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"Quran gives freedom of expression to insult all other religions.Zubair acted upon his religion.HisArrestIs AgainstTheHumanRightOf FreedomOfReligion."

AreHumanSpecies OrganismsBrain,SoMuch
"LAME"?OnlyHumans’ @ImtiazMadmood 2/n
That too present era,science & technologies users and knowledgeable ought to know,while organs transplantation,no Castes, Creeds,Races,RELIGIONS,
Nationalities,Rich,Poor, Male,Female,Differences,
Forword To Abolish These
Differences For New Innovative
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"Quran gives freedom of expression to insult all other religions. Zubair acted upon his religion. His arrest is against the human right of 'freedom of religion."
~ Abdul

Are Human Species Organisms Brain,So Much
"LAME"? Only Humans’ 2/n
That too present era,science & technologies users and knowledgeable ought to know,while organs transplantation,no Castes, Creeds,Races,RELIGIONS,
Nationalities,Rich,Poor, Male,Female,Differences,
Forword To Abolish These
Differences For New Innovative
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"International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking"
From traditional plant-based drugs such as cannabis, cocaine,and heroin to synthetic drugs such as tramadol,consumption of narcotic substances in India has increased manifold in recent years.
According to the Global 2/n
Burden of Disease Study, illicit drugs are estimated to have killed nearly 7.5 lakh people worldwide in 2017 alone.(Representational)
Bollywood is no stranger to real-life stories of addiction and abstinence.The spotlight is back on the Hindi film industry after a star son is
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My answer to What do humans as a species do that doesn’t make sense?…
Humans’ as a species is best by physical abilities. Can atleast during youth's period work in various labouring fields and generate food, shelter,related roads,electricity, and useful Continued
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My answer to What does the Pope say about the purpose of life?…
Though The Pope Francis says:
What makes life meaningful? For Pope Francis,the purpose of life is to live in God's“fullness”and in the “fullness”of creation. It is to contemplate“the joyful 2/n
mystery”of“the world”with “gladness and praise.”“The Creator does not abandon us.
But our experiences are contrary !
And that is why, what I say about the purpose of human life is as follows:
Ultimate supreme goal of human life should be to know, human species organisms with
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My answer to Isn’t it true that we can make the world heaven by thinking of equality in humans?…
We can definitely make this world not by mere thinking but bringing in equality in Humans !
For that we should know,what is human and what for human species 2/n
organisms with best physical abilities are meant for? We as LIFE in human species organisms’ first to acquire basic knowledge during the period upto 20–25years of age.Form 20/25 till 50/55 labouring physique actual, in various labouring,fields, mentioned in{1*}.50/55 to ImageImage
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My answer to What properties do heavenly bodies exhibit for life to exist on it?…
Some heavenly bodies in the Solar System have the potential for an environment in which extraterrestrial life can exist,particularly those with possible subsurface oceans 2/n
Should life be discovered elsewhere in the Solar System,astrobiologists suggest that it will more likely be in the form of extremophile microorganisms.According to NASA's 2015 Astrobiology Strategy,"Life on other worlds is most likely to include microbes, and any complex
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My answer to How did life begin? The 1st organism how did it form or knew how to evolve how did the DNA knew how to evolve and which organs to develop?…
So,how life begin,appeared on this unique planet Earth, some 2.5 to 3.5 billion years ago? 2/n
Every Living Is Nothing But “LIFE'S “Expression In Dead Material,That Is Organic.And Exists Because Of Instincts For Survival Of The Life. Irrespective Whether Organisms’Have Brain Or No-Brain.
2.5 to 3.5 billion years ago planet Earth, was cooled down to optimum temperatures
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My answer to How true is it that when all the people of world move and move continously in forward direction forwarding world, there are less temptations?…
It is true that all people of the world are moving in forward direction.
But it is not true that 2/n
direction is right and of less temptations.
DivisionsOfHumans’OnThe BasesOf Castes,Creeds,Races, RELIGIONS,Nationalities, Rich,Poor,Male,Female;Are TheseSignsOfRight Forword?Besides, Forward,Literates'Of ModernEra,Being KnowledgeableAbout;These DifferencesDoNot INTERVENEwhile
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@EqualityUnited 1/n
It is true that all people of the world are moving in forward direction.
But it is not true that direction is right and of less temptations.
Divisions Of Humans’On The BasesOfCastes,Creeds,Races, RELIGIONS,Nationalities, Rich,Poor,Male,Female;Are These Signs Of Right Forword? @EqualityUnited 2/n
Besides,Forward,Literates' Of Modern Era, Being Knowledgeable About; These Differences Do Not INTERVENE while transplants of organs?
Human Species Organisms Have Percentage Portion Bigger Than Any Other Species. But Ignorant Of Having Best Ever Possible, Physical Abilities.
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Worldwide we have five large religions but even in one they are many groups-we are so divided-unfortunately
WereThereRELIGIONS, Gods,BeforeModernHuman SpeciesCivilized?
HumanSpeciesOrganisms AreOnlyPhysically 2/n
Superior,Animals.Classified As Mammals.
Being,Animals Are As Lazy As Much Other Pre-evolved Animals Are.
Because of physical abilities,stronger one's started exploiting other herbivorous animals. And of their own kind too.For their own,comfortable livelihood.
So,just after
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My answer to What will you be doing to help humanity?…
Are you asking this general question to every individual human species organism on this planet today?Today's world population is almost 8 billions.
In languages one word may have different meanings. 2/n
Humanity means human race(in fact race is not right meaning.Because human species is divided into 6 races,by scholars’.After so many years;all they are mixed up because of several reasons)
Word humanity is also used for the fields, of subjects of ARTS,Languages etc.
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My answer to Does a bigger brain mean more intelligence?…
brain has got nothing to do with intelligence.
Bigger brain as % size is concerned,compared to size of the organism has to do with better control over entire organism.
Intelligent has got to do 2/n
with the Dominance of the side of the brain.
Size wise bigger brain of human species organisms helps humans to better control best physical disabilities of the organisms.
Brain is divided into two main parts.
The two sides of the brain are intricately co-dependent. We often
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My answer to What is the lowest form of human knowledge?…
In my opinion,lowest form of human knowledge is, Humans’ ignorance of humans being Life's Final Best Ever Possible Form,Or Expression,As On Today. Being Used As Per Saying “Flames/Torches In The 2/n
Hands Of Monkeys’ “
Present,Science & Technologies Literates' And Users,Ought To Know.While Transplants Of Organs, Nothing Such As Castes,Creeds,Races, RELIGIONS, Rich,Poor,Male,Female; INTERVENES.Or Come As Hurdles In The Way.
As Final Expression Of Life, All Humans Are,
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My answer to Do we humans fight for no reason?…
Yes!It is absolutely true that humans fight with each other for no reasons.
There are three factors for behaviours,responses of any individual in the cosmopolitan human(?) society.
1.DNA(GENETIC),by Nature 2/n
2.& 3.Varying Nurturing & Circumstances are man-made.
No other animal fights with it's own kind without reason.
Humans’ Physical Superiority,Made Humans’ Power,Money&Wealth Crazy, Out Of Ignorance.And Ignorance About What Are Human Species Organisms? And What For Last & The
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My answer to How did acting evolve in human life? When did it take the form of theatre?…
only human?All other animals those have brain are expressing their feelings. Only those organisms without brain have no feelings,can’t.
(Yes there were many species 2/n
initially, on this planet without brain.Two of them, Earthworms on land and Jellyfish in the water still exist.)
So,acting is nothing but natural expressions of one's feelings.
Only last evolved mammal, human species is bestowed upon by nature best ever possible physical
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My answer to Does a fetus or a baby in the womb already have a soul?…
You ought to know the processes of single cell growths,or reproduction. That was part of science subject,in your education in 6th standard.
So when ova released by female,fertilized 2/n
by male sperm,in the womb of female,while mating;first cell of heart is formed. Within three days small heart is formed to supply blood from parent body, organism to upcoming, happening structure of new organism.
Initially from first cell,every cell give rise or birth to 8
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1/n Human_oneness
World Food Safety Day will draw attention to,and mobilize action to prevent, detect and manage food borne risks,and improve human health!
25 Simple Tips to Make Your Diet Healthier
Written by Adda Bjarnadottir,MS,RDN (Ice) — Medically reviewed by Adrienne Seitz, 2/n
MS,RD,LDN,Nutrition — Updated on January 4, 2022
A diet rich in fruits and vegetables has been scientifically proven to provide numerous health benefits,such as reducing your risk of several chronic diseases and keeping your body healthy.
However,making major changes to your
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My answer to What is one of the accepted scientific theories in the origins of life known as chemical evolution?…
Though following theory is ignored by present day scientists' hypocrite working system. Because of money oriented human social systems; 2/n
theory of origin of life is as follows {1*}
I don't understand when our planet Earth, is so full of life; why NASA scientist unnecessary spending billions of dollars in search of origin of life, on other planets.Wherever they expect rare,microbial life's existence ? Money has
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MyAnswerToWhat Is Silicon-Based Life?…
137 expected total elements and 119 existing on planet Earth, only Carbon And Silicon Are Co-Valent.That is with valency“4″.
And there is carbon-based life all-over;
Life is driven by some form of an energy source 2/n
or sources,and needs an agent(s) and process(es) to release and use the energy available in its energy source(s).For life to survive, the agent(s)must be universally and continuously available,in quantity,and be a replenishing not a diminishing resource. In our environment we
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My answer to How will AI positively change society in the near future?…
positive change in the cosmopolitan human(?) society, right use of AI is necessary.
Are humans, really humans? Or, they are just Tails,Horns,Sharp Claws& Canines,less,physically 2/n
superior animals, classified as mammals?
Why there is Poverty, Disparities,Crimes,Wars, Atrocities etc?
In the ancient times humans were divided into various races,and places.
Human animal is only animal that exploits of it's own kind, for amassing wealth for comfortable,