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8 Apr
ICYMI—“A Russian intelligence operation was using American social media and our own..freedom of speech as a weapon..to split one party into two so that another political party would win the presidency..to essentially break our democracy.”-@MalcolmNance ‘19
“Putin’s job was to turn people into traitors.”-@MalcolmNance describing Putin’s years as a KGB officer in East Germany.
“Putin collected human beings and turned them into an information flow for a great evil empire.”-@MalcolmNance
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7 Apr
“Be gentle with each other, so we can be dangerous together.”-@bellvisuals artivist Robin Bell in an interview with @ruthbenghiat
Defending democracy from authoritarians is ongoing.
“The truth can’t be allowed to live under the occupation, it’s too dangerous...”-This Land is Mine film by Jean Renoir and Dudley Nichols
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3 Apr
Who else is excited about freedom? #GetVaccinated 🤍
Always pay attention to those who pay for anti-messaging.
The anti-messengers are trying to take away your freedom.
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19 Mar
If you read nothing else, please read this so you will no longer be surprised about the intersection of Americans and Russians actively working together to overthrow democracy.
Here is the story threaded in bite-size pieces. Please please read it and share so we can get collectively on the same page.

A shared narrative is vital to stopping anti-democratic measures.
It was never really about Trump—and we can expect a worse avatar if we continue to be defenseless and unaware.
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16 Mar
THE USUAL SUSPECTS: The declassified @ODNIgov report reveals Putin and his Kremlin cutouts continue to attack our democracy.
dni.gov/files/ODNI/doc… 1/
KEY JUDGMENT 2: In 2020, Putin and his Kremlin cutouts continued their assault against the Democratic Party and Biden’s Presidency by undermining confidence in our elections and exploiting divisions. 2/
KREMLIN DIRECTION: @ODNIgov determined Putin and senior Russian officials were aware of probably directed Russia’s influence operation against the 2020 election. 3/
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11 Mar
ICYMI: My investigative reports in @BylineTimes reveal a network of bad actors trying to blow up democracy. Justice and consequences must be served.

1/ Enforce our existing laws.
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9 Mar
THE NETWORK: Network analyst and disinformation specialist @DaveTroy has been documenting the connections between former American military and intelligence agents who are spreading conspiracy theories linked to a disinformation phenomenon known as QAnon. 1/
Troy also has been tying up loose ends between powerful right-wing groups such as the Council for National Policy (CNP) and its history with Kremlin-linked operatives. 2/
The CNP formed as an alliance of conservatives created in the aftermath of the Reagan election in 1981 to lay the groundwork for policy objectives. Among its associates are the Mercer and Koch families, backers of prominent right-wing movements and organisations. 3/
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6 Mar
Who wants to join me in getting the Epoch Times the eff out of America?
Just run em the eff out of our country...
If it’s free, you’re the product.
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4 Mar
MESSAGING INJECTIONS: In my interview with @davetroy on the network responsible for the January 6 insurrection and weapons’ grade psyops, he explained how America’s bias toward individualism makes us particularly vulnerable to social manipulation.

Sidebar: an interview extra. 1/
“Particularly in the United States we have a bias toward individualism and the idea that each of us is a rational actor and we have agency and we can take in information and decide about stuff, and therefore any failings that any individual has is like their fault.”-@davetroy 2/
“So therefore there cannot be manipulation in that context because everyone is sovereign.
My opinion is that’s bullshit. We are group creatures, we are social animals, we have a social identity that we use to interpret the world. We see the world through social lenses.”-DT 3/
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4 Mar
“QAnon crawled out of the sewer that is the chans, it started moving around, people observed it and said, ‘Hmm, this has some utility.’ And people started feeding it and using it..It got tuned to be something that could be manipulated,used to an effect.”-@davetroy in @BylineTimes
“Troy says he finds it alarming that Flynn is an expert in networked insurgency.

‘He would know that if you want some people to do some things you just have to plant messaging with some mullahs, get the mullahs to put out the word..and then what do you know, something happens.”
“We spent a lot of time last fall raising alarm bells with journalists, saying, ‘Dudes, this is crazy.’ Military folks and intel people are saying this stuff, some of whom have backgrounds with psyops..so aspects of QAnon may be informed by people w/expertise in psyops.”@davetroy
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24 Feb
I won’t support companies that normalized, supported and/or helped spread propaganda for the former administration*.

Please join me in supporting businesses that supported the Resistance.

Let’s start with @PenzeysSpices🤍

I put Revolution on everything!
Pro-democracy truth activists who loudly defied the corruption of the former administration will be viewed kindly in history, but the struggle was real.

Companies such as @benandjerrys softened the repeated blows.

Support them for their wonderfulness.🤍
@oldgringoinc handmade boots are an investment but the boots are for life (sample sales are da bomb!).

The company—founded 20 yrs ago by a Frenchmen and a veteran leather tooler—supported me as an indie filmmaker at the Women’s March. Vive la résistance🤍
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22 Feb
Speaking of himself in third person like Little Cesar, methinks the lady doth protest too much. nytimes.com/2021/02/21/wor…
Source: @nytimes

And Little Caesar is correct spelling. Ms. Cuda regrets the Gaddam “autocorrect” typo.
If Prince is such a square guy, so on the level, why did he wipe his phone and all communications with Bannon during his Seychelles trip with the pedo?
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22 Feb
So how exactly did Beto O’Rourke lose to Ted Cruz in the 2018 Senate race?

Asking for a country.
The race was the closest U.S. Senate race in Texas since 1978, which means there’s a lot of Blue Texans.
Judging by the initial responses, I’m thinking the 2018 election of O’Rourke v Cruz needs a full Federal investigation.
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21 Feb
Grateful to every steadfast investigator focused on revealing the truth behind the January 6 insurrection and grateful to every reporter focused on revealing the corruption and treason of recent years. I’m not gonna stop.
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13 Feb
🤮”Former FBI director William Sessions once condemned Russia's mafia. ‘We can beat organized crime,’ he told a Moscow conference in 1997.

“Today,Sessions is a lawyer for Semyon Mogilevich..one of Russia's most powerful organized-crime figures.” @wsj 2007 wsj.com/articles/SB117…
“Sessions is trying to negotiate a deal with the U.S. Department of Justice for his client, who is charged with racketeering and is a key figure in a separate Justice Department probe of energy deals between Russia and Ukraine.”-@wsj 2007
“A number of notable Washington insiders are earning big fees these days by representing controversial clients from the former Soviet Union.”-@wsj 2007 archives
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