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11 Nov
@RichardBSpencer @MisterBlackPill @MrPimpino @EndRacismPls @cashmoneyglock @heraclitean11 Everyone thinks the Sailer strategy is 'More Whites' but it's really not that simple;
@RichardBSpencer @MisterBlackPill @MrPimpino @EndRacismPls @cashmoneyglock @heraclitean11 The States of Change report from *before* the election (which this report is mentioning) also spoke of Scenario F among simulations highlighting more 'White GOP Support' but was also aware of the fun popular vote / swing state dynamics of increasingly Boomer White support
@RichardBSpencer @MisterBlackPill @MrPimpino @EndRacismPls @cashmoneyglock @heraclitean11 The GOP is not doomed bc a two party system, a dynamical systems, means the steady state will be resumed after a shock. The Democrats were not destroyed by the Southern Strategy either, in the lives of those now living.
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6 Nov
I am in a good mood. I am glad this is happening and you should be too

Seeing many bewildered, indignant conservatives pretending next time GOP does what it wants they won't just vote for it again🤭

Let's explore why you were (understandably) caring so much and don't need to:

yeah, okay, I saw all the crazy videos and shenanigans too

There is some level of not above board conduct, and it is probably tipping the scale in favor of Biden

Fine—but even so, have you noticed the GOP doesn't care? (Oh, some are now pretending to) News networks?
But fraud isn't what meant loads of non college educated/blue collar/Trump 2016 whites didn't support Trump this time around, or improve turnout. You're not claiming the historic black & latino numbers for Trump are also fraud, right?

Well, messaging and policy works both ways
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4 Nov
1) Twitter's warning link regarding this tweet gives you some generalized pablum about vote by mail being 'safe'.

2) Pennsylvania is allowing ballots to be counted which arrive up to THREE DAYS after election day WITHOUT A POSTMARK.

3) con't ImageImage
3) imho Trump has no guts, albeit good instincts, and is a just a politically incorrect Liberal. His minority pandering, and ignoring of his nationalist voters is par for that course—so I don't anticipate anything here

4) to fix this Trump needs to take severe extralegal actions
5) Trump is the commander in chief of the US Armed Forces, the entire DOJ reports to him. He should invoke the Insurrection Act, and deploy US troops and Homeland Security/Justice Department forces across major polling places, and cities likely to see unrest.

6) con't
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3 Nov
> masculine and competent

A decade+ of manosphere writing/incel discourse didn't come from nowhere.

This asking men to be sexy & work hard; turn women on & study in school—be fuckable & save up.
Exhibit r, but also K.

Men have responded to ultimatums:…
Consider, @kaschuta , Dalrock wrote that article in 2011, when the median age at first marriage for women was 26!!

Like @HMDatMI , Dalrock observes that Recently In The Past, in the lives of those now living, women *by default* came to marriage as young virgins.

Essentially, "Bang [Countryname]" era @rooshv (he is pro-marriage now) and @RationalMale and people with blogs that no one can find now like Roissy/Chateau Heartiste and all the rest of it were reactionary. They were just one manifestion of men responding to signal women put out.
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2 Nov
Greg Johnson believes he'll be invited to sup at the GOP policy table bc Peter Thiel—also a white, homosexual, heterodox sort—who has yet to be dismissed from polite society, once had him for dinner.

Here is some of his writing:…
Greg Johnson, a man who engages in flights of fancy about ethnostate cruelties or demeaning remarks to inflict on those who racially offend him—his status as a gay man long since rationalized as beneficial to racial survival no doubt—demanding a vote for Trump is rather typical.
What the MSM knows as hardcore white racism in America, is the injured bleating of the least powerful, least serious, most delusional people in the US.

Not to say they are idiots—rich liberals & non white immigrants scrupulously avoid certain neighborhoods, for 'reasons', too.
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1 Nov
Integralists LARPing as Neo Falangists, sure.

But there will be no coalitions. That's the point and this isn't a decision anyone will make.

Mass culture is simply on the way out, and what is coming is tribe. In fact PATRONAGE NETWORKS will be even more powerful than mere tribe.
One view of illiberalism is RaHoWa, the Day of the Rope—it has percolated all the way down into normie political culture as 'The Boogalo' to the extent that 'Your skin will be your uniform' and 'READ SIEGE' types have watched their linguistic totems become used by NFAC/CivNats.
^ if you have ANY idea what RaHoWa or 'CivNat' mean, you are part of an elite group of Very Online, even Too Online Americans. You comment on threads. You have memes hogging your phone gallery storage. So why do you believe mass society and culture will persist? 'Being American'?
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1 Nov
I regret to inform you that I have downloaded faceapp

I am drunk with power and cannot be stopped

To start things off with a bang: Matt Parrott and Ivanka Trump's son Image
Scott Greer and Saira Rao Image
Charlie Kirk and AOC Image
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31 Oct
Au contraire!

Well intentioned Liberals (or Centrists, adults-in-the-room, etc.) misapprehend 'woke' people as a new phenomenon (cf. Curtis Yarvin's open letter to Paul Graham), or else as being careless about what babies they may throw out with the bathwater.

This is not so!
I agree recapitulating things like segregation, racial preference, parochial/religiously exclusive courts, etc. is doing great damage to the world we knew 1980-2000.

"It was nice and people liked it."- @futureusrefugee

But we aren't going/can't go back.

Consider Liberals like @CHSommers , who are obviously aware something is wrong with nutritionally and dispositionally with sloped shoulder, manboobed, nu-male soyboys, and a sexless Millennial generation.

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26 Oct
The stumbling block is 'heteronormativity'.

Every human on earth, today and forever past, without exception, as a vessel for (all the Greek word variations) loving thoughts about another person, is a result of a biological male and female in union at least through the gametes.

Wanting to have kids (and a bunch of kids) is already quite political! The above is too—technological 'solutions' to that 'problem' make a judgement value on reality. But then a BUNCH of kids? Who takes care of them? Mom? Bc she's a woman!? Huh? Huh?
Trad Lyfe people are weird/often making a sexual fetish of Stepford Wife style submissiveness deriving from a later parodied view of a family dynamic that was itself an attempt to recapture a Pre-War idealism (and sell us Ford motor vehicles);NO ONE is truly serious about family.
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24 Oct
In my ZoomTown/refugee zone I just purchased a matcha chai latte with almond milk plus saffron. Five bucks. Strolling distance in the cute downtown from an apartment with an elevator and a gym and in-unit laundry. Monthly rent under a third that in NYC. @jaltucher was right. ImageImage
And @chris_herd is right— @FirstbaseHQ will build out how people work remotely.…

Something like 40% of all employment in the US can be done from home; and something like 60% of those jobs represent the top 25% of the income bracket. Image
And the picture gets more intense when you consider that India is full of English speakers, *but so is Latin America* and American markets are are full of Hispanohablante Latinos, too.

So a lot of Pune back sourcing will be to Santiago and Cartagena.

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17 Oct
I seriously doubt this

Most of my former colleagues are men, between the ages of 30-40ish, in consulting and fintech. None of them had good experiences dating 'older women' (read:30-35ish) who think they are MUCH more interesting (they avoid saying 'experienced') than they are.
Conversational Ability seems dubious here. There's nothing about the late 20s early30s women I get set up with now (matchmaking aunties and co-workers friends are after Bronson pls help) that makes me think age made them wiser.

More jaded if anything!

In fact, I'd say early Millennial/late Gen X women are hitting a Wall when their looks are fading, having frittered away their joie de vivre, and an ability to share NEW experiences to grow alongside someone!

Lotta 'been there done that' with 'girls' now
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17 Oct
Time for another playlist

I will thread this time:

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11 Oct
@mlatorra @kaschuta @bog_beef From campuses and from society writ large. There is *zero* doctrinal basis for the overwhelming default position on widespread premarital sex of in-name Christians in the West, which is that it is licit. Almost none of our human history experienced or tolerated this en masse.
@mlatorra @kaschuta @bog_beef What justifies an opposition to abortion, really? What justifies an opposition to homosexual marriage? What justifies an opposition to invest, if there is no reproduction of persons harmed by the genetic risks? Icky-ness; but icky-ness is now just a matter of habits and culture.
@mlatorra @kaschuta @bog_beef Alan Keyes gave the best argument against gay marriage in his debate with Obama: that to accept it would be to in principle, revoke the institution of marriage as governing the sexual responsibilities of procreation between men and women.

But actually we lost this with the Pill!
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10 Oct
@Peter_Nimitz Correct in the sense of an Indian-American elite rising, incl. one positioned not merely in tech/medicine but US foreign policy as well—but Niccolo, as per usual, is really trying to get himself and 'Europa' to escape velocity away from the Anglosphere. Admirable, but doomed;
@Peter_Nimitz (side note: it is endlessly funny to see him condemn 'racism', as though Salo Forums will not follow his writing forever)

Note that he is writing in English, firstly, But secondly, look at all of Europe's politics! Even in France, look at Macron, Jupiterian Scion of DeGaulle!
@Peter_Nimitz Macron has done all of the things you might expect a man with a vision for a Evropa standing on its own two feet to do, as the partner of a Anglo-skeptic Germany. He exudes this in his political philosophy, and pursues it materially. We'll see what happens with an EU Army.
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30 Aug
1/2 When the "pussy tape" leaked, I wasn't too worried. I went to a rally in Wilkes-Barre soon after and I knew Trump was going to win PA; the return to baseline was underway, normal Blue Collar Dem types there were gleefully rationalizing Trump's behavior. I put money on 2016. Image
2/2 If the riot violence doesn't end and the UMC Whites perceive their enduring covid fragility being exacerbated by BLM/Antifa behaving badly with license from Dems, their vote will decide the election even with lower WCW turnout:

play with the sliders…
When I say play with the sliders, understand what @Redistrict built (you can extract the JSON blob, load it up into a database and correct it with 2020 Census Data way too late for the next election): this is a future calculator - axes for demographic turnout & voter affiliation
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30 Aug
A gorgeous, smart, feisty Bulgarian woman has agreed to translate the video linked in this blog for me.…

You may have to click "see more replies" with my account 😉

The translation:
"Study from Harvard geneticists and archeologists from the national institute of archeology about the origins of Bulgarians, initial results."

My name is Svetoslav Stamov, I;m an anthropologist. Graduated from Duke where I studied and also taught for a time.
(SS) Right now Im working as part of Dr. Reich’s team at Harvard and I also help out with another team that's entirely Bulgarian - a team of anthropologists as part of the national archeological institute + museum in Sofia. We’re working on an interesting project.
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29 Jun

I'm serious, Larry David took on the interracial question, repeatedly.
Another one

Interracial adoption, HBD Larry

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22 Jun
1) My thesis is Trump will lose and we'll see tremendous celebration and immensely cruel treatment of White Christian America in all media. Just as anti-War protests evaporated under Obama and OWS was stillborn, so too will current *street* action fade.

However, the Wokeness...
2) Machine is no longer a tool in the hands of moneyed elites manipulating the Young People. They've lost control at the NYT and DNC. The big corps and banks are all looking to each other bc of what their woke young advisors are telling them to say. No safe hands at the till now.
3) so the big targets are imho

1 police and prosecutorial reform; mass minority hiring, decriminalization, and a push for Federalization

2 national curriculum reform, think Howard Zinn & 1619 in every textbook and anti-private/homeschooling movements

3 firearms rights rollback
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4 Jun

^ here is the political narrative coming for police reform:
Other institutions undemocratic by design are now viewed as unacceptably so, bc progressive liberals see conservative liberals hanging onto power via a white majority that *will* go away. Like China stepping up integration of HK, why delay the inevitable?…
The police, and in fact laws and the order they demand itself, are being called undemocratic here not by design but by circumstance: as ethnic Americans, "whites", become a minority, why should *their* notions of law and order remain? Why should *they* mostly make up prosecutors?
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