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25 Nov
So I grew up mostly in East L.A. but also because of complex reasons spent a lot of time in Kilburn, London which at the time was a working class Irish and Caribbean nbd and usually I feel very Black American until Americans start talking about the royal family. 🙃
Americans are all like “a Black princess” and “How dare the queen treat Thatcher badly!” and “I love The Crown”

And I’m like, the royal family is imperialist colonizer trash no matter what color they are and I cheered when Thatcher dropped dead, along with many in the UK
Scotland speaks for me
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24 Nov
Here’s what interests me about this:

People were upset that some of us objected to Ronald Sullivan being faculty dean of Winthrop AND Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer *simultaneously* but had no problem with our anti-Trump Jones Day pressure campaign

Journalists and lawyers were SO upset when we said Sullivan shouldn’t be the head of a residential house where teen rape victims live while representing a vicious rapist

But somehow have no problem with us saying lawyers shouldn’t represent a politician they don’t like
Lawyers and journalists INSISTED that if Sullivan wasn’t allowed to remain faculty dean of Winthrop House at Harvard, the entire justice system’d collapse on itself bc other lawyers might be pressured not to represent unpopular clients

Y’all are silent right now tho

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24 Nov
And did anyone give a fuck what faculty and staff thought or felt? Not Seacoast Online! Faculty and staff were not surveyed about how this semester went for us. Anyway, an admin I like a lot was required to come to campus and got COVID, and I hated it.…
I hate that employees of UNH are being treated as fodder for student experiences and that the university is 100% coddling the entitlement students and their parents have to a "normal" on-campus experience in the middle of a national pandemic crisis.
I am so grateful that the admin lived, but really at this person's age, it could have gone the other way. I will always be haunted by that.
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24 Nov
I'm happy to see so many job searches in Black studies/Black history and maybe some of those jobs will even go to Black scholars!
I wasn't even talking about the white women who like to cosplay as light skinned Black and Brown women!! (But yeah, sigh.) I was talking about the fact that it's easier to get a job in the field if you're white or people think you're white.
No shit. But Black studies is a field that was fought for by Black folks, that makes Black folks its subject, and that means that (especially in this year of uprising), it is particularly bullshit that white folks get preferentially hired over Black folks.
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23 Nov
Whatever @physicsmatt says about the cosmological constant today, he's wrong
Future historians: “Particles for Justice had a huge impact on the community but decoherence among its constituents accelerated due to disagreements over the anthropic principle.”
I've been asked by @physicsmatt to present this figure as his entire case Image
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23 Nov
Somehow my faculty senate managed to devise a special COVID semester student evaluation of teaching that is even worse than the regular SET, complete with asking students what was wrong with the class and then asking for feedback on the instructor, immediately after
The survey is literally inviting students to think the most possible negative thoughts while providing open ended comments on instructors that they probably forget half the time are also living through the pandemic
We are not required to submit evals from this semester for tenure and promotion, but our chair and Dean will be able to see the results if we use the traditional SET. But if you use the new one: worse questions at the end filled with potential for bias.
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22 Nov
Random facts about dark matter:
— It’s not dark. It’s transparent.
— We’ve never detected it. It may not exist. Maybe our theory of gravity is wrong.
— if real, it’s most of the matter in the universe and
— every galaxy lives in a dark matter bubble we call a dark matter halo
Good Q. It’s transparent bc from what we can tell, light goes through it. It’s visible to us through its gravitational effects. And some models (like axions, which I work on) also have very mild interactions w/ light under special conditions — we have experiments to test this.
One way we “see” evidence for dark matter is through a phenomenon called gravitational lensing, which we can actually see in this NASA/ESA image taken with the Hubble Space Telescope. Some of what we see here isn’t real! What?…
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22 Nov
“antiracism does not include jews,” is a grammatically correct independent clause but beyond that it is actually literally nonsense. It’s a dog whistle intended to communicate “critical race theory is antisemitic.”

But on its surface, it is a nonsensical clause.
Antiracism is an analytic framework/political position that articulates a stance against white supremacy. It includes anyone to whom a convo about white supremacy is relevant and given the historical connex between white supremacy & antisemitism, I’d say that includes white Jews.
But if I had a cat choosing words from a dictionary and it managed to construct this sentence, then I would be very impressed because it checks out grammatically even if the sentence doesn’t check out conceptually.
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20 Nov
My phone just showed me this picture of me and my mom, and in looking at it, I think it’s so strange when people think I don’t look like her
(Photo taken during the first week of March 2020 ... feels like years ago.)
To make it up to my mom for posting that home photo I will also post this very dressy one from a little while before, at Mr. ProfChanda’s birthday dinner.
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20 Nov
So here’s why this kind of “well, actually” bugs me: this is classic neo-Jim Crow shit where on paper it affects everyone but the only people in practice it makes a material difference to are a specific group. They know that. We know that. Let’s not play this game.
It doesn’t matter — for now — if you assign numbers to children who fit into French white supremacy because their numbers will never be looked up by the police or intelligence agencies.
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20 Nov
Janet Hubert deserved better than what she got in the reunion
I don’t know what happened behind the scenes but I know that Will Smith didn’t offer her a real, clear apology. Just a reflexive “I’m sorry” after she apologized to him 3 times for dragging him after he ruined her fuckin career
Maybe it happened off screen or in tape that got cut but it didn’t happen in the edited public version
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18 Nov
The way Obama writes about women here ... uh. Wow.
The amazing thing is that he thinks what’s embarrassing here is what motivated him to study. What’s embarrassing is that he’s a grown ass man who has been the most powerful person in the world, and he is STILL writing about young women like a fucking pick up artist.
“Ethereal bisexual”? I can’t.

This is y’all’s hero?
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17 Nov
For everyone freaking out about Wayne County, I think this is the key detail: it’s a delay tactic that can be addressed by democrats agreeing to an audit/recount.

Also the state board can make the decision for them.

This also seems firmly like a state law case so Michigan Supreme Court. Although conservatives have been have a field day with the 14th’s equal protection clause, designed during reconstruction to protect Black people, for 40 years now. That will def be their federal case.
Explainer from @MrProfChanda: So it’s going to go to the state board. If state board has same problem, it goes to district court. District court will probably scream bloody murder at them. Michigan Supreme Court can only overrule them if District screws up the law somehow.
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16 Nov
I got 3 comments on this bullshit at Stanford:
1. Even if the executive order wasn't a long, first amendment violating white whine, the systemic racism advice is an overread
2. Stanford is not America
My cute version if 2 is Stanford is not the United States because Harvard is.

Go Crimson! lol
On a more serious note, compare Stanford's behavior with how academic institutions in Germany responded to the Nazi takeover:
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16 Nov
Lets be clear also that trans people aren’t a social media phenomenon. Those of us who are not binary or one way or another are real, physically real. This claim that we are social media thought police is so dehumanizing.
What a stupid hill to die on
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16 Nov

So Pfizer trial counted a positive COVID case if there was a positive test with one symptom and Moderna requires a positive test and two symptoms ... does this mean these trials are not actually properly measuring rate of asymptomatic spread?
Basically my question is whether the efficacy number includes people who do have COVID but were asymptomatic? because asymptomatic spread actually *is* a problem, as far as I have learned.
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15 Nov
“The highly coordinated attacks...have been orchestrated by an 11 yr old group called Campus Reform that trains conservative students to monitor, surveil and report on the speech and actions of left-leaning professors, students and campus activist groups”…
Worth pointing out that CR made their name in part through attacks on Black women academics, and I was one of them
People wonder why I have home security ... and Campus Reform is one of the main reasons. CR has been a feeder site for Faux and Bitbart. Years ago we tried to get higher ed press to cover them and @chronicle did what was basically a soft PR buzz piece on them. 💩🙃
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15 Nov
A concern I have about the indie bookstore under COVID discourse is that it seems historic and new Black bookstores are less likely to be hosting author events (for a host of reasons) and this is bad for Black authors and also for those stores’ ability to thrive in online land
Please make a point of shopping online Black book storefronts, whether are using bookshop or have their own independent interface
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15 Nov
Laura no está
Eso lo sé
Laura se fue!
No dijó adiós
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14 Nov
I need students and other junior academics to understand that faculty are going through the pandemic too, we are human, and demanding inhumane capacity to seem like we are not enhances the very forced that in turn are so damaging to students when applied in the other direction.
It’s truly unhelpful to assume that people are out to screw you when things don’t happen on your expected timeline. You don’t know if someone just died. If they’re teaching with two kids at home. You don’t know.
Faculty don’t show up in class and say, “My dad is an essential worker, and I am so terrified that I can’t sleep at night.” But we are expected to perform as if none of that is happening.

We all need to have a much bigger spirit of generosity with each other.
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12 Nov
This headline makes it look like Biden doesn’t want them but in fact they are both Senators in states with Republican governors which means it would be wildly irresponsible to add them to the Cabinet but go ahead and cause drama, ⁦@Independent
Since there seems to be confusions in my mentions about this, let me clarify: there is a *proposed* amendment to the MA budget that would require the GOP gov to appoint a Democrat. It *is not* law. And also almost certainly ends with a moderate replacing Warren.
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