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ממים זבלה וגם ציורים מדי פעם
8 Jun
@The_LeftHander2 @dismopolitique @RightWingCope @ConSelfOwns First of all, you use the word genocide way too lightly. Israel doesn't round up Palestinians and murder them in droves. In the course of the last 34 years of conflict there were sigh of 8000 Palestinian deaths. That is a lot, but it is nowhere near a genocide.
@The_LeftHander2 @dismopolitique @RightWingCope @ConSelfOwns A genocide is a mass murder with the direct intent to wipe out a people. Palestinians aren't mads murdered. Their land is being taken, but nobody is trying to wipe them out. There are 2 million of them living as Israeli citizens, and the population of the WB and Gaza is growing.
@The_LeftHander2 @dismopolitique @RightWingCope @ConSelfOwns Secondly, you would be correct that its no excuse, which is why Israel doesn't bomb them with impunity. Israel warns civilian to evacuate buildings it attacks, which is why journalists know when a building is gonna be taken down and when to start recording.
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