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29 Mar
"SARS-CoV-2 was remarkably well adapted to humans from its first appearance, yet poorly adapted to bat infection, the natural reservoirs for SARS-r-CoVs, with little evidence for gaining its human adaptation through natural recombination."

Aka "evidence".
"SARS-CoV-2′s receptor binding domain (RBD) appears to be highly optimized for binding to human ACE2"

Aka "evidence".
"The combination of binding strength, human and mouse peptide mimicry, as well as high adaptation for human infection and transmission from the earliest strains might suggest the use of humanized mice for the development of SARS-CoV-2 in a laboratory environment."

Daszak *2019*:
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24 Mar
1/ Some additional info related to my WIV piece in @EpochTimes.

On Feb 6, 2020, a Chinese scholar in Wuhan, Xiao Botao, published an article on the academic portal Researchgate that directly implicated the WIV in the outbreak...

2/ Xiao said that “somebody was entangled with the evolution of 2019-nCoV coronavirus.” The article was taken down quickly but not before it was archived:


(Xiao is the sort of guy that the U.S. gov should be protecting instead of people like Danchenko)
3/Strangely, on Dec 31, 2019, the day the Wuhan "pneumonia" was first announced, Daszak started a tweet thread pointing the finger at the human-wildlife-livestock interface while conspicuously omitting the “high risk” laboratory interface that he himself had warned about earlier. Image
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23 Mar
My latest in @EpochTimes: Investigating the investigator

"The World Health Organization's (WHO) latest mission to Wuhan to trace the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic is back in the headlines. But not for the right reasons...It is no coincidence that Daszak was handpicked for this effort. "
"To understand why, we need to go back and look at Daszak’s close affiliation to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), dating back to at least 2013, when he co-authored a bat coronavirus study with the director of the lab, Shi Zhengli."
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11 Mar
Twitter just scored several own goals in their lawsuit against Ken Paxton.

Here's Twitter openly admitting that they make editorial decisions, that these decisions have to be made in secret and that Twitter is actually no different from a newspaper. Wow.
And here's Twitter admitting that they are relying on First Amendment rights meant for the press.
Twitter says it can't share information on their moderation process because that would undermine the moderation process.

Here's the problem. Section 230 protection only applies to those acting in good faith. By hiding their process, we can't know if they're acting in good faith.
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28 Jan
Patrick Byrne is suscpetible to extravagant conspiracy theories but just from an observational perspective, this rings true. Rudy is neither the organizer nor the strategist he was 30 years ago. Sounds so like there was constant chaos—opposite of Democrat/Elias legal machine. Image
Rudy was right about this though. Frustrating that he made the right call and then ended up discrediting all the good arguments with a bunch of conspiracy theories. Image
They treated Byrne like some wacky hanger-on. If you think the guy's a wacko, why deal with him at all? Image
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27 Jan
According to Lisa Page's notes, Rosenstein thought Mueller couldn't lead the FBI because his firm represented Manafort.

But somehow that didn't stop him from becoming Special Counsel.

What a clown show.
Rosenstein also thought that a special agent couldn't possibly be FBI director (why? imo they're exactly the kinds of people who ought to lead the FBI instead of corrupt lawyers).

Funnily enough, Pence "got it", which I take to mean that Pence wasn't big on swamp draining.
Apparently Mueller lost his phone in the White House. Dementia seems to have already set in.
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25 Jan
Here's a fascinating new filing in the Alfa Bank v Fusion case. After our corner on Twitter identified Danchenko, the Alfa guys moved to compel Danchenko to provide documents and testimony in relation to their own defamation case against Fusion GPS.
In August 2020, the Alfa guys personally served Danchenko with a subpoena. Danchenko's lawyer, Mark Schamel, then spent nine weeks negotiating with the Alfa lawyers. When that failed, Alfa filed a motion to compel compliance from Danchenko and provided Schamel with a copy.
Schamel then asked for an extension, allegedly because he was moving to a new law firm (that's an interesting topic in and of itself in terms of taking Danchenko with him). Schamel then promised to file his motion–which he failed to do. He then ignored the Alfa lawyers.
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25 Jan
Here's the Dominion lawsuit against Giuliani. It's extremely long. Main focus is Giuliani talking about the Venezuelan angle. While that wasn't wise, it's not a smoking gun for Dominion. They also focus on Rudy grifting. Again, not wise but not terminal.
The third focus is that Rudy said stuff about Dominion on TV but didn't say the same stuff in his lawsuits. That's probably the strongest argument Dominion has, as it tends to show that the evidence against Dominion was weak. But this can also be turned against Dominion as Rudy..
Rudy could argue that it was excluded from the lawsuits precisely because it was opinion and not fact. As attorney for Trump, Rudy may also have certain privileges.

Lastly, Dominion are really keen to have this take place in DC. Rudy should immediately move to transfer to...
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13 Jan
This is McGoverns tweet from the day when he objected. Just a "protest vote", right.

Check out this guy's timeline. A treasure trove of tweets pushing Russiagate conspiracy theories.
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13 Jan
Bit of inside baseball for Russiagate researchers.

There's a guy called Rtskhiladze who is suing Mueller and DOJ for defamation. His case features the usual Mueller distortions. Also interesting that the FBI has failed to release his April 4, 2018 302.
media.washtimes.com/media/misc/202… Image
A key part of Rtskhiladze's case is that he was misquoted by Mueller. We know Mueller likes using selective quoting to misdirect. What's interesting about this case is that it's a misquote with no ellipsis.

There is a "some" between "of" and "tapes". Changes meaning altogether. Image
Another common Mueller tactic. Just call everyone a "Russian". Image
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18 Dec 20
"Mr. Mueller’s investigation should have exposed FBI malfeasance. Instead, “the Mueller team seems to have been ready to blindly accept anything fed to it by the system,” Mr. Barr says, adding that this “is exactly what DOJ should not be.”"

Wrong. Mueller *is* the system.
"But even prior to naming Mr. Durham special counsel, Mr. Barr had come to the conclusion that he didn’t “see any sign of improper CIA activity” or “foreign government activity before July 2016,” he says. “The CIA stayed in its lane.”"

Interesting, especially the word *before*.
"Mr. Durham’s probe is now tightly focused on “the conduct of Crossfire Hurricane, the small group at the FBI that was most involved in that,” as well as “the activities of certain private actors.” (Mr. Barr doesn’t elaborate.)"

cc @OrbisBIOfficial
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15 Dec 20
The most appalling aspect of Dr Jill's thesis isn't even the dreadfully poor scholarship but the insight it gives into her thinking. The thesis is littered with statements like this, pigeonholing everyone and presupposing that because people look different, they cannot connect.
Developmental learners are low IQ. The college is unfortunately forced to admit them due to policy.

For all her virtue signaling, it seems like Dr Jill has some pretty strong prejudices.
Dr Jill has obviously not been out of her basement much.
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14 Dec 20
About those "long-established standards for handling classified information", here's the Christopher Steele interview, all 26 pages of it.
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8 Dec 20
The latest Ukraine document drop is really something (h/t @15poundstogo).

For starters, Ciaramella ("Yikes") and Ambassador Pyatt ("Buckle in") were astonished that the media got wind of Biden's scheme to extort the Ukrainian president.

Someone forwarded a news article on how the Biden family were scamming the Ukraine to Ambassador Pyatt. His reaction? Blame the Russian news outlet.

PS how is it possible that Pyatt is still a **current** United States Ambassador?
Here's Pyatt spreading the lie that the Ukrainian Prosecutor (who at the time was not Shokin anyway) was responsible for thwarting Burisma case in the UK.

@ClimateAudit has written extensively on this. It was the UK authorities who dropped the ball, nothing to do with Ukraine.
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3 Dec 20
Here's something interesting. The latest State Department FOIA dump includes some highly redacted stuff from Steele's 2014 Ukraine dossier. Looks like his usual anti-Russia stuff. Interestingly, he was sharing it with Winer at State "unilaterally". Who was paying him to do this?
Check out the subject line for one of Steele's Ukraine dossier reports. The guy is a one-trick pony.
Haha, even Victoria Nuland had doubts about Steele's "reporting".
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27 Nov 20
ICYMI, @carterwpage is suing:


for a minimum of $75,000,000.00.

I'll discuss some highlights from Carter's complaint in this thread. The entire complaint can be found here:
The best thing a good lawyer can do, if there is an opportunity to do so, is to let your opponent make your case for you. @McAdooGordon does exactly that right off the bat. This is an extremely strong opening.
This gets right to the heart of the matter. The FBI never had probable cause to spy on @carterwpage. @McAdooGordon doesn't beat around the bush and, unlike the gaslighting media and lying Democrats, calls Steele exactly what he is: a Clinton operative.
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24 Nov 20
16% Biden voters would’ve not voted for Biden had the media not covered up the fact that the Biden family is being investigated by the FBI.
cdn.mrc.org/TPC-MRC+Biden+… Image
Half of Biden voters didn't know about the sexual assault allegations involving Tara Reade. Image
36% of Biden voters didn't know about Operation Warp Speed. Image
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22 Nov 20
1/ A lot people have shared their JFK theories today so here's mine. I got interested in the assassination as a kid because of the 25 year anniversary, read the Warren Report, read dozens of investigative books, watched lots of documentaries.
2/ I wasn't sure which conspiracy theory was the right one, probably the grassy knoll one, but was absolutely certain that there was a conspiracy. There was just way too much evidence of things that didn't fit the official narrative—or so I thought.
3/ Made it a goal to travel to Dallas as soon as I was old enough and able to afford it. I finally got there a few years later and everything that I believed fell apart in about 15 minutes.
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21 Nov 20
That is EXACTLY what WHO said on JUNE 8TH!
Justice Roberts was the crucial vote (5-4) in the Newsom case, based on the totally unproven notion that asymptomatic carriers drive the spread.
The WHO already knew this on March 2nd: "transmission does not appear to be driven by people who are not sick"

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18 Nov 20
1/Here's the GA situation in a nutshell. The law says that a registrar or clerk must reject a ballot if the signature does not match. The consent decree agreed between Raffensperger and Abrams materially changed this law so that it is no longer a registrar's or clerk's decision.
2/The consent decree now requires a review. Only a majority of reviewers can reject a ballot. While this looks like a safeguard it makes the process far more cumbersome. Also, the people who reject ballots now need to be named which might create its own dynamics and incentives.
3/Judging by the huge changes in rejection rates between past elections and this one, it may be the case that clerks just didn't want to go through that process or get dragged into a difficult situation, so they just accepted ballots that they would otherwise not have accepted.
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3 Nov 20
Last night, I was given a portion of the Hunter docs. Lost track of all the things I found, so went back to make a list:

1. Compliance team of Hunter's bank flagged up his transfers
2. Hunter gave unresponsive answers
3. Uncle Jim got $82,500.00 a month from Hunter
for "international business development (more on that story tomorrow)
4. Hunter's side-kick and employee Eric Schwerin asked the Chinese whether they were "interested in other technologies (like Counsyl) we may bring them"
5. Chinese state-owned enterprise CITIC asked Hunter for
introduction to Universal/Comcast to build a park in Beijing (which was built)
6. Hunter was involved in the proposed sale of Regal Entertainment to China
7. Uncle Jim and Hunter hosted "fucking spy chief of China's" CEFC in NYC. Invited Cuomo
8. Hunter had unreported Burisma
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