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Dec 2 17 tweets 20 min read
Pro US Border Patrol Comic Censored ⁉️

Conservative Comics creators shadow banned on Indiegogo en masse??

Reason why will shock U🤯… #comics #comicfiesta2022 @BoundingComics @kabutoridermav @BleedingFool @EthanVanSciver @Wes_from_TC @realchrisrufo @Kneon @BoundingComics @kabutoridermav @BleedingFool @EthanVanSciver @Wes_from_TC @realchrisrufo @Kneon Indiegogo is falling apart due to bad investments in China & desperate to attract a new buyer

Its why theyre Shadow Banning comics

Try to make Indiegogo look more appetizing to a megacompany like Black Rock or Amazon… #comics @Perpetualmaniac @neontaster
Nov 1 5 tweets 10 min read
In our 1rst episode of CultureScape,
we interview @EricDJuly🎤

Popular YouTuber, musician & creator of the RippaVerse🦸

#comics @YellowFlashGuy @Drunk3po @DDayCobra @Nerdrotics @ThatUmbrella @BoundingComics @GundamIsHere @EthanVanSciver @Wes_from_TC @EricDJuly @YellowFlashGuy @Drunk3po @DDayCobra @Nerdrotics @ThatUmbrella @BoundingComics @GundamIsHere @EthanVanSciver @Wes_from_TC .@EricDJuly leading voice in independent comics after he raised over $3.7 million for Isom #1 on Indiegogo

Learn how the Rippaverse came together, what it takes to build a comics empire & how he hopes to save the American artform… #rippaverse #comics #mcu
Oct 16 10 tweets 6 min read
officially doctors & nurses are not supposed to use gut checks to determine if a patient is actually in pain,

reality is many if not most do & this ends up hurting A LOT of medical-seeking people

It's happened to me & it's garbage
#chronicpain #disability #health #medtwitter Autism, learning disabilities, those poor at reading body language,

anyone that sucks at communicating gets hit hardest by these gut checks & get a note on their chart for drug seeking & its game over man

hard to be taken seriously for pain after that
@TaylorLorenz @maiasz
Oct 14 5 tweets 1 min read
learning & acting w/ forgiveness is the hardest & most defining feature of Christianity,

forgiving those who hurt you, did wrong to you, misused & abused you, it changes you & turns you into a better human being

Our culture would be much happier if we all could be a bit kinder. I've experienced a bit of cruelty during my time on Earth & learning to forgive (a continual process) is the only way I could have coped & come out with such a balanced disposition.

trying to be a forgiving person isn't a weakness,
it's the opposite; it's fortitude
Oct 4 17 tweets 22 min read
My latest w/ @BleedingFool

What Killed G4TV: Full Story Revealed✍️

Newly uncovered information shows how Comcast’s reboot was ended by media baiting, poor planning & the hubris of one Indiana “Froskurrin” Black🤦… #g4tv #gamers #gaming @stillgray I dig up some new information about G4TV's closure,

what really happened w/ the infamous "bangable" rant

& how things at the reboot were much worse than any of us could have guessed 😶… @TheQuartering @BoundingComics @neontaster @jondelarroz @Th3Claude
Jul 25 26 tweets 27 min read
My latest w/ @ordinarytimemag✍️
Betrayed by the Doge King:

The True Story behind Elon Musk's Attempted Buyout of Twitter🤯… #elonmusk #elonmusktwitter #ElonMuskTesla #tesla #tech @elonmusk #technology #news #politics @TaylorLorenz @conor64 @nickgillespie Some may remember I was supportive of @elonmusk in & hoped his buyout of Twitter would enable more free speech online,

I promised that I would follow the truth as best I can, & after much research, this is what I found
#elonmusk #journalism #truth #tesla #stocks #memes
Jul 24 4 tweets 1 min read
my grandparents lived in Guam for almost a decade while my grandpa served in the Air Force,

good people down there, very humid, great bananas & way too many gosh-dang snakes🐍 look it up,

Guam might have the most snakes to square foot ratio on planet earth…
Jul 16 21 tweets 19 min read

My delicious @BleedingFool review of
THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER⛈️🪓… #Thor #ThorLoveAndThunderspoilers #ThorLoveAndThunder #mcu #marvel @MCU_Direct @rkylesmith #movies #film #twitter @BoundingComics #MsMarvel #disney #disneyplus Watching Thor: Love and Thunder is like guzzling down a raw hamburger and strawberry smoothie that hasn’t been thoroughly puréed yet, but much less satisfying. 🧋🐮

How could the newest and most anticipated entry in phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe go so sideways?🤔
Jul 15 5 tweets 6 min read
new Star Ocean game, Divine Right, has some of the ugliest character models that I've seen in a good long time for AAA gaming

left picture is what it's supposed to look like,
right picture is what we are going to get
#gaming #gamers #starocean #jrpgs #rpgs #japan #SquareEnix burn it with fire🔥🔥🔥

Jul 11 15 tweets 20 min read
‘Baymax!’ Is Just A Bunch Of Patronizing Public Service Announcements😴

Woke as it is brain-dead
‘Baymax!’ has all the subtlety of a low B-episode of Captain Planet & storytelling as deep as an evaporated puddle 🫧… @FDRLST #baymax #disney #mcu #marvel #rt Disney doesn't seem to know its audience & lets progressive platitudes blind itself to releasing expensive shows that are only so-so

W/ some the wokeness turns them off immediately, but there isnt a lot here for progressives either… #tv #film #filmtwitter
Jul 5 12 tweets 7 min read
so no one is going to like my take on this,
& I hope to share more officially with an article

But people are being a little misled here… #chronicpain #opioids #westvirginia #drugs #opioidcrisis reason we're seeing opioids lawsuits being overturned is not about the validity of what the companies have done but how they've been sought after by AG's & litigators

TDLR: Public Nuisance lawsuits are IMO garbage that works by intimidation & not merit…
Jun 28 25 tweets 24 min read
My latest for @FDRLST✍️

Reddit Bans Popular Anti-Woke Subreddit For Sharing Gender Critical Posts💻❌… #reddit #politics #socialmedia #tech #onlyfans #Ukraine @CathyYoung63 @elonmusk @PolitiBunny @TheQuartering @stillgray @OliverJia1014 @neontaster #insta Reddit has a secret tier of rules

where Reddit Administration pushes moderators to ban users & protect topics they want to controlled without the public knowing of it… @andysignore @emzanotti @YellowFlashGuy @Grummz @BillyM2k @TheCriticalDri2 @erikkain
Jun 25 5 tweets 3 min read
I listened to Haze just once yesterday & I cannot get it out of my head🎶

Not a bad song to get stuck in your noggin

#jpop #japanese #pop #popmusic #POP #music #musicvideo that & then this tune usually starts up my writing sessions, they have a strong sound but are chill enough i can focus on my work

Jun 25 5 tweets 3 min read
like i said yesterday i get why people are upset about roe or celebrating it, I would hope that people might try to meet in the middle & find some balance

I think that will happen longterm still, but not sure it would be places like Twitter Most Americans want abortion restrictions for late term, open for the 1rst & are mixed on the 2nd

they hate the idea of abortion but want it to be open for rape & incest

most want a middle policy that isn't advocated for by either side… #abortion
Jun 24 9 tweets 10 min read
I understand the intense feellings on either side of this issue,

but if the news are telling you that Roe v Wade was settled law or that it would stand forever they are lying to you

Roe had a many rather large weaknesses, & its incredible it lasted as long as it did Roe v Wade was always fragile,

Ginsburg said in a 1992 lecture that “doctrinal limbs too swiftly shaped, as experience teaches, may prove unstable”… @MrAndyNgo @MrAndyNgo @MattWalshBlog @lizzywol @wil_da_beast630 @Timcast @QTRBlackGarrett @libsoftiktok
Jun 21 5 tweets 5 min read
Reddit just killed the Social Justice In Action Subreddit
w/ over 94K members

basically @libsoftiktok in subreddit form

Reddit killed it "for violating Reddits rule against promoting hate"
#reddit @stillgray @JackPosobiec @TheQuartering #reddit @ReclaimTheNetHQ @LibertarianBlue Arguably more significant,

Reddit also killed Tumblr In Action for the same reason,

which had over 472K members,

That sub was similar but covered mostly Tumblr & TikTok content
#reddit #socialmedia @YellowFlashGuy @GeeksGamersCom @TheCriticalDri2 #tech
Jun 21 5 tweets 3 min read
G4 Twitter management in 4 easy steps
#g4tv #youtube the tweet that sparked this,
i got all of......4 likes

Jun 20 5 tweets 2 min read
1. I'm still not sure what he is apologizing for

2. religious people do not raise their kids to be racist,
these things do not correlate if religious people raise their kids to do racist things it because they are racists, not because they are religious,

I'm not in favor of canceling some dude for social media posts from back in high school,

but the cop-out apology does not make sense
Jun 20 5 tweets 1 min read
got some very hard news this weekend that really flummoxed me & reminded me why being disabled sucks scary how when you are disabled you are completely at the mercy of those that take pity on you,

is why despite being libertarian, I do believe disability welfare from SSI & the like should be more available to the severely disabled
Jun 18 5 tweets 1 min read
been replaying Crusader Kings 3 & I forgot how the late-game is almost unplayable, basically, there is a major design flaw if you get far enough into a campaign, the high number of characters that have to be checked against events like wars,

the game comes to almost a stop, & operates at a snail's pace
Jun 15 52 tweets 52 min read
Here's my latest for the Happy Warrior:

The Dark Age of YouTube. Youtuber Act Man Has Channel Nuked for Embarrassing YouTube and Defending Creators… @TheActMan_YT #JusticeForActMan #youtube @TheQuartering @YellowFlashGuy @BleedingFool @BoundingComics #nerd I swan dive #JusticeForActMan story,
covering from April til now,

Interviewed @TheActMan_YT & researched,
Going through as much material as I could @nickgillespie @CathyYoung63 @emzanotti @ZubyMusic @libbyemmons @LibertarianBlue