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16 Oct
The marketing of Meteor is just as superb as the missile itself. In terms of rocketry, the essentials are the same as Akash.Nozzleless booster accelerates the missile to 4M. In long range scenarios it coasts until the right distance from the target where it ignites its 2nd stage
Like Akash, and unlike other dual pulsed solid motor missiles, Meteor uses a solid fueled ducted ramjet (SFDR) engine for its second stage. Being a ramjet engine with no oxidizer onboard, its specific impulse is about 3 times (between 1000 and 1200) of the solid motors.
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3 Sep
Introducing STAR. This is the first implementation of the Liquid Fuel Ramjet (LFRJ) engine. STAR stands for Supersonic TARget. This will be surface launched (with a booster) and will serve as a supersonic target for A2A and S2A missiles. Capable of 2.4M.
Next in line: S2S, A2S and AShM variants. The air launched versions will have a smaller booster. My guesstimate is that total weight with booster for air launched versions will be around 750 kgs. This will allow carriage on light and medium weight fighters.
Since some have asked, let me answer in the main thread. There is no superior/inferior among SFDR/LFRJ. The solid-fueled gives more energy per unit volume. It is also allows easier storage & more flight cycles. So, it is ideal for A2A & S2A missiles like SFDR and Akash. (1/n)
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7 Jul
I wanted to share this Guna magic (courtesy @hvtiaf) and tell you a story about incremental development. You see those small open cam-shell doors for the parachute housing at base of the fin. Innocuous, they seem. But they matter and were used for dissing the Tejas in the past.
1. In the very first prototypes, that door was just a simple cap. But when the parachute deployed the cap went tumbling down the runway. Somebody had to go down the runway and its side to find it. That's why it used to be painted bright red.
2. But it slowed everything down. It was an FOD for other aircraft and the piece had to be found before the next flight. In the next iteration, the cap was attached to the parachute. find the parachute and you find the cap.
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