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The great thieves lead away the little thief.
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Jun 22 4 tweets 2 min read
What's always struck me as the biggest smoking gun as far as Fauci is concerned–the sort of thing you could destroy him with on cross-examination (not that he'll ever be charged, although he should)–is that when he cited the fake Nature article he feigned not knowing the authors. Here's Fauci on Apr 17, 2020 brazenly lying right in front of the president. Not only did he know and fund the authors, he was the guy who edited their article (which they later thanked him for).
Jun 12 6 tweets 2 min read
1/ Lots of people claiming that Trump would wipe the floor with DeSantis (and whoever else runs) during primaries and debates. I don't think that that is a foregone conclusion. The Georgia debacle where even that crooked Raffensperger got back in proves that Trump is vulnerable. 2/ Good game plan for someone like DeSantis might be a "Praise Trump strategy". Thank him for everything, praise his achievements, celebrate him. Acknowledge that he was cheated: If it was up to you, you wouldn't be standing here right now because Trump would still be president.
Jun 8 6 tweets 3 min read
Wow. This is really, really bad and for once it appears the FBI did its homework.

The president of the Brookings Institution illegally lobbied Trump's National Security Advisor HR McMaster to change Trump's Qatar policy. Two days after the lobbying, Trump changed his position. Allen tried to conceal his payment from Qatar as "a speaking engagement" (notice the quotation marks in his email).

Again, this is not some low level schmuck. This guy is the President of the Brookings Institution.
Jun 1 5 tweets 3 min read
Huge props to @IvanPentchoukov and @EpochTimes for not only obtaining but also sharing a massive cache of exhibits from the Sussmann trial. Some of this stuff was floating around but Ivan got the whole set and it's juicy. Probably worth jury nullification.
documentcloud.org/projects/sussm… Take this for instance. It's from McCabe's March 6, 2017 briefing notes to the DOJ. Key word is "targeting". Blatant misdirection. Image
Mar 19 4 tweets 1 min read
"Now that the Washington establishment’s denial of the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s emails has been removed, the implications resulting from those emails demand serious answers regarding questions that Joe Biden has been compromised by his past dealings."theepochtimes.com/the-foreign-po… "After the appointment of a special counsel and the forced recusal of Trump’s attorney general for a scandal fabricated by the Clinton campaign, how is it that no special counsel has been appointed in relation to the ongoing investigation into the Biden family?"
Mar 17 4 tweets 1 min read
These are the "intelligence" officials who colluded to interfere in the 2020 election by making up a false story that Hunter's laptop was a Russian plot:

James Clapper
Michael Hayden
Leon Panetta
John Brennan
Marc Polymeropoulos
John Sipher
John McLaughlin
Michael Morell

(1/4) Doug Wise
Nick Rasmussen
Russ Travers
Andy Liepman
John Moseman
Larry Pfeiffer
Jeremy Bash
Rodney Snyder
Glenn Gerstell
David Buckley
Nada Bakos
Patty Brandmaier
James Bruce
David Cariens
Janice Cariens
Paul Kolbe
Peter Corsell
Brett Davis
Thomas Finger

Mar 4 19 tweets 4 min read
"How top U.S. officials played key roles in destabilizing Ukraine and damaging U.S.-Russia relations"

New from @themarketswork and myself.

theepochtimes.com/before-russias… 2/ The deterioration relations with Russia started with President George W. Bush in 2008 when he dangled before Ukraine the promise of NATO membership during the Bucharest declaration, boldly claiming, “We agreed today that these countries will become members of NATO.”
Mar 4 5 tweets 1 min read
New Durham filing:

"The defendant [Sussmann] further claimed that these lookups demonstrated that Trump and/or his associates were using a type of Russian-made wireless phone in the vicinity of the White House and other locations."

Crackpot much?
storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.usco… Durham raising a very good point about Joffe:

"[Joffe] had a history of providing assistance to the FBI...but decided in this instance to provide politically-charged allegations anonymously through the defendant and a law firm that was then-counsel to the Clinton Campaign"

Feb 16 5 tweets 3 min read
Here's a big lie from a Feb 16, 2017 FBI briefing (not known who was briefing/being briefed):

The briefer claims that Trump's "Russia if you're listening" comment triggered Downer to come forward. That's a lie. Downer came forward earlier. Strzok told the same lie in his book. Here's the analogous section from Strzok's book. I called out Strzok's lie at the time. He then claimed he misremembered because he didn't have his notes when he wrote his book.

Now we know that too was a lie, a lie about a lie. The FBI was pushing the Downer lie all along.
Feb 3 6 tweets 2 min read
Rough translation of a key section of Wiesendanger taking Drosten to the woodshed.

Drosten, who founded the Gain of Function advocacy group "Scientists for Science" in 2014 has had the entire German media to himself. Finally his lies are being called out.
archive.fo/KzjNw Another key section. cc @R_H_Ebright
Jan 29 5 tweets 2 min read
1/ Interesting supplemental filing from Durham. Horowitz must have complained that Durham publicly exposed him. But the supplemental filing does not address the crucial issues, i.e. it does not address Horowitz's lies and omissions about Sussmann, it only covers Baker's phones. 2/ Remarkably, even though the supplement is limited to Baker's phones, it is speculative on that issue. Horowitz says it's "likely" Durham was told about the phones in 2018. Durham says he does not recall being told. Be that as it may, the main issue is left totally unaddressed.
Jan 11 5 tweets 3 min read
Hi @JonnaMazet, perhaps you can tell us why Daszak got you involved as he was trying to conceal viral sequence data from Wuhan?

Perhaps you could also share why you claim the virus didn't come out of the lab? You link to Daszak's Lancet letter. Is that your evidence? Seriously? “We may finally begin to get ahead of the curve and prevent pandemics.”

That's not quite how it worked out, is it Jonna?
Dec 15, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
“Wuhan lab leak 'now the most likely origin of Covid', MPs told”

We’ve come a long way from “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin."

telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/12/1… There are many ways we know it came out of the lab. This is probably still the best reason.
Nov 24, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
🤔 🤔🤔
Nov 18, 2021 22 tweets 5 min read
1/ "Framing Millian"

In today's episode of Truth over News @themarketswork and I look at how Clinton operatives used the media to frame an innocent man.

theepochtimes.com/how-one-innoce… 2/ On January 24, 2017 @SergeiMillian was falsely outed as the primary source for Steele’s dossier by @MarkMaremont of @WSJ. Maremont identified Millian as being the individual named as both source D & E in Steele’s dossier.
Nov 15, 2021 6 tweets 6 min read
Here are 4 unskeptical claims in just 1 article:

-you claim that Steele is respected
-you try and make it look like Republicans had something to do with the dossier
-you absolve Hillary
-you fail to tell your readers that NOTHING has been corroborated

nytimes.com/2017/10/25/us/… ImageImageImageImage More:

-you claim that questions over the dossier are "partisan attacks"
-you unskeptically repeat misinformation about GOP funding
-you mislead your readers about the fact that Steele hasn't been in Russia in decades
-you unskeptically parrot Clinton lies
nytimes.com/2017/10/24/us/… ImageImageImageImage
Nov 1, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
Franklin Foer, the stenographer who wrote the fraudulent Slate article smearing Trump and Alfa, sent Fusion GPS an advance copy of that piece after having been told "time to hurry". Slate was very excited about smearing Trump and Alfa.
Oct 15, 2021 5 tweets 3 min read
Alfa has been pursuing Sussmann for over a year and he has been obstructing for over a year.

Alfa's now filed new docs, incl @DanielJJonesUS deposition in which he outs @rodneyjoffe.

There's no direct link. You have to dig through DC court site, captchas etc.

h/t @FOOL_NELSON This is fascinating. Recall that Jones "investigated" the Alfa-Trump link for McCain and his Armed Services Committee. Looks like Alfa see Jones as some sort of patsy (albeit a partisan one) who didn't understand what he was doing. That's generous but not a bad strategy.
Oct 12, 2021 20 tweets 4 min read
1/ "Research Proposal From 2018 Shows Remarkable Similarities to Pandemic Outbreak"

New from @themarketswork and myself.

theepochtimes.com/research-propo… 2/ The remarkable similarities between a recently leaked 2018 proposal from EcoHealth Alliance head Peter Daszak and the defining characteristics of Covid-19 raise new questions regarding the origins of the pandemic.
Sep 23, 2021 12 tweets 3 min read
1/ ICYMI we now have a smoking gun in the lab leak saga. Daszak and the Wuhan Institute of Virology had detailed plans for inserting a furin cleavage site into SARS-like bat coronaviruses.

The virus that emerged in Wuhan has a unique furin cleavage site.
theepochtimes.com/leaked-documen… 2/ We know this because a whistleblower leaked a Daszak 2018 funding proposal to DRASTIC (huge props to the whistleblower and @TheSeeker268).

The funding proposal is littered with incriminating evidence, all of which "scientists" tried to cover up over the past 20 months.
Sep 18, 2021 7 tweets 3 min read
1/ One of the interesting upshots from the Sussmann indictment is that we now have a very tangible example of the Steele m.o., i.e. where Steele takes orders from the Hillary campaign and just make up shit made from whole cloth, tailor made in accordance with the orders given. 2/ Specifically, Steele met Sussmann on July 29, 2016 and was told about Alfa. At some point, either through Sussmann or Simpson, Steele was then told to write up another one of his bullshit reports to coincide with Sussmann taking the fabricated Alfa "evidence" to the FBI.