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The past is right where you stand under your feet. Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. Account curated by @sadaashree
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#TodayInHistory Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia called for Direct Action Day in Goa against the Portuguese occupation in 1946, which would ultimately lead to the freedom struggle there, and it's integration with India. Image It was at Goa he met his friend Juliao Menezes, a communist, and author of the seminal anti Catholic, anti Portuguese book “Contra Roma e além de Benares”, who later admitted that he wanted Lohia to disturb the peace there.
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#TodayInHistory The Kasato Maru carrying 790 Japanese migrants arrives in Brazil from Kobe in 1908. Most of them were poor peasants, primarily from Okinawa, who had come to work on the large coffee plantations here. Till 1960, a large number of Japanese did migrate to Brazil, most of them seeking to make money, on the large coffee plantations there, especially in Sao Paulo area. However the migration was a terribly painful experience.
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#TodayInHistory The epic battle of Haldighati takes place in 1576 when Rana Pratap took on the mighty Mughal Army. A tale of bravery, courage that remains an inspiration to date. This thread takes a look at the backdrop and the battle. ImageImageImageImage A narrow mountain pass n the Arravallis located around 40 Km from Udaipur, connecting the districts of Rajsamand and Pali. Haldighati is believed to have got it’s name from the turmeric colored soil here. Image
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#TodayInHistory The epic Battle of Waterloo takes place in 1815, where Napoleon Bonaparte is defeated by a combined coalition of Britain, Prussia, Netherlands under the command of the Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, bringing his era to an end. ImageImageImageImage Waterloo was actually the last and most decisive of a series of battles, it was preceeded by
Battle of Quatre Bras-Indecisive.
Battle of Ligny- Napoleon defeated the Prussians.
However it was here that he made a series of tactical blunders.
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#TodayInHistory The night attack at Targoviste is fought in 1462 between the forces of Vlad the Impaler and Ottoman sultan Mehmed II, during the Wallachia-Ottoman conflict. The attack was carried out by Vlad's forces, to assasinate Mehmed during the night. ImageImageImage Vlad the Impaler( the inspiration for Dracula), had refused to pay the Jizya tax to the Ottoman Sultan, and attacked Bulgaria, impaling over 23,000 Turks. Mehmed raised a huge army to capture Wallachia and make it a part of the Ottoman empire.
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Desh Bandhu Chittaranjan Das, mentor to Netaji, defended Aurobindo Ghosh in the Alipore Bomb trial, co founded the Swaraj Party with Motilal Nehru, a brilliant writer and thinker.
Thread on his death anniversary today.
Image Chittaranjan Das was born in Bikrampur, now located near Dhaka, associated with the Pala empire . A small town in which such legendary figures like J.C.Bose, P.C.Mahalanobis were born as well as the trio of Binoy, Badal and Dinesh.
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“Sarfarosh ki Tamanna ab hamare dil mein hai, dekhna ki zor kitna baazu-e-qatil mein hai”
Ram Prasad Bismil , one of the great revolutionaries in the Indian freedom struggle, the mastermind behind Kakori.
Thread on his Jayanti today. Image Though Sarfarosh ki Tamanna was written by Bismil Azimbadi , it was Ram Prasad Bismil who made that popular, and it became a rallying cry for the revolutionaries.
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#TodayInHistory Abu Muslim Khorasani begins the Abbasid revolt against the Ummayad Caliphate in 747, which would be overthrown by July, and the beginning of the Abbasid Caliphate. Ummayad was the 2nd of the 4 major caliphates- the others being Rashidun, Abbasid and Ottoman. ImageImageImage The Abbasids were Arabs who took advantage of the rising discontent among the Shias, non Arab Sunni Muslims, and non Muslim faiths against the Ummayads, as they led the revolt against them.
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Bhagavan Birsa Munda who led a tribal uprising against the British rule in Jharkhand, only tribal leader whose portrait hangs in Central Hall of Parliament and whose Jayanti is celebrated as #JharkhandDay. Thread on his death anniversary today.
Image Jharkhand whose name literally means “Bush land” or “Forest land” had a long history of resistance to the British colonial rule. Among the numerous tribes that make up the state, the Santhals are one of the dominant ones. #BirsaMunda
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#TodayInHistory Nick Ut takes the Pulitzer prize winning photo of the "Napalm girl" in 1972 during the Vietnam War. Of a small girl running in agony during a Napalm attack, a picture that drove the protests against the war. One of the defining pictures of the 20th century. ImageImageImageImage Phan Thi Kim Puc the girl in this photograph was 8 years old living in a small village in 1972 when it was shot. Doctors did not really give a chance to her looking at the severe burns on her body. However extensive surgery helped her to come through the ordeal. Image
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#TodayInHistory Maxmillian Robespierre introduces a new state religion Cult of the Supreme Being based on reason,during the French Revolution, as a replacement for Roman Catholicism in 1794, that intended to replace the far more radical Cult of Reason. ImageImageImage While Robespierre was against Catholicism, he was not comfortable with the godless atheism, propagated by Cult of Reason either. More an admirer of Voltaire,who proclaimed "If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him".
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Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.
Freedom fighter, nationalist, activist, thinker, writer and sadly a very misunderstood personality too.
My tribute on eve of his Jayanti.
#VeerSavarkar It is not possible to capture #VeerSavarkar life in a single thread, this thread is more a personal tribute of mine to him on his death anniversary today, with links to some posts of mine on him.
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#TodayInHistory Reinhard Heydrich, the Nazi Reichsprotektor of Bohemia and Moravia is shot at by Czech resistance fighters in Prague in 1942 as part of Operation Anthropoid. He would die of his injuries 8 days later prompting a massive crackdown. Heydrich was one of the most powerful Nazis, known for his ruthless tactics in Central Europe. Hitler had entrusted him the task of enforcing the Final Solution.The operation to assasinate him was planned by the British Special Ops, who trained the Czech fighters.
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Peshwa Baji Rao 1, one of the greatest warriors ever in Indian history, a man who never lost a battle, a man who conceived of a Hindu Pad Padshahi, and expanded the Maratha empire beyond Deccan.
Thread on his death anniversary today. #Bajirao The son of an equally illustrious father Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath, Baji Rao was rated on par with the great US Civil War general William Sherman by Field Marshal Bernard Montogomery in his book a History of Warfare.
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#TodayInHistory The Battle of Mactan was fought on the island of Cebu in Phillipines, where the Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan was killed by the native chief Lapu- Lapu. Reason why this event is significant, is that it takes a look at the Spanish colonization here The Battle of Mactan, is significant in that it represents a significant challenge to the Spanish colonization and evangelism in The Phillipines, that has not been given due importance in most history books in West predictably.
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The Man Who Knew Infinity, #SrinivasaRamanujan
one of the greatest mathematicians of modern era, a genius like none other, a true maverick.
Thread on his death anniversary today. The world of mathematics owes a great debt to India , because this is the land from which the basic theories of mathematics have originated. Aryabhatta who contributed the number-place value system and the concept of zero, as well as calculating the area of the triangle.
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Lachit Borphukan, the great Ahom general who beat back the mighty Mughal army at the Battle of Saraighat and thwarted Aurangzeb's ambition of expanding the Mughal empire into Assam.
Thread on his death anniversary today. While a lot is known about the Marathas, and the valor of Shivaji, not much is really known about the Ahoms, and their spirited resistance to the Mughals.
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#TodayInHistory 3000 Hindus trying to migrate to India in 1971, are massacred at Jhathibanga Village under Sadara Thakurgaon division in Bangladesh by the Pakistani army and their Razakar collaborators.
#1971Files Around 3000 Hindus belonging to 4 villages under Thakurgaon division decided to migrate to India, they rested for the night at a small village called Jhathibanga, before proceeding the next day.
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With the celebrations for #veerkunwarsingh Vijayutsav going on in Bihar, my thread on one of the greatest heroes of the 1857 revolt, who gave the toughest fight to the British at the age of 80, and remained undefeated. Image Vaise it's not #VeerKunwarSingh Jayanti as being claimed by some, that falls in November, while his death anniversary is on April 26. The Vijayutsav is more to celebrate his capture of Jagadishpur from the British.
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#TodayInHistory More than 1000 killed and countless injured at #JallianwalaBagh on Baisakhi in 1919 under the orders of Gen Reginald O Dyer. #LestWeForget #JallianwalaBaghMassacre Jallianwala Bagh,a name that evokes painful memories in our history, a reminder of the brutality of the British rule. It was a place I actually visited in 2001, walked through the narrow entrance, stood on the ground stained with the blood of Indians.
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#TodayinHistory Constantinople falls to the Crusaders in 1204, marking the end of the 4th Crusade, as the city is taken from the Byzantines. Baldwin of Flanders is crowned as the Emperor, while the city would be fully sacked and looted. It would be a major blow to the Byzantine Empire as it broke up into smaller territories before being finally ended by the Ottomans in 1453. However the Crusaders looting of Constantinople did not go down well with many.