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24 Oct
🌌Yesterday i did some practices that triggered my root,sacral & solar plexus chakra,I had a rough night,i didn't sleep,my mind didnt allow me to,i meditated then my soul body went back to the scene to view what i was doing,I saw with the practice that i was participating in,this
opened my old wounds that i thought i have released,i saw my energy body with deepest layers of past that i have pushed aside for a long time,i have released these...its back again!
All in one moment I experienced emotions & feelings of love,pleasure,fear,pain,
vulnerability,denial,abandonment,shame,doubt with myself & everything,everyone around me.these are my past pain body since childhood throughout my life that i have released past years,resurfacing again.
I understood this was for me to process within me,although I did wish the
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23 Oct
🌹I received a message that wants to reach those who are going through sadness,anger,disappointment,bitterness.You are going through a shift deep within your heart,it is trying to heal itself from past pains if you would allow it.You may be feeling
depressed,burnt out,confused,feeling your efforts to assist others being taken for granted,going through a loss...the Divine Mother wants you to know that your suffering will pass soon,she is pulsing her gentle love within your heart,reassuring you that you are loved infintely
by all that is around you,support is all around you if you can shift your perception even if just slightly.Once you are able to forgive others & most importantly yourself this will instantly set you free,its all within your own mind.
Only the most powerful souls chooses the path
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16 Oct
💫A gateway is opened,let open your hearts to receive these lightcodes pouring in right now which accelerates our consciousness to get us ready for next months energy.It will keep amplifying from now till then,re-centre with your individual 144 parrallel light
bodies,allow your current body to be the anchor of all 144 bodies,you can take control,try not to be swayed by the lower realities around you,we do not need to watch the outer chaos,focus on the your inner work,how you can serve through compassion without judging how others are
trying to navigate their own path. We need to understand everyone has their own contracts,they might prefer to play longer in the 3D realities & that is their freewill choice,doesn't mean they are lower & you are higher,that is a polarised thinking which has to drop.lets shine
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16 Oct
🌑New Super Moon in Libra energies brings a new opportunity to invite balance,inner peace & self love.this is a strong time to focus on the imbalances of the inner masculine/feminine to bring harmony into your life.This super moon is orbiting closest to earth & this
will cause heightened emotions,indecisiveness,mild inner conflicts manifested as outer distractions if not taken care of properly.
With the effects of Mars & Aries during this alignment it might also trigger outer expectations & impatience & conflicts in relationships.its good
to be patient,try to find inner peace through spiritual practices,deeper meditations & learning to accept our authentic self & others without judgements.
Its a great time to use these new energies for transformation,release old limiting beliefs,embracing & starting anew🌑
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12 Oct
💙Sometimes when I am brought up to ship,or on other planet,or astrally brought somewhere in general,when its time to return to my body I feel a sense of excitement,as our galactic famalies or guides are so encouraging,feeding us lots of wisdom,showing us options on what we can
do to assist others when we get back into our vessel,we forget some of it sometimes,but still able to remember some...at times i am conscious as i make transition back into my body,other times not,then as I open my eyes on occasions that i do remember,my mind goes,

this movie has no cuts,I have to do my best'.

as we go through our day denseness sets in & we forget the love & encouragement our higher levels have shown us,but we must trust its there,that voice behind your mind,its always there supporting you & all that we are experiencing is
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12 Oct
💙When you meditate,how do you get yourself into a state of 'meditation'?crossed legged meditation mode,shutting out reality?isnt that something like a 'I am going to meditate now,finding peace within my body,mind,soul' & as you sit still trying to 'meditate' you already have a
programmed idea of what the meditation should turn out as.as in i have to close my eyes & meditate in stillness because my idea of stillness is so & so.
Doesnt that feel like one has placed a state of stillness of what meditation should be like into a box?
Stillness & presence can be felt & experienced when we are doing absolutely anything from the moment you open your eyes in the morning.
Once you open your eyes in the morning,your vessel is switched ON,that is the start of your meditation,you feel your breath first thing,
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11 Oct
🧡Chaos & fear,DS has been successfully able to play it out well for 2nd lockdown as many participate into the unfolding drama,the narrative is falling apart quicker than you can respond with your mind as we have jumped into a no space/time zone for some time now.
those who are holding space for others to keep waking up are doing great work as much more focus is needed as you too will be continuously shown choices,your one choice affects all.A new collective dark night of the soul is triggered,for some lightworkers who has made a contract
to assist by experiencing the collectives pain through their body is going through a somewhat rough time,dont be disheartened as it comes & goes in waves,it will hit hard,but it will go just as quick,so if you need to cry,scream,laugh,kick,shout,dance,whatever,just do it,keep
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10 Oct
💙Havent been myself lately,its almost like every single emotion that is surfacing is a never-ending wave of bliss,pain,joy,sadness,etc all coming in at once,i observe each one,in the pain & sadness i notice i myself wanting to experience it,it feels like the body is telling me
that it wants to experience it for the last time,as once the final merging phases of I AM state,one will not have these desires anymore,it will not serve Unity.
What I am experiencing now is remnants of what is within my subsconscious,a desire that I wanted to taste but was not
able to in this life.I get to experience that now,so whatever it brings,i will honour it & embrace it fully,as it is my deepest desire to...by feeling pain,I get to be conscious of pleasure.One cannot exist without the other.This journey is beautiful.
If this is how
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9 Oct
💙There is so much going on as the old realities are breaking apart,so much is happening on the 3D matrix which actually doesn't exist anymore,it is a shadow of whats left of the collectives mind that hasnt fully release what needs to be,that is why its still there to be seen,it
is actually an illusion.You might ask,how can it be?its happening right now.
When you open your eyes,what is your reality?are you in the battleground experiencing what you see on the news?or are you on your comfy bed,thinking of what to do today.Your reality is what
you yourself have chosen.You are not 'in' the crumbling down,you are watching it from sources,in a reality that you yourself have created,a space where each moment you are still able to make conscious choices of what you want in your NOW moment.what you are watching
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7 Oct
💙Self doubt is normally what makes us not able to expand towards our highest potentials,it wont stop you but it slows down your spiritual progress,life purpose & they are wounded beliefs linked to self worth.you have to believe that you are enough,capable & fully
supported by the Universe.As you are clearing these old belief systems,you create more space within you to receive more love,light,stronger intuitions,learning how to listen to inner/higher guidance.
Know that your spiritual journey is seen by the spiritual realms,
they speak to you at all times through symbols,nature,words,through a person & so much more,all you need to do is be Still,turn away from too much stimulation,chaos.humans are addicted to something that is the opposite of what their inner self truly desires,this is a staysafe
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4 Oct
🙏October,intense month of more matrix dismantling,revelations,emotional challenges amplified depending on what you have created within & collectively.Old narratives will push itself forward for COMPLETION as the new can no longer hold the old stories anymore
hence the experiences of old clinging surfaces & wants to be released once & for all,this will happen quickly,not like the old dramas anymore where its going to let you cling on it for years or months.
Crystalline structures in Gaia is being activated by the light forces recently
in many countries,we receive more organic restructuring of genetics,cells,DNA within our body,this gets our bodies ready for the new bodies of humanity in the coming years which will eventually eliminate aging...its not a short process but the crystals have started activating
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29 Sep
💙This talk of ascension,the words,'when we are in 5D' or 'when the ascension happens'...
Doesnt sound very accurate.The ascension is happening & has been for years gradually.you raise your vibrations to resonate with 5D,there is no new place to go,it is created
by your own moment to moments thoughts,choices & state of Beingness.There is no 'when you get to 5D'.5D is a state of consciousness right here & now depending on how you perceive everything within & without.You create this reality in your every NOW moment through the
portal of your inner heart,unconditional love.You are already in 5D if every moment you are in peace,not waiting for an 'event' to happen,or some extraterrestrial family/god to save you.even if there is or not,you wouldn't care,you are comfortable with
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28 Sep
💗Pink auroras have been appearing,these energy particles sinks more deeply into Gaia than previous green auroras,these particles also goes deep into our cells,DNA,our entire being affecting all levels .I previously stated a month ago the activation of the Sophianic plasma waves
within Gaia has been doing its work systematically,dismantling all reversals & assisting with her healing.These pink aurora particles also pulls in the authentic divine feminine energies which is one of the most important aspect in her ascension.Previous so called divine feminine
energies has been a reversal expression of the true divine mother Sophia.This planet has never truly experienced the authentic divine feminine expression,until now.the collective is also very new to this energy as what humans thought was the expression of the feminine has been
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26 Sep
💙Its a period where many are pushed to individual & collective clearing.Whilst techniques are important,with imagining that you are clearing in a particular way,it doesn't work by just imagining its pushed out.One has to feel deeply into the pain body.for me,
once you feel it & see whats the trigger event,dive deep into that to feel it even more,you want to pull out the rotting roots.when you feel that the emotion is about to burst,you feel the need to cry or scream,inhale deeply from your root chakra,pull that emotion upward to your
throat & exhale fully with a verbal long 'haaaah' as many times as possible until you feel the emotion has been released,if you breathe correctly this will automatically well up in tears,grunts,just allow it as tears puritizes & invites divine light when we allow layers of
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24 Sep
💫The divine feminine energies is what I love to work with as a Tantric practitioner,the divine feminine expression has been highly distorted & suppressed for a very long time on this planet...in recent months you can feel the rising of a very strong awakening of the cleared &
authentic divine feminine expression,rising up within the base & bursting open the higher heart,the electric full bdy orgasmic shocks has also been flowing like waves of gold particles within the body activating & balancing our previous distorted feminine expressions.the divine
feminine energies are much needed right now for the healing of Sophia Gaia,the return of the goddess which rules Gaia's heart centre.
If anyone feels called to,you can chant feminine mantras,or meditation on the mother goddesses,dedicating the energies to Gaia's grids,into her
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22 Sep
🌕🌞Equinox is a great opportunity for us to align & anchor ourselves more strongly into the Krystic path,middle path,Christed path,all one & the same.
This Krystic path is the balacing mid point between the far right Luceferic path & far left Satanic path.
Luceferic being the
Light,no love,service to self,overindulgence on the light but denying the love within.Deeply obsessed with the unity with All that is,also through drugs without doing groundwork,3rd eye wide open,but cutting off connections with the body senses,dishonouring the body,shutting off
of the heart & emotions to gain higher states of consciousness.This is very imbalanced,unhealthy & extreme.

Satanic path is the extreme hatred for life,the worshipping of death,dishonouring all that consist of the God light.

Krystic path is the embracing of all,neutrality,
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21 Sep
💎As the crystal bed within Gaia in the US has been activated for some time,finally this year these energies of REVELATION codes are amplified strongly,it is coming in full force affecting all countries.we see the revelations of shadow govs,pedophilia,crimes towards humanity
the filth that is happening within the tunnels,symbolisms of Hollywood,etc,etc,etc.The list would need books to cover.
The puppets are not even hiding behind the scenes anymore,they are telling you in the face they want to vaccinate you,you are in their New World,they suppress
sexual predator names,abusers & tries to normalize pedos as being the victims.
All is revealing itself from the shadows.nothing has changed,they are just displaying their sick cruelty & domination into the public eye,they have no choice,revelation codes triggers this for all to
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19 Sep
💎Everyone has different or somewhat similar stories when they do channellings with galactic beings depending on which frequencies they are channelling with.example Pleadians reside on 5-7D,actively assisting many ground lightworkers,they are assisting within their bandwidth
of frequencies & they are participating in the drama as they are very connected to humans,they ascend to 7D after we ascend to 5D,so the way they present the channeling will be a more hands on type of presentation.
Then there are higher levels of assistance,the Arcturians,
galactic dragons,Paliadorians,Buddhas,Boddhisattvas & Higher Light Hierarchs,they see this whole thing as already completed.They view it in a glance,from the beginningless of time to the completion of no time,all has been achieved,so when they do connect,they present it through
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19 Sep
🌏Earlier in Sept a group of lightforces had a mission to revive Sophia Gaia's heart,the task was to reconnect the fragmented aspects of Sophia in reviving her heart which was badly damaged due to the previous archons,draco fleets events where they destroyed civilizations in
certain areas with their weaponry,this damaged her body badly,something like clotted arteries & this happened to be the area of goddess Sophia's heart.
The mission of revival was a success,Sophia Gaia's heart restoring through mandala magic & subtle light love universal forces,
she is still weak & is under restoration,rebooting phase,she has asked to be given time for this phase & she will once again awaken as the Absolute Sophia Mother.
This is why we,certain lightworkers & those who are in tune with frequencies has been feeling a sense of Stillness
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18 Sep
🌏This year has felt like stages of labor pains for Gaia.This week I feel an energetic pause of Stillness...something is boiling up for equinox where balancing of within & without takes place.this is a complete rewiring & rebooting of all the systems within Gaia & within our
individual bodies.
Equinox will bring an increase of Gaia's heart frequencies & this will create a decrease in her magnetic fields resulting in the veils between the spiritual & physical to be more & more transparent.we are existing side by side,we can see,hear & feel the
inner realms of Gaia as much as they can connect with us.
Connect deeply into that.If you are a healer send energies every day for her,this would assist in the strengthenig of the new templates that are being created now on New Gaia.
I myself have been asking Gaia to reveal
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17 Sep
🌞🌕The balancing of the masculine & feminine energies within our bodies(apart from shadow work)
is imensely important for our attainment of the crystalline DNA golden race body that we are returning to.
This is the body where we unify our 7 chakras through daily practices into
One solar Beingness within us.There is still the 7 chakras if you choose to dwell on it,but the unified 5D & beyond state is felt as One solar christed disc expanding from the higher heart.it is as if you yourself are that solar system,it pulsates energies from the
higher heart up beyond your crown,downward beyond your toes,expands far outward if you stretch both your arms outward.You walk as the embodied solar christed entity,this is what you are returning to & it is achievable with daily balancing through
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