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11 Aug
There is no refugee crisis. There is a small, semi-permanent flow of people seeking safety and hope here, through various forms of transport, from countries lost to war or economic and societal breakdown.
What we're seeing now is depressingly familiar. The grim cold-hearted cynicism of Farage, the craven desperation of a government signed up to the nationalist agenda, the gullible irresponsibility of TV news crews helping them invent a crisis.
Appalling godforsaken fucking nonsense. A complete abdication of basic moral responsibility.
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23 Jul
Nice to see English politicians suddenly panicking about the Union after spending four years actively putting it in jeopardy.
What did they think was going to happen? One if the strongest arguments for Soft Brexit was that it paid due respect to the parts of the Union which voted to Remain. Instead they were ignored, silenced and told they were enemies of the people.
Then you select Boris Johnson as Tory leader - a charicature of English indifference towards Scotland. And he proceeds, as his predecessor did, to freeze Scotland out of the Brexit process.
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22 Jul
If you respond to the fact-checking of lies from the prime minister with 'it didn't matter though, he'll get away with it', you are part of the problem.
The truth matters as much as people believe it does. By insisting it's no longer pertinent, you are helping to eradicate it as part of political discourse.
It's a cop-out. A surrender to power. Be better.
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22 Jul
Last PMQs before recess. Enjoy* it while you can.

*You won't enjoy it.

Starmer leading on Russia report. That's impressive. His instinct will have been to stay away from it as Brexit-tinged.
First Q: Why did Johnson sit on it. Johnson trying to smear Starmer by association with Corbyn. Starmer: "I supported the then PM on record. I would ask the PM to check the record and correct that."
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14 Jul
Christ alive man. The messages about how people don't like wearing masks. None of us do, you tiresome bellends. It's not like the rest of us are dancing down the fucking street about it.
We're doing to help protect other people and assist in a limited, and probably temporary, return to normality. Try thinking about someone other than yourself for just one tiny second of your fucking life.
Alright I should admit that my grey mask makes me look a bit like Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so I do quite like that, but then afterwards it is hot, stuffy and inconvenient. FULL DISCLOSURE.
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5 Jun
Blair interview on Today supremely depressing. Felt like a daydream in which you could imagine, for a moment, what it would be like to have an adult in charge.
And save me the boredom of the thousand response banging on about Iraq. Surprising as it may be, that has fuck all to do with what we're talking about.
The difference it would make right now to have a PM who was ahead of, rather than behind, the issues raised. And recognised the extent to which govt needed to be overhauled in order to prepare for them.
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4 Jun
So Wednesday night is virtual Dunt family movie night. My choice came yesterday and I went for A Field In England. The family is now alienated, disturbed, exasperated and I think will take action to ensure I never get to choose again.
That film though. It fucking haunts you. Such a magnificently messed up, uncompromising beautiful stripped down piece of work.
I love that at some point they sat down and said: well what we've got here is a black and white psychedelic horror movie set in the English Civil War. And then had the balls to make it.
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3 Jun
Bit of Starmer vs Johnson to-and-fro coming up parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/79…
Scott Benton looks like he's appearing in court.
Starmer up. Expresses "shock and anger" at the death of George Floyd. Surprised Johnson hasn't said anything yet. Wants him to make the UK's concern clear to him.
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2 Jun
There really is no contempt so vast it is sufficient to account for Trump. He is fucking despicable.
Just the most venal, ignorant, immoral, self interested, abysmal racist.
I've seen the oh-so-clever commentators talk breezily about how Trump drives his opponents mad, or write off criticism of him as 'Trump-bashing'.
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30 May
I'm glad to see this. Vaping is one of the great technological triumphs of the last few years: a way to eradicate most of the dangers of smoking without losing the pleasure of it. We should celebrate it. But instead nearly everything I read about it is critical.
Is it completely safe? No. Is it much, much safer than smoking? Yes it is. And yet there is more critical coverage of it than cigarettes. That is insane and it will lead to more deaths.
For those who want more info on the health difference between vaping and cigarettes, this Public Health England video is very good indeed
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29 May
I watched Contagion last night. Possibly unwise. It basically regressed me to my mental state at the start of lock-down. Paranoia and a Terminator-like vision of potentially contaminated surfaces.
Huge credit is deserved for the writer of that film. It is fucking uncanny how presciently it treats what is happening to us now in a fictional form. Clearly the product of massive amounts of research. The last minute is terrifyingly on-point.
It's also oddly inspiring. Experts, the ones who try to understand things and act on them to preserve humanity, are the heroes.
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29 May
My Legendary Girlfriend is the best Pulp song. Yes it is. None of this newfangled Common People stuff.
I would just like everyone to note how well I understand popular culture. My finger is on the fucking pulse, people.
Great now I'm going to be ratiod.
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29 May
This is one of the most shocking news clips I have ever seen.
Note the utter professionalism of that reporter throughout, in extraordinary circumstances. Especially compared to the abject failure of the police to exhibit the same sense of restraint or good judgement.
That might as well have been filmed in a tinpot dictatorship.
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28 May
The Cummings impact on people following public health advice isn't happen in isolation. It came on top of the hopelessly confused Stay Alert update, which removed any sense of intuition or clarity from the govt message.
It's a terrible combination: Confusion combined with hypocrisy. Taken together, I suspect we've reached a point where there really is no interest at all in what the rules are.
I can't blame anyone for that. I had conversations last night on what you could and couldn't do - meeting more than one person in the park for instance, which honestly just felt like we were goodie-two-shoes mugs for even discussing it.
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27 May
People that play video games online seem to be dealing with lock-down very well. They have an in-built cultural understanding of remote socialising.
Plus they're spared that awkward Zoom thing of 'What you up to? Fuck all. What you up to? Fuck all'. They're hanging out socially to do something.
Not like everyone else, who tries to replicate social events virtually - movie watching, parties, whatever. They've got a purpose to the virtual social interaction.
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27 May
Shouldn't be shocking anymore, but Jenrick on the radio right now currently hedging over whether people with symptoms should travel is extraordinary.
This surely suggests, given the Cummings story, that any parent experiencing symptoms is now being told they can drive where they like.
Fuck me he's making a dog's breakfast of this.
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25 May
Come on man. It's sunny and I'm inside like a bellend watching the news. Hurry the fuck up.
Might have a gin.
Incidentally this is when you see the professionalism of broadcast journalists. Filling time, making sure they don;t run out of things to say, informing viewers.
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25 May
I don't like to be a cunt about these things, but I do hate it when people misuse 'plethora'.
I mean, I get it. Words change. They have only the meaning which we imbue them with. But it is actually quite a useful word, in the same way that 'disinterested' is a useful word, and there are plenty of other terms for the meanings being forced on them.
Anyone replying to this saying there's a plethora of other terms for those meanings obvs gets blocked.
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25 May
Great, isn't it. Cummings says nothing. The ministers sent out to speak for him don't talk to him, so can't provide further information. The PM says they've spoken but doesn't provide details.
It's all so powerfully convenient.
It's surely clear now, given the length of that journey and the reluctance to offer a denial, that he got out that car on the way up.
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24 May
Yep. Johnson digging in. "He has acted responsibly, legally and with integrity."
This is a very instructive moment.
Johnson is willing to accept a very significant weakness in his administration - a gaping political wound - in order to preserve Cummings.
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23 May
Hilarious. They've gone with Michael Green.
Might as well have asked an empty shoe box to handle the press conference.
Honestly Michael Green talking about rail policy right now, in this context, is comedy gold and I am enjoying it immensely.
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