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15 Jan
Hey, it's THREAD TIME!

So I guess the best place to start is the underhanded move of this government to steal teachers pensions on DECEMBER 23! So for the little bit of time they actually get to themselves in the school year and even THEN they have to be on guard........

from the fact that it hits especially close to home, I feel even worse because I feel as though I'm becoming numb to these announcements. The anger still comes and is warranted, but it almost feels like you don't come down for the emotional surge and then you settle into fatigue.
Ok, so onto todays #RealTalkRJ show. So I've got no knowledge of Robin Campbell short of the role he currently fills. I did catch from Jespo today that he used to be the Environment Minister, is that correct?? Who's government was he a part of? What kind of an environment
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10 Jan
Ok, it's threeeeeead time!!!

First off, I want to share that I spoke with a friend who's parents were "found Trumpers" after being Cons their whole lives andddddddd they have developed a hate for JK and are vowing to vote @RachelNotley next election!

Next, the MAGATS and
Reformer supporters are like a dirty diaper, their worldly value ends when we're toddlers, they're full of shit, and we should trash them and never look back!

Ok, now as 2020 wound down I was optimistic, but not over the moon optimistic about getting rid of this government
but since the calendar has turned over.............BAM! Things are ALLLIIIIVVVEEEEEE!!!

Let's review what we've experienced in the last few weeks:

1. Ministers and staffers travel outside of Canada for holidays of selfishness. Kenney lies. Ministers and staffers feign taking
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8 Jan
I'm making one plea to Albertans as we continue to battle to survive this UCP term and as we continue to day by day get closer to the next election..............regardless of what carrots they try to tempt you with to buy back your good will (I'm not sold anything is coming btw)
don't reward them with your loyalty come next election. They are dishonest, disinterested, greedy, cruel, disrespectful and have a clear dislike or Albertans and don't deserve our faith or trust in them. There is no price that is worthy of you putting your faith back in them,
assuming it was ever there. Ralph bucks shouldn't have bought you back in during the Klein years, and if Kenney comes with Kenney Koins, fuck that noise. Stay the course and don't even open your minds at all to present an opportunity to salvage this and buy a next term.
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7 Jan
I was listening to #RealTalkRJ from this morning and did it strike anybody else as frustrating as heck when the mayor of Slave Lake was on and he kept touting how he's in "Conservative country" and yet is complaining about his MLA? So then he starts in on the
recall legislation and how they dont have a way to remove him etc. First off, who did he have in mind to replace him? After all, he's in "Conservative country". Does he think anyone who would replace him, if under the UCP, is going to be any more dedicated to doing the job and
representing their constituents? Does he pay attention to the way the government has represented itself in any other district in the province, ESPECIALLY in the rural communities? and he's what, expecting something different? Then you add in that the guy moved into the town, as
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6 Jan
After many days trying to get to this, it's thread time.

So how about our disasterous government taking off and leaving the country while so many of us followed health orders and stayed at home? I only caught part of the Kenney presser but my god I have never seen someone
split hairs and dance around accountability the way he does. So his chief of staff heads to the UK, and then takes a flight into the States only to cross the border. Ironic considering the crackdown on flights from the UK coming into Canada. Or how about Minister Allard going to
Hawaii because it's an annual thing and hell, why should this year be any different? And Tony Yao, what a guy. So when he's not talking about his favorite convo starter, organ harvesting, he's disappearing to Mexico. So he turned his phone off and apparently only recently turned
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25 Nov 20
Ok, so I sat and listened to the entire video of the earlier presser and now it's time to THREAAAD!

I'm going to work this thread in as sequential of an order as I gathered the information.

I want to start off by saying this. Some general observations I noticed watching
the video:

1. Kenney is a poor speaker. He tries to use a range of larger words to make up for his inability to think and put together sentences that allow his speaking to flow.

2. Kenney is shook. He was stumbling and bumbling. He had to go back time and again to try to
humanize himself by taking pause and making an attempt at connecting with Albertans.

Ok so one of the first glaring issues I had with the presentation was the pathetic attempt at selling a lockdown as unappealing because it would predominantly target the poor. Is that a fucking
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23 Nov 20
Ok, I haven't been around much lately but it's thread time.

Lets start off with the news this morning as it's been busy. @doniveson is not going for re-election. I find this upsetting but understand why he's chosen to move on to other things. I feel fortunate that we've had
his leadership over the last few terms. We really need to ensure we get as much information on the mayoral candidates as we move towards the municipal elections and weed out the UCP candidates. I feel as though Don would have been re-elected if he chose to run again. Next,
@ryanjespersen is back! I can't communicate how happy I am that he's back. I miss seeing him at Rogers during Oilers games and at other events he emcees, but it's terrific to have him back on a medium. The last bit of news, which I didn't find out on here but from Jespo's show,
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17 Nov 20
I was just listening to the Albertastan podcast by Richard Gordon and he hit on the points that this government operates by a couple main principles. The "Don't give a shit" aspect, which considering their responsible for caring for people isn't any good. Ideology being the
second ingredient, also known as Stupid. And the third ingredient is Incompetence, so more Stupid. So we have a government that has 2 components of stupid and 1 helping of maliciousness and can't be bothered. As I was listening to the podcast, it really did don on me that
Conservatives really aren't that bright. I mean, are there live and die ideologues in this government? Yes. Are they all? No. So they're either really weak minded and gobbling up the stupidity and then signing off on it by peddling said nonsense as it leaves their mouths OR they
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28 Oct 20
Thread Time!

I want to start off by saying I hope everyone is staying healthy both physically and mentally as we continue to trudge through this pandemic, and government. We're going to get through this, and we'll be more resilient for it.

To start, I want to once again state
how proud I was of the @_AUPE_ workers out on the wildcat strike yesterday. Your jobs are tough enough, and I'm pretty sure taking an inept government to task on attacking healthcare workers in a pandemic wasn't a spot on your bingo card. I felt that the stand was courageous and
a good choice. I know there were some that disagree, but the way I guess I see it is, do they push back and say enough is enough? Or do they sit there and have the steamroller topple over you? If people are of the belief that the short term pain is equal to privatization, guess
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22 Oct 20
Thread Time!!!

So to start I want to wish all my valued followers, and anybody else who gives my words some of their time, best wishes to staying healthy and remaining vigilant as we trudge through this dark time in Albertan politics.

Now onto some other points.

First point -
Does anyone else find it at all perplexing how Conservatives (Reformers) are so quick to label anybody who disagrees with them as "Liberals". Ok, so correct me if I'm wrong, Liberals are typically center to right of center and Conservatives are right of Liberals and Reformers are
falling off the furthest more right point of the political spectrum. So out of everyone who disagrees with them, they attack the most right wing aligned party to themselves? Sounds logical..................I mean, are liberals and even old school Conservatives sane? Yea, that's
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13 Oct 20
A word to anybody who claims to be "brainwashed" by the Conservative rule of yesteryear, shake it off. I'll tell you, as an unaffected millenial, that kind of bullshit excuse doesn't fly. You don't get to sell out limited brain function as brainwashing. People with smarts look
at actions and the resulting outcomes and make better decisions. This "oh woe is me, I'm brainwashed" is fucking nonsense. Young kids are brought into churches and indoctrinated and they are, with increasing regularity, snapping out of it and quitting. If the kids can do it
so can the lot of you. Enough excuses. Many of you are parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles. Many of you have young people that look to you for guidance and SHOULD KNOW BETTER! Many of you fulfill important roles in society, and SHOULD KNOW BETTER! GET YOUR FUCKING HEADS ON
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13 Oct 20
Thread time. I am so fucking infuriated this morning.

To start off on a positive note I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Now onto some fire.

So according to multiple sources, the health ministry will be cutting 11,000 AHS jobs today. So can someone explain
to me how a province runs when you've got NOBODY employed? Someone remind me again who's paying taxes? So if you don't have people making money, they aren't spending money. If they aren't spending money, business die off. So we attack the public sector to what.........kill the
private sector? This is absolutely mind numbingly inept. So lets suck all the money out of the province and see what happens, is that the plan? Good thinking you stupid fucks.

I want to know when the general strike is coming. My understanding is it's got something to do with
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19 Sep 20
Ok, it's thread time. I want to hit this while I've got the energy and some fire.

Lets start with Kenney coming and demanding 6.5 billion from PM Trudeau for, equalization payback? First off, Kenney knows how the equalization formula works. Secondly, he knows Trudeau won't
be strong armed by the little angry man pretending to govern Alberta. And what, Jason thought threatening to engage in a "war" if it's denied? Has he fallen completely off his fucking rocker?

So let me see if I have this straight. This is the idiot who keeps digging more and
more debt and is not contemplating bringing in a PST (which some see as some type of bold move). Bold? Not bold. Convenient. The province is sitting at 39% approval of this cretin. His name is already shit. What is a PST going to do aside from continue the fall down down down
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14 Sep 20
Hey twitterinos! It's thread time!!!

To start off, Kenney removing speech therapy in Alberta schools. Really? He truly is a grade A piece of shit. He should be black marked in the event that he ever, I don't know, thought of adopting children and some poor souls got stuck with
him. This is one of the most repulsive things he's done. I really do wonder sometimes if he's naturally this vile, or if he strives to be hated by everyone.

Something else that I've been thinking about, does anyone else think that Kenney has an alternate angle to appointing a
black MLA as a Justice Minister in the height of the BLM movement?

Another point to ponder. I spoke to a couple people tonight while at work and, what is the real beef that Conservatives have with PM Trudeau? Truly?

Is it the name? Is it that he's very confident in himself and
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31 Aug 20
Ok, it's thread time. Now I need to precede this with mentioning that I have enough for 2 maybe even 3 threads but I'm going to start with 1. Not enough time to do all of that right now haha.

Ok to start, thank you to all the educators, EA's, and any and all school staff that
are employed to allow our kids to return to school in these very bizarre times under this government. The government is shit, and we all know that. I will stand on the side of the educators each and every single time.

Ok, so I guess I should start with a tweet I made a couple
days ago in regards to this back to school plan being the kiss of death for this government. I'm just going to step through the steps that I've been replaying through my mind for the last however long.

We are sending kids, educators and all school staff into a very poor
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23 Aug 20
So to start, much love to my followers. I've been real fortunate to find myself being included on lists as an account that people value hearing from. I appreciate it greatly. I speak from the heart, I usually use my head, and my mouth is a bit
foul but it seems to click with many of you and for that i'm grateful.

Next, another huge thanks to those that got together for the rally and chalking event on Friday. It was very heartwarming to see so many get together and stand up for what so many of us find valuable.
I felt awful as I couldn't make it out as I worked a night shift the evening earlier but I hope to come out to future rallies. We know they're coming.

Ok, so onto the COVID situation. In it's entirety. I spoke with my boss today and the fact is, regardless of political alignment
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19 Aug 20
Ok, now for my rage thread. I wish I would have had the opportunity to write this directly after hearing the COVID presser because I had far more naturally occurring rage, but here it goes.

So I know many of you read my thread about religion from a few weeks ago and what came
to light today just continues to feed my hate for religion.

So my wife and I sat down and were watching the presser prior to me going to grab dinner and drop my daughter off, and within the first few minutes Dr. Hinshaw mentions that there was a group of 15 individuals infected
with COVID in the last few days, and that the 15 were part of a group of 150 people. She continued on to say that it was a gathering of pentacostles. In addition to these infected people, there was an article that came out 2 days ago saying that 17 people of an evangelical
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17 Aug 20
It's time for a thread, and I've got fire in the belly tonight.

To start, a bit of a blurb on the Flames game today. To be fair I never watched the game but what I gathered from my Flames followers it sounded like there may have been some questionable calls, but don't quote me.
I have to say considering how strong of a team Dallas has, and then to add in that the Flames are missing Tkachuk, I think they're doing well. They have talent, and when they play their game they can be a threat. I thought Dallas had a fair
edge when the series started but this has been a good series so far. I can see this series going the distance and if Calgary's goaltending can stay strong, and they can get Tkachuk back I give them a real fighters chance to win.

Now onto some other things.

Can someone explain
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13 Aug 20
Yes, it's thread time!!!

Ok to start off, I want to thank all my followers! I love the camaraderie on here and that there are so many great people, with many open to conflicting opinions with and with many passions, including hockey and politics. You all rock and thanks for
having me be a part of your twitterverse!

Ok, so to start Andrew Scheers last day as the head of the CPC party is today. Thank god. I don't expect us to have any less crying, gaslighting, and pissing and moaning but I'll be glad to see the pseudo Canadian gone. On that note,
the next time the Liberals get a majority (hedging a bet they'll be the next ones to get one), they need to put through legislation to dismantle everything that the Conservatives stand for. There is no point in giving them any room to breathe. They are nothing more than a
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7 Aug 20
The UCP policies are idiotic and archaic but what makes them REALLY stupid is everything else. It, quite literally IS the government. The personnel ARE idiots, the language they use is poor, the speakers they use are embarrassing, the desperation in employing tissue managers who
resemble a stack of mouldy sandwiches from a teenager's bedroom is gut turning. They, all encompassing, are an embarrassment as a collection of adults who are tasked to accomplish setting up a lemonade stand much less run a government. They gathered the most destructive, brain
dead, spineless and inept group of adults to govern. When they get removed from office in 2023 each and every one of them will be deserving of every insult, every demeaning and destructive action lobbed their way for the rest of their miserable lives. And I assure you, I'll
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6 Aug 20
Ok, I held off on this rant from a week ago, but it's officially time.

*Disclaimer*: if you're a fan of organized religion, now is the time to leave. I fully expect to lose followers.

Organized religion is the grandest disservice to the world today.
If something needs to be done away with, it's religion. Can someone tell me anything else where, under the guise of "your parents know best", we indoctrinate our children by having them subjected to verses from books of faith and brainwash them with hard rules as to how life is
to be navigated? Are there any other businesses, that prey on the humanity of people to fuel it's growth and continue the trend of indoctrination to minimize critical thinking? Are there other institutions that promote a superiority in faith practicing individuals and fuel
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