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22 Jun 20
To EVERY SINGLE freakin'national outlet that is gonna pick this shit of a press conference up on #SeattleProtest: THIS IS A SET-UP.
To be clear, it goes like this:

The mayor pulls the strings, saves face, acts like she has no power to do exactly what she has power to do, discusses next steps while plainly avoiding ANY EXISTENCE of next steps already being asked by constituents while (1/)
the overly-paid ($300+k) face of law enforcement--also hand-picked by the mayor--takes the heat & even gets thrown under the bus by the mayor within the same conference. If in fact the full extent of self-imposed police "identity" is in fact felt by the Chief, bonus points. (2/)
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16 Oct 19
Didn't dawn on me til I learned more housing/transpo policy that
Oh hey
Sum1 I love was put in a months' coma & died b/c a driver hit them while skateboarding down a street w/o a sidewalk
The trauma I &his fam &friends hv from it is life-altering & nvr goes away. No1 watched btw.
I love his family so much. They are all such good, amazing, wonderful fucking people. I still talk to his mom and keep tabs on his lil sis--who is getting married?!

He was 16 years old.
The thing is

It NEVER crossed my mind that this didn't have 2happen if the street was just...not like that. It NVR crossed my mind to be mad or upset at the driver (still kind of doesn't make sense to do that tho per se). Policy &accessibility to these systems inform our lives.
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