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“Britain’s anti-government mascot”. Iranian Brit. She/her. I use hyperbole a lot. #FreePalestine 🇵🇸
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1 Jul
A relationship with a love-bomber will go from the best you’ve ever had to the worst. If someone you’ve just met is putting in effort/attention to unusually extreme amounts, chances are it’s a trap and they are trying to get you committed to them fast so the controlling can begin
I was so naive that I thought the reason he wanted to see me every day, take me out all the time, buy me gifts and start a relationship really quick was bc he was just a generous person and really into me. The abuse that started a few months later didn’t stop until I finally left
And then when you do finally leave, they will twist the narrative to make themselves look a victim, like you had no reason to leave, like you left them high and dry… and they are so manipulative, this bs will work and people will be turned against you. Very dangerous individuals
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25 Jun
Better social care and benefit system rehaul. It’s actually very wild that the Universal Credit amount wasn’t increased during covid even though it isn’t enough to live off and there were actually no jobs
Like many others, I had to apply for UC last year because I lost all my work and had no income whatsoever. It didn’t cover my bills let alone food so I had to eat through my life savings and get into traumatising debt by taking payment holidays
I know that their reasoning for benefits being so shit is so that it motivates people to get off them and find work but there was no work. So what were we supposed to do except starve
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24 Jun
My least favourite by-product of capitalism is that people (especially in the UK) think that if you’re poor you don’t deserve literally anything. Like if you work a low wage job or are on benefits you’ll be shamed for owning a phone or ordering a takeaway and this makes NO sense
I don’t understand how we got to the assumption that poor people don’t deserve things. I remember there being outrage because people were donating biscuits and sweets to a food bank and others thought the people who used them shouldn’t be allowed treats
Eat your gruel, watch TV on your box from the 90s, go to an Internet cafe to correspond with the DWP. Just exist, don’t live
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23 Jun
The Tories invest so little into education because they genuinely rely on a large amount of the population being uneducated to vote for them
Politics should really be a mandatory subject at school, at least at a basic level of learning who the main parties are and what ethics and policies they represent. We mainly get our information from headlines written by Tory-owned papers
I have met people who really do believe things that aren’t true. “I’m not voting for Corbyn, he’ll take my mums house away and I won’t inherit anything”. This was literally in the Tory manifesto, not his.
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23 Jun
I find Geminis really hit and miss because I admire their ambition to always seek truth but sometimes on that path they start believing things that just aren’t true looool and a day later they pretend they never thought that thing
Like, they will try to convince you that they never really thought the thing they said yesterday just because they changed their mind since then. It can come across really tapped
I think the women have much better self awareness about this than the men do. The men come across like a bit of a manipulative mess
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10 Jun
What is the point of having a High Court if they keep finding that Tory MPs acted unlawfully and absolutely nothing happens
“Right, so that’s the 17th one? Good to know. Moving on then”
It is pretty common knowledge now that these contracts handed to Tory friends, associates, neighbours and donors were unlawful and they knew they were unlawful. I do not understand why there’s been not one consequence? No charges, no resignations, no order to return funds?
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