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1 Oct
Just had a great discussion with @FlareNetworks and wanted to clarify a few specifics of the Spark distribution to the #xrp community.

The snapshot is on the 12th of Dec. Out of that Flare is creating buckets:

Say exchanges hold ~10B XRP
People hold 30B ~XRP
Say only half the exchanges participate and claim 5B of the 10B Spark.

Unclaimed Spark goes to the people's bucket which is now 35B XRP.

Jed's 5-6B XRP will also be added to the people's bucket.

An exchange ratio will be created for the people's bucket.
They will get 1:1 XRP to Spark

PLUS their share of the 5B unclaimed Spark from exchanges AND Jed's tokens.

Say that gives us 1:1.28 XRP to Spark.

Any XRP holders that claim their Spark in the 6 month window will be given spark according to this ratio.
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30 Sep
Trump: You can't even remember the name of your college. Don't use the word smart with me. 🤣🤣🤣
Wow, they're both actually talking about a Depression either inbound or here.

Trump>Biden: "No you were on number 2." OMFG😂🤣😂😂🤣
This is starting to reminding me of my discussion with Bitlord. 🤣 Again not a Trump fan, but this is fantastic.

Can only imagine what this would look like with @joerogan instead of this idiot that doesn't know how to have a rational discussion.
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4 Sep
When the inflation starts, the #Fed Fed is not going to have any tools to control it.

What if the plan is to let the US dollar burn, replace it with a New "Strong" dollar because it's partially backed by gold. (a backing that's guaranteed to reduce over time) 1/3
This new dollar is the cashless system. It's better, why? Because you can withdraw all your funds to your mobile wallet (the one the CB hosts/surveils) at any time. Bank runs are a thing of the past!

Of course they can unplug you at any time. . . Image
There will be but 1 or 2 escapes. One will be in to what little gold/silver/PMs can be found locally. The Fed may even be buying up the US Mint's production.

The other route - Crypto.

Can you imagine tidal wave of wealth coming into these asset classes in that environment?
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17 Aug
This does a good job summarizing the situation:…
We're sorry - Social media companies would rather you not know they're part of a psychological warfare operation being waged on the populace of this planet. . . Image
Shocker - Youtube is going with "hate speech" 🤣 This shows me how desperate they are for people to dismiss their role in manipulating us. Image
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16 Aug
What an arrogant fucking cunt to go into a neighborhood and call a bunch of strangers "Racist white people".
If you want to win people to your cause, why would you first insult and attack them? Do these people know how slavery was ended in #GreatBritain's empire? Quakers.

Do you think they were opposed by the system #BLMprotest?
Quakers worked tirelessly to spread their message to anyone that would hear it. They rode thousands of miles on horseback to attend town meetings. They built models of the slave ships to show the conditions. They shared first-hand accounts from slaves. They invented. . .
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31 Jul
It looks like the XRP is a security case just fell apart:

"These defects are incurable, and the Fraud Claims should be dismissed with prejudice."

Now what @ToneVays?…
I think they still have some claims standing - please correct me if I'm wrong - so the trial is still moving forward.

However, this severely weakens the case against Ripple going forward.
Court found that the lead plaintiff failed to provide the necessary evidence to support multiple claims regarding XRP’s non-security status, Brad’s personal holdings and monetary intentions, XRP’s sale strategy, as well as the company’s software products.…
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31 Jul
I had a question for the @MoneyGram Q2 Earnings Call there wasn't time for and I'm hoping @walexholmes or @KamilaChytil can answer related to Ripple.

On June 8th Ripple announced a renewed focus on low value high volume payments and almost immediately after (1/4)
we saw #Moneygram's ODL volumes on Ripplenet plummet to near zero and have since recovered to ~ 10-20% of peak.

Larry mentioned on the call Market development fees peaked last quarter, and #Ripple's CTO has hinted that MG was testing corporate treasury transfers for (2/4)
other Ripplnet customers. Can you confirm this?

In regards to your account to account feature rolling out 2nd half of this year, do you have customers lined up to use this service? Are you positioning it as alternative to #Swift for Ripple customers? (3/4)
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28 Jul
Well that's very interesting. Ripple has touted their Santander relationship several times, and here they are talking abou a cross boarder app, saying they don't and won't be using ODL.

@bgarlinghouse @JoelKatz comment?
It's still entirely possible they plan to use a settlement network like what MoneyGram is launching later this year to facilitate those payments and indirectly use ODL.

But this should give everyone pause at the very least.
At the same time they released an article mentioning Etherium and then once pointed out corrected it to Ripple. So it's entirely possible a CSR rep is just giving/getting bad information.

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28 Jul

Sorry Sam - We can't have the normies seeing a group of doctors go against the official narrative!

Here's a shorter clip still up on Twitter:
There are doctors in other treads saying Hydroxychloroquine is hurting people. This is utter bullshit. I'm adding zinc to my vitamin regimen.

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24 Jul
Holy shit. I hope this isn't true, but if it is, I hope the CCP doesn't murder millions for their pride.

There is no fixing this at this point. Fuck. This is going to be sad. Looks like the remote viewers were right.
Let me help you all understand what's happening. The picture above is not debris, but an absence of water. The reason is because cavitation is causing air bubbles that eventually get pushed out. Here's why it's bad:

If you listen to the live stream, you'll hear a loud whooshing sound every 30 seconds or so. That's the air because cavitation is happening in the dam. This is bad, like really bad. They can't stop it to repair or the water will go over top.

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21 Jul
Finally got it - my first 360° on the @FlowRiderInc.
I'm also surfing a bit more:
Still doesn't come close to what the Lifeguard can do on his surfboard. However he has not been able to do a 360 on the bodyboard yet.
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18 Jul
Another cop that should lose his job tomorrow. Disgusting.

Are you such a giant pussy that you can't stand someone running their mouth while you sit there and get paid 30 bucks an hour?
These are some of the most ignorant comments I've seen. This is a government building (courthouse), and he's a government employee who swore an oath to uphold their constitution which includes freedom of speech on government property. In case you didn't know . . . .
The first amendment is meant to protect controversial speech (that doesn't cause alarm i.e. fire in a theater) because there's no need to protect speech everyone agrees with. 🤦‍♂️ It's his RIGHT to be annoying, and that cop betrayed his oath by attacking the guy for his speech.
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13 Jul
This is another bullshit "contempt of cop" arrest.
Here's the problem with this arrest - The woman in this video was arrested, it went to court and the charges were dismissed because they only gave her 1.8 seconds to comply. This guy had a fraction of that.

Here's assault and destruction of property - another cop that doesn't deserve his job. He's shining a flashlight into the camera to escalate the situation.

They (police) broke a window and used that as an excuse to gas and beat more people.

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12 Jul
“About 10 million people, over a period of years, were displaced from their homes following the foreclosure crisis in 2008,” she added.

“We’re looking at 20 million to 28 million people in this moment, between now and September, facing eviction.”
Now tell me more about how the hospitals are getting full, and the shutdown was totally justified. . . .

Because this is is going to come with tens of thousands of suicides, violent crimes, starvation, and unimaginable suffering.

Most have no idea what's coming. . . .
Of course the states response to unemployment claims is a perfect indicator of how they will handle the flood of welfare requests.

Remember the 8 hour line in KY?
Remember the desperate search for Cobol programmers?

These people are a fucking joke.…
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7 Apr
Here's my #COVID19 video thread. These are videos from various sources that paint an interesting picture of what's happening. It's very confusing, we're not being told the truth, and I don't think we know what this is yet. Let's start here:

Here's an excellent overview of how the health care system has been rigged and manipulated by big pharma.

What the media is telling us is absolute bullshit. Look at these videos from hospitals around the world that are supposed to be overwhelmed with people getting tested:

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19 Feb
Well supposedly Bank of America has finally admitted they've joined Ripplenet. I wouldn't call it confirmed, but possible. We've known it for a long time though. . .…
@Ripple - Can you confirm the Bank of America announcement or this document purported to be from Ripple?… @bgarlinghouse
@Ripple @bgarlinghouse If somebody faked this they went to a lot of trouble to get the details right:
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3 Dec 19
Are you paying attention?
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12 Oct 19
@jchatterleyCNN delighted to see your coverage of the Crypto space. Your pertinent and informed questions set you apart from 90% of the MSM coverage. I want to give you a few additional ideas and talking points to research and consider.

1) BTC has first mover advantage and name brand recognition. It's Achilles heel is the 7 Transactions Per Second (TPS) it currently processes.

2) It's use case went from replacing the banks, to medium of exchange, to store of value because of this TPS limitation.
3) During peak usage, massive backlogs form (Transactions go from 20m to hours to days to weeks in my case) and fees have been as high as $55 per TXN.

4) Developers have dug their heels in even claimed the high fees are good because it's being used.
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