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21 Mar 19
A software developer just asked me "where can I write software that will improve the environment?"

Here's a brain dump on the potential for software to help address environmental problems. It would be great if others could add to it (both examples & ideas welcome).
(Also apologies if a lot of these examples are AI. Not everyone is going to be involved in AI. I get that. But it's an area which shows a lot of promise & gets a lot of attention.)
This report by @PwC_UK sets out the potential for AI across six environmental challenges: climate change, biodiversity, healthy oceans, water security, clean air, weather & disaster resilience @CHerweijer @dwaughray
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16 Feb 18
A thread on the DRC and transition risk.

According to this article, the state in DRC is "tottering", "ethnic militias are proliferating" and 2m people were displaced from their homes last year.
First off, can I make clear I appreciate any political deterioration in the DRC has the potential to be a grim human tragedy. Please take this is as read. I'm not a heartless western capitalist with tunnel vision who only cares about mineral supply.
That said, if the world is developing any kind of dependence on resources from DRC, it needs to understand the implications. The world’s two most populous countries are committed to EVs. Billions are being invested in battery production. China sources 93% of its cobalt from DRC.
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