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24 Nov
"If you want to master something, teach it"

~ Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman

A sensible quote, sure... but what does it mean?

Feynman had a special way to learn FAR more than his peers

Here's how you can use the legendary "Feynman Technique" yourself:

Step 1) Teach it to a child

Imagine you're going to explain what you know about your chosen topic to a 12-year-old

You'd have to use simple words and concepts, right?

Yes - that's exactly the point
As Albert Einstein (another pretty smart dude) said:

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough

To be able to explain something SIMPLY, you must first understand it DEEPLY

If you have to use jargon and technical terms, you don't understand it well yet
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17 Oct
Self-doubt is killing you.


Here's how you can easily overcome self-doubt.

< thread >
Self-doubt is a survival mechanism.

Your brain's #1 job is to KEEP YOU ALIVE.

It's evolved a system to avoid perceived threats.

When you're threatened, your brain responds to keep you safe.
One of the most threatening things is UNCERTAINTY.

When you're faced with a new situation, like:

- a new job

- new people

- starting a new hobby/business

That new situation is unfamiliar. It's uncertain.

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22 Sep
Video game addiction is one of the hardest habits to get rid of.

If you have one of these 5 signs, it's time to stop.

Unless you'd rather turn out like the WoW guy from South Park...

\\ THREAD //
1) Feeling irritable/anxious when you can't play

Your brain is a reward-chasing machine.

Games frequently reward you with dopamine.

These rewards keep you hooked.

When you can't play, you don't get the rewards.

Your brain isn't happy til it gets the next fix.
2) Obsessively thinking about games

Your brain is also a problem-solving machine.

It's constantly trying to solve problems to get MORE dopamine.

When you're away from games, you're still thinking about them.

Trying to figure out how to get that next gear upgrade or whatever.
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17 Sep
Alcohol is a trap that will destroy your life if you let it.

Here are 10 things alcohol ads will never tell you:

1) It slows down your brain

When alcohol binds to a brain cell

It prevents that cell from firing a signal.

This causes your brain activity to slow down.

That’s why you feel relaxed when you first start drinking.

You may also feel less anxiety and stress.
2) It lowers your inhibitions

Alcohol slows down brain regions involved in:

- inhibitions
- decision making
- reasoning and clear thinking

When you’re uninhibited and can’t think straight

You make dumb decisions you normally wouldn’t.
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12 Sep
Challenging myself to wake up at 6:00am every day for 30 days

Day 2:

It's so much easier if you stand up right after the alarm goes off.

Don't think about it.

Just do it.

GOOD MORNING! Let's crush this weekend! Image
Day 3.

Great thing about not starting this on Monday?

I have 3 days of momentum going in to tomorrow. Image
Day 4:

I figured out the secret.

Get out of bed immediately and walk around for a minute.

You'll wake up much faster. Image
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6 Sep
Your morning sets the tone for your entire day!

If your morning ritual isn't good...

Your day's tone will be like a karaoke singer's voice breaking during Frozen's Let it Go.

As a bass singer, I don't want that to happen to you.

So here's your Productive Morning Playbook!

1) Get out of bed at your first alarm

If you start your day with snoozing your alarm, you shoot your brain in the foot.

Sleep is a series of alternating cycles of light sleep and deep sleep.

When you wake up, it's typically at the end of a deep sleep cycle. That's great!

But if you snooze your alarm and go back to sleep, you go right back into your deep sleep cycle.

Then when your alarm goes off again, it's in the middle of a cycle.

This makes you feel foggy and confuses your sleep rhythm, making it harder to sleep right the next night.

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30 Aug
Productivity Thread #7:

I've written a thread each day over the past week to teach you how to be more productive.

Today is the seventh and last thread in this series!

In it, I'm going to explain what productivity ACTUALLY means...

First, let me correct a common misconception:

Being "busy" and being "productive" are NOT the same thing.

If you're busy, you're putting time and effort into things.

If you're productive, you're putting time and effort into the RIGHT things.

Or are you?

Think about your average work day.

Do you feel busy?

Or do you feel productive?

You can tell which you are by how satisfied you feel.

Being productive is SATISFYING to your brain.

Being busy is like playing whack-a-mole on a treadmill.

It never ends.

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29 Aug
Productivity Thread #6:

Do you feel anxious on Sundays?

If so, you're not alone - around 50% of people do.

It's called the Sunday Scaries.

I'm here to help you beat them!

First, what are the Sunday Scaries?

They stem from "anticipatory anxiety".

Basically, the thought of going back to work or class on Monday stresses your brain out.

This can make it hard to enjoy your day.

Even worse, it makes you have a hard time falling asleep.

One way to beat them is to spread out your to-do list.

Do you leave your chores and tasks for the weekend?

You think you have time to get everything done...

But it rarely works out that way.

Saturday flies by, leaving your to-do list for Sunday.

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28 Aug
Productivity Thread #5:

There's a zombie roaming the streets of your mind.

It's the shambling corpse of your productivity.

Who killed it? You did.

But you can revive it!

Read on to see how...

Your brain didn't evolve for this world.

Unfortunately, our culture takes advantage of that.

You're constantly having to deal with distractions, negativity, and other things which kill your productivity.

Here are 5 things you can work on to bring that zombie back to life:

By the way, I'm write emails about this kind of thing twice a week.

Want to learn how to be more productive and achieve your potential?

Sign up here to get my newsletter:

Now, let's begin:

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27 Aug
Productivity Thread #4:

Money isn't your most valuable resource.

Time is. Why? It's the ONLY truly limited resource.

You need to budget time like you budget money.

A time budget is also called... a schedule.

In this thread, I'll teach you how to quickly make a schedule!

You invest money. Maybe not into stocks, but into your

- car
- home
- activities

If you want returns (or things), you have to invest money.

Time works the same way.

You invest time into

- work
- people
- activities

Better investments = better returns.

By the way:

This thread is a summary of an email I sent to my newsletter on Tuesday.

I send out valuable emails to make you more productive every Saturday and Tuesday morning.

Join the 518 people on the list and sign up here:

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26 Aug
Productivity Thread #3:

No matter what Karen with her butterfly mug tells you...

You don't need caffeine to be productive.

In fact, reducing or quitting caffeine would be good for you.

Take one last sip and read on to learn how...

80% of the world uses caffeine on a daily basis.

It's the world's most popular drug.

The average person doesn't think of it as a drug, and they don't think they're addicted.

Then that same person will tell you not to talk to them til they've had their cup of bean water.

Benefit #1: Improved sleep

Caffeine blocks the neurochemical which makes you sleepy.

If you have caffeine too late in the day, then you'll have trouble falling asleep at night.

The next day, you feel fatigued... so you reach for more coffee.

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25 Aug
Productivity Thread #2

You won't get anywhere in life if you don't figure out WHERE you want to go.

You need GOALS!

Without goals, you're floating in a canoe on the river of life without an oar, unable to steer.

In this thread, I'm going to teach you HOW to set goals.

This thread is a summary of my Scientific Goal Setting guide.

It teaches you a simple method to set goals you'll actually stick to, using the example of myself losing 170lbs.

Ready to start setting better goals?

Grab your FREE copy of it here!


What is ONE thing you want to

- achieve?
- obtain?
- do?

It doesn't matter how big or scary the answer is.

The answer is your GOAL.

Read on to learn how to achieve it.

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24 Aug
Productivity Thread #1:

In a world full of distractions...

Focus is a superpower.

Good news:

You don't have to take a swim in a vat of acid to develop this superpower.

I'm about to tell you how...

I've got to be honest

Your brain is at a disadvantage

It evolved for a world of

- hunting and gathering
- cavemen and cavewomen
- a simple life of trying to not get eaten

Not a world filled with

- the internet
- social media
- cute cat videos

FOCUS is being able to do one thing without getting distracted

Being focused is also referred to as being in a FLOW STATE

So there are two questions:

A) How do you get focused?

B) How do you stay focused?

This thread will answer both of them.

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21 Aug
Tonight, I'm celebrating having paid off my private student loans

I've paid off $53,985.33 in student loans in 17 months (since April 2019)

How did I do it?

Read on... ⏬ Image
For those who don't know:

I went to @GeorgiaTech, one of the best engineering schools in the world

But with high quality comes a high price, especially for those who were out-of-state like me

I'm now a software engineer for a major company in Atlanta, GA

So, I went to a great school and got a great job

But I had a bill to pay for all of that

After graduation, most people

- get a new car
- buy a house
- get married

What did I do?

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18 Aug
The untold story of Joey, the Improvement Geek

How I went from

- "unofficially" homeschooled
- 370lbs & prediabetic
- zero social skills


- becoming an engineer from @GeorgiaTech 🐝
- starting Improvement Geek
- losing 170lbs

A thread... ⏬ Image
In 1990, I was born in Kentucky

My mom was a nurse and my dad was a pro pool player

A year after my birth, my mom became a traveling nurse

Basically, she'd work at a hospital for 3-6 months

We moved from state to state across the Southeast U.S.

I couldn't go to public school because we weren't staying in one place for long

But my dad decided he didn't want me to be homeschooled either

So for years, all I did was sit at home, read, and listen to music

I had no friends and I barely learned anything at all

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17 Aug
I've gone 21 days with ZERO caffeine

It's one of the best choices I've ever made

Want to know why (and how) I quit?

Read on...

[A THREAD] ⏬ Image
Back around Thanksgiving, I thought I was going to die

I was having severe chest pains and panic attacks

3am one morning, I legit thought it was the end for me

Turns out, too much caffeine had caused acid reflux

Which in turn caused chest pains and panic attacks

I decided to quit using caffeine

First I tried quitting cold turkey

That was a HUGE mistake

Don't ever do that

I was fatigued, irritable, unfocused + had a massive headache

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10 Aug
The most complex object in the known universe sits between your ears.

Your brain.

Some people on Twitter seem to think it can't change.

They're wrong.

Let me introduce you to the concept of NEUROPLASTICITY.

A thread...

Neuroplasticity is defined as:

The changes in your brain which happen

As a result of interactions with your environment

It changes from the day you're born until the day you die

Side note:

If you'd like a more in-depth explanation AND application of neuroplasticity

Sign up for my twice-weekly newsletter here:

I'll be writing an email about this tomorrow morning!

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1 Jul
[ A THREAD ] answering the question:

What are habit loops?

Up to 95% of the things you do each day are the result of habits

Habits are four-part loops

Cue > Craving > Response > Reward

In this thread, I'll break down each part of the loop!

Let's use the example of snacking

Whenever you feel bored, stressed, or sad

You go to the kitchen to grab a snack

It makes you feel better in the moment, but you've noticed it's affected your waistline

① Cue

For this example, feeling a negative emotion is the [cue]

You could feel:

∙ tired because you didn't sleep well
∙ unengaged in what you're doing
∙ sad about a personal issue
∙ stressed about a deadline

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20 Jun
You are a victim of your habits (a thread)

Habits are things you do repeatedly

They're usually unconscious

You might think you WANT to do these things

But that's not true - and they're ruining your life

The chaos of the world has you feeling stressed and anxious

When you're stressed, you want to eat more

So you reach for another handful of chips or another beer

"Just this once", you tell yourself

Harmless, right? Well...

Soon, that "one-time thing" turns into an every day thing

You plop down on the couch with a six pack and a family size bag of Doritos every afternoon

After a few days, you don't even think about it anymore

It's just something you do

Just a harmless way to relax...

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18 Jun
Thread about me losing 170lbs, regaining 80lbs, and losing 90lbs

And how I became the Improvement Geek 🧠

In 2010, I was morbidly obese

I weighed over 360lbs and was pre-diabetic

I played World of Warcraft for 16 hours a day

I never went outside and had no friends

I dropped from 360lbs down to 240lbs in a year and a half

For the next few years, I bounced between 290lbs and 240lbs

Summer 2016, I was 290lbs

Summer 2017, I was 270lbs

Summer 2018, I was 220lbs

I was slowly losing weight, but I knew I could do better

I started reading self-help books to get a push towards finishing the battle

I quickly got tired of the cliches, so I started studying psychology and neuroscience

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19 May
3 tips for better communication (a thread):


Communication is an exchange

You're trying to take an idea from your brain and put it in someone else's

Don't get caught up on your "ums" - no one actually cares that much

I've seen many fail at speaking because they're focusing on themselves

instead of focusing on the message

As you improve as a speaker, you can improve your delivery

But focus on the basics: speaking the words in your head


A mistake my fellow engineers and science communicators make is over-complicating things

We throw in technical jargon and complex diagrams

This is bad. Why?

Because our goal is to get our audience to understand our idea

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