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3 Aug
Folks, I have made a list of public funded organizations that I think represent no value for public money. The taxpayer would be no worse if they were closed. Sema KEMSA!
The list that we have compiled from the records published by the inspectorate of State corporations shows that there are 210 parastatals and state corporations in Kenya.
Of these, the Ministry of Defence has authority over 1 corporation under its supervision, The Kenya Ordinance, and Factories Corporation while the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology oversees 45 state corporations that include the public universities.
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24 Jun
I understand that CS Magoha is under public pressure to reopen schools promptly and therefore announces an impractical approach to show that physical distancing will be maintained in schools. Not reasonable. 1/N
The mean number if students per primary school in Kenya is 312 and 315 respectively for primary and high schools respectively. 2/N
As this chart by @IEAKenya shows, the 15 pupils per class policy means that every primary and high school will need to have a total of 16 classes minimum. 3/N
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21 Feb
Folks, consider yourself intelligent but lacking wisdom and discernment if you are enamoured by a legislator's recent claim that public debt in Kenya is the biggest policy issue today.
That's been an issue for five years so that declaration comes from someone trying to bolt the door after the horse left long ago.
Public budget estimates in 2017/18 had a deficit of ~Ksh. 800B and they couldn't see that?
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18 Jun 19
The proportional split of spending in for the next financial year. #BudgetKE2019
By @IEAKenya
Economic Classification of Public Spending in #BudgetKE2019
Spending by Sectoral Classification #BudgetKE2019
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20 Oct 18
Folks, who recall the triumphalism of last year's Mashujaa Day?
Twelve months later, most people won't admit it but know that they didn't know that the chest thumping was going to be unwound pretty quickly.
And the change to a milder and measured speeches during this year's Mashujaa Day occassion is not because of the handshake.
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20 Sep 18
Folks, so people who have noted that a parlaiment with 349 members, a couple of committees outside country have 102% turnout and think that's new.
I just have to ask if you were alive when @IEBCKenya was reporting impossible turnouts and you all were too busy beating the drums of partisanship to notice.
As I said last year, institutions in Kenya's public sector have a problem with counting.
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19 Sep 18
After parliamentary group caucuses yesterday, it appears MPs will pass the amendments proposed by the executive and load more taxes on Kenyans.
The problem is MPs think this is a one time tax raise to fix things this year but we are on the debt treadmill so next year they will have to feed the Leviathan again.
They have set in motion the definite grind towards a shock and the only thing we shall recall is that it's bipartisan and shared responsibility by executive and parliament.
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18 Sep 18
The narrative in Kenya has changed to the claim that this administration is incompetent because we lack a strong opposition. Folks, do we ever listen to ourselves talk?
Kenyans, we must not deceive ourselves. We are in a problem that requires sound knowledge of the modern economy and how it works. Competent economists must have a voice or you just see the worst economic management entrenched.
Party supporters behaving like the driver who was employed, drives recklessly, causes a crash & upon being confronted for incompetence reacts by stating that I beat the other guy at the interviews so he could not have driven this bus any safer.
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15 Sep 18
Folks, reduction of the VAT rate on fuels from 16 % to 8% doesn't mean that the revenue generated will fall by half.
You only think like that if you haven't cared to go to class or borrow an economics text book to understand elasticity and tax incidence.
And you don't get excused from misinformation of the public because you are a commentator on politics or a cartoonist.
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15 Sep 18
Folks, just take care when someone who takes trips paid for by taxes and receives a c- Level wage from public sector tells states with finality that raising tax rates is necessary for a country's greatness.
We should recognize that as a cheap trick that appeals to the possibility of future greatness in the name of sacrifices for better life for future generations.
I don't want government to raise tax rates to make me great. I much prefer to keep my income and decide what greatness I want for myself.
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2 Sep 18
Folks, I look at all national papers covering this VAT on fuel news and think it's nothing but "Manufactured rage".
The reason I call this manufactured rage is that the time to have expressed this rage was four years ago when public sounding started rising by 200-300 billion every year, with parliament's approval
So all this handwriting going and rolling in the ashes is theatre for those who don't pay attention.
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14 Aug 18
Folks, irony is that people are blaming IMF and World Bank for no reason yet they were giving high fives for promises for stadiums, tablets for school kids and last mile connections to nowhere.
The mad spending sprees that GoK went on since 2013 was pure bread and circuses policy of throwing money at problems and acting as if it's a benevolent parent with unlimited money
And GoK even gave as the #SGR train to the coast which cannot pay for itself but will work as a long ride through an amusement park now.
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25 Mar 18
Folks, @KNBStats is one of the few government bureaus that @IEAKenya gives five star for accuracy of information
Very rarely does it publish incorrect data for mischief and never obfuscates about it's publications
So if you reckon that an unemployment rate of 7.4% is low, then be conscious that @KNBStats has not published that for any political effect
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16 Feb 18
Folks, I hate to give stick to the Kenya press corps but coverage of incident I which an MP was arrested for Treasury Bill fraud is not being explored.
This implies that someone found unauthorized ways to add to the total public debt.
And with a total debt stock of upwards of $40 billion, I shudder that even if this mischief affects only 1% of the total, then some people have become wealthy through manipulation of debt data.
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