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6 Apr
Nigerians outside South East region are worked up over the ESN attack in Imo state, while the average ndigbos are excited about another defeat on ''Nigeria''. Just the way they are happy when BH hits Nigerian troops. For them, the civil war has not ended,
2. You see, Nnamdi Kanu did not create the hatred for Nigeria or anti North stand, he only took advantage of a well established hatred & weaponize it. The only version of the war they know is the skewed narratives their parents told them, while Nigeria failed to tell her story.
3.This knowledge makes you know why ANYONE from the region going contrary to their ''Facts'' is suicidal (Physically).
The South East have REFUSED to see how the rest Nigerians have accepted them making their trades flourish in other lands.Became VP just 9 years after the war.
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27 Mar
The story of the PDP from inception is case of a hurriedly made ship for pirates to make a run on a merchant vessel, so to them its all about the plundering of resources. But this fixation on Buhari who isn't up for polls again calls for review:
2. The attacks on Buhari right from 2003 by the PDP has been brutal from his career as a soldier, to his belief as a Muslim, down to his family as a man; nothing was spared. And what has been his response; utmost silence. Those unfounded falsehood finally failed in 2015.
3. Even without the presidency, his popularity keep growing so much that politicians got elected as govs & members of @nassnigeria just by identifying with the Buhari brand.
Then 2019, the whole Nigeria Owners Squad came together to openly oppose him, they failed spectacularly.
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22 Mar
In 2013 a total of 105 personnel of police & DSS were slaughtered in Nassarawa eggon while on an official duty, NO ONE WAS CHARGED. In the SE, police men are killed daily & no arrest is made. In Oct 2020, 40+ policemen were murdered no inquiries till date
2.Police station stinks like public toilets, no decent housing for them,they buy their uniforms & kits, even their training colleges looks more like concentration camps for psychopaths. Meanwhile this same police is the citizens' first line of defence against motivated criminals
3.The police psyche has been brutalised for decades & we act surprised at the Monsters they've become?
A functioning police force is beyond change of IG that is political. ITS A TOTAL REFORM FROM RECRUITMENT TO RETIREMENT
This is priority to hit the root of our security issues.
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21 Mar
Ortom is simply taking advantage of the high resentment that many ethnic groups have for the Fulanis who had attempted or conquered lands some 100+ years ago. From the borders of the NW (Caliphate) to the entrance of SW in the present day Ilorin.
2. To the Plateau province of the Jukuns/Tivs/Igalas.
Knowing conquest was how kingdoms grew world over, its pathetic Nigerian politicians keep exploiting those stories for selfish reasons when history also teaches that economic prosperity is what guarantees ethnic preservation
3. This prosperity is only possible by accessing markets far from one's land. This knowledge led to the formation of EU (common market), the bilateral treaties among Eurasia countries, North Atlantic Trade Organization NATO.
Let me explain how politicians are our biggest threat
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11 Mar
Delta state heading to the supreme court for the recovered loot is dead on arrival. Proofing the exact withdrawals that totals that £4.2m is harder than they know. Ibori's 8 years annual budgets would have to pass through forensic review in the first place.
2. The projects and their accounts where the funds where siphoned from and all the personnel who participated in both document approvals & fund disbursements will all have to come say their roles which will expose them for prosecution (Remember criminal case is not time bound).
These scenario is even assuming SC doesn't throw it out for lack of merit as Delta state wasn't a party to the case at all. The court doesn't grant a prayer not made.
This is hoping the AG of the state is experience enough not to waste funds pursuing a loot not ''missing''.
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20 Jan
American elites have once again made those senseless decisions they've taken in the past decades among countries that has only made our planet more unsafe, only this time its at home. Everyone is taking a dump at Trump, but at what cost?
2. So some thousands entered congress, misbehaved & are being arrested on charges that takes only weeks or months in jail. But Trump is being vilified by both Parties & the Biz world. Forgetting that 74 million American voters are riding behind Trump, a group he did not create.
3. Trump only took advantage in 2016, something the pugilists never saw. Which was why the Hilary flop was spectacular. These 74m folks believe they've been cheated out of the presidency & the man who speaks for them is being hounded. Question is; Will they all just fizzle away?
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19 Jan
For those who know what went down during Dikko's years at custom, the returning of N1.5b is a major insult, that's money for the boys. Which is likely why the EFCC is insisting on continuing the prosecution throwing the plea bargain into the dustbin.
2. Dikko's quest for soft landing was what compromised Brig Gen Ja'faru Isa (rtd), Buhari's man for NSA job in 2015.
Mysterious import waivers, seized container rackets, auto rustling & all kinds of economic crimes all organised at the top.
All customs warehouses became malls.
3. So bad that when the present Sole Admin came on board & read out the riot act, 5 DCGs resigned in one day. Dikko boys were the elite squad who made things happen, personnel only watched as rules were set aside. By this act, Dikko may have open the door for full investigation.
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19 Jan
As a Kaduna bred, I've experienced all the riots that made the town a hotbed. From the Maitastine of 1982 to the Kafanchan of 87, Zango kataf of 92 & Sharia of 2000. After the crisis, govts set up investigative panels, who turns in reports later.
2. But not once was there even an attempt at implementing the recommendations of those panel or give justice to the victims by prosecuting those fingered. Similar attitude trails all uprisings in Nigeria, this helps to understand the LASG approach to handling the endears crisis.
3. Over the decades, Nigeria has made nonsense the truth of ''Cause & Effects'' in all spheres of our lives. People know they can get away with the most heinous crime if they play their ''cards'' right. Law & order are seen as suggestions and not the rule guiding the society.
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18 Jan
The bird App is assumed to be for the well educated in the society but the trend in Naija twitter indicates contrary, more worrisome is how pedestrian issues are given high attention. And the main losers seem to be the progressives/ Buharists/ APCist.
2. For the months I've been fully active here, I observe that each time the progressives are gaining traction on any trending topic, all the opposition do is to introduce a diversionary topic & bingo,the rest of the time is spent on a useless matter. 3 examples will do for 2021;
3. A kid insulted Nigeria because he's gotten abroad. The defense for naija was resounding from all over, then ''they'' introduce the gains of migration to divert the issue. The original issue was travel to anywhere but don't curse ur homeland. So it ended without a clear win.
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15 Dec 20
So 15 people died in a car crash in Kaduna with reports from FRSC but the media reported it as bandit attack. Unfortunately, all the presidency could say is; The media should Stop fake news. Well when it comes to terrorism, the impact goes beyond clicks & RT
2. The countries where acts of violence are exceptional are profiled by both global rating firms & investment/ hedge fund managers. They collate and feed these whole media figures into a standard template for determining good investment destination. So with our media obsession
3. With clicks & blood, actions devoid of patriotism; the harm they are causing is simply to keep us on top list of violence prone countries which results in FDI investors taking their funds some place else. If the media won't help the nation grow, they should stunt its growth
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14 Dec 20
After the school kidnapping in Katsina over the weekend, many handles were grandstanding in their trolling of Buhari & condemnation of our security personnel. More are even making it a political affair.They sound that way cause they do not reside in the North.
2. The error is thinking these terrorism & banditry case is a northern fight, therefore ''let them face it''. As it presently stands, the North is the buffer zone taking the heat from these marauders and stopping their advancement down south. Making it a 2023 politics is fatal.
3. Helping your neighbor put off the fire raging his house is the best way to safeguard your own. Note that every region is only hours away from another, so folks are not far from these conflict as they assume. Our call to duty is to Support our military with info & appreciation
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12 Dec 20
1.Two women were allegedly called kidnappers & before anyone could say pim, they were burnt alive. These & similar barbaric cases have gone on for years silently without moves by govt to stop it, this is how DISREGARD FOR THE LAW start & destroys society..
2. Someone on the street alleges that another someone is acting like a kidnapper & without allowing those trained to sieve the truth, the accused were burnt alive. That it happened is horrible but that its seen as normal tells more about who we are than we want to admit.
3. This accusation could have been anyone, irrespective of your standing in the society, caught in the wrong place, you are gone. In 2016 a man had a broken down car & wanted help but was wrongly labelled as BH & killed. Well he turned out to be an eminent Prof with ABU Zaria.
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30 Nov 20
1.The solution to the insecurities of the Sahel region is unfortunately far from here. Beginning with the US alone having 29 military bases in Africa with 15 of those in our region. Then France with military bases in all francophone countries for both
2.Troops on ground & drones centres. Monitoring militias (Arms) movements from Libya to the restive region of morocco, then Mali,Niger & Chad. Up to the horn of Africa where somalia serves as training ground. Basically we dealing with hundreds of million of dollars in arms sales
3 verses billions of dollars more maintaining these bases.
NOTE that for over 4 decades Ghadafi installed & funded govts & tribal militiamen in the whole sahel plus military aids to command loyalty. Even entered W/Africa with Charles Tailor & Fonday Sanko as launching pads.
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28 Nov 20
1. In post 1991, following the victory over Saddam in the gulf war, destroying him became the project. Allegations of chemical weapon used on Iraqis was all over western medias without proof until one was manufactured in Halabja, a Kurdish town.
2.And Suleiman Doud al- Afari was made the fall guy. Piled with the WMD hoax, invading Iraq was mission accomplished. Millions dead & millions more in exile, while the missile ruins and scatters everywhere, no apology or compensation from the west, Just moved on.
3. Enter Syria. Bashar as an anti West in a region that has to be beholden to western ideals, so has to go. Allegations of a massacre in the town of Allepo was made with ''manufactured'' proofs. But to gain more traction, CSOs were funded to commence human right demonstrations.
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