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Dec 6 12 tweets 7 min read

Madkhali Government Funding Revealed:

The Case of Abu Khadeejah and Pro-Israel Muslims

As I’ve covered for over a year now, the Madkhalis are a deviant group that was created by Saudi and UAE intelligence to trick Muslims worldwide into thinking that Gulf policies, no matter how anti-Islamic, should never be criticized.

According to Madkhalis, if you or I criticize these countries for secularizing or for normalizing relations with Israel, our criticism constitutes “khuruj” and makes us heretics and terrorists who should be killed.

Madkhalis have been calling for my death for the past year now for this reason.

I have called the Madkhalis “agents.” The word “agent” can refer to someone who is literally on a pay-roll, but it can also refer to people who do the dirty work of the Gulf governments on a voluntary basis. Arguably, the latter are even more disgusting than the former because they work for free.

The Madkhalis have taken issue with me calling them “agents.” They have demanded that I provide proof that they are being paid by these governments.

Today, I am happy to publish some eye-opening information about the funding source of one prominent Madkhali in the UK: Abu Khadeejah (teacher and associate of ex-crackhead Shamsi).

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Image How Saudi Funds Madkhali Speakers

An examination of official British records casts light on how the Saudi government funds its Madkhali agents in the West.

Here we examine the case of Abu Khadeejah – leader of the British Madkhalis and the teacher of Shamsi.

The basic funding arrangement can be described as follows.

British Madkhalis establish companies. The Saudi government provides investment money for these companies and has Saudi officials sit on the boards of these companies. Madkhalis are then hired to work for the companies.

For their work, Madkhalis take various benefits including salaries and shares. In this way, through the company, the Saudi government provides regular payments to its Madkhali agents – rewarding them for disseminating state propaganda.

Meanwhile, the Madkhali agents hide their relationship to the Saudi government. They claim that they are not taking money from the Saudi government. Rather they only admit to working for a company. In reality, these shell companies are mainly funded and controlled by Saudi officials.

We now present the case of Abu Khadeejah (i.e., Waheed Alam, also known as Abdul Wahid).
Nov 20 4 tweets 15 min read
To my knowledge, the most extensive explanation of how the Saudi government created the Madkhali movement can be found in a book published in 2011 by Harvard University Press.

The Book was written by Professor Stephane Lacroix. It is titled "Awakening Islam: The Politics of Religious Dissent in Contemporary Saudi Arabia."

There is a key ten page section on the creation of Madkhali movement (p.211-221) with many details, names, and dates.

It explains how the Saudi government channeled money, positions, and patronage to Madkhalis. As a result, many money-driven figures from marginalized groups were drawn to join the movement. In other words, Madkhalism has always focused on recruiting on poor talentless unprincipled individuals who are willing to sell themselves to the state. 

The book also explains how Madkhalis initiated the practice of monitoring all other religious Muslims to keep track of government critics - submitting regular reports on them to the secret police.

The book names key Madkhali figures, many of which came to be associated with the University of Madinah - which was transformed into a Madkhali propaganda center. These Madkhalis figures include Muhammad Aman al-Jami, Rabi bin Hadi al-Madkhali, Sulayman al-Ruhayli, Abd al-Salam al-Suhaymi, and Salih al-Suhaymi.

Although the book examines Madkhalism in Saudi Arabia, its insights are relevant to understanding Madkhalis in the West.

These are an online army of former hobos, crackheads, felons, failed rappers, and crossfit trainers, who work as government agents.

Like their counterparts in Saudi, they are poor talentless unprincipled individuals who are willing to sell themselves to the state. Anyone who has ever spoken with a Madkhali knows that they speak like rude low-IQ low class con artists and criminals.

The relevant section from the book is provided below. To post it on twitter I have had to omit footnotes in the text. (To access the footnote you must go to the original text). Note: The author uses the other popular term for Madkhalis which is "Jamis."

The Jamis: Between Purism and Loyalty

The first and most effective of these countermovements is known as the Jami movement.

In the aftermath of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, it
asserted itself as both an implacable opponent of the Sahwi opposition and an ardent defender of the royal family. It soon gave rise to a relatively organized network that extended its reach to most cities in the kingdom. The term “Jami,” which has become widespread, was first used by the Sahwis. It refers to Sheikh Muhammad Aman al-Jami, born in 1930, head of the Faculty of Hadith at the Islamic University of Medina and one of most vocal opponents of the Sahwi protest. As had been the case with “Sururi,” the use of “Jami” was intended to delegitimate the adversary by stigmatizing his foreign origin because al-Jami was from Ethiopia and immigrated to Saudi Arabia only when he was twenty. For lack of a more neutral term, however, the label “Jami” will be used here because the Jamis have refused to identify themselves other than by such unspecific qualifiers as “the salafis” or sometimes “the ulema of Medina,” because the most eminent among them were based there, mainly at the Islamic University. They were also recognizable because they sometimes added to their names the suffixes al-salafi or al-athari (from athar, tradition, that is, that of the Prophet and the pious ancestors), which the Sahwis deplored, arguing that only God could decide who was a proper salafi and who was not. Although al-Jami, despite himself, gave his name to the movement, its most emblematic figure was Sheikh Rabiʿ bin Hadi al-Madkhali.

Born in 1931, he taught until the late 1990s in the Faculty of Hadith at the Islamic University of Medina, which was chaired by al-Jami until his death in 1995. Although he was a student of al-Albani and had
briefly been close to the JSM [al-Jamaʿa al-Salafiyya
al-Muhtasiba] in the mid-1970s, al-Madkhali had
managed not to go to prison and thereafter had demonstrated exemplary loyalty to the regime. In the late 1980s he made a name in the Saudi religious field with a very controversial book, The Method Followed by the Prophets in Religious Preaching Contains Wisdom and Reason. Faithful to his Ahl al-Hadith beliefs, he explained that the priority in matters of daʿwa should be the purification of the creed.

He thus fiercely attacked the Pakistani ideologue Abu al-Aʿla Mawdudi, the founder of Jamaat-e Islami and a source of inspiration for Sayyid Qutb, for his concern with politics and his efforts to build an Islamic state in India “although the Indian people are ignorant of Islam and their religious practice is tainted with innovation and deviance.” In al-Madkhali’s view, Mawdudi’s priority should have been to correct
the creed of the Indians instead.
May 23 16 tweets 4 min read
THREAD: The Dawah Mafia has been pushing imams to sign onto their recent attempt to whitewash their LG-TVHD+ normalization with a statement called

"Navigating Differences"

I've been asked to explain the problems w/ this statement bc it seems ok.

It absolutely is NOT.

But... before I explain the problems, we need to go back to another statement on LG-TV these imams forced onto the Muslim community back in 2016.

You know the last time I advised imams not to sign trash? It was when this garbage was going around in 2016.

archive.ph/exSrV Image
Mar 22 5 tweets 1 min read
Do you know why some Muslims say they have no energy or excitment for Ramadan or Eid? They don't feel that same joy?

Read this thread to understand why.

It is impossible for humans to engage in continual holiday celebrations. Such celebrations require time, money, energy, ... and attention. Humans only have limited amounts of these things. The more time, money, energy, and attention that are devoted to one holiday, the less will be available for others.

This is one reason (but not the only reason) why it is so objectionable for Muslims to...
Mar 22 8 tweets 2 min read
Thread: What is Faris Hammadi's stance on Jewish nationalism (Zionism) and Hindu nationalism (Hindutva)?

(1) He advocates for Muslim countries normalizing their political relations with apartheid Israel by signing the Abraham Accords.

(2) He attacks the Palestians for... criticizing such normalization, accusing them of betraying other Muslims w/ their criticism.

(3) Faris teaches that it is impermissible to verbally criticize heretical pro-Zionist perennialist "interfaith" projects like the Abrahamic Family House.

(4) Faris aggressively and...
Mar 21 4 tweets 1 min read
Because Faris is an intelligence operative, he spreads disinformation about liberalism & global politics.

Liberalism (like Madkhalism) considers public criticism of liberal government policies to be a type of "extremism" which merits surveillance, imprisonment, or execution... Image During the colonial period, liberal empires (British, French, Dutch) surveilled, imprisoned, and executed Muslims who spoke against their liberal policies - considering them to be extremists.

Following the colonial period, Western liberal states (like the US) have backed...
Mar 14 5 tweets 2 min read
Why Hindutva = R^pedutva: The Case of Rakshasa Marriage

Traditional Hindu religious texts permit warriors to kidnap females (including young female children) from political enemies - then forcefully marry & have sex w/ them. This is referred to as "rakshasa marriage."

The... Image The British outlawed rakshasa marriage. Nevertheless, proponents of Hindutva (like VD Savarkar) have continued to champion it, especially against Muslims. This has led to the mass kidnapping and rape of Muslim women. Such actions were particularly widespread at the... ImageImage
Mar 12 5 tweets 1 min read

"Islam endorses war (jihad) to impose its law (Sharia) across the world. Therefore Islam approves killing ppl across the world. Muslims are dangerous - your Muslim neighbor literally wants to knife your little girl & then blow up the local McDonalds." "Liberalism endorses war (e.g. colonialism, humanitarian intervention, military occupation) to impose its law (international human rights law) across the world. Therefore liberalism approves killing ppl across the world. Liberals are dangerous - your liberal neighbor literally...
Mar 12 7 tweets 2 min read
.@jordanbpeterson didn't understand my point, so let me elaborate here.

Gender is not reducible to purely psychological traits or purely bodily traits (e.g., genitals, DNA). It is partly psychological traits and partly bodily traits.

Psychological traits associated with... masculinity include sexual desire for women, assertiveness, competitiveness, status seeking, desire to defend and care for one's family and social group. Such psychological traits are associated with the male brain and hormones.

Bodily traits include male genitalia, height,...
Mar 11 8 tweets 3 min read
.@jordanbpeterson's ignorance and hatred of Islam comes through loud and clear in his retweeting of this idiotic thread.

The thread in questions asserts that Muslims "were the greatest slave traders" and then claims "Europeans didn't get involved with... African slavery until the 15th century."

A few questions for the writer of this iditoic thread @KnowlandKnows:

Were the ancient Greeks Europeans? Do you know that the Greeks (e.g., under Alexander) conquered large regions of the world (including parts of Africa) and...
Mar 11 4 tweets 1 min read
Liberals hate all premodern cultures, as these conflict with evolving liberal norms. Liberals believe that all such cultures must be changed/destroyed.

The part of culture that liberals hate the most is religion, for this part is most resistant to change/destruction.

The... type of religion that liberals hate the most are Judaism, Christianity, Islam. This is because these religions are more resistant to change/destruction than other types of religion (e.g., hunter-gatherer, Indic, East Asian).

But the specific religion...
Mar 10 5 tweets 1 min read
Hindutva claims to embody Hindu pride, and a rejection of colonialism and white racism.

Nevertheless virtually every proponent of Hindutva agrees with the following statement (explicitly or implicitly):

We accept the norms that were violently imposed on us, during... colonialism, by our white British masters.

This is because the norms of our masters are superior to the norms found in Hinduism.

The British were correct in banning monstrous Hindu practices like caste, untouchability, female infanticide, wife burning, bars on widow...
Mar 10 4 tweets 2 min read
Did you know, according to Buddhist texts, the Buddha advised wife beating?

This is found in the Jataka tales. Buddhists believe that the Buddha had 500 or so past lives (via reincarnation). These lives are described in the Jataka tales. In the story known as "Kosiya Jataka"... the Buddha is incarnated as a wise Brahmin teacher. One of his students has a wife with many faults. She is spoiled and lazy, refusing to do her required housework. She is also guilty of adultery. To solve the problem, the Buddha instructs his student to make a foul-smelling...
Mar 9 6 tweets 2 min read
Look how this simp moron from Yaqeen Inst twists the situation w/ Destiny to attack Muslims.

Not surprisong that a former CVE fed who, by his own admission, reports Muslims he has online disagreements with to the FBI, would throw Muslims under the bus to make some idiotic point. Destiny is an atheist. He has no religion. So no one insulted Destiny's religion that provoked him to insult the Prophet ﷺ. Destiny's attack on Islam is not the fault of Muslims.
Mar 8 4 tweets 1 min read
Regarding Destiny, it's important to distinguish between different types of liberals.

Throughout history, there have been "extreme" liberals who have openly and explicitly advocated for invading, colonizing, nuking, or genociding every non-liberal society. There have also... been "moderate" liberals who have favored using soft power & diplomacy to spread liberal values. However, the "moderates" aid & enable the "extremists."

Moderate liberals advocate for the same goal as the extremist liberals (i.e., the stigmatization and destruction...
Mar 8 5 tweets 2 min read
Thread: Destiny wants to go around calling Islam a pdf file religion. But what does Destiny really think about pdf filia, CP, and other such sexual taboos?

Let's keep a running record.

Here, Destiny tweets about r-ping a 10 year old. Is it supposed to be some kind of sick joke? ImageImage Here Destiny expresses how "there are 15 year old chicks that look pretty f-cking hot. I can't help that."
Mar 6 5 tweets 2 min read
The UAE gives rabid atheist and rabid enemy of Islam Richard Dawkins all access to their country to teach little children about "reason" and "progress." Dawkins has bitterly criticized UAE gov in the past. Does that make Dawkins a terrorist who incited rebellion?

You won't find any madkhalis in his replies!
Mar 5 6 tweets 2 min read
Thread: For liberals like Destiny @TheOmniLiberal, it is sexually disgusting for adult males to marry a minor females.

From a liberal perspective, proper interaction between adult males & minor females involve behaviors such as males dressing up as bearded female prostitutes... caked with makeup - then performing strip teases, singing about oral sex ("its not going to lick itself"), placing female children on their bodies while they gyrate, and then encouraging the females to change their gender by mutilating their genitals and taking puberty blockers.
Mar 2 5 tweets 1 min read
Thread: For all of those who think it is ideal if Muslim women are not financially dependent on men:

Would it be ideal if Muslim men were not sexually dependent on their women? For example would it be ideal if men could purchase (at low cost) harems of docile life-like, forever-young sex robots? How would you respond to Muslim men who justified this by saying such robots are necessary to give men true independence, such that theyre not forced to stay in relationships with women who are rude, jealous, controlling, manipulative, fat, old, or ugly?
Feb 21 10 tweets 2 min read
🧵: Ppl are familiar with the idea that Democrats and Republicans are meant to present people with an illusion of free choice. This illusion prevents ppl from pursuing real alternatives to the status quo.

The same dynamic exists with Western-sponsored Islam. Let me explain how. The two options Muslims are presented are:

1. Liberal/Secular/Reformed Islam (akin to Democrats)

2. A-political "Traditional" Islam (akin to Republicans)

Western powers heavily fund and promote these 2 options to Muslims around the world.

But there are some nuances.
Feb 19 17 tweets 13 min read
🧵Many of you know about how the new "Abrahamic House" that was just opened is a Zionist interfaith project against Islam, pushed by the US and Israel.

But did you know that one of the main promoters of this project, Bob Roberts, is deeply connected to certain celebrity imams? First more information on Roberts.

He has a long resume working for thr US State Dept, the UN, and is a WEF fellow.

Basically his job is to push religious reform, secularization, liberalization, and Israel normalization through interfaith.

Primarily, he targets Muslims.