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3 Apr 20
We’re going to post a longish thread about #Manchester based on this photo mosaic aerial shot from 1953. The next aerial image has labels of locations that will be in the thread – they won’t be in numerical order so don’t panic. #FridayFeature
Like many UK cities, Manchester and Salford, were bombed heavily during WWII. Manchester was also the victim of an IRA attack in 1996 which injured 200 people and caused £Ms of damage to the Arndale Centre and vicinity. This thread looks at the areas most affected by bombing.
1 Taken in 1933 this aerial photograph shows Strangeways Prison. The large building with a tower towards the left is the Assize Court. Designed by Alfred Waterhouse in the neo-Gothic style and completed in 1864 the building was demolished in the mid 1950s due to WWII bomb damage.
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