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7 Dec 18
About 190,000 people in New Mexico don’t have health coverage. 90% of the uninsured are below 400% of the poverty level. That means they don’t have any financial security of they are struck with illness or injury. #nmleg
That’s why we’re looking at four Medicaid buy-in options to expand coverage to more people and improve affordability.… #nmleg
These options could be phased-in over time. Advocates think the best place to start is an option for individuals who are uninsured and are locked out of public coverage, ACA Marketplace coverage, and affordable employer coverage.…
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28 Sep 18
Manatt Health is presenting to the NM Legislative Health and Human Services Committee about Medicaid buy-in. Follow along here:… #nmleg #nmpol
What are the goals of a Medicaid buy-in for NM?
How could Medicaid buy-in meet NM’s goals of coverage expansion, affordability, and simplifying coverage?
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