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26 Nov
Hawkeye pretty piss poor in the end. I was bored stiff, couldn't care less about anyone in it - least of all Kate, who was insufferable.
It's odd to think how strong the Marvel TV bit started. WandaVision was incredible. But since then it's just been drab, tired, uninspired, none of the magic - like walking through treacle.
Can't quite tune out because I love She-Hulk and Ms Marvel. But I'm clinging on by my fingernails.
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25 Nov
New: Priti Patel has added Lords amendments to the policing bill which effectively criminalise the act of protest inews.co.uk/opinion/priti-…
There's a lot of crap thrown around every day by this government, but it's worth paying particular attention to what is happening with this bill. There are provisions in it so extreme they constitute a fundamental attack on British freedom.
I describe most of them in the piece: Aggressive expansion of stop-and-search, brutal punishments for trivial protest behaviour, very broadly worded offences about "locking on". But the most egregious example is the Serious Disruption Prevention Order.
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24 Nov
Too much to ask, I suppose, that we might recognise the humanity and desperation of the people crossing the Channel. But if we're ever going to do it, it'll be tonight.
Our debate is stuck between treating them as a problem at best, and an invasion at worst. Farage and his ilk promote the second view. Mainstream news bulletins the first.
Longer current affairs programmes are usually quite good on this, but the bulletins are absolutely terrible. They largely accept the framing of the nativist right, if not the rhetoric. The issue is reduced to crossing are bad and they must stop.
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23 Nov
There's something uniquely dispiriting about waiting on hold We've been drowned under it the last week - by ticket agents, banks, hospitals. Literally hours on end of it.
I swear it's getting worse every year, bastards eating up ever more valuable minutes of your life.
The dream version of me fucking lays into them when they answer. The real version of me realises they're some guy on shit pay, is perfectly polite, and then dies a little further inside.
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16 Nov
Jacob Rees-Mogg, looking rather chastened, is currently up in the Commons rescinding the motion he himself aggressively promoted a couple weeks ago parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/1b…
Extraordinary. Mogg: "The tragedy that afflicted Mr Paterson coloured and clouded our judgement - and my judgement- incorrectly. And it is as simple and as sad as that."
Nonsense of course, but telling just how desperately they are wheeling backwards under fire.
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16 Nov
I suspect this will be a minority opinion, given the woman next to us fell asleep and most people leaving the cinema seemed bored silly by it, but I absolutely loved Eternals.
I didn't admire it, or like the ambition or anything like that: I straight-up loved it. Really cared about the characters, was awed by the scale of it, found the ideas really interesting, and thought it had some of the best action scenes in a Marvel movie.
Also, if you're a DC fan who hates most of their movies, it's really easy to see the Justice League in it. Richard Madden is the best Superman for years, Lauren Ridloff the best Flash, and Angelina Jolie was made to play Wonder Woman.
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5 Nov
I mean, if this is true we're surely in game-changer territory. This is as big as the vaccine.
There is another story to be told about the pandemic, which is about the triumph of science and common endeavour. We should probably talk about it more, and perhaps we will when the immediate horror is further behind us.
I was listening to a podcast about the mRNA vaccine the other day and that shit is pure sci-fi. Extraordinary to live in a world where it exists.
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5 Nov
I wonder if this week has done anything to convince the doom-mongers on my side of things about how wrong and unhelpful it is to catastrophise everything.
I see countless tweets about how we never had a functioning standards system. But if that's true, why do you think the government is so intent on destroying it?
And what do you think it does to the people who diligently and independently work to maintain scrutiny and probity for people to act like they don't exist or don't matter?
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4 Nov
Quite extraordinary to hear Mogg say that he "fears last night debate conflated the individual case with the general concern". It was a motion on Paterson. Mogg largely ignored it and focused all his attention on the amendment for stitching-up the standards system.
He now says they'll go and try to think up a cross-party way to do this - presumably creating a committee which does not have an in-built Tory majority. Good. But Paterson remains, saved from his punishment by the amendment Mogg himself backed and the govt whipped in support of.
Ah no - turns out they really are U-turning hard as fuck.
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4 Nov
Contemptible. Stone has done nothing wrong. She carried out an inquiry into an MP without fear or favour and rightly found her had broken the rules. And yet the government protects the corrupt MP and calls on the investigator to resign.
It's sickening. A downright moral decay.
Why go after Stone? Well, funny story there. You may remember a little trip to Mustique which Boris Johnson took in 2019. Kathryn Stone concluded he broke the rules because he hadn't "fulfilled conscientiously" requirements to register donations.
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3 Nov
What we're seeing today is an attempt to kill the system of standards in public life. Nothing less.
PMQs starts on the Paterson issue. Johnson says "paid lobbying... is wrong". But then: "That is not the issue in this case. it is not."
This is already a completely unacceptable thing for the prime minister to have said. That is precisely what the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards found in her report and the cross-party Committee on Standards agreed with.
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28 Oct
I am so bored of these dreadful tiny people and their ceaseless gibbering. news.sky.com/story/brexit-u…
You bored us to tears with Brexit, you catastrophically fucked it up, you won an election promising to stop taking about it, and now here you are: still fucking talking about it. Except this time with the added comedy value of berating your own deal.
It's not ever going to stop is it. We'll all be 90 years old and these bleating mediocrities will still be banging on about Europe.
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24 Oct
Was really quite bowled over by Dune. It's stunning. One of the most visually arresting sci-fis I've ever seen. I loved getting lost in the pomp and treachery of it.
There is a problem though. It's not really a complete film. It feels like a (very long, very expensive) episode. So you leave feeling slightly frustrated. An odd mixture of over and under-whelmed.
You can't hold it against him, he's grappled with some really complex stuff and made a coherent story out of it. Not just coherant, but mind blowing. But if I'm honest, a part of me left thinking: this should probably be a TV series.
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20 Oct
It's hard to imagine a worse forum for political debate than Twitter.

This, incidentally, is partly why I stopped arguing with people on Twitter. You never get anywhere. It becomes this kind of grotesque nerd gladiatorial match in which pithy condemnation replaces logic or evidence.
You can 'win', quite easily, by making fire-and-brimstone condemnations and appealing to your tribe. But both of you always come out of it looking worse than you did before. No-one ever really wins.
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16 Oct
DC comics nerds - and I really mean hard core nerds here, ignore this if you aren't - I could use some help. I'm putting together a master list of DC history, including only good runs/stand-alones and major continuity events. If there anything really good that I'm missing? ImageImageImageImage
Last bit here. Going to sort a proper reading order later and break the runs down so they're vaguely in continuity. But this is all head-cannon. I'm not too worried that I'm taking bits from different continuities and smashing them together. Image
I wish I had more for the epilogue though. There must be more alternative endings around that I haven't heard of. And no, not Dark Knight Returns. It's too bleak to finish with.
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15 Oct
Why is going into space the only thing that must be contingent on solving all problems on earth.
People don't say it about any other kind of technological advance. It's considered perfectly normal that we explore new things without having fixed all problems on earth. But apparently our need to visit & explore space must be put on the backburner until we've achieved utopia.
Space tourism will start with the rich - everything does - and soon become affordable for everyone. The tech will be useful on the ground. And the human race will be in a better place if we can all gaze on the earth from above, without borders or differences.
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13 Oct
Right I'm coming to the end of the paperback book tour but there's still a few events this week.

Tonight it's a VIRTUAL event with the wonderful @JohnJCrace for TAL festival talfestival.ticketco.events/uk/en/e/ian_du…
@JohnJCrace Tomorrow night it's Milton Keynes festival, also VIRTUAL, with pay-what-you-can

@JohnJCrace And Friday lunchtime it's Politics and a Pint IN PERSON at Mere - in a place called The Butt of Sherry, which has made my day.

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12 Oct
I have read the Frost speech and it is head-scramblingly inane. His actions have directly contradicted nearly every aspect of it.
"We need to stick together". You negotiated our departure. "It is our responsibility to safeguard peace in Northern Ireland." You yourself aggressively pursued the project that put that at risk.
"The protocol has lost consent in Northern Ireland". You imposed it against the consent of Northern Ireland. "We are being asked to run an EU boundary through the centre of our country". That is the product of your negotiation.
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12 Oct
Hindsight narrative is gaslighting on a national scale. I remember exactly what it was like in March 2020. The pressure was intense for the government to take action weeks before it did so.
And even if that wasn't the case, they made precisely the same mistake in autumn. Weeks of warnings, completely ignored, thousands dead.
We literally just lived through this. Don't now come and tell us that it didn't happen.
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10 Oct
The police have been broadly interpreting this law since it was passed to interfere with people's right to speak or express themselves exactly as we see here.
It's left to the police officer to decide if a passer-by could be caused distress by the 'threatening' words.
So of course someone saying 'fuck' in a conversation outside the pub isn't targeted by police, but people holding political placards/wearing political T-shirts with the word 'fuck' are.
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6 Oct
If this speech lasts five minutes it'll be too long.
I seem to be watching a Tory prime minister make a speech about how catastrophically the country has performed after 11 years of Tory rule.
Johnson mistakes alliteration for wit.
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