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7 Sep
As the Trumpian state officially embraces extra-judicial murder of political enemies + the deputization of far-Right groups in the lead up to the 2020 election, the Center moves to the Right, while pushing the narrative that continuing protests are alienating voters. A thread.
Fundamentally, as Trump pushes to take the 2020 election by any means necessary, his election campaign is centered around demonizing the Left: proclaiming that the Democratic party is "socialist," while also promoting fear of the ongoing Black led rebellion in the streets.
Meanwhile, in a move to the Right, the neoliberal Centrist press, allied with the DNC, is pushing the narrative that the continued protests are hurting Joe Biden's presidency, as both parties argue over who could better put down the protests.…
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4 Sep
Hours after @VICENews announced interview with army veteran Michael Reinoehl, where he made his case that he acted in self-defense against violent far-Right protesters invading #Portland - Reinoehl was killed by a U.S. Marshals task force outside #Olympia.…
On Aug 29th, hundreds of highly armed Trump/far-Right groups converged outside of #Portland and decided to go into the Downtown. Attendees were encouraged to conceal carry firearms. Police allowed the caravan into #Portland, focused on counter-protesters.
Among the massive caravan where supporters of the pan-far-Right group Patriot Prayer, a street fighting formation allied with the Proud Boys that frequently attracts open neo-Nazis + white nationalists. The group's main goal is to attack the Left.…
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29 Aug
Militia leader connected to Proud Boys threatens counter-protesters with #Kenosha like violence on eve of 2nd annual "Straight Pride" event in #Modesto. Militia is part of larger group which also includes GOP activist + local pastors; police chaplains.…
Last year, career anti-LGBTQ bigot Don Grundmann finally got his 15 minutes of fame, after he made headlines proclaiming that he was part of a "totally peaceful racist group," planning a "Straight Pride" event in #Modesto.
Grundmann's group proclaimed the "superiority" of "Whiteness," the "Caucasian race," "Western Civilization," "Christianity," and heterosexuality - proclaiming that straight people were in an all out war with the "Satanic" pro-pedophile LGBTQ movement.
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26 Aug
Two people were shot + killed + another wounded in #Kenosha after a white militia member opened fire during ongoing protests. Shooter identified himself on video as Kyle; seen earlier being given water by riot police who thanked him for being there. Militia promoted on InfoWars.
The uprising continues in #Kenosha #Wisconsin, as news has come down that #JacobBlake is now paralyzed from the waist down. Both National Guard and the police have attempted to put down the uprising in the town of 100K, but the revolt continues.
In the face of the continuing rebellion, a militia under the name of 'Kenosha Guard' put out a call to "protect lives and property." This call was spread widely on social media, Alt-Right boards like 4chan, and also on the far-Right conspiracy website, InfoWars.
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23 Aug
Today, out of town Proud Boys, MAGA + Qanon supporters, neo-Nazis + militia members rallied at an event organized by a far-Right organizer from the bay area. They also pepper-sprayed someone in a wheelchair, pulled out guns + menaced a parking garage. A thread.
Today, two far-Right rallies converged. One was to 'Back the Blue' and another was against "Marxism," and was organized by far-Right protest organizer from the bay area of California, Amber Cummings and promoted by local white nationalists such as Haley Adams.
Both groups organizing far-Right rallies were in communication with each other and it appears that the "Back the Blue" organizers are not impressed by Amber Cummings, who boasted she could bring out more than 500 people.
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19 Aug
As protests + calls from Trump + the far-Right to criminalize antifascism continue, today Facebook banned a variety of anarchist, antifascist + anti-capitalist pages, including news platforms like ours + @crimethinc + grassroots groups. A thread.…
Today's move by Facebook has nothing to do with stopping violence and everything to do with cracking down on social movements and everyday people getting organized in their communities.
Facebook has always promoted itself as a friend to grassroots change; Facebook representatives proudly touted their role in the Egyptian uprising. Yet their decision to ban platforms that even report on social movements shows that they take direction from the State.
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29 Jul
As faith in institutions collapses + popular rebellion grows, both Trump + Biden have attacked anarchists - likening them to terrorism + chaos. But what is anarchism, a movement nearly destroyed by fascism + Stalinism + given new life in struggles against neoliberalism? A thread.
Since emerging as a global movement, anarchism has been attacked by authoritarians on the Left + Right. Often confused or used synonymously with terrorism or simply chaos, anarchism is one of the most widely misunderstood movements of modern times, despite its broad influence.
Coming from the Greek word "anarkhia" - "without a ruler," anarchism advocates for a society organized not around top-down, centralized States, but instead a de-centralized society in which power is organized from the bottom up and spread out horizontally.
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17 Jul
As millions are about to lose unemployment benefits + face eviction as moratoriums end, Chad Wolf, author of the family separation policy + who was appointed by Trump, is directing DHS, ICE + Border Patrol agents to attack + kidnap protesters off #Portland streets. A thread.
Recent unemployment reports show that nearly half of US adults are currently without a job.…
And as unemployment skyrockets, currently, at least 25 million people in the US are set to lose their $600 unemployment "boost."…
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25 Jun
Our account was locked by @TwitterSupport for posting about #BlueLeaks. We had to delete three tweets to unlock. One was a screen shot from the leaks, the second was from documents released on @MuckRock in 2018, the third was a screenshot from the NJ DHS website, which is public.
According to @TwitterSupport, we violated the TOS by posting "private information."
The second and third tweet we were forced to take down did not come from the #BlueLeaks. The second was a screen shot from documents released via FOIA over two years ago to @MuckRock. These detailed obsession at a fusion center in California over an InfoWar's hoax.
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18 Jun
"Tim Murtaugh, a spokesman for the Trump campaign, said, “The red triangle is an antifa symbol,” pointing to examples of iPhone cases and water bottles branded with the insignia."…
This isn't the first time the Trump campaign has used neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic imagery. Remember when they used the Star of David as a way to attack Hillary Clinton?…
Trump has also referred to the Secret Service as the "S.S."…
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15 Jun
Far-Right brawlers linked to numerous assaults on members of the public and anti-racist protesters "Tiny" Toese and Joey Gibson are at the #CHAZ in #Seattle. Both have worked for years with neo-Nazis and white nationalists at various far-Right demonstrations. ImageImage
Here's Tiny calling into an Alt-Right show arguing that he is open to working with the Alt-Right and neo-Nazis as long as they can work together in attacking anti-fascists.
Tiny along with another #ProudBoy faced charges after attacking a random person walking on the street in #Portland after screaming pro-Trump slogans at them.
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12 Jun
Anarchism isn't chaos. It's about building human communities outside of State authority; around principles of grassroots, communal, decentralized, and horizontal organization. It's about liberating human labor towards needs, not profits. It's about living in common with the land.
Been funny watching over the past few days people on social media write about the #CHAZ in Seattle, proclaiming that "it's not anarchy," yet describing a set of conditions: communal, organized horizontally, through mutual aid, without police - that are completely anarchistic.
Anarchism is simply one ideal among many that arrives at the same conclusion: that humanity can find liberation, safety, and empowerment not through nation-states, but through autonomy and self-organization. Perhaps the anarchists of the future don't need to worry about the term.
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1 Jun
Far-Right trolls + white nationalists are promoting an obviously fake "ANTIFA" troll account calling for violence in "white hoods" in order to both scare the public but also whip up potential violence against ongoing #GeorgeFloyd demonstrations from the far-Right. A thread.
Fake "ANTIFA" (for some reason, the far-Right loves all-caps) Twitter and social media accounts have long been a tool of the far-Right in both attacking antifascists and encourage violence.…
Example: when "Official Antifa," long-running fake account, promoted the lie that antifascists were going to vandalize graves of Confederate soldiers at Gettysburg (there are none). This false claim was then promoted by grifters like Jack Posobiec + Cassandra Fairbanks.
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31 May
Trump's calculated move to solidify himself as the "law + order" candidate by claiming the US will label "ANTIFA," a political stance against far-Right violence, white supremacy + fascism, a terrorist "group," mirrors similar efforts to do the same to #BlackLiveMatter. A thread.
"ANTIFA," which is only put in all caps by the grifter-Right + their followers - isn't an organization. Antifa, short for antifascism, is simply a political stance against fascism which can manifest in a variety of political and community forms of protest, organization + action.
Currently, Trump's advisors are divided on how he should respond to the uprising following the police murder of #GeorgeFloyd."...[Some] have said he should condemn the rioting + looting more forcefully or risk losing middle-of-the-road voters in November."…
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30 May
Needs to also be pointed out that like Occupy, the Ferguson and Baltimore Rebellions, and the West Virginia teachers strikes - the current revolts aren't being led by activists, non-profits, political parties, unions or protest organization - they're spreading...
...largely because they haven't been strangled by the official + bureaucratic Left. This is truly an organic proletarian expression against anti-Blackness + white supremacy, but also against the daily realities of working-class life for young people in capitalist civilization...
...thus, just as the wildcat strikes exploded because they were able to constitute their own power outside of the bureaucracy of the DNC aligned unions, so to has this new wave of popular resistance been able to grow outside of what we generally understand to be 'the Left'...
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13 May
Killing of #AhmaudArbery thrust spotlight on racism in #Georgia + now @afainatl exposes how local @GaRepublicans including elected official @MatthewGurtler, has been meeting + organizing with "American Patriot USA," run by violent neo-Nazi, Chester Doles.…
In leaked videos, we see here as elected Republican and State House Representative for District 8, Matthew Gurtler speaks in mid-March of 2002 in front of American Patriots USA, which is led by long time neo-Nazi and former KKK members, Chester Doles.
Chester Doles has spent decades being involved in the white supremacist movement. While he was a member of the Ku-Klux-Klan, he was arrested and sent to prison in the early 1990s for a racial attack on an African-American man.…
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21 Apr
With former #ProudBoy leader Augustus Invictus back in jail on domestic violence charges, we think it's a good time to release this clip of him + Richard Spencer attacking "libertarian" ideas + discussing their ambitions for a global white supremacist order born out of conquest.
For decades white nationalists and now the Alt-Right have presented themselves as "separatists" who simply want a "nation for every race." Cloaked in progressive language borrowed from national liberation struggles, this rhetoric hides a literally global ambition for white rule.
White supremacists like Augustus have also at times painted themselves as "libertarians," even though they state plainly that they completely reject these ideals.
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9 Apr
New video released of neo-Nazis, including Richard Spencer + Matthew Heimbach, throwing up Hitler salutes in #Charlottesville. Bulk of people in video are members of Identity Evropa, now rebranded as American Identity Movement, part of #Groyper #AmericaFirst, led by #NickFuentes.
On May 13th, 2017, a variety of Alt-Right, white nationalist, and neo-Nazi groups converged in Charlottesville. The bulk of those in attendance were members of Identity Evropa, now rebranded at the American Identity Movement (AmIM).…
Identity Evropa played a large role in organizing another rally in Charlottesville three months later, where an antifascist protester, Heather Heyer, was murdered by a neo-Nazi. After Unite the Right, they attempted to rebrand themselves as the American Identity Movement (AmIM).
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31 Mar
The #rentstrike is big news now + from 'woke' neoliberal publications to the business press, the media is in a rush to throw a wet blanket on mass direct action. Today's AP article showcases a lot of the tropes being leveled at rent strikers. A thread.…
First off, this should go without saying, but this entire continent is stolen land. The accumulation of land and resources in so-called North America was made possible through genocide and the continued dispossession of Native people.…
Second, there continues to be a push to paint every landlord in the US as a 'barely getting by' grandmother. According to the American Housing Survey, in 2015, there were 48.5 million rental units in the United States, 43.9 million of which are occupied."…
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13 Mar
As public spaces + events are shut down due to the #coronavirus - the need for building mutual aid survival programs is now greater than ever, especially in the face of the dramatic failure of the State to respond to this crisis. Here's a thread for inspiration. #MutualAid
Last summer we talked to @simaleerbg of the @fcrcollective who organized a free store and free grocery program in #DC.
In #PuertoRico, for the past several years, people across the island have set up assemblies, squatted buildings, set up mutual aid community centers, and organized to carry out wide scale disaster relief in the face of hurricanes and earthquakes.
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5 Mar
Troll at conspiracy site + stan of white nationalist Groypers, Cassandra Fairanks + far-Right grifter Andy Ngo, known for embedding with Patriot Prayer + doxxing minors for messaging him on Instagram, is upset a guest on our podcast said he engages in "stochastic terrorism."
Cassandra Fairbanks "writes" for the Gateway Pundit, a conspiracy website best known for being sued for false reporting and for firing its best known "journalist," Lucian Wintrich, a former Milo minor, after he went on white nationalist podcast.…
Fairbanks herself is best known for attempting to sue a journalist (and losing) for calling her Alt-Right after posing with the "Ok" symbol in the White House.…
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