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10 Jun
It's as if Elon Musk and Pinochet had a love child together
Some people don't seem to realize this a joke. Mostly

Breathe guys
And this guy: "I have taken literally the only cool thing about crypto currency, that it is in theory bottom up instead of top-down and turned it into a Wall Street pyramid scheme please let me help you make this brain rot idea more hedge fund friendly"

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10 Jun
Estos fachos, y lo digo 100% literalmente, borraron a su página de Facebook anoche. Pero tengo screenshots. Esta gente está locaaaaaaaaaaa
Caracol si, puede usar estas imagines 🤭
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10 Jun
Yeah man. Shit. So this group of neo-facists went to the Misak protests today to yell at them. This would have been just after I left

All I can say is that 99% of the time in Latam people that use templar imagery are ultra fash. No idea why they love that stuff so much
A shame i missed this. I would love to have asked them a few pointed questions on camera
This shit 👇
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9 Jun
Live Thread🧵 of today's protests in Bogota #ParoNacional9J I'm near the airport at the scene where the Misak were gassed this morning near a statue of Christopher Columbus. Rain continues

ESMAD looks cute cuddling Image
Tactical community aesthetic enhancement on the two statues in the square, which have been splattered w red paint

Left: Colombia, "the origin of genocide"

Right: Spanish queen Isabella "No to colonialism" ImageImage
Misak people talking to press (in Spanish)

Summary: (paraphrased) the story of colonization here in Colombia has been turned into a hero's take normalized by society. For the Misak, it is a story of blood and repression, much like the protests
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9 Jun
Big marches planned in Bogotá tomorrow in what the Strike Committee is calling the "Taking of Bogotá"

I will be trying to make it. I might have to schedule some emergency dental surgery first tho. Outta nowhere I'm suddenly completely laid up w some serious pain
"get a tooth pulled, go the protests after" makes a good story tho
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3 Jun
Matt Taibbi achieves his final form
It is absolutely hilarious to me that this guy pushes Grayzone. "We have to work with fascists because the US left is mean" may be one of the funniest (and darkest) arguments I've read in a long time
There is a hell of a lot wrong with the US left. That's undeniable. But "cancel culture made me hype Tucker Carlson and endorse 3rd positionists" is not even close to a rational argument

I really liked his writing growing up. He still got the prose. He lost the thread tho
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11 May
THREAD: I've been covering big protests movements in Latin America a little over three years, and there are a few things that ALWAYS happen in regards to State claims about what's going on. I'd like to break down a few because it's timely to current Colombian protests:
1) THIS IS FUNDED BY [insert external enemy]!!!

States do not like the idea that movements against them can arise organically or ppl have agency. Even more than just PR (though it's that too) those in power prefer to blame their failings on invisible nefarious outsiders
I saw this in Venezuela (CIA)
Ecuador in 2019 (People couldn't believe indigenous were capable enough to shut down the country, so...Maduro and Correa)
Colombia in 2019 (Also Maduro)

Somehow in each of these events a faraway power convinced 100s of 1000s to take to the streets?
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10 May
Indepaz publishes witness testimony that supports claims by indigenous protesters that police chose not to intervene during attack on Minga protesters in Cali
Details still emerging, but if counter protesters take away from this incident the idea that shooting Minga members has the tacit support of police, this could get very ugly very fast
A video gained high circulation yesterday that some people said was evidence the Minga were armed. The only evidence the video presented was a woman screaming "They're armed." All investigations have to this point, reported that was not the case

As I said, details still emerging
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8 May
THREAD: On ongoing protests in Colombia. After a some confusion on my part and a bit of a late start , I'm in Plaza Bolívar, where marchers are now rolling in

Much bigger crowd than I thought this morning, tho far from biggest so far. A walkthrough👇 #ParoNacional8M
Some updates while we wait to see how crowds look. Cali continues in strike, with many highways partially blocked and marches near the main point of protests Puerto resistencia
The Indigenous guard from the Minga, a communal indigenous movement composed of various communities from Cauca, have given an armed plainclothes polieman who they caught trying to infiltrate protests, back to authorities
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1 Feb
A woman gave her live aerobics class in Myanmar without knowing about the ongoing coupe. Behind her, military vehicles arrive to seize the Parliament building

2021 off to a great optic start
Also the music is amazing. I like about halfway thru as she dances to a swarm of military vehicles driving off to overthrow the gov into the background
Looks like she has done very similar videos in the past at the same location
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29 Jan
Speaking of people not reading the article before they tweet 🤭
All the politicos jockeying while loosely playing w the truth ahead of an upcoming election is normal- but when the carelessness involves COVID it's a lot less harmless
Just to be clear- the Duquee administrations rollout (or non rollout rather) has been been HORRIFIC and even included lies to the public, but the claims Petro is making here are not even supported by the article he is tweeting
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28 Jan
With everyone talking about Wall Street, it seems like a good moment to talk about the Occupy Wall Street movement, which happened 10 years ago this year! I spent weeks there, and it was incredibly instructive both in State violence in the US and how movements fall apart 🧵
First, quick refresher. In 2011, securities traders nearly burned down the global economy. The response of the US gov to the crisis was the "too big to fail" bailouts. This pissed off a lot of ppl who felt they were being rewarded for predatory behavior while the poor suffered
I lived in Brooklyn and was interested in protests generally (always have been!). So when Adbusters (love that org) and some other groups announced a protest in Zuccoti Park, I went down to check it out and brought along a case of water to donate
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27 Jan
Was curious so I made a map of every place I've gone for work in Colombia- the rule was I had to have slept there overnight, not just passed through

Gotta get to the Southeast!!…
Also gotta get to Arauca
First I was trying to draw land routes I have taken, but the map just looked like a massive crayon children's drawing of a blob
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22 Oct 20
Quick photo thread on Colombian protests over the last week with some fun details that didn't make it into the articles

Did I mention there was a protest dog?
There was also

Left: an angel

and right: a Giant Iguana
Some elders from the indigenous communities represented in the marches
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21 Oct 20
Today's thread for national strikes in Bogotà #PARONacional21o

I'm at Parque Nacional where student and union groups are gathering for a march downtown. This is just one of four rally points. The Minga, meanwhile are organizing their own march. This is shaping up to be big Image
Drummers warming up the crowd. People pouring in. Duque choosing to ignore the Minga, many of whom travelled for as much as ten days seems to have energized protests here
Holy moly. Without a doubt biggest concentrated protest I've seen since last November, and this is just one part...

We re marching south to Plaza Bolivar to meet 3 other manefestations ImageImageImageImage
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21 Oct 20
Latest: I travelled with indigenous protests in Colombia for four days to the capital Bogotá. This is what they want, why they're on the streets and an explainer on why their homelands have become so deadly. For the @newhumanitarian…
Help on the images from @abigailgeiger and @NoTranquilo

1000's of Indigenous came to Bogotá to demand solutions for killings in their communities, unkept promises, and decades of neglect that have resulted in their regions becoming the deadliest areas of Colombia ImageImageImage
A lot of these issues are deeply tied to the 2017 Peace Deal, which some critics say is failing due to an administration that wants to dismantle the accord. You can find more here

Special thanks to @pauladdobias and @McGully2 for some beautiful editing…
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29 Aug 20
A thread for people who say "Racism isn't a problem in the US justice system"

A personal story of systemic discrimination: A long time ago I sold marijuana in New York City. A LOT of it. Like when I say a lot, I mean LOT. Probably supplied half of Bushwick. I was young and dumb
But most importantly, I was white. Now, I lived right across the street from the projects (Bushwick and Flushing) in BK. For four years I was selling about 20lbs of marijuana a week (back when it was more illegal). I regularly walked down the street with a felony on my person
BK cops regularly ran sting operations on kids in the projects who sold dimebags for pocket money- $10 bags of crappy weed. They ran surveillance as well. I regularly saw them cuffing teens for having about 20$ of weed

Sometimes I saw this while carrying 10lbs in a backpack
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31 Jul 20
Jake is spot-on here: absurd accusations from Grayzone have gotten journos and local activists added to kill lists before (receipts below). It's a shame that they can never respond to credible criticism with anything but hysterical claims
When Grayzone published an article by an imaginary author that discredited students who had been gunned down in the streets and tortured…
Max's article in Mintpress that claimed a BBC journalist was CIA. The article led to thousands of death threats and forced the journalist to flee the country…
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31 May 20
I want to say something that will probably piss off some mutuals. Please bear with me to the end. I want to explain what "Antifa" really means but I want to start with how I misunderstood the phrase when I encountered the idea. I think its useful for clearing up misinformation 1/
2/ I was doing my thing on Venezuela a few years ago when some guys with Antifa imagery in their bios started contacting me, calling me an Imperialist and CIA and yada yada yada. I get it alot. I looked into their bios and found their activities consisted mostly of..
3/ Dressing up in silly costumes in Portland and play-fighting people for television cameras. Which, is patently stupid. I am also extremely allergic to the idea of silencing people's voices with violence. So I just classified them as oppressive little brats and moved on (cont'd)
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7 Mar 20
JUST IN: first person report from a trusted friend and journo in Cucuta who wishes to remain nameless (thread)

"Violence against the "undesirable" returns to the neighborhoods of Cucuta. For some weeks now, in the largest neighborhoods of this city on the border with VZ..
the threat of "social cleansing" in being threatened by unidentified armed groups, 'delf-defense' forces, which they justify with an increase in insecurity in the area and the proliferation of micro-trafficking in drugs
This dynamic harkens back to paramilitary groups from the 80's and 90's and the beginning of the demobilization in the 2000's, consists in the selective killing of people who are allegedly related to crime
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19 Nov 19
3) Buenaventura, which has the biggest Maritime port in Colombia brought the nation to it's knees in 2017 in exactly this manner. If Guajira joins the effort, much of the Northern Coast will be brought to a screeching halt as well

Unions and indigenous communities matter here
4) Meanwhile Protesters are set to march in most major cities. Bogota has a long history of activism, especially among student groups who regularly clash w police, but usually their protests don't have much staying power.

Will this time be different? Maybe #ParoNacional21Nov
5) They have support from Unions, transportation workers, the Catholic church and a wide coalition of political parties. Police response will be a huge factor. If protesters are seen as being suppressed, that is likely to ignite their passions, and their staying power
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