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18 Sep
Madan Lal Dhingra, close associate of Veer Savarkar, another great revolutionary who never really has got his due. A true patriot.
Thread on his Jayanti today.
Hailing from Amritsar, the sixth born of the city’s Civil Surgeon, two of his brothers were doctors, while two other were barristers. Coming from a well to do and influential family, Dhingra, could have settled into a life of luxury and comfort.
Yet he was restless, driven by the call for Swadeshi, right from his student days at the Government College, Lahore in 1904. He led the student protest there against having to forcibly wear a blazer made of imported cloth, which led to his expulsion in turn.
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17 Sep
“The vultures have resigned, I don’t know what to do”

The last Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan, surrenders to the army, as Hyderabad state becomes a part of the Indian Union on this date in 1948.

This thread looks at the events post August 15, 1947.
August 15, 1947- India had become independent, and the Hyderabad State Congress leaders celebrated it by hoisting the national flag, they were promptly arrested by the Nizam’s police.
The Nizam had earlier requested the British Government for Hyderabad State to be an independent constitutional monarchy, under the Commonwealth, which however was rejected. T
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16 Sep
#TodayInHistory Ardeshir Tarapore is killed in action during the Battle of Chawinda in the 1965 War. The only other PVC recipient of that war, apart from Havaldar Abdul Hamid.
Thread on another tank buster hero. Image
Ardeshir Tarapore was born in Mumbai on August 18, 1923, his father Burzorzi Tarapore, was employed in the Customs Dept of Hyderabad State, under the Nizam, and was a scholar of Persian and Urdu. .
One of his ancestors Ratanji Ba, had served in the army of Shivaji Maharaj, and as an acknowledgement of his bravery and loyalty, he was gifted a 100 villages by the Chattrapati. One of them was Tarapur, which became the family name too.
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15 Sep
#MokshagundamVisvesvaraya whose Jayanti today is celebrated as #EngineersDay.
Thread on one of the builders of modern India, an engineering genius, and one of the greatest Indians of modern era, founder of the modern Mysore State, whose legacy lives on todate.
Every where you go in Mysore region, you can find his legacy, be it the mighty Krishna Raja Sagar Dam or institutions like State Bank of Mysore or the Bhadravati Steel Factory.
He was born in Mudenahalli, now located in Chikballapur district on Sept 15,1861 to Srinivasa Sastry and (Venkachamma) Venkatalakshmamma. His father was a well known Sanskrit scholar, from whom he learnt to respect the culture and traditions of Bharat.
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14 Sep
Indian army captures Aurangabad and Osmanabad on Day 2 of Operation Polo. Earlier on Day 1, Naldurg Fort near Solapur was captured by the 2nd Sikh Infantry after a hard fought battle with 1 Hyderabad Infantry.
There was resistance in the towns of Jalkot and Tuljapur from the Razakars, the latter town saw a 2 hr long battle, that finally saw the Razakars losing out.
On the Eastern front, there was major resistance from two armored units of the Hyderabad State Army, consisting of Humbers and Staghounds, before they were overpowered and managed to reach the town of Kodad in Nalgonda district.
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13 Sep
#TodayInHistory Operation Polo begins in 1948, the military action or rather "police action" which ensured Hyderabad would not end up as another Kashmir. This thread takes a look at the events leading up to it, as well as the backdrop. Image
The State of Hyderabad stretched from Aurangabad in the North West to Mahbubnagar in the South East, from Adilabad in the North East to Raichur in the South West. It covered the present day Marathwada in Maharashtra, Northern Karnataka, and the Telangana region.
It had a population of 16.34 million as per the 1941 census, the majority of whom were Hindu, around 85%, with Muslims making up 12% and the rest being Christians, Sikhs, Parsis. Though predominantly Telugu speaking , it had fairly good number of Kannada, Marathi, Urdu speakers.
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11 Sep
#TodayInHistory Arminius leads an alliance of 6 Germanic tribes to victory at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 CE, ambushing and destroying 3 Roman Legions led by Publius Quinctilius Varus, who would commit suicide after this disaster
Arminius who belonged to the Germanic Cherusci tribe, grew up in Rome, and received his military education there. He used his knowledge of their war tactics with devastating effect, as he anticipated every move of theirs
Though the Romans struck back with a series of raids against the Germanic tribes, they could never conquer this region. The rout at Teutoburg, ensured the Western Roman Empire's expansion into Northern Europe was halted, and the Rhine in a way became it's boundary.
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11 Sep
Subramanya Bharati, or Mahakavi Bharatiyar, freedom fighter, revolutionary, who used his writings to awaken the nationalist spirt in people. And a man who fought for the rights of women. A truly great soul.
Thread on his death anniversary today.
Bharatiyar was born on December 11, 1882 to Chinnaswami Subramania Iyer and Lakshmi Amma in Ettayapuram, a small town in Tamil Nadu's Thoothukudi district, ruled by Ettappa Naicker, who incidentally sided with the British against Veera Pandya Kattabomman.
Chinnaswami Subramania Bharathi, or better known as Mahakavi Bharatiyar, a polyglot fluent in 14 languages, and one of the most prolific writers in Tamil, who wrote on a variety of themes.
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10 Sep
Indian army pull of a victory against all odds in the epic Battle of Asal Uttar on this date durin the 1965 War, noted for the heroics of Havaldar Abdul Hamid, Param Veer Chakra recipient, who died in action.

Thread on this epic battle.
Khem Kharan is one of those typical small towns that dot the Indian landscape, located just 5 km from the India-Pakistan border, in Punjab’s Taran Taran district. It has a masoleum of a Sufi saint Pir Baba Sheikh Brahm.
The town’s claim to fame is however for what happened during the 1965 War, the Battle of Asal Uttar. One of the largest tank battles fought post World War II, after the Battle of Kursk, it was a turning point in the 1965 War, gave a huge blow to Pakistani ambitions.
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9 Sep
#TodayInHistory Operation Avalanche begins in 1943, as the Allies land at Salerno during the invasion of Italy. The landing was done by the US Fifth Army By September 16, they secured the area in the face of some stiff resistance by the Italian and German troops. ImageImageImageImage
It was not an easy advance for the Allies, as the Italians had set up artillery and machine gun posts all across the landing areas. Though the beaches were captured, heavy firing by the Panzer division, made advance very slow, as well as heavy casualties.
Another intense counter attack by the Italians between Sept 12-14, slowed down the Allies, as heavy casualties were inflicted. The Germans just about managed to reach the beaches, but failed. Again Hitler's decision not to give importance to Southern Italy was critical.
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9 Sep
#TodayInHistory Jatindranath Mukherjee aka Bagha Jatin was shot by the British in an encounter near Balasore in 1915. He would die of his wounds the next day.
Thread on one a truly great revolutionary on the eve of his death anniversary.
When one looks at the history of the revolutionary movement in Bengal, two groups stand out in particular, one the Anushilan Samiti and another the Jugantar party. Anushilan Samiti was founded by a group of local youths from the Akharas of Bengal in 1906.
The other one was Jugantar, which again started as a fitness club. Many of them later joined Netaji’s Forward Bloc, or the Communist party, while some ended up with the Indian National Congress.
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8 Sep
In my series on the 1965 War, today I look at the Battle of Burki, where the Indian army captured the town in Pakistan's Punjab province and came within striking distance of Lahore.
Burki is a small village located in Pakistan’s Punjab province, right near the border. Just 11 km from the Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore, and located on the banks of the BRB(Bambawali-Ravi-Bedlan) Canal or Ichogil Canal.
When the War began, the Indian Army decided to open up a second front towards Lahore. The Army would advance towards Lahore along three routes- Amritsar-Lahore, Khalra-Burki-Lahore and Khem Kharan-Kasur.
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7 Sep
#TodayInHistory Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk is arrested in 1571, for his role in the Ridolfi plot that planned to assasinate Queen Elizabeth I, and replace her with Mary, Queen of the Scots. The plot was so named after Roberto di Ridolfo, a Florentine noble. ImageImageImage
Howard was Elizabeth's second cousin, one of the wealthiest nobles, who felt he was undervalued by her. He had backed the Northern Rebellion of Catholics against her, for which he was arrested and pardoned later, on confessing. But still looked out for an opportunity.
Also with the Pope excommunicating the Protestant Elizabeth and asking all Catholics to depose her, she began to act harshly against them. Roberto Ridolfi, a Florentine banker, was the brain behind the conspiracy, as he felt only a foreign effort could succeed.
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5 Sep
V.O.Chidambaram Pillai, also known as Kapalottiya Tamizhan( The Tamil Helsman), one of the foremost freedom fighters of Tamil Nadu. And the first Indian to start a shipping service in competition to British monopoly.
Thread on his Jayanti today.
While many celebrate the Jayanti of S.Radhakrishnan today, not many are aware of V.O.C.Pillai, outside of Tamil Nadu. A truly great freedom fighter, who unfortunately never got his due, and died in poverty in his lifetime. And a succesful entrepreneur too.
He was born on September 5, 1782 in Ottapidaram a small town in Tuticorin district, famous for it’s Amman temple, and the fort of the legendary Tamil warrior Veera Pandya Kattabomman just 3 km away at Panchalankurichi.
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4 Sep
#TodayInHistory British ships open fire on Chinese war junks at Kowloon harbor in 1839, beginning the First Opium War. The junks had been enforcing a food embargo on the British sailors, following a brawl in which a local Chinese guy died. It eventually ended in a stalemate.
China had already begun trading with Europe in 1557,when the Portuguese, took an outpost on lease at Macau. Trade increase after the Qing Govt relaxed restrictions, and Guanghzou( Canton) became the main trading center. The backdrop of the war was trade in opium that was banned.
The Daoguang Emperor rejected proposals by the British to legalize opium trade and appointed his viceroy Lin Zexu to stop the trade completely. Lin stopped the trade at Guanghzou, seized all opium stocks, and ordered a blockade of foreign ships.
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4 Sep
#TodayInHistory The Albanian Revolt ends in 1912, as the Ottomans agree to wide ranging demands for autonomy in the Albanian province, including use of local language. The revolt was the beginning of the end for the Ottomans as every other province rose in revolt.
Turkey's loss to Italy, the Albanian revolt,convinced other Balkan states, that this was the best time to strike at the tottering Ottoman Empire. Add to it the plan for a Greater Albania, was of concern to Serbia, who feared loss of territories.
And this led to the First Balkan War betweem 1912-13 which led to the Ottomans losing 80% of their territory in Europe, as Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro emerged independent. As also Albania as an independent nation.
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3 Sep
#TodayInHistory Britain and France begin the Naval blockade of Germany with the outbreak of WWII in 1939, to restrict the supplies of material and resources needed for the War effort, that would begin the Battle of Atlantic, which would last till the end of the war. ImageImageImageImage
The Battle of Atlantic lasted for 5 yrs, 8 months, as the German U-Boats and Luftwaffe clashed with the Royal Navy, US Navy, Royal Canadian Navy. One of the longest, and most complex naval battle in history, that saw around 100 convoy battles and 1000 ship to ship encounters.
783 U-Boats, and 47 German warships, including 4 battleships- Bismarck,Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Tirpitz were sunk, while around 3,500 merchant ships and 175 warships of the Allies were sunk, in one of the War's largest theater ever.
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31 Aug
Komaram Bheem led an intense uprising against both the British and the Nizam rule, in the forests of North Telangana, and gave the slogan of Jal, Jangal, Zameen.

Thread on a great revolutionary. #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav
The Gonds are the largest tribal community spread out primarily over Central India and Odisha, their name is believed to have come from the Telugu word for hill, Konda, much like the Khonds of Odisha.
Their society is divided into patrilineal units called sagas, whose number depends on the region they are located in. The Gonds living in Telangana are divided into four sagas called Yerwen, Sarwen, Siwen and Nalwen whose name indicates the number of ancestors they had
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24 Aug
Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma, one of the greatest rulers ever in the history of Kerala, who defeated the Dutch, founded the modern kingdom of Travancore.

Thread on him.
The early 18th century was the time when medieval Kerala’s political structure was going through a period of turmoil. The state had become decentralized with the Ettuveetil Pillamar( local landlords) and the Madampimar( the barons) calling the shots.
The authority of the throne was curbed by the Yogakkar( council of eight and a half), who also managed the Padmanabhaswamy Temple. There was no standing army, and the various royal lineages constantly clashed with each other.
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23 Aug
#TodayInHistory The Battle of Stalingrad begins in 1942, one of the longest and bloodiest sieges ever that left 2 million dead. Many from starvation. A battle that was the turning point of the War, leading to the Nazi disaster on the Eastern Front.
The battle began when the German 6th Army and 4th Panzer attacked the city, while Luftwaffe bombing reduced most of Stalingrad to rubble. The battle was marked by heavy street fighting between the German and Red Army troops, as they fought house to house.
Stalingrad was noted for the deadly Russian snipers who played a vital role in the Red Army's victory as they picked up the German soldiers from abandoned homes, buildings at will.
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23 Aug
Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu, also called as Andhra Kesari for his fearless attitude. And the first CM of the newly created Andhra State. A man of true honor and integrity.
Thread on his Jayanti today.
Tanguturi Prakasam was born in a small village, Vinodarayanipalem, in the Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh,to a pious Niyogi Brahmin couple, Subamma and Gopala Krishnayya on August 23, 1872. #andhrakesari
His father was a Karanam of the village, and since his ancestors hailed from Tanguturu, a small town in Prakasam district, that became their surname. His father however passed away when Prakasam was just 11, leaving the family burden on his mother’s shoulders.
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