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3 Nov
5 Financial Advice you should always follow

1. Get paid what you're worth and spend less than you earn, (never spend more than you earn)
2. Buy more asset, own less liabilities.

3. If the activity doesn't increase your level of finance, spend less time with it.
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2 Nov
10 Steps To Find the Next 100x Crypto Gem Before Everyone Else.

1. The team behind the coin: Visit the website and look who is the team behind it. Try to find Partnerships with other big projects.
2. Attention:
Is there attention on this coin yet? Have people found out about it yet?
3. Analyzing the smart contract:
the smart contract can mint new tokens, how many tokens he holds, and how the distribution was made. It also helps to check if any exploits due to bugs in the code are possible.


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14 Oct

1 Fundamental analysis comes before technical analysis.
The market is 70% news and 30% charts.

2 Never buy a coin that has pumped.
There'll always be a correction.

3 Don't try to sell off the top of a green candle, it won't end well.
Take what you can.
4 Avoid pump groups like a plaque. They will dump on you

5 Take profit and never look back at that project no matter how it pumps, wait until it corrects, don't blame yourself if it doesn't trace early

6 Don't try to take revenge on a project no matter what it did to you.
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20 Mar
Okay. Here is the big question

Why Cryptocurrency?
Why DigitalAsset?.

How about the ForexMarket? The FinancialMarket.

Here is the thing.....
Someone asked...
You are more into the Cryptocurrency market compared to the Forex market.

YES, and here is the thing...
Read the trend to the end, so that your eye can also be opened to somethings you have probably ignored or do not even for one second count.
I will talk about some little differentiation between the ForexMarket and the CryptocurrencyMarket.

The simple difference is... More opportunities, more money.

Now what do I mean?
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