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16 Jun
TW: sexual assault

I want to elaborate on the post I made last night.

“I don’t think we talk enough about the tension between the discourse of ‘believe all women’ and the very real fears Black, indigenous and people of color have of white women’s tears.”

Part 1
Part 2
I want to add, that yes, I do recognize that birth conversations are deep in the gender binary and that many men and non binary people do carry and have children. Unfortunately, I do not see this predicted conversation allowing space for that.
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30 May
Just had a deep existential crisis over a pretty keyboard that doesn’t work with my laptop.

Basically went from: my laptop won’t recognize this cute blue keyboard

To: what is the point of existing if we’re just going to slog through 40+ years of work, 5+
Days a week only hoping for maybe 2 weeks of vacation that we’ll be afraid to take because we don’t want to lose our jobs, Being on the receiving end of micro aggressions after micro aggressions and gaslighting so I can pay off a mountain of debt in the midst of a collapsing
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11 May
I believe avocado toast led to the worker shortage, a BRIEF thread...
During the 2008 recession, publications admonished millennials for taking simple pleasures like avocado toast to new levels. But, as time has revealed, it wasn’t a trend but the start of millennials turning simple things into EXPERIENCES and valuing time, creativity and
The community they got to interact with at brunch or even in their own homes.

When jobs during and after the recession requires 5 years of experience in starting salaries, people were working overtime to either get or keep their jobs.

At the same time, the country was noticing
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11 May
A memory of my mom was just revealed through a talk I just did.

When I was in middle school, my mom wanted me to transfer to one of the best middle schools in NYC and would go every day to beg administrators to let me apply (even after the school year had started)
They basically ignored her until 9/11 because they were so distracted that they said yes just so she’d leave them alone.

They let her watch the news with them and then she went to go get us from school.

Fast forward to a week later and it was my first day at that school.
The school admins looked at me up and down SHOCKED.

See, my mom neglected to tell them I use crutches and my mom neglected to tell me that THE SCHOOL WAS COMPLETELY INACCESSIBLE.

The staff were like “she can’t go here.”

And my mom looked them dead in their face and said
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9 May
Im gonna need more Nondisabled people to pay attention to the ways that the disability community is used to justify horrible shit, because there’s a new class of disabled white supremacists taking public office and if you don’t pay attention to the way disability’s portrayed,
You and others are going to be easily manipulated.


You’re in the fight of your lives with healthcare.

You know how you all always point to a disabled person and ask, “well if they can overcome their disability, what excuse do you have?”

Well, the question is about
To become “if these disabled people can be elected to public office without any handouts from the government, then why do you need socialized healthcare?”

That’s the new fight. Representational politics isn’t paint by numbers. And thinking just any disabled people will do will
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3 May
In summation:

1. Dems’ constant ceding of ground on keystone policies while simultaneously telling constituents “what we need” strikes voters as disingenuous and performative.

2. “Blue” states are no less authoritarian and for the communities harmed, there is no difference
Which means those constituents won’t see any point in investing in Dems.

3. Dems greatest threat isn’t the GOP but the feeling of the futility of voting.

4. Dems organize midterm to midterm and via reaction. They are not seen as proactive or long planning which forces them
To position themselves as more “moderate” every time. Joe Manchin and Tim Scott are problems of their own making because of this. They wouldn’t have a “big tent” if they were cohesive.
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2 May
Again, this is reactionary organizing. They are always on the defense, they need to be on the offense.

The big tent only exists because they’re constantly trying to appeal to people who are only a fraction on the fence about the GOP, and because of this, they run the risk of
Losing ground with progressives who are already not that enthused about having to vote Democrat every election.

That is the greater threat than possibly losing moderates.

They’re always compromising, and constituents see that as their greatest weakness. The “big tent” isn’t
Working and is actually shifting the party further right than before which is why people like Tim Scott and Joe Manchin keep getting elected.

They need to develop and invest in actual policy ideas and not move the needle to a compromise every time the GOP says “boo.”
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2 May
It’s not an impossible policy idea. For more than a decade, democrats have been preaching that we need universal healthcare and the pandemic has tee’d it up for them at immeasurable human cost, but they’re more concerned with the fallacy of promoting bipartisanship than
Empowering grassroots organizers.

Not only that, but they’re constantly silencing and undermining more progressive Dems in the hopes of not alienating moderates. (Who, for some reason have found the middle between life and death for marginalized people that they’re comfortable

I am well aware that an executive action would not be the right path because it would be overturned by the next administration change and that the filibuster quashes any bill.

But given that they do not have a cohesive comms/outreach strategy, not all Dems are onboard
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24 Apr
Here she is, I mean, if you want just some of the extent of this since she wants to play victim.
Apologies for the lack of alt text: here is a summary of what she says.

-Being visibly disabled is the same as being black (I’m visibly disabled AND Black.)

-thinks people saying that white disabled people can’t be oppressed like Black people (ignoring black disabled people

-thinks people are playing “gate keepers” for saying that they don’t get to claim black oppression as a comparison (again ignoring black disabled people exist)

-has a brown mama (who in later comments gets blacker and blacker as the comments come in to justify her anti
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29 Mar
I keep thinking about @LilNasX’s video and how his journey to hell is actually more accessible to me than many Christians’ idea of getting into heaven.

He slid down a pole to hell rather than take the steps to heaven. It’s an excellent metaphor for disability & faith.

A thread: Lil Nas x sliding down a po...Steps to pearly gates
Many people know I don’t often talk about my faith on here and it’s with good reason. I’ve spent my life being told by complete strangers that either.

A) if I actually had the right amount of faith, I wouldn’t be disabled.

B) my disability was a direct result of sin
C) I would be healed and perfect once I got into heaven.

None of that sat right with me, but it’s what I had always been told.

I used to work for a religious organization and one day, the subject of heaven came up, and being the sarcastic ass that I am, I made a flippant
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18 Feb
Oh also, Texans, if you you feel as though you’re going to fall, you have a split second to decide what your body is going to do.

For liability reasons I cannot endorse you trying this at home, but this is what I was taught to do in physical therapy since childhood:
In the millisecond I need to make a choice, I go limp on the SIDE on which i want to fall. If I feel myself going directly forwards or backwards I attempt to use that energy to position myself so I land on the soft part of my side to protect my head. Being limp is also key.
Once on the ground, and I know this sounds ridiculous, I take a mental inventory of my body position. If my body is laying in a way that I’ve ever been known to lay down voluntarily, it means I’ve either sprained or injured something and I need to stay still and call help.
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17 Feb
If you take nothing else from me, understand ableism and disability stereotypes affect everyone regardless of diagnosis or lack thereof. Let the 2020s at least teach you that. #TexasBlackout #texas
Here is a thread of tips for disabled people trying to survive snow and ice:
@Tinu is a Black disability advocate trying to survive this cold and sheltering in a hotel with her family, you can help with the cost here:
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9 Jan
So is no one going to talk about how Madison Cawthorne was instrumental in stoking insurrection or are nondisabled people unfamiliar with white supremacy in the disability community?

For all that talk about calling racism a disability you don’t seem to want to deal with it...
Disabled BIPOC have been raising the alarm on this for years but people fail to listen. White supremacy is a part of the disability community no matter how much you want to brush these things aside.

The fact is that any POC with a disability on this app has been met with as
Much racism from disabled peers as anyone else.

Do you think the who’re woman stabbing people at target from her wheelchair during the BLM protests was an isolated incident?

We have been trying to sound the alarm for years but because you’re used to treating disabled people
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18 Dec 20
So, I may have worked out how tiktok is silencing marginalized creators and it stems from something @alexhaagaard told me and an observation I made after @_benjvmins_ ‘s profile was removed....

Thread of videos:

Pt. 1
Part 2
Part 3
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13 Dec 20
Ok, It’s later and I’m ready to talk about it:

Other than the fact you all left us to die one of the most infuriating aspects to 2020 is that during the 30th anniversary of the Americans with disabilities act, you all were so incredibly inept when it came to discussing the law.
There will always be a certain number of people who will never be able to use masks, but the way anti-maskers toyed with the ADA to spread disease is unconscionable on for them AND FOR THEM. Yes, I blame you both.

Allow me to put it this way: neither side knew the ADA well
Enough to engage in this level of bullshit: Anti-maskers didn’t know the ADA well enough to use it and you all didn’t know it well enough to defend it. And you all can use the excuse that “you didn’t know the law because it doesn’t pertain to you,” but that’d be a lie, because it
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12 Dec 20
I’m coming to the conclusion that ignorance of invisible disabilities partially stems from the combination of capitalism and the Ugly Laws that legally penalized disabled people for being seen in public.

You see, capitalism requires easy segregation of who is seen as profitable
And who is not. People with physical disabilities that are visible can easily be segregated from the general public and demonized for not contributing to the capitalist structure and using benefits, the same cannot be said for those with invisible illnesses. They’re gaslit about
Their disabilities because by all appearances, they SHOULD be contributing to the capitalist structure and their identifying invisible disabilities is seen as a betrayal of this centuries-old system. They’re also forced, however possible, to hide they’re diagnoses until the last
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21 Nov 20
Here is a full summary of Sia’s actions in the last 24 hours. Fun fact, Tiktok is actively suppressing it...

Working on a transcript now
🧵 So if you're wondering why disabled people specifically autistic, people are pissed at Sia, here's a summary of what happened in the last 48 hours. And Trigger warning because Sia gaslights and mocks disabled people. So around Thursday the trailer for see his new film “Music”
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3 Oct 20
Ok, so last night I made a thread of using ableism as a strategy for talking about #TrumpHasCovid that will inevitably backfire on liberals, leftists and democrats.

Since then I have been saving GOOD EXAMPLES of communication around it threaded here:

The framing of Trump’s diagnosis as a result of his consistent recklessness even endangering the lives of those trying to protect him:
Framing his access to healthcare around the fact that all citizens should have that level of care regardless of income:
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2 Oct 20
A lot of pundits tweeting about Trump’s diagnosis have no experience or desire to evaluate ableism in news media.

Many more have an active hand in perpetuating it. I am begging you all to listen to disabled people on how this would be used.

Thread 🧵
Let’s assume that all of the conspiracy theories as to why his diagnosis could have been faked don’t matter and that without a shadow of a doubt, he is 100% confirmed and believed to have COVID.

Here are 3 scenarios regarding his ailment and how it will play out in media.
1. He recovers fully and downplays the effects of the virus. His supporters continue to gaslight the public about the veracity of the virus and they make him into a folk hero for “overcoming” his diagnosis. They will effectively erase his record as president and substitute in
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21 Sep 20
So, this thread by @/ztsamudzi got me all excited because I very rarely get to talk about what I actually have training in other than to stay alive as a disabled person.

So, let’s talk about conservatives’ attachment to the evangelical church with the lens of why 45 chose
To run as a Republican rather than a Democrat or independent: Branding.

After the passage of the civil rights act, the Republican Party could no longer rely on racial division as the party’s brand strategy so they made the decision to court evangelicals who were mostly
Not ardent voters.

When We consider this as a calculated brand strategy, things very quickly become clear.

To explain exactly how this is achieved, I made a tiktok (yes, I know) about something in place branding known as the “Bilbao Effect.”…
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