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26 Apr
1/As our violently flawed and racist policing system continues to plague Black & brown communities from coast to coast, it’s clear that so many of the laws currently in place do nothing to protect us. And in a few weeks, @DHSgov will release new “enforcement” policies. #EyesonICE
2/These policies will determine every arrest, detention, & deportation that ICE and CBP execute over the next few years, and will have life-or-death impacts on immigrant communities across the country.

These harms must END. #EyesonICE
3/The Biden Administration STILL uses criminal convictions as the basis for its temporary deportation policy, even as the inherent racism of policing is exposed over and over again.

There are just a few weeks left to change that. #EyesonICE
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23 Apr
A4: Roland Sylvain, NY'er and father of 4, has been fighting his deportation for almost a decade. ICE is trying to deport him for the “aggravated felonies” of forgery—for writing someone else’s name on traffic tickets bc his license was suspended at the time—from 20 years ago. 1/
A4: Roland's last fighting chance to stay here with his family is a gubernatorial pardon from @GovernorVA. #RepealAEDPA 2/
A4: Orlando Fernandez Taveras is a NY'er who came to the US at age 1. After yrs struggling with addiction, he had a successful recovery, got married, and had a child, only to have ICE arrest him, keep him in detention separated from his baby for 4+ years, and then deport him. 3/
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23 Apr
A3: Whenever "domestic terror laws" are passed, the most vulnerable communities are always disproportionately punished, even if that punishment was intended for another group. #RepealAEDPA 1/
A3: Whatever the stated intent or target, the law feeds into a system that is programmed to have racially and economically unequal outcomes, so that’s what we get. #RepealAEDPA 2/
A3: AEDPA blocked off paths for incarcerated ppl to bring legal challenges, which meant more people were led to death at the hands of the state, whether in the form of a very long sentence or a death sentence. #RepealAEDPA 3/
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23 Apr
Thanks to all who are joining the #RepealAEDPA #AEDPA25 twitter chat in **5 minutes**!! We’re really excited to be connecting with some awesome orgs, including @DetentionWatch @the_ILRC @ImmJustice @JustFuturesLaw @latinojustice @NDLON @NIPNLG @SEARAC and others!
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Q1: The failed "tough on crime" policies of the 1990s include AEDPA, which was signed 25 years ago tomorrow. What is this law and why is it bad?" #AEDPA25 #RepealAEDPA
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2 Apr
1/Advocates are demanding that ICE does not rely on a racist criminal legal system to fuel deportation, & that it eliminate gang affiliation from its final "enforcement priorities." Gang labeling is often based on arbitrary factors & is proven to lead to discriminatory policing.
2/Gang allegations are nearly impossible to challenge in both pre-trial detention AND immigration court. ICE has targeted and incarcerated immigrant youth labeled as "gang-involved” based on flimsy evidence.
3/By continuing to target immigrants for arrest and deportation under this label, ICE is perpetuating the racial bias that initiated the labeling in the first place.
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31 Mar
1/THREAD: Recreational Marijuana legalization just passed the NYS Legislature! What does this mean for immigrant NYers? #PassTheMRTA #MarijuanaJustice
2/Marijuana-related activity has been a major factor dragging immigrants into the arrest-to-deportation pipeline. After years of organizing by immigrant advocates, criminal legal system advocates, & others, New York passed the MRTA! #MarijuanaJustice
3/MRTA includes big changes to NY law, including:
-legal possession of small amounts of marijuana for ppl 21+
-Creation of an NY licensing system to allow ppl & businesses to sell marijuana
-Expanded access to medical marijuana for many NY'ers

#PassTheMRTA #MarijuanaJustice
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19 Nov 20
❗BREAKING ❗: A federal judge has put an emergency stop to Trump’s latest attack on asylum seekers. IDP is proud to partner with @NIPNLG, @HLS_Immigration, and @sidleylaw to represent @PangeaLegal, @cliniclegal, @CAIRCoalition and @sfdeportdefense on this lawsuit!
Today’s decision puts a halt to Trump’s latest attempt to criminalize immigrants. Trump’s rule—which was set to go into effect tomorrow—would have imposed sweeping new bars to asylum based on broad categories of criminal offenses.
Under that Trump rule, an asylum officer or immigration judge could have categorically denied relief based on convictions that were vacated or expunged. Denials could also have been based on mere allegations of some criminal offenses, even without a conviction.
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5 Jun 20
‼️ ALERT ‼️ ICE is showing up at NYC protests: On Wednesday, this man was walking with protestors when 5 agents jumped out of a van with guns drawn & threw him to the ground, 1 wearing a POLICE/HSI (division of ICE) vest. This man is a US citizen of Puerto Rican descent.
Agents held him on the ground with 3 guns pointed at him, cuffed him, illegally searched him, tried to search his phone, accused him of having a gun. All they found was his military/veteran id. They held him for 10 minutes looking for something to justify their attack on him.
ICE is engaged in violent policing & NY must protect noncitizens, incl. protestors who are being targeted & criminalized for dissent. 100s of people are arrested & charged at courthouses where we know ICE stakes out. NY must pass #ICEOutofCourts NOW! @bradhoylman @MichaelleSolage
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19 Mar 20
ICE is acting like they are being humane during the pandemic, but this is just business as usual. 🗑 THREAD 1/
They say they're focusing on "public safety risks." But ICE's mission has *always* been "to promote public safety..." The question is, what does public safety mean to ICE? 2/
Turns out "public safety" is the go-to justification for anything ICE wants to do. For example: the MUSLIM BAN is based on perceived threats to "public safety." 3/
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24 Jan 20
The Dignity not Detention coalition denounces the feds' lawsuit vs #AB32: "Trump is protecting corporations’ illicit profits." #Dignitynotdetention #peopleoverprofit

Full statement below! Image
@CIYJA @CA4ImmiJustice @the_ILRC @MigrantFreedom @4humanintegrity @PangeaLegal @aaaj_alc @IC4IJ @resilienceoc Latest edition! #DignityNotDetention's response to feds' lawsuit v #AB32: Trump is protecting corporation's illicit profits Image
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