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Always stay human. This is more precious than all crowns, and more important than all thrones.
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Nov 28 4 tweets 2 min read
Everything for them.

For our families and children❤️
For their future, freedom, life.
We will never give up.
And we will win 🇺🇦 Beauty can save the world.

But who said it was about appearance?

#soul #good #mercy #love
Nov 27 14 tweets 11 min read
Kyiv. Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra.

An ancient monastery with 1000 years of history.

Four Season.
Nov 26 7 tweets 3 min read
We will win🇺🇦

For the sake of life. For the sake of the children. For the sake of freedom.

Good is tested by the fact that it collides with evil.
But good will always overcome evil, and light will overcome darkness. 🇺🇦⚔️
Nov 25 9 tweets 6 min read
1/1. Cowardly killer Putin is so afraid of meeting real people that he invited actors and figureheads, under the guise of mothers of dead orcs. Besides, it's not the first time. In the second photo, FSB fishermen and people in the FSB temple🤡

View the whole thread⬇️ 1/2.Remember the meeting with flight attendants, where everyone saw the montage of Putin's hand passing through the microphone. In addition, not even this edited video were not real flight attendants, but still the same fake faces. Most likely working for the Federal Security
Nov 23 13 tweets 6 min read
At one time, the fascist propagandist and ideologist Goebbels said one phrase: Give me all the media, and I will make a herd of sheep from any people. In 🇷🇺, this phrase works best. Although in some countries of the world 🇷🇺 propaganda has also borne fruit.

⬇️ bots and fakes 1/2. You noticed that these clowns write the same thing under almost any Tweet: Ukrainians are Nazis) And they send photos of dubious content. Claiming that 44 million Ukrainians are Nazis. Because in their country there are a couple of thousand people with such views.
Nov 21 11 tweets 7 min read
Freedom and Dignity Day🇺🇦 People on the Maidan came out against the corrupt pro-Russian authorities. For European integration, freedom and democracy, which was taken away from them.For which they were beaten by the Berkut special forces, on the instructions of Yanukovych authorities.
Nov 19 12 tweets 4 min read

No cold and evil can extinguish light and warmth in our hearts.

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine🫡⚔️ We will win🇺🇦

⬇️⬇️⬇️ ImageImageImageImage ❄️🪖
Nov 19 11 tweets 4 min read
1/1.During the war.

Russian propaganda and its puppets all over the world began to spread their campaigns to search for "bad" Ukrainians very actively.

⬇️⬇️⬇️(See the whole branch) 1/2. Among the millions of 🇺🇦 who are now under increased attention because of the war. They are looking for negative characters, and they are emphasized. It is beneficial for propaganda to focus on the bad qualities of some of the 🇺🇦. And then blame the whole people and country.
Nov 18 13 tweets 4 min read
1/1.I advise some ignoramuses to read the Geneva Convention and the rules for surrender and acceptance into captivity.These invaders opened fire on our soldiers,wounding one of the 🇺🇦 soldiers.And after that, they are all violators.Because the procedure has not been completed.
⬇️ 1/2. And those who were lying on the ground had not yet been checked for the absence of weapons. He could have weapons, grenades, etc. Which he could use against our soldiers. They automatically become not prisoners, but attackers. They were given a chance to surrender.
Nov 17 4 tweets 2 min read
It's snowing in Ukraine❄️

Against the background of everything. A little positive video. Warriors of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the best New Year's gift.

Everything will be Ukraine. Winter will be hard. But we will stand and win🇺🇦🫡 🇺🇦🫡
Nov 17 5 tweets 2 min read
1/1.For me,the death of any innocent person is a tragedy. It doesn't matter, nationality.Every life is important. But some believe that the rocket that killed two people is evil.But thousands of Russian missiles that kill thousands of 🇺🇦 are normal. Because 🇺🇦 is not in NATO? 1/2. Ukraine is defending its sky. We sympathise with the relatives of the deceased citizens of Poland. But the only ones to blame for this are Russia. Which attacked a foreign country, kills thousands of people and launches more than 100 missiles a day in Ukraine.
Nov 17 4 tweets 2 min read
The kremlin admitted that they are launching missile strikes on infrastructure to force 🇺🇦 to negotiate
Peskov called the lack of light and heat in the houses of 🇺🇦 the consequences of the fact that the authorities "do not want to solve the problem."
#russiaisaterrorisstate Image Terrorism, in its broad sense, is the use of criminal violence to cause a state of horror, mainly to achieve political or religious goals ... violence during peace or in the context of war against non-combatants (mainly civilians and neutral military personnel) Image
Nov 16 4 tweets 1 min read
Nov 16 9 tweets 4 min read
A little information about the scale of Ukraine's war with russia.

Since February 24, Ukraine has been holding defense along the front line with a length of more than 2,400 km. And even now, the active line of military clashes is about 1000 km.

⬇️⬇️⬇️ Look at the branch. I want to remind you how russia used the Crimean Bridge. To supply new weapons and equipment to kill Ukrainians. You feel the difference when Ukraine strikes warehouses, logistics, military bases, etc. And when russia strikes at peaceful cities
Nov 15 4 tweets 2 min read
Russia fired about 100 missiles during a massive strike.

They surpassed October 10, when 84 missiles were fired. Country of fascists and terrorists. Pathetic cowards that can only fight civilians. Who else wants to negotiate with them?
#RussiaIsATerroristState Image Russian terrorists don't understand. That they don't intimidate 🇺🇦 with this. But only righteous anger and a desire to avenge all the evil and crimes committed by the 🇷🇺 occupiers in 🇺🇦 cause. The fascists🇷🇺, losing on the battlefield, take revenge on the civilian population
Nov 14 6 tweets 2 min read
Freedom 🇺🇦

We will always be for peace and good. But whoever comes to us with a sword will perish from the sword⚔️ 🇺🇦🪖🌻
Nov 12 12 tweets 3 min read
1/1. Russia has killed tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians. Hundreds of cities and villages were bombed. Occupied part of the territory of Ukraine. And now, when their army starts to suffer defeats, they start talking about "negotiations".

(Look at the whole branch)⬇️ 1/2. And these manipulations are inseparably amenable to the world. They say, look, Russia wants peace, and Ukraine does not go to negotiations. Pathetic attempts. Nobody but Russia is interested in the war. She doesn't want peace.
Nov 12 13 tweets 4 min read
«Let you have a heart that will never harden, and a character that will never spoil, and a touch that never hurts».

A series of Ukrainian warriors and our smaller brothers🫡🪖🐕🐈
⬇️⬇️⬇️ Our soldiers saved these child from shelling enemy artillery. Most likely, their mother died🦌 twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Nov 11 9 tweets 6 min read
Kherson is Ukraine🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 Kherson is Ukraine🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦
Nov 11 8 tweets 2 min read
The Cossacks are coming⚔️🫡

And we will liberate all our territories from the russian occupiers and fascists.

United and free Ukraine. Remember, today we are one day closer to victory🇺🇦🌻✌️ 🇺🇦✌️
Nov 11 8 tweets 3 min read
Ukrainian flag over the city administration of Kherson. Kherson is Ukraine🇺🇦 Image 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦✌️ twitter.com/i/web/status/1…