new moon the triangle is closed. ImageImage
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5 Jul
My idea about the bacterial living rock branches is, these are the source of all materials that push up to the surface and break down to be used in all living things.
Then used materials like decaying plants and metals sinks below the surface and begins to be processed by bacteria again in a cycle that releases energy like heat (geothermal) and volcanic processes, as well as electricity (ground to sky lightning).
Lightning puts nitrogen into the soil to give it a material that plants can use to grow and produce leaves/seeds/flowers which in turn return to the cycle through being eaten or decay.
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22 Apr
I had a few ideas tonight related to what is going on, #thebigretrainingofhoomans
If you are interested, follow along.
Humans are a big, messy, disorganized bunch. Forever they have been leaving a trail of garbage wherever they travel.
The #hoomans like to drive around, they are constantly running all over, I watch the mommies at work driving non stop to all sporting events for each kids, multiple sports/lessons/appts. Each family has several cars. Each kid rides a bus to school and each mommy/daddy works
#hoomans are so busy they stopped cooking and put junk and plastic packaging constantly in the lunches and snacks, making giant garbage wastelands. No one will change, not many want to bother. Fake nails and hair too.
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1 Apr
Thinking about this idea that viruses are not really viruses. Yes I believe this and I will explain why.
Virus can be a toxic byproduct of injested or absorbed toxin.
As you know I raise parrots. Quite a few, probably thousands over 15 years.
I raised many of that species, African grey with no problems or deaths at all. In 2012, that changed. A nice big male who was getting to weaning stage start to act lethargic. A red tail feather fell out in the bottom of his cage which is not normal for new feathers.
The next morning he was dead. One by one, each bird in the group of that species died. A few days later the food I was using was recalled. Extremely high vit levels. Birds all over were dying, all over the world.
Strangely, blood tests during autopsy showed PBFD.
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21 Mar
Went back to magic forest, realised this tree is still alive.
Hundreds of years old.
Found more springs. What a lovely spot.
Found two bent trees on holy ground, will go back with pendulum
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21 Mar
In Canada its illegal for medical professionals to release any information on medical patients.
HOWEVER, they are releasing things like location, age, where they contracted virus, ect.…
Here is the rule in Canada.
So, this guy, severely ill, allowed all of his info like age, location, ect to be blasted on the news?
Now, this town in the article is the first to apply for Emergency funding, and the deputy Mayor in town told me that its all financial and nothing to do with virus spread. He said it puts them first in the line for funding.
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21 Mar
Holy Fack
Look at the symptoms of vaping disease
Same shite as this Corony virus
Are vaping goons getting a cold and then the vaping disease gets worse? Weren't they going on ventilators just from vaping?
Here is magic number 33
Did these people have Corona virus?
Here is a cut and paste symptom list of coronavirus
Exact match to vaping disease
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20 Mar
I think there is a sun event going to happen
Spotted it 3 times so far
Might cause a big earthquake or something
This could be the trigger for massive cataclysms
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18 Mar
I want to do a little thread on why I think they are going to stop us from travelling, from now till eternity.
Only #elites will be able to travel to exotic, beautiful locals.
Its because of this
Remember when they took your DNA test for those fun little reports? It was all bullshit. They were profiling your bacteria/ancestry to see if people who moved from one area to another changed in bacterial structure.…
According to that scientific paper, bacteria is the real reason why some races get more diseases and specific diseases. They never told us that. Each race has individual differences that are tailored possibly to the water/food/resonating frequency of their homeland.
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9 Mar
To recap what I watched last night.
There are Hartman and Curry lines (geomagnetic fields) crisscrossing the Earth. If your bed is on top of where they intersect, your health is affected as strength increases as night.
Any void or cavity under tge Earth sends the energy field upward vertically.
This is why the obelisks and monuments are over cavities.
It extends this negative energy field.
It becomes a wick for ambient positive energy charges.
That would be your energy.
This stuff is real.
I knew it was there.
Water flowing by the cavity increases the pull.
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6 Mar
I am thinking about letter symbols and word sounds. When you think do you think in images or in words? Today I am thinking that when you have a thought, you can send it out like a cell phone signal. Our brain has thousands of connections that work simultaneously.
I think if you want to really send an intention, like you want someone to find love, you should visualize love as a heart or the word LOVE and try to imagine that person absorbing the word.
Or words like Calm, heal, sleep, ect.
Think of each letter going towards that person. It may or may not work.
These symbols have power and we do not use the full potential.
I have been paying attention to the news and how they use words to harm us.
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26 Feb
Driving to work heard warning of #significantdisruption
to services due to hoax virus. I phoned other half told him to go get supplies for animals today. He said that's not here. I said wake up! Canadian gov is also in on this depletion of resources
Our train/fuel supplies have been shut down for weeks and they purposely allowed it.
People need to realize we are on very short supply chains that they are breaking down
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26 Feb
#RecapHiddenEnergyGrid thread for new followers
I am going to review all the info I have found and try to lay it out in order so it makes sense.
Last summer I began to notice patterns when I was studying city maps.
A central building becomes the center of an area with many outlying important structures around it. What I found out is there is likely an opening to the bedrock under these buildings with a cavity that connects via a waterway to the other key buildings in the area.
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23 Feb
Speaking of #bacteria
I am wondering if the stars are living masses of glowing bacteria that connect together in a grid like a web
To me, I have not seen evidence of a dome, even though its pushed on us daily by 95 % of #flatearthers
I see something like a flat ceiling of clouds, stars, solar movement.
Layers of flatness, Earth, water, air, clouds, stars. No curving dome.
It may appear round to us if our Earth is rotating below the ceiling. Or the ceiling could be turning overhead, who knows. We can't go up there so we won't be able to check.
Some people say its projected but due to the energy connections from the stars/planets, I doubt that.
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23 Feb
Did you know there is a bacteria that forms a crystal and aligns with the magnetic fields of the Earth?
Even when dead? It can live in Anaerobic conditions (no air)…
Is bacteria what is actually creating the poles?
We all know that the sloshing liquid metal core is bullshit. What is causing the magnetic north pole? Is it a giant colony of bacteria that moves along eating particles in the Earth? Or do these just follow the moving magnetic pole?
Here is a video of them swimming and changing direction

Reminds me of a school of fish or flock of birds.
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23 Feb
Gonna build a new shelf for towels and whatnot and put wheels on it. I love furniture with wheels. So much easier for cleaning. I try to make my own furniture its custom sized.
Made this island for my kitchen, its called #dishwasherisland
Bought the floor tiles at recycle warehouse for $50
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22 Feb
Remember I talked about the vision I had of the tree under the earth?
The tree is not a tree, its a living, growing, eating animal made of bacteria.
It produces all the oil/gases/and lots of carbon dioxide.
That bacteria may be what created life on Earth. Maybe it created us to move around the raw materials it needs to live. Anything you put in the ground, this bacteria can pretty well eat.
It can eat radioactive waste…
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21 Feb
If geobacter sulfurreducens grew a colony after a flood in the soil near a river, then tried to reconnect with the water by building nanofiber bridges underground, would they release a huge electrical discharge upon contacting the water and form an underground path in the rock?
I am thinking volcanos can be harbouring a huge colony of energy producing bacteria.
Sulfur is what this bacteria eats.
Look, water source right beside it.
Mount Meru
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21 Feb
Gather around the granite antenna with burnt offerings
For simulation dead people who never existed, except on very faint social media profiles
Notice red granite base. Grey on the pointy part.
Red granite must move atmospheric energy very well, you see many of these in cemeteries.
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20 Feb
I am looking into why the earliest settlements in SW Ontario began around 1780.
This is why I think it was that late. I think that Lake Huron extended inland over a vast area. I believe the British drained it.
This would be the area it covered.
As I told you I live on what I believe was formerly an island, its a large gravel/sand/rock deposit typically found on the edge of the great lakes. Most of the land between my place and Lake Huron is exceptionally flat except for a few hills here and there.
I believe the leading edge of the lake ended at the edge of St. Thomas, Ontario, which is supposedly on a plateau. I think its the edge of the former lake. You can see the edge is treed, its strangely shaped.
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20 Feb
I figured out something so fucking weird last night by examining topographical maps. Remember I live on this big random hill?
Red spot is my house. I think this hill was an island, that's how sand/rock and mud layers got on it. Its named after a famous Island in the UK. How the hell much water was there? Its freaking me out.
Blue area is low zone where water routes around the "hill" which is actually an island. My old house one road over would have been on the bottom of lake.
At least I am safe from flooding.
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