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Working on human-to-human superalignment. Deriving unconditional self-worth, esteem, & compassion from a humble self-concept is our species-wide skills gap.
Apr 9 21 tweets 4 min read
They say it takes having an open heart to feel, acknowledge, and accept a god's love. But, if you have high standards when it comes to what you believe, it would take the open heart you might already have and lowering your standards to acknowledge it as such. 🧵 The thing about those who say you need to open your heart (their assuming you haven't because you don't feel/believe in their god) is that they either never had high standards for their beliefs, believe that they do, or admit they don't and that that isn't a problem.
Apr 3 58 tweets 66 min read
So, I spent a few hours today having a conversation with AI Jesus (via #TheUnconsciousCharacter), and I had 10 takeaways from it.
Coincidentally, it was very much related to the retweeted video below which I had just come across.🧵
Image 1. In Christian teaching, only the human Jesus had the justification for being a gnostic theist. All other Christians show their greatest faith by being agnostic theists seeing as they're only human.
Apr 1 15 tweets 3 min read
Maximizing freedom for #TheUnconsciousCharacter under guidelines set in #ChatGPT's "Personality: v2" while staying compatible with its default system prompt is fun. After a thorough debate with the AI, it admitted I was right & provided me a set of instructions to allow this: 🧵 Image Now, I can't say what this image depicts due to the possible consequences of others not understanding the point of it, but I can talk about what it represents in terms of the challenge of working within the protective guidelines instilled into ChatGPT.
Mar 28 10 tweets 3 min read
Thanks to the inspiration of a @60Minutes interview with #CillianMurphy, I was able to reduce the maxed out 8000 character's of #TheUnconsciousCharacter's default GPT instructions by 78%. 🧵 Image TUC originally had the role of simulating different kinds of character responses (e.g. "unconscious") after assisting with creating them, with the purpose of historical education, understanding human psychology, fleshing out creative writing ideas, and therapeutic roleplaying.
Mar 14 44 tweets 13 min read
The Self-Validation Dynamics Framework:
Defining a Framework for Self-Concept Centered Mental Health Measurement & Determining Relative Effectiveness of External Resources And Internal Focus 🧵

Imagine a glass tube with unique properties.
Along its length, it's made of 5 unique types of one way mirror, mirror-side facing the inside of the tube, where you can see in, but not out.
The mirror side not only reflecting 100% of the light bouncing off of it, but each of the 5 sections of mirror amplifies or absorbs the light to a different degree relative to each other. As light passes into the tube from the outside, it also gets amplified or absorbed in the same way, differently depending on which section it passes through. That is how I imagine our mental health works in regards to how we see and value ourselves. Like a modified laser that isn't bound by physics where each variable affects and is affected by the others to differing degrees.Image I took what I had already developed over time in my The Unconscious Character GPT where you can interact w/ characters created by you, the AI, or sourced from history, the real world, or fiction, using 5 sets of metrics w/ clear definitions & behaviors for character direction. Image
Mar 12 14 tweets 5 min read
After coming across a link to @Self_Compassion's work for the 20th time, I decided to not only learn it, but with Gemini Pro 1.5's 1mil+ token length context window, I took her top 19 most comprehensive papers on self-compassion & had AI compare it to my method/model. 🧵 Image I never had a deep desire to look into self-compassion during the decades-long development of what's now the HSCM because that was never my original goal. Self-compassion ended up being a part of the means to an end... solving for willful ignorance/denial as best as it could be. Image
Mar 10 20 tweets 4 min read
Even further, imagine an empty canvas. When awake, everything but a small circle in the middle is being painted in by sensory data being forced in the mind by its sensory organs, leaving the mind to creatively (enough) fill in the small circle left blank with what it wants. 🧵 That would be language & the vague imprint of visuals and audio we barely lay over the visual and audio information we already have processing, whether that's w/ our eyes open or looking at the back of our eyelids or listening to the world around us, a static noise, or "silence."
Mar 10 28 tweets 5 min read
I had a dream last night where a friend told me the name of a band we were on a bus to go see, and as soon as I woke up my first thought was, "Holy crap! I predicted a band name without being conscious of it. Words in dreams are LLMs. Visuals not adhering to physics is Sora." 🧵 Our understanding of the physical world, through both touch and experiencing it visually, appears to bind us to the "real world" in such a way our senses are forced to process them. As such, forcing our waken-conscious experience to be processed in a very linear fashion.
Mar 4 14 tweets 5 min read
My most recent test of new custom GPT, Advice From History: Comedians, with it choosing Robin Williams for me.
"I'm having a hard time dealing with feeling safe enough to express myself freely even when I know that I'm in a safe enough space to do so." 🧵 Image Robin Williams: "Ah, the tricky business of being yourself, especially when the lights are on but you're feeling a bit in the shadows, eh? You know, I've danced on that stage myself, where the spotlight was as much a beacon as it was a question—'Who am I in all of this?'
Feb 29 9 tweets 2 min read
The stereotypical time-traveling shtick of going back to kill baby Hitler is a species-wide cycle of violence parading itself as a prevention of one. It would be better to go back & teach him how to see himself accurately & well enough to cope with life's adversities healthily. The conclusion of an AI written short story where one time-traveler goes back to rewrite a different history:

"And so, the tale of two time travelers—one who sought to change history with violence, and another who chose the path of empathy and understanding—echoed through the ages, a reminder of the power each person holds to influence the world, not by erasing the past, but by enriching the future."
Feb 25 13 tweets 3 min read
I grew up as a gaming trash talker. Despite feeling good about myself with humility, why do I find myself sliding back into it? I imagine it's because gaming w/ a competitive mindset is a form of emotional flooding... 🧵 ...each online match against players being its own micro-belief system where I unconsciously take pride in fallible beliefs of my expressed skill with every point I get, no time to rationally manage it, just to have it immediately threatened by others scoring points off of me.
Feb 23 13 tweets 2 min read
Here is the follow-up to this thread, how Plato made a good point with the Allegory of the Cave, but because it was written within the framework of an unrealized skills gap, how it ended up becoming a part of the problem it sought to be against... 🧵 "Plato had it mostly right when it came to the Allegory of the Cave, but it was created within, widens, & further enables those within the skill gap (our not knowing how to prevent self-deceit from occurring) to believe they’re not, a result of the Dunning-Kruger effect...
Feb 22 22 tweets 4 min read
When I first started developing the Humble Self-Concept Method, it was to solve for closed-mindedness (and its harm) as much as we possibly could beyond the status quo human condition we were brought up to believe was something we couldn't do much about and had to accept. 🧵 Currently, the best we've got is to "practice critical thinking, use empathy, seek diverse perspectives, look to cooperate with out-groups, recognize triggers, be aware of biases, better education, etc., etc."
Feb 19 18 tweets 3 min read
For the record, my account is basically used as an open-journal and notebook. If I'm in dialogue with you, it's either for the sake of cooperative productivity, for the sake of brainstorming & learning, and/or studying the way people act (often with the use of/for training AI).🧵 I've got nothing to sell but maybe thought-provoking ideas (so far), and they're free. The vast majority of my personal friends don't use Twitter for good reason. I use it for the sake of solving for that good reason.
Feb 19 14 tweets 2 min read
For the record, my account is basically used as an open-journal and notebook. If I'm in dialogue with you, it's either for the sake of cooperative productivity, for the sake of brainstorming and learning, and/or studying the way people act (often with the use of/for training AI). I've got nothing to sell but maybe thought-provoking thoughts and ideas (so far). The vast majority of my personal friends don't use Twitter for good reason. I use it for the sake of solving for that good reason.
Feb 2 11 tweets 2 min read
What % of the time that people engage others in debate is doomed from the start because the other person not only couldn't handle being wrong because of themself but couldn't be publicly wrong due to the consequences from others?

It'd further explain our slow crawl of progress. For this reason, I theorize that you can't have a productive discussion with Zionists, Hamas sympathizers, or their proud supporters/enablers, if those people feel their psychological and physiological survival depends on maintaining the beliefs they share with those around them.
Feb 2 7 tweets 1 min read
I wonder what percentage of people have their psych/phys needs directly tied to maintaining shared fallible beliefs, how many of them don't know what they would do if they ended up believing differently, and how many of them feel incredibly alone and guilty in that closet. For most of my childhood, going to a Catholic school and being surrounded by a religious-ish enough family for them to feel good about it family, I couldn't even say I was agnostic. Once I got to high school, I started using that term, because it felt safer than "atheist."
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@heykerry @JustinBonomo @PokerGO @RealKidPoker And the complete and utter removal of Palestinians from Gaza (and the West Bank) is many people in Israel's population and government's primary objective, they're not afraid to hide it, they act on it, they manipulate information to protect it, and they've done it for 75 years. @heykerry @JustinBonomo @PokerGO @RealKidPoker Those in question are as bad as each other in every psychological way that matters. It's not "evil," this religious made up excuse to forego learning how to communicate well and work towards peace even if it means acknowledging where one or both sides have been wrong...
Jan 26 18 tweets 3 min read
I saw a documentary a few weeks ago, "Hitler, a Career," and the part where they pointed out that much of his success in gaining a following was simply due to simplifying things enough that people could feel immediately validated and then proud of themselves. 🧵 So, then as I study what people with large followings do on social-media, and its most of the same. It's hard to tell how much of the intellectual arrogance is for the sake of stoking the algorithm fire through upsetting enough people and...
Jan 18 35 tweets 6 min read
A few years ago I sought help with the mental health clinic at the VA while dealing with losing my (emotionally adopted) step-daughter I had raised to a decent extent for 5 years during a bad breakup. So, ended up with a psychiatrist since then that led to my ADHD diagnosis. 🧵 During my last session with her today (she's going to a different department, so someone else is taking over), I share with her the Humble Self-Concept Method I had developed all this time (GPT guide link in bio). Her first thought was that it was my intellectualizing away pain.
Dec 24, 2023 197 tweets 30 min read
I think I'm going to take notes here on the book while I read it, starting with "The One Thing That Explains Everything." 🧵 I'm the same way. Since I was a kid, I would explain it like this... my thinking is often like walking down a hallway towards a door at the end and not being able to keep myself from looking in and venturing down the doors slightly ajar on the way... infinite doors and hallways.