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🇺🇸Proud American #Valiant, Former FBI Agent who got F*CKED; Whistleblower, Terrorism/Human Trafficking fighter. Sr. Fellow Gold Institute #REINSTATEROBYNGRITZ
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24 Oct
@CBS_Herridge @robportman I, for one, was physically ill when I saw his settlement. I have reported McCabe unethical and unacceptable behavior since 2008, as an FBI Agent. All that was ever done was telling him I reported him. He and his “white male agent Hierarchy” as Strzok put it, never get punishment
@CBS_Herridge @robportman I have been waiting for almost ten years for my day in court. I was targeted and then retaliated by McCabe and his corrupt crew. Google Robyn Gritz and you will see. I submitted the Hatch Act complaint against him for the Clinton/McAuliffe payoff and his involvement in politics.
@CBS_Herridge @robportman Nothing was done. But I do know it pressured @JusticeOIG to take a closer look at it! Thank you to Catherine for interviewing me on it & always supporting me. She knows I was shafted after 16 years of dedicated and decorated service at the FBI!
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4 Oct
@walletarian @RepPatFallon That is not true for all. I worked 80 hour weeks fighting terrorism for the @FBI We didn’t have a union. The FBI Agents Association is part of the corruption & do not help us. We got the normal amount off that those in the private sector got. You are falling for propaganda.
@walletarian @RepPatFallon @FBI And 80 hours was a light week. Not 80 hours for 2 weeks, just one. We didn’t get overtime, we protected the American people at all costs. I’m talking about when I was in. I do know terrorism agents STILL work these hours.
@walletarian @RepPatFallon @FBI They put themselves in very dangerous positions so you don’t have to. That song “ Men in Black”, which should include Women like me, states “We see things you need not see.” That is true. I handled beheading videos for years. Had to watch every one.
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28 Sep
@IRSnews @IRStaxpros I have called no less than 13 phone numbers & still have no idea why my refund is being held. People have been rude, I am currently having a financial hardship & I can’t even talk to anyone at the IRS. I did speak to IRS Advocacy but she has no further info
Every phone number I have called, including the main number, has hung up at the end of their recorded message. Today’s advocacy person said to just keep looking at Where’s My Refund! I should be able to a solid answer why my refund is being held hostage. This is unacceptable
I have been calling for a month. I see hundreds of others have been doing so as well. We want our money!! I’m also told I can’t go to an IRS building & get a status; the IRS must send me a letter to make an appointment. How backwards is that?
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22 Sep
The FBI has mandated the jab on their personnel. Years ago they tried that on us with the anthrax jab. We stood in unity and we FBI Agents took the brunt of any possible punishment by refusing to take the jab. We knew if we were to all walk out, it would get ugly in the press.
So, all of a sudden, Poof, the mandate went away. We must stand in unity behind all those being persecuted for choosing what to put in our bodies. @barnes_law @DonaldJTrumpJr @AwakenWithJP @EmeraldRobinson @elonmusk @MarkYoungTruth @JennaEllisEsq @OANN
Does anyone have a problem with the outright coercion and threats being made to our public servants, military and health professionals? Aka absolutely essential personnel who defend, treat, and protect us? @KenPaxtonTX @GovRonDeSantis @JosephJFlynn1 @ChanelRion @SebGorka
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21 Sep
@American_Inca @catturd2 Funny, I stood up against the corruption under Andrew McCabe’s rule, lost everything, still engaged in litigation hell almost ten years later and I am about to get my last unemployment paycheck due to yet another screw over by someone I trusted.
@American_Inca @catturd2 But my GFM comes nowhere near McCabe’s, Strzok’s and others. I’m not asking for 500k. I’m asking for help to survive the continued retaliation and blackballing the FBI likes to do to whistleblowers. Here ya go, read my story. While I’m applying for a cashier job at Home Depot…
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14 Sep
@AllenWest @WatchChad @GovAbbott. Greg Abbott Allen West Chad Prather. I’m asking you, as Texas Governor, how will you protect Texans from becoming a victim of political homicide like my friend Veronica?
Best answer, gets my vote and support campaigning, no answer gets my proactive opposition to your campaign with help from tens of thousands of friends here in Texas. Just answer the question because this is something an American, a Texan should ever be subjected to!
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13 Sep
@ReportsDaNews Clint Watts served on a JTTF. I ran the JTTF in NK and then the Extraterritorial Counterterrorism Squad, a task force squad at Washington Field Office. I was a GS15, step 4 who also served at the NSC on the Hostage and Personnel Recovery WG, briefed regularly at the WH &
@ReportsDaNews Am a CERTIFIED Expert witness in CT. I was a Senior Liaison Detailee to the CIA, a joint detailee with NSA, worked on groundbreaking joint ops with JSOC, foreign partners etc. I’m a Senior Fellow at two major Institutes in DC. Just working on a JTTF doesn’t make you an expert.
@ReportsDaNews That word is so weakened by people throwing it around like a frisbee. Has he been certified as an expert in CT in court, a rigorous procedure??? If so, then he & I and a few other retired/former FBI agents and analysts need to meet as we have been actually certified as experts.
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13 Sep
@Newsweek⁩ You are a piece of trash to publish this hit piece on a woman who died today. #VeronicaWolski was my friend. I do not read etc Q posts. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I am a retired FBI Agent who befriended this kind heart in Chicago.…
You erroneously quote information put out about animal ivermectin in response to her request to be treated with HUMAN GRADE ivermectin, which WAS PRESCRIBED BY HER ICU PHYSICIAN! He was then forbidden by @AMITAhealth to administer it to her.
If the ICU DR prescribed it, he believed it would help. HUMAN GRADE ivermectin is used all the time, EXCEPT IN COVID PATIENTS BECAUSE OF DISINFORMATION PUT OUT WIDELY BY THE MEDIA & POLITICIANS, as well as those who PROFIT on the NOT THOROUGHTLY TESTED VACCINES & MEDS being used.
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11 Sep
This day, 9/11/2021. 20 years ago, the day started like any other day. I was pulling a surveillance on my top counterterrorism subject, but there was no movement at his house. Odd because this is when he usually started his “rounds” at area mosques, ending at his own.
My phone rang & I could see it was my mom. Also odd, because she knew I started work early during the week to get my AVP (Law Enforcement Availability Pay) in. As @FBI Agents, we have to work 50 hour weeks, an average of 2 extra hours a day.
I answered the phone & my mom said a plane hit one of the Twin Towers. I thought, out loud, “what an asshole.” How can you miss those towers, thinking back years ago when a small plane hit the Empire State Building.
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10 Sep
@JoeBiden this is a political pandemic forcing an unknown & possibly dangerous substance into the bodies of Americans when we have other means to prevent & treat them instead. “Biden declares war on DeSantis and Abbott: 'Get them out of the way'”…
How can a mandate be pushed on us when the critical timeline part of the clinical trials is ignored & while our country is being overrun by people at our borders? @GovAbbott @GovRonDeSantis We Support You! @WhiteHouse you can threaten all you want, we will not comply!
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7 Sep
Ivermectin studies.…
“Another existing drug, ivermectin, may also have potential against SARS-CoV-2. A May meta-analysis suggests it could speed recovery and reduce mortality from COVID-19.”
“The idea is controversial; some experts are unconvinced while proponents are eager to put it to use as a cheap, effective treatment. The anti-parasitic, developed by Merck in the 1980s, is no longer under patent.”
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6 Sep
State Dept blocking private rescue flights from leaving Afghanistan, organizers say: 'Blood is on their hands'…
This does not surprise me at all. When I worked hostage cases as an @FBI Supervisory Special Agent, the @StateDept was a huge obstacle. So much so, we had hostages stay in captivity way longer than they should have, if we even got them home.
State Dept leaked to the @WSJ details of a critical operation being done to rescue a hostage. They faxed a document to the White House saying I was a rogue Agent, even though everything was coordinated at the NSC Hostage & Personnel Recovery WG. That hostage never came home.
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28 Aug
@USArmy @DoD_IG @FBI This individual, in uniform, is issuing threats against the American people. I’d ask, why is she discussing martial law. Don’t bring that shit to Texas @KenPaxtonTX @GregAbbott_TX @WatchChad @AllenWest She should be dealt with swiftly & severely
10 U.S. Code § 915 - Art. 115. Communicating threats

10 U.S. Code § 933 - Art. 133. Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman
10 U.S. Code § 934 - Art. 134. General article: all disorders and neglects to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces, all conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces, and crimes and offenses not capital, of which persons subject to this
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24 Aug
My friend, Gary Brugman, has been on a ventilator for at least a week due to COVID. Gary’s mom has stage 4 bladder cancer and is 88. Gary has been her sole caregiver. @xbordercop
His son, Jake, is in desperate need of donations so he can assist his father with his care, his bills while he is sick, & to arrange care for his grandmother, who is not eating & is missing Gary terribly.
Gary is a Coast Guard veteran & was a Border Patrol Agent. He was the recent recipient of a long awaited & very well deserved pardon by Donald J. Trump.
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22 Aug
This is material support to terrorism. He should be charged, as well as others who are responsible for this devastating crisis. Since our lame State Department doesn’t have the Taliban on the designated list,
other countries that do reserve the right to charge them under their laws. This is a HUGE War Crimes happening on his watch! I guarantee the State Department didn’t deploy the FEST, just like with #Benghazi.
In my view, we have enough military aircraft in the general region to do cycles of evacuations until all of the people are out. At the very least, the 80k US Citizens left behind.
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4 Aug
@KJP46 Your answer regarding the “Delta variant” was weak and unacceptable! Also, Texans are wondering if y’all are looking in the mirror regarding the surge in COVID cases, Human Trafficking and record numbers of drugs crossing our totally open borders?
@fema license plates on @GreyhoundBus transporting illegals all over the place gives it all away. Our hospitals are at capacity with COVID patients who are mostly illegals. The average citizen has to travel extensively to get hospital care.
Y’all cut the funding for human trafficking and we have seen a 700% increase in HT since you took office. You are supporting MODERN DAY SLAVERY! Can you answer to the American people why? Or are you waiting for traffickers to give you the “facts”.
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3 Aug
IN THE 1950s, A NEW DRUG called "Thalidomide" was introduced, and it came with the guarantee that it could be “given with complete safety to pregnant women and nursing mothers without any adverse effect on mother and child.”
Except that was a lie and everyone knew it.
The pharmaceutical company who created it stayed silent while continuing to rack up enormous profits.
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29 Jul
@HCSOTexas @SheriffEd_HCSO I have an important question & I also need to get this out.
I was at this hotel in Houston this past weekend. I was in the bathroom in my room. I heard a woman next door saying No No! Please! I don't want to do that! Please! No! No! Then I heard what sounded like a struggle or her getting beaten up with a dude yelling at her.
Then I heard what sounded like her getting thrown against the wall, which is the one shared with my room. So I heard it loud & clear.
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28 Jul
If y’all want to read about where we are headed, read about the Charles Taylor reign of terror in Liberia. Just my view from 16+ @fbi years of working terrorism, war crimes, overseas abductions, murder & torture.
Here’s a quick overview of Charles Taylor, courtesy of @Wikipedia…
One of Taylor’s enforcers. Yes he is responsible for the brutal torture & killing of the nuns. (Personal knowledge)…
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19 Jul
So, I’m reading over my FBI personnel file I requested in 2016. A bunch of fucking lies. Fuck I just need to write a book! It is excruciatingly painful to read this. I’m rehashing what was done to me. Reading this is awful.
They fucking trashed my extensive and decorated career in 1 1/2 years. All 16+ trashed by this cabal. Assholes!
If I had the health insurance so I could get counseling for the vicious stuff they did to me, I would have a better chance of writing my book and remaining sane. But I don’t even have that! @barnes_law We need to go for all!
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