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13 Jan
Sharing my first piece in the @guardian, co-authored with @onthemedia's @MicahLoewinger. It covers Capitol stormers’ use of @Zello’s free walkie-talkie application, which boasts over 150 Million users:
Much to cover in this story but first some background. In Sept, @MicahLoewinger and I did some joint work on the app and how it was used by militia groups in Georgia around BLM protests. Here’s the @onthemedia piece:
With this joint project on Zello, we also worked on developing a social network of the high-authority users (owners, admins, mods) of the far-right channels we were looking at. This analysis was then visualized and published on @MilitiaWatch, here: militia.watch/read/zello-ope…
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6 Jan
Hmm, wonder what some of the militia chats are up to today.... Oh. ImageImageImage
🤔🤔🤔 ImageImage
"Defense" <> "PURGE"

ok. Image
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6 Jan
Separate thread for non-DC militia spottings below here:
From @HadiNili -- III%ers arrive at Georgia State Capitol Building in Atlanta, GA a bit after 12 PM ET:
Aaaaaand @TwitrHagen records here former KKK leader and Neo-Nazi Chester Doles of American Patriots USA speaking in Atlanta, GA around 12:45 PM ET:
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6 Jan
Going to do my best to QT and share "militia" presence in DC today (many are likely aiming more for 20 January, when another event is planned). Firearms are banned in DC so it's going to look a bit different than, say, Richmond or Atlanta.
Spotted by @ZTPetrizzo, some folks wearing camo and chest rigs, hanging out on a pillar outside of the White House around 11 AM ET on 6 January:
A printout handed to @EggerDC by an "ominous dude in camo" called for a "national militia" to join a 'muster' west of the Capitol, wear silver armbands to identify themselves as "lawful combatants". Handout near Capitol around 11 AM ET on 6 January:
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4 Jan
Been a minute since a full piece has been up on the blog, but here's one I was working on for a while, cut into a first chunk available now ahead of the final day of GA voting (tomorrow):
The article, like a previous one on @MilitiaWatch, relies pretty heavily on social network analysis (via @kumupowered), which allows for the creation and analysis of this pretty dense network of actors and organizations
militia.watch/read/georgia-s… Image
KL was, of course, the starting point for this network, which was based on photos together, events together, endorsements, public friendships, group affiliation etc. Here's her first-degree connections per this methodology that we all know by now:
militia.watch/read/georgia-s… Image
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18 Apr 19
Daily Mail ran a story yesterday about a 'border militia' forcing the surrender of 300 asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border, that I wanted to provide a few comments on:
I wrote on this militia, the "United Constitutional Patriots" on @MilitiaWatch. I'm drawing a couple bits from there, but adding as well (I think it's a good place to start for learning more about them regardless) : medium.com/militiawatch/m…
The DM article discusses the armed group stopping around 300 asylum-seekers, an action they have been increasingly engaged in for a few months now. Here are some shots from March included in my piece of this exact threatening act:
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