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Mom, Refugee, Intersectional Feminist, 2017 Top Angler of the Governor's Fishing Opener and Congresswoman for #MN05. Join me 👇🏽
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12 Aug
In Minnesota, we know that organized people will always beat organized money.

Tonight, our movement didn’t just win. We earned a mandate for change. Despite outside efforts to defeat us, we once again broke turnout records.

Despite the attacks, our support has only grown.
This election isn’t about me. It’s about an agenda rooted in people’s everyday struggles—and the corporations and rightwing donors who are threatened by it.
It’s about standing up to a President who promised to ban an entire group of people from this country based solely on their Muslim identity, calls our countries of origin ‘shithole countries,’ and threatened to send us back to where we came from.
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3 Aug
LIVE: August Day of Action with Ilhan Omar, @AOC, @AyannaPressley, and more progressive champions!…
Ask your questions for me + our guests in the comments — and chip in at any time at!
“Ilhan is with the people every single day.” —@keithellison
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27 Jul
Join @BernieSanders, @RashidaTlaib, me, and more for our Day of Action live stream!…
Share your questions for me + our guests in the replies below!

And chip in at any time to power our campaign for progress to victory:
“The power of the people is always more powerful than profit, always more powerful than Wall Street, always more powerful than the wealthy elite.”
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9 Jun
.@SenKamalaHarris gets it right here:

In Minneapolis, we spend $193 million on police.

11 times what we spend on health.

And 482 times what we spend on crime prevention.

Reimagining the role of police means building a system that prioritizes community investment.
Most problems arising from substance use, mental health diagnoses, and poverty require medical professionals and social workers — not criminal enforcement or armed officers.
In Minneapolis, the police department doesn’t perform the most fundamental role we expect — solving serious crimes and caring for victims.

The MPD leaves ½ of all homicides unsolved.

They have literally destroyed hundreds of rape kits.…
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6 Jun
Maybe @Paulgazelka should’ve talked to our suburban moms before trying do divide us!

We are One Minnesota and we reject your fearmongering and division.
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28 May
I am heartbroken.

Horrified at the needless death of George Floyd, another innocent black man murdered by police in our community.

Frustrated that we keep finding ourselves in this position as a city.

Angry that justice still seems out of reach.
Our anger is just.

Our anger is warranted.

And our priority right now must be protecting one another.
Violence only begets violence.

More force is only going to lead to more lives lost and more devastation.

We must prioritize the safety of our community.

We can rebuild, but we cannot bring back lives.
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8 Apr
Today, our movement faces a setback.

But every single setback is an opportunity to push for progress.
The American people still want to live in a society where their human right to healthcare is guaranteed, where we confront the climate crisis, and where they are not shackled with debt.
In moments like this, I’m reminded of my grandfather. He was born in colonized Somalia, and was never afforded the opportunity to live in a democracy until he came to the United States.
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25 Mar
What we know so far about the latest bill:

- $1200 in cash to those making up to $75K, $2400 for couples up to $150k, $500 for kids
- Increased unemployment benefits timeline
- $350 million in small business loans/direct $$ for those who maintain payroll
- $500B in aid to corps—with Congressional oversight
- $100B in assistance to hospitals
- $150B to state/local govts
- $250m in tax credits for paid leave
- $400m in election grants
- $1B for Defense Production Act
- $45B in disaster relief for local govts/tribes

- No word on universal and monthly cash assistance
- No word on coverage for all testing/treatment for coronavirus
- No word on eviction/foreclosure protections
- No word on a ban on stock buybacks/bonuses
- No word on student debt, mortgage and rent relief
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22 Mar
Any relief package must:

•Make cash assistance universal and monthly
•Halt foreclosures *and* evictions
•Freeze all deportations
•Cancel student debt
•Pay for small business losses
•Bail out workers, not corporations

Here are some steps I have been taking to ensure this.
.@AyannaPressley and I led a letter calling for across the board student debt cancellation and immediate monthly payment relief to be included in the next package. 

No one should have to choose between paying off student loans and putting food on the table during this crisis.
I led a letter to @DHS_Wolf requesting a plan to prevent outbreak in detention facilities—and a halt to deportations, interior enforcement and immigration court proceedings to prevent the spread of the virus.…
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17 Mar
This is what happens when rightwing Twitter trolls are treated as authorities on campaign law.

Let’s clear the air.

1. The gov't doesn't fund my campaign. Grassroots donors do.

2. Everything we spend is used for a legitimate expense and paid at fair market value. (Thread)
Will Hailer and Tim founded eStreet after working on Keith Ellison’s campaign for years. Will, who is from MN, managed Keith’s Congressional campaign two cycles and helped increase voter turnout in #MN05.
His work played a major role in keeping Minnesota blue under President Obama, helped defeat an anti-voter statewide constitutional ID, elected a blue state legislative delegation from our district and laid the groundwork that allowed us to keep it blue in 2016.
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16 Mar
- Suspend mortgages/rent payments
- REAL paid leave for all
- Student debt cancellation

These are not radical ideas given the scale of this crisis.

Here are some of the steps other countries around the world affected are taking:
Italy suspended all mortgages payments and passed a $28 billion recovery plan to support their healthcare system, families and businesses.

France is delaying business taxes and social security payments.…
Denmark announced a $13 billion set of initiatives to keep companies afloat.

The Danish government is reimbursing the organizers of big events that were cancelled.
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10 Mar
Elections, at the end of the day, are not about candidates.

They’re not about which politician or whose supporters we like best.

Elections are our chance to have a say on issues that affect millions of people’s lives.
When the media treat politics like a personality contest, it serves the interests of the wealthy and well-connected.

As long as politics is divorced from people’s everyday needs, they are winning.
So this election, think about the issues you care about, and vote accordingly.

Who do you trust to fight for immigration justice?

Who do you trust to address climate change?

Who do you trust to guarantee every American healthcare?
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4 Feb
It’s no secret that this president has routinely targeted religious and ethnic minorities.

He has fanned the flames of hate against refugees, Muslims, Africans, immigrants, women and all racial and religious minorities.
He is routinely and openly hostile to any legitimate Congressional oversight.

He has made clear his wanton corruption by soliciting a bribe from a foreign government for his personal political gain.
His partisans in the Senate are placing their personal interests ahead of the country by blocking a fair trial on his conduct.
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24 Jan
We’re about to kick off my re-election campaign! Join us! #SendHerBackToCongress
“Ilhan is a fighter.” —@annapoetic #SendHerBackToCongress
“How are we activating people to join our movement?” —Campaign Manager Claire Bergren #SendHerBackToCongress
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15 Jan
Trump wants progressives pitted against each other.

Corporate media want progressives pitted against each other.

Billionaires want progressives pitted against each other.

Pitting progressives against each other weeks before the Iowa Caucus hurts ALL of us.
I support Bernie because I believe he is the candidate to end our endless wars, fight bad trade deals and address the climate crisis.

He has inspired countless progressive women to run for office and has had our back when it mattered most.
Women can win at every level of office, including the presidency.

I know that Bernie believes that.
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9 Jan
When the United States enters conflicts with Muslim-majority countries, it destabilizes nations and infringes upon human rights.

It also riles up Islamophobes and racists at home.…
I’ve seen it right here on Twitter, where my calls to avoid a war with Iran were met with anti-Muslim slurs and tropes in my replies. We’ve seen it at the U.S.-Canadian border, where dozens of Iranians and Iranian-Americans have been held for questioning for no reason at all.
From 2003 to 2007, we saw alarming rates of death threats, vandalism, and violence against Arab-Americans and others assumed to be of Middle Eastern heritage.

Violent rhetoric turns into violent acts.
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6 Dec 19
Today, I believe we are squandering a real opportunity to support peace in Israel/Palestine.

Here is why I can't support the final version of H.Res 326, a resolution about U.S. support for a two-state solution that I fear will make it impossible to ever bring about that peace.
First some background: before Trump, the two-state solution was the policy of the United States for decades. It is the only way to end the occupation and for both Israelis and Palestinians to have their own sanctuaries and self-determination.
I cosponsored the original resolution for that reason.
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7 Nov 19
A year ago today, I was elected to represent #MN05. I ran to help build a movement that reflects working people -- not corporations or the wealthy few.
We didn’t just win the election -- we got 78% of the vote without accepting a cent of corporate money. We connected with our neighbors about what unites us. We came together to fight for the soul of our democracy and the future of our planet.
I say “we” because this campaign isn’t about me. It’s about the people-powered movement we’ve created together. It all comes down to our shared belief that healthcare, education, housing, a fair living wage, and clean air and water aren’t privileges, but human rights.
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3 Nov 19
Senator @BernieSanders and I are about to get on stage in Minneapolis!

Don’t forget to:

1️⃣ Use the hashtag #BerniesBackInMN if you’re here with us.
2️⃣ Catch the live stream at if you’re joining us from home.
3️⃣ Follow this thread for highlights!
#NotMeUs means “everybody counts, everybody matters. ... We all do better.” —@keithellison #BerniesBackInMN
Coming to the stage! #BerniesBackInMN #NotMeUs
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24 Oct 19
The first congressional town hall for women of color is starting soon. Join me as I talk policy and progress with my colleagues and @Weact4progress and @_shethepeople.

Watch live at @nowthisnews!
Be part of the town hall by watching the live stream now! #BuildingPower19
When we talk about democracy, we forget about how undemocratic our workplaces are. I am committed to making sure everyone has a dignified workplace in our country. #BuildingPower19
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23 Oct 19
Excited to be part of @mehdirhasan’s #Deconstructed live taping with @MMFlint!
“Trump has no ideology. He only believes in Donald J. Trump.”
@MMFlint #DeconLive
We have a president who understands the way in which his words incite particular people to act in ways that are not in line with the values that we have. And he constantly feeds them. He’s the chief in command of white supremacists in this country. #DeconLive
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