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23 Apr
Let’s talk about tone policing Black girls and women. In short, don’t do it. But here is a thread on it.
Yes, even I get tone-policed. But I recognize it immediately and put an end to it. Leaving the perpetrator with references to self-reflect on their actions towards me. I do this as a way to protect other Black females from going through this.
Tone policing has everything to do with the receiver. You perceive this person’s email, text, verbal exchange with you, or non-verbal cues to be “threatening”, “aggressive”, or “mean” based on your own preconceived thoughts and negative views of them.
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6 Apr
A close acquaintance of mine died from COVID on Sunday. What saddens me about her death is that she was offered the vaccine but refused because she wanted to see how others reacted.
While I don’t blame her for being hesitant, a part of me wishes I could have talked to her about her hesitancy. Maybe she would still be here.
For all those who are hesitant to get the vaccine, I understand because I was hesitant too. But I trust our scientists and know that this vaccine is here to really protect us and not harm us. Covid is not a game and is nothing to play with
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