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Is mise Ness, is maith liom prátaí agus tae. Ag rothaíocht gach lá #AndaCyclist 🚵🏻 #FreeTheCycleLanes #allocate4cycling #shopbybike #ibikeivote @ibikedublin
Mar 6, 2020 9 tweets 4 min read
Today's 4km commute:

Aggressive middle aged man driving aggressively at back wheel, revving engine, beeping, slapping outside of his car door bcoz I was cycling defensively to avoid being doored on my left, & to prevent him from close passing on the right on a narrow street 1/9 When confronted I asked him if he knew it was a 30km zone.. "was barely doing 25km.." Exactly I said, 30km is a limit not a target. I'm doing 25km, hang back, wait, have patience before you kill someone.. "But ur in the middle of the road.." I am & with good reason I said.. 2/9