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8 Jun 19
Quacks: “Big Pharma suppresses all the ‘natural’ cancer treatments out there...!!”


Actinomycin, used to treat sarcomas, was isolated from a bacterium found in nature, streptomyces parvulus. You can see him happily growing in a dish below.

But wait. There’s more...
Daunorubicin is no stranger to the world of cancer busting baddies...

...& was literally dug out of the ground!

You see, it’s from another bacterium, streptomyces peucetius, which was found in the soil around Castel del Monte, a 13th-century castle in France 🇫🇷. Ah...France!
Let’s not stop there though...

Nature is all about trees, & boy have the trees ever been cancer’s worst enemy...

...we have paclitaxel - used to treat breast, ovarian, lung, & other cancers, & is derived from the Pacific yew...
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22 Jun 18
Dear #naturopaths,

Most of you don’t seem to realize that:

There is no epidemic of patients with abnormal cortisol.

Thyroids are sometimes A-OK.

Most people can happily eat all foods.

Hormones generally ‘balance’ themselves.

A ‘boosted’ immune system can kill someone.💀
Naturopaths, the number of vitamins that should routinely be given IV is: zero.

All organs are best ‘nourished’ with: regular food.

Homeopathy is as helpful as adding a drop of water to your soup to make it more salty. 🤪

‘Cleansing’ is done with soap, not IVs.
Get it straight naturopaths:
Vaccines. Save. Lives.

Somewhere around zero people should be ‘detoxified’ outside a hospital.

Eczema sometimes really does need a steroid.

Natural things can totally kill you.
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20 Apr 18
Starting Oct 1, MDs in BC will face severe fines for privately billing for evaluations & procedures that are benefits under universal care (MSP). I wonder if @AdrianDix will apply this law, just as rigorously, to any naturopath who manages MSP-covered conditions...?#cdnhealth
Some may argue that naturopathy is considered a “supplementary benefit” in BC, and therefore can be billed privately. But naturopaths are routinely going well beyond any definition of “supplementary” practice, and are actively promoting themselves as primary care providers…
NDs say they perform 'primary care evaluations' for colds, chronic conditions, celiac & thyroid disease, fatigue, & other illnesses, but despite these being BENEFITS under MSP, will bill patients privately FAR in excess of what would be covered by MSP for an MD.
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17 Mar 18
Dear naturopaths (part 2),

Many of you are making inaccurate, denigrating comments about MDs. This is misleading patients & it is time to stop! Since no one within your 'profession' seems to be trying to do anything about this, here are some of the positions you must change:
Naturopaths, stop publicly advertising your 'value' by attacking MDs. You say you are 'DIFFERENT' from MDs because 'NDs treat the whole person', & 'get at the root cause'. Also that 'unlike MDs, NDs focus on prevention’. These. (ridiculous). Statements. Are. Totally. False.
Let's be clear naturopaths: MDs ABSOLUTELY treat the WHOLE person! Biologically. Psychologically. Socially. Head to toe. Heart to soul. Pre-cradle to grave. When NDs say otherwise this is deceitful, self-serving, & UNDERMINES patient relationships with their MDs!
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2 Feb 18
Dear naturopaths,

You seem to have no idea how much trouble you cause for patients, MDs, & society in general. This trouble is getting worse, & it has to STOP. Since you seem to have no insight into these issues, here are some of the (many) problems you create for us all...
Naturopaths, STOP making patients think they NEED lab tests from MDs! If we disagree, it can compromise our relationship with our patients by making them think they’re being denied something you just told them they HAD to have! You are SETTING US UP for a conflict with them!
It takes a LOT of time for MDs to explain why MANY (nearly all) of the tests naturopaths are often demanding SHOULD'NT be done! This re-education, takes AWAY time spent effectively on that #patients actual health issues. This isn't helping their care! This COMPROMISES it!!
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