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10 Jul 20
A successful arms dealer, Francis Arthur Nzeribe sold weapons to both Nigeria and Biafra during the 30-month Nigerian Civil War. As a matter of fact, Nzeribe traded arms in every single place there has been a conflict in Africa.

In the 1960s, Nzeribe worked for Kwame Nkrumah as a speechwriter but after the coup that sent Nkrumah and his aides to Conakry, Nzeribe sneaked back to Ghana to work for the new government that had overthrown his principal.
In April 1969, Nzeribe was involved in a bribery scandal with Ghana's Head-of-State, Joseph Arthur Ankrah which forced the latter to resign. In 1979, J.J Rawlings deported the Nigerian businessman from Ghana where he found his way to the UK to continue his arms-dealing business.
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6 Jul 20

“Akintola, come down; you are for lawful arrest by the army on orders from HQ 2 Brigade,” Nwobosi shouted.

“Under arrest ke?” Akintola said to himself, “Oya, come and greet your mother’s husband,” as he cocked his gun.

When Nwobosi hit the door in an attempt to force it open, the Premier opened fire from inside his bedroom with a submachine gun, shooting contiguously and continuously through the closed door.

“Return fire,” Captain Nwobosi ordered his men, which they did, enormously.
“Please sir, surrender sir. Stop shooting, please. They only came to take us to Lagos,” Fani-Kayode pleaded and shouted from the landrover urging the Premier to cease firing and surrender. But the Premier kept on firing until he ran out of ammunition.
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6 Jul 20

During the Nigeria-Biafra war, many Igbo people fled other parts of the country for the East because they were being killed and massacred wantonly and the Federal Military Government was doing nothing about it.

Many abandoned their homes, properties, and businesses for safety. Of them, was a young Igbo architect who had a young Yoruba banker as a neighbour in Apapa, Lagos. He also abandoned his home, and with his family, fled for the East.
However, the young Yoruba banker, while the war lasted, rented out his neighbour's house and kept every kobo for him while he was in the East.
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4 Jul 20
The Yoruba people of Western Nigeria fought the longest tribal war in modern history from 1877 to 1893.

The Kiriji or Ekiti-parapo War was a 16-year conflict that broke out mainly between Ibadan and forces of Ekiti and Ijesha. It was a war that ended all wars in Yoruba land.
''Kiriji'' was an onomatopoeic name given to the war from the thunderous sound of the cannons the Ekitis and Ijeshas, under the command of Ogedengbe, purchased in abundance which gave them an advantage over the Ibadan forces. However, it ended in a stalemate.
Thus, the Kiriji War remains the world's longest Civil War by any ethnic group.

In fact, the Yoruba are the only race in modern history who engaged one another in civil wars for 73 years (1820-1893) and still remain together as one tribe, even to this day. #HistoryVille
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29 Jun 20

The Aburi meeting started on January 4, 1967, and lasted for two days.

Aburi was significant for several reasons. First, that the leaders met at all was an achievement in itself.

But even more tangible was the fact that the leaders agreed that force would not be used to settle the “brothers’ palaver”.

There was also the question of the disposition of Nigerian troops and the reorganization of the Army after the second coup on July 29, 1966, and the...
...subsequent pogroms that followed in May and September.

Further, Ojukwu said that his Region was perturbed that contrary to Gowon’s promise on August 9, 1966, which all soldiers would return to their Region of origin, Northern troops still “occupied” the Western Region.
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12 Jun 20

''They will kill me; they will kill the President-Elect, Chief MKO Abiola, if I went ahead with the election and announced the winner of the elections, which we all know to be...
...Bashorun, Chief MKO Abiola. I know so; I am not daft. He won; he tried. I feel bad about the whole matter.⠀

''Professor, I do not see how they will spare you because they know you are my principal confidant. You think they do not know you? They know; they know you are...
...with me now. They saw you coming in and they know you are with me now. I CANNOT KILL MYSELF for the sake of what the country wants. I am sorry,'' he lamented.⠀

''Sani (Abacha) is opposed to a return to civilian rule. Sani could not stand the idea of Chief Abiola...
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31 May 20

The town of Biafara or Biafra comes up in a 1584 map by Abraham Ortelius from Antwerp in modern-day Belgium where it is shown to be located on the south bank (some later descriptions say north) of the 'Camarones River'.
This 1584 edition of an atlas by Ortelius is considered as the first proper atlas, depicting Africa with inland towns named. The Camarones River where Cameroon gets its name (from the Portuguese word for prawns), is known today as the Wouri River.
The Portuguese navigator and explorer, Fernão do Pó, whose name was given to Bioko Island in Equatorial Guinea, was the first European up the river in 1472. It was from a town identified as 'Biafra' or 'Biafara' on the river in the area east of the Benin Empire.
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4 May 20
“Obama is 48 and Cameron is 43 for God’s sake. So, why are we recycling leaders that ruled this country very well or very badly 25 years ago?

"I was 25 years old when Buhari and Babangida were Heads-of-State and I am now 50 and they still want to be Head-of-State.
I don’t understand that. I don’t understand that at all and I call on the young people of Nigeria to take their future into their hands and ensure that in the next election, they vote for a new generation of leaders.
"Many of these young people, the next generation, as they are called, are on internet services such as Facebook and Twitter, using Blackberry; and if you ask any of these people running for Presidency, they will think that Blackberry is a fruit.
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4 May 20

Born in Kano, on April 10, 1957, Northern Nigeria, Aliko Dangote was born to Mohammed Dangote and Mariya Sanusi Dantata. An ethnic Hausa from Kano State, he showed his love for business by selling sweets even in primary school.
As a teenager, he began to work for his uncle, Sani Dangote and it was said of him that he served diligently. Sometime in 1977 and after his 20th birthday, he approached his uncle and master and told him about his plan to establish a business outfit that would trade in cement...
...sugar, rice, pasta, salt, cotton, millet, vegetable oil, and other products.

His uncle provided a loan of N500, 000 but gave a caveat to Aliko to return the loan within a deadline of three months (this was the practice at the time).
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4 May 20

On April 22, 1985, one Gloria Okon, whose real name was Chinyere, was about to board a Nigeria Airways flight at the Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano when she was apprehended and arrested with substances suspected to be heroin which weighed...
...about 57 grammes and other drugs as well as local and foreign currencies.⠀

Gloria Okon was said to be a drug courier for Babangida and his wife. In an exclusive interview with Sahara Reporters published on June 8, 2009, Dr. Taiyemiwo Ogunade described the event thus...
“Gloria Okon is actually Chinyere, that’s her real name. She married Charles "Jeff" Chandler, the fellow who killed Nzeogwu. Chinyere, Maryam, and Princess Atta were young friends who hung out together. They all married into the military because the military was a proud and...
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30 Apr 20
Nana Asma'u Bint Shehu dan Fodio (1793-1864) was a Fulani princess and a scholar of the Sokoto Caliphate of Northern Nigeria.

Taught by her father, Uthman Dan Fodio, her stepmother, Aisha, her brothers Abu Bakr and Mohammed Bello (grandfather of Sir Ahmadu Bello), she gained...
...a deep knowledge of Qur'anic teachings, as well as four languages; Arabic, Fulfude, Hausa, and Tamasheq.

With her father's backing, Asma'u set up the Yan Taru organisation.

The Yan Taru organisation was a collective of travelling teachers, trained by herself, then sent...
...out into the villages and towns to where the underdeveloped lived, shrouded by seclusion.

Her school, taught men, as well as women and those not of her faith.

Nana Asma’u was also a historian and an archivist of her father’s work; a governmental advisor, to her brother...
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20 Apr 20

Peter Dinklage was born with achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. He was the only member of his family with this abnormality. Both his parents and his older brother, Jonathan have the right heights.

Despite being just 4 feet 5 inches (135 cm), he has established himself as an amazing actor who inspires thousands all over the world.

As a child, he and his brother performed puppet musicals for the people in their neighbourhood in Brookside, New Jersey.
His audience saw his exceptional potential as an actor and their encouragement increased his confidence in himself.

He moved to New York to start up a theater company with a friend. They became tenants as an apartment but were incapable of paying the rent and moved out.
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23 Mar 20

A poor boy named Howard used to sell goods from door to door to pay his way through school. One day, he was hungry and decided that he would ask for a meal at the next house.
However, he lost his nerve when a lovely young woman opened the door. Instead of a meal, he asked for a glass of water. She thought he looked hungry, so she brought him a large glass of milk.
He drank it slowly and then asked, “How much do I owe you?” “You don’t owe me anything,” she replied and added, “Mother has taught us never to accept pay for a kindness.” ⠀

He said… “Then I thank you from my heart.”
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25 Nov 19

In 1976, when Claudio Vieira de Oliveira was born in Bahia, Brazil, with his head upsidedown, his hands and legs severely deformed and his joints fused together, doctors told his mother to starve him to death.
She ignored their advice and nurtured him till Oliveira came up with ways of overcoming life's challenges. He learned to use a pen with his mouth to type words and also use a computer mouse or a phone with the help of his lips.

He gained admission to study Accountancy at the...
State University of Feira de Santana, Brazil, and successfully qualified as a chartered accountant.

In 2016, at the age of 40, he wrote his first book, ''El Mundo Esta a Contramano'' (The World is the Wrong Way Around) with his lips.
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14 Nov 19
A father stares at the hand and foot of his five-year-old daughter severed as a punishment for failing to make the daily rubber quota, Belgian Congo, 1904.

The man’s name was Nsala. He had failed to make his daily rubber quota, so the Belgian-appointed overseers cut off his...
...daughter’s hand and foot.

Her name was Boali and she was five years old. Then they killed her.

But they weren’t finished; they killed his wife too.

And because that didn’t seem quite cruel enough, quite strong enough to make their case, they ate both Boali and her mother...
...and presented Nsala with the tokens; the leftovers from the once-living body of his darling child whom he so loved. His life was destroyed. #HistoryVille
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12 Nov 19
"In character and temperament, the typical African of this race-type is a happy, thriftless, excitable person, lacking in self-control, discipline, and foresight. Naturally courageous, and naturally courteous and polite, full of personal vanity, with little sense of veracity...
...fond of music and loving weapons as an oriental loves jewelry.

"His thoughts are concentrated on the events and feelings of the moment, and he suffers little from the apprehension for the future or grief for the past. His mind is far nearer to the animal world than that of...
...the European or Asiatic and exhibits something of the animals' placidity and want of desire to rise beyond the state he has reached.

"The African negro is not naturally cruel, though his own insensibility to pain and his disregard for life cause him to appear callous to...
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25 Sep 19
Jaja of Opobo before his exile, 1887.

King Jaja of Opobo (1821-1891), the wealthiest and most powerful monarch in the Niger Delta and sole founder of Opobo, was Igbo.

Born in his native Umuduruoha, Amaigbo, present-day, Imo State, and named Mbanaso Okwaraozurumbaa at birth, he was captured by slave traders and sold into captivity in Bonny at the age of 12, where he earned his way out of slavery having also adopted the Ijaw-Ibani culture.
Though he generated astounding wealth for Bonny, he left with his supporters to found a new town, Opobo, near Andoni. Bonny and it's affiliated British merchants would come to regret that day.

The new development Jaja (aka Jubo Jubogha) relocated to in 1869, was named Opobo...
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