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22 Nov 19
Lemme do a thread.

Read Section 3(1)(b)(iv) of the Social Media Bill. You can go to jail for making statements that are likely to influence the outcome of an election to any office.

In simple english, you can go to jail for CAMPAIGNING for a candidate of your choice.
Read Section 3(1)(b)(v) You can go to jail for publishing a statement that will cause public outrage at a person. Even if it is a FACT.

So if Elisha Abbo visits another sex shop & slaps another Nigerian and you publish the video, he has a basis to report you to the police.
Read Section 3(1)(b)(vi) you can go to jail if you publish an article that says you dont believe govt is performing well in office. Or that it can perform well in office.

You can go to jail for saying a govt policy is likely to fail.
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13 Nov 19
The Nigerian approach towards building "mega cities" is to hide the poor. The substantive issue to be dealt with is that the absence of a functional intermodal public transport system makes kekes necessary.

But rather than fix that, the approach is to ban kekes. Hide the poor.
When okadas were banned in Abuja, kekes were offered as an alternative. While we've come full circle to banning kekes more than 10 years later, the substantive issue remains - Abuja lacks a functional, sufficient intermodal public transport system.
In between both bans, it is the poor who lost jobs plugging the gaps in the public transport system. It is the poor and lower middle class who lost access to alternative transport.

It is the poor & middle class who bore & will suffer the wave of crime that follows
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4 Nov 19
Let me give a bit of property advice off the back of this. It's not specific to the issue being discussed. It relates to general property ownership

If you're buying property, buy it in the name of a company with your spouse & children as directors/shareholders.
In the event of your demise, ownership & control of the company and all its assets (ergo the property in question) transfers to the surviving shareholders/directors.

This dispenses with the need for a Letter of Administration and all challenges that come with Wills
All they will be required to do is file a form CAC7 at the Corportate Affairs Commission replacing you as a director. A simple shareholders agreement can automatically redistribute shares among surviving shareholders.
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28 May 19
The Budget cycle starts with sending the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) to NASS for approval.

S11(b) of the Fiscal Responsibility Act (FRA) requires govt to do this by 31/08 of every year.

@MBuhari's admin has never "PATRIOTICALLY" done this

But... Saraki

The heads of MDAs routinely fail/refuse/neglect to "PATRIOTICALLY" defend their budget proposals before the relevant NASS committees. To the point where the same Saraki & Dogara have had to ask Buhari to wade in before he did ordered MDAs to do so

But let's blame Saraki & Dogara
NASS spearheaded a constitutional amendment that required @MBuhari to submit the budget proposal not less than 90 days to the end of a fiscal year. This was to address the issue of late submission of the budget.

Guess who PATRIOTICALLY vetoed the amendment?
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9 Apr 19
A company will believe the Nigerian govt's lies about doing business & invest millions, 1 govt agency will cause you to lose everything

Lemme do a thread about how the ghost minister of the FCT is setting up Lona Media Ltd to lose more than N800m #OppressingBusinessesInNaija
In 2016, Lona inaugurated the biggest billboard on the African continent. The billboard measured 20m x 80m & in addition to accruing a lot of revenue for the company, it also accrued a lot in taxes for the FG.


Encouraged by its success, Lona then set out to build the biggest billboard in the world. It applied to the FCDA for a site, paid the relevant fees & was allocated a plot near the City gate on 24/04/17.

Corruption then fights back.

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19 Feb 19
In the build up to the 2011 elections, @MBuhari -then the CPC candidate- repeatedly called on his supporters to register to vote, to defend their votes & to kill anyone who rigged the elections.

He lost. And believing the elections were rigged his supporters unleashed violence
While doing so, he often held up a pen - the symbol of the defunct CPC. But many people mistook this for a spear. And it added to the frenzy of building a potential for violence.
One of the people killed was Ikechukwu Ukeoma -also known as Aikfavour Ukeoma- a corper who had been deployed for the 2011 presidential election.

On April 16, 2011 he made this post on the Facebook. It was his last. Shortly thereafter he was grabbed by a mob & brutally murdered
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18 Feb 19
The last time @MBuhari issued this dog whistle calling on people to kill anyone they thought rigged elections, it led to the deaths of about 800 people across the country.

This is an @AlJazeera report from that incident.
Several corpers were caught up in that crisis & were slaughtered. They include:

Teidi Tosin Olawale (from Osun State, BSc Computer Science)
Nkwazema Anslem Chukwunonyerem (Imo State, HND Electrical Electronic Engineering)
Okpokiri Obinna Michael (Abia State, BSc Environmental Management)
Adowei Elliot (Bayelsa State, BSc Computer Science)
Adewunmi Seun Paul (Ekiti State, BSc, Social Sciences)
Adeniji Kehinde Jehleel (Osun State, BSc Banking & Finance)
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25 Jan 19
A lot has been said about the backlash Oby Ezekwesili, Fela Durotoye & Kingsley Moghalu have received since yday. A line of thinking that has struck me is how Nigerians often demands for professionals to run for office but arent supportive & are, at times, vitriolic when they run
I don't think this is a fair assessment. All over the country, professionals of note with local & international reputations of excellence are running for office & are being supported.

We need to ask,why is the reaction to these 3 different? Then understand the answer
First & foremost, the office of the President of almost any country is not an entry level elective job, especially countries as ethnically & religiously diverse as Nigeria with economies that slumber more than they swagger.
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12 Jan 19
The petition against Justice Walter Onnoghen was written by a group called the Anti-Corruption & Research Based Data Initiative. Its Executive Secretary is - Mr Dennis Aghanya. As with all things Nigerian scratch the surface a little bit & you see the connection to @MBuhari
Mr Dennis Aghanya was a media aide to @MBuhari between 2009 & 2011. He also served as pioneer National Publicity Secretary to the defunct Congress of Progressive Change (CPC).
In April 2018, ARDI & it's ES - Dennis Aghanya took a position against @nassnigeria regarding the possibility of impeaching @MBuhari for paying $496m for Tucano aircraft without NASS appropriation as provided for by the constitution.

This is what Mr Aghanya said ⬇️
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5 Dec 18
The National Assembly is managed by the National Assembly Service Commission which was established by the National Assembly Service Commission Act 2014 (which repealed National Assembly Service Commission Act 2004)

NASC is an executive body under the supervision of @Mbuhari
S3(4) NASCA says that @NGRPresident appoints the Chairman & members of NASCA from a list of nominees submitted to him by NASS.

S6(1)(b) says the Commission then appoints the listed officers.
S8 provides for the appointment of a secretary of NASC who then acts it's accounting officer.

S9 provides for the Clerk of the National Assembly appointed further to S6(1)(b) to be the accounting officer of the National Assembly.
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26 Nov 18
DROP MALABU OIL CASE AGAINST GEJ, DIEZANI FOR LACK OF EVIDENCE OF WRONGDOING - Abubakar Malami (SAN), Attorney General of the Federation. September 27, 2017 in a letter with reference no: DPPA/FMPR/198/17

Let me do a thread of the letter.
“There is NOTHING to show that the parties as constituted were at all times working together and having ‘meeting of the mind’ to wit to forge CAC documents documents and use some for the purpose of divesting the shares of the complainants.... - Abubakar Malami (SAN), AGF
and thereafter enter into a settlement agreement with FGN and other parties to take delivery of the proceeds of sale of OPL 245.

There is also NOTHING in the proof of evidence to support the charge money laundering & it is therefore IMPOSSIBLE for... - Abubakar Malami (SAN) AGF
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22 Nov 18
Dear @MBuhari In case you haven't seen the letter written by the Red Institute to your party, I will reproduce it in the thread below. So you won't say you were unaware.

November 19 2018
The National Legal Adviser
40 Blantyre Crescent
Wuse 2

Dear sir

It has come to our attention that the All Progressives Congress Party of Nigeria has stolen the intellectual property right of our client, The Rex Institute.

As you can see from the attached visuals, the logo your Party has just unveiled and which is being promoted by the Leader of the Party and the President of Nigeria on his Twitter feed is a direct copy of that of our client, with just a small colour change in the arrow.
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15 Nov 18
.@akandeoj The questions to be answered are many. And this is more than the issue of the approval limits for spending. These questions demand answers as he is the chairman of the NEMA governing council.

They include -
1. Does the VP, as AgP, have the power to authorise spending of funds not appropriated by NASS? S80 CFRN says no.

2. Were companies that are not registered contractors with ITF, NSITF, PENCOM & NEMA as required by law given contracts? If yes why?
3. Were taxes which ought to have accrued & been paid to FIRS on these contracts paid? If no, why?

4. Why did 162,696 bags of rice meant for the North East not make it there? Why/how did they disappear? Who is responsible?
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14 Nov 18
I listened to Hon Isa Ali, Chairman of the House Committee on Emergency & Disaster Preparedness on @aitkakaaki today. Lemme do 3 short threads on how #NEMAGate follows a pattern of the theft of funds meant for the welfare of IDPs. This is Babachir Lawal type stuff

The following Ministries, Departments & Agencies as well as companies made presentations/provided evidence at the 11 public hearings conducted on this matter. So its a thorough investigation where even govt agencies gave evidence of massive corruption #NEMAGate
The findings of the committee include

1. That more than 1 year after the donation of 162,696 bags of rice donated by the Chinese government were delivered to the 6 states of the North East. In fact, they (Adamawa, Yobe, Gombe, Bauchi, Taraba) denied receiving any rice #NEMAGate
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1 Nov 18
Good morning everyone. This is a gentle reminder that the 2017 report from office of the Auditor General of the Federation indicts the @MBuhari admin of monumental corruption in 2016. There are a lot of issues, so let me do a small thread of some of them.
First, more Ministries, Departments & Agencies (MDAs) failed to submit their audit reports in 2015 & 2016 than at any time in Nigeria's history. In 2016, PMB's 1st full yr, almost twice the number of MDAs defaulted than in 2014, GEJ's last full year.
The Auditor General's report showed that FIRS & DPR were overpaid N305.9bn & N531.1bn totalling N837bn for August 2016 ALONE. I have not seen any evidence of refunding these monies to the govt coffers.
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21 Aug 18
I have already spoken about this in passing today. But it worries me. And the use of Poland as an analogy for APC's plans for 2019 should worry any right thinking Nigerian.

Let me do a thread on what the Nazi invasion of Poland was like & why pple reading should be worried too.
The German invasion of Poland began on 01/09/1939. The Soviet invasion of Poland began on 16/09/1939. These hostilities marked the official start of World War 2.

The invasion continued until 06/10 after which both nations annexed Poland under the German-Soviet Frontier Treaty
The invading forces comprised of 1.5m German soldiers, 466,000 Soviet soldiers & 51,000 Slovakian soldiers. Combined these outnumbered the 1m strong Polish forces almost 2:1.
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18 Aug 18
Since @bukolasaraki did that interview with Bloomberg there has been a rash of lies from known pro-APC handles relating to the goings on at Societe Generale Bank of Nigeria & the stewardship of the Saraki Family over the bank.

Lets scatter that table right now
@AdeBanqie has been the lead on his particular lie. So its only fair that I will reference him. So I'm not challenging someone behind their back

SGBN was closed in January 2006 on the orders of Central Bank of Nigeria over allegations that it didn't meet the new N25bn capitalization requirements. The bank denied this & proceeded to court.

The bank won & in 2012 was issued a license as Heritage Bank Limited
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26 Jul 18
Now that the initial euphoria has died, I'll like to talk about how APC ignoring a decision of the Supreme Court in Abegunde v Ondo State House of Assembly & Ors enabled the defection of Senators & House of Reps members we witnessed a 2 days ago.
Understanding the judgment of the Supreme Court in this landmark case will help the majority party in the next Assembly to preserve it's majority & better manage misunderstandings which are bound to happen in party politics.
BACKGROUND: Hon Ifedayo Abegunde was elected on the platform of Labour Party to the House of Reps to represent the Akure North/South Federal Constituency between 2011-2015.

Sometime in 2012 he decamped to ACN citing a division in the Labour Party in Ondo State.
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25 Jul 18
The seeds of the defection that took place yday were not sown in the last few weeks. They were sown in the late hours of June 9, 2015 in a house in Apo Legislative QTRS & reinforced on June 10, 2015 at the National Assembly Complex.

Lemme tell this story without naming names.
In pursuance of his ambitions to be Senate President, APC senators loyal to Bukola Saraki had approached PDP Senators for their support. There was an initial disagreement because some PDP Senators were friends with Ahmed Lawan & wanted to support his ambition.
However, the consensus reached was that as the preferred candidate of the APC leadership, it would better serve PDP interests to support Saraki.

This was agreed at a meeting in a senator's house in Apo. Saraki was invited to join the meeting after this consensus was reached
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23 Jul 18
Yesterday July 22, 1999, marked exactly 19 years since Alhaji Salisu Ibrahim Buhari resigned from office as Speaker of the House of Representatives & Member of the House of Representatives over allegations of certificate forgery all of which he admitted.
The allegations included falsifying his date of birth; forging his first degree from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria; forging a degree in Business Administration from the University of Toronto, Canada, and forging his NYSC Certificate.
His resignation read in part,
"I apologize to you. I apologize to the nation. I apologize to my family & friends for all the distress I have caused. I was misled in error by zeal to serve the nation. I hope the nation will forgive me & give me the opportunity to serve again.”
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16 Apr 18
One of Nigeria's biggest problems is the way we glorify suffering. It's deeply frustrating how so many people believe that whatever benefit accrued is of no value unless the work is tedious, laborious toil.
It's why we have a corporate culture where people believe that the more difficult they make the transaction, the more valuable it is.
It is why we have 2 hour meetings where the only real value is discussed in the first 10 -20 minutes.

It's why businesses in big cities refuse to allow most of their staff work from home even though it's bloody obvious that the work can be done remotely.
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