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14 Dec 20
🚨BREAKING: Dominion Voting Systems forensic report:

"We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results."


SOURCE: depernolaw.com/uploads/2/7/0/… Image
"The allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is of 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%). We observed an error rate of
68.05%. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity."
"A staggering number of votes required adjudication. This was a 2020 issue not seen in previous election cycles still stored on the server ... The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency or audit trail. "
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13 Dec 20
Leaked files expose mass infiltration of UK firms by Chinese Communist Party including AstraZeneca, Rolls Royce, HSBC and Jaguar Land Rover

"The analysis also revealed that there were more than 600 party members across 19 branches working at the British banks HSBC and Standard Chartered in 2016. Both have drawn criticism for their response to Beijing's crackdown in Hong Kong."
"Firms with defense industry interests including Airbus, Boeing and Rolls-Royce employed hundreds of [Chinese Communist] party members, the analysis showed."
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10 Dec 20
BREAKING: Ohio Republican AG files amicus brief in Texas election SCOTUS case "in support of neither party," argues against relief sought by Texas.


PDF: supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/22/2…
Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost argues that the court SHOULD decide whether the Constitution permits state courts and state executive officials "to alter the rules by which presidential elections are conducted."
"The People need an answer, too. Until they get one, elections will continue to be plagued by doubts regarding whether the President was chosen in the constitutionally prescribed manner." -- AG Yost
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8 Dec 20
The following 8 paragraphs of legal background in the Texas SCOTUS election case are a fascinating historical context worth sharing in a mini thread:
“The individual citizen has no federal
constitutional right to vote for electors for the
President of the United States unless and until the
state legislature chooses a statewide election as the
means to implement its power to appoint members of
the electoral college.”
State legislatures have plenary power to
set the process for appointing presidential electors:
“Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the
Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors.”
U.S. CONST. art. II, §1, cl. 2
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8 Dec 20
BREAKING: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton today filed an *election* lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in the United States Supreme Court.

Texas brought the suit straight to SCOTUS. Key allegations:

1. Unconstitutional changes to election laws
2. Unequal treatment of voters within each state
3. Voting irregularities "consistent with
the unconstitutional relaxation of ballot-integrity
From the bill of complaint: "These flaws cumulatively preclude knowing who legitimately won the 2020 election and threaten to cloud all future elections."

PDF: texasattorneygeneral.gov/sites/default/…
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3 Dec 20
NEWS: Trump campaign review of logbooks for disks with early-vote totals in Nevada show that voted were changed "in the dead of night."
*votes* were changed
Trump campaign attorney Jesse Binnall says witness Doe 1 provided the evidence for this.

“In the dead of night votes disappear and votes reappear without explanation," Binnall says.

Livestream here:
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1 Dec 20
Is @UPS supposed to carry official election material? Because I and three #DominionWatch volunteers saw a UPS truck picking up a ballet of boxes marked "official absentee" from the Secretary of State's warehouse.
Video taken in Georgia @ 120 Interstate North Parkway Suite 210 loading dock.
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29 Nov 20
NEWS: Judge orders Georgia to cease and desist wiping or resetting any election machines.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed an emergency motion on Sunday which included a message from an election official stating that the ballot-counting machines would be reset to zero on Monday, Nov. 30, before performing a recount:
When the poll watcher brought up his concern about wiping the machines to the election manager, the manager said: “It's what we are supposed to do."
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25 Nov 20
NEWS: Pennsylvania judge blocks state from certifying election results in presidential and all other races.


Source: scribd.com/document/48579…
BREAKING: Judge Blocks Certification of Pennsylvania Election Results


PA certified the presidential and vice-presidential elections yesterday. In an emergency brief filed before midnight last night, the Republican plaintiffs pointed out that there was no need to act so fast. PA certified on Dec. 12 in 2016.

Source: scribd.com/document/48580…
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18 Nov 20
3rd monitor, a Democrat: "Hundreds of these ballots seemed impeccable, with no folds or creases. The bubble selections were perfectly made ... only observed selections in black ink, and all
happened to be selections for Biden."

Source: courtlistener.com/docket/1863278…
"Based on my observations, I believe there was fraud was committed in the presidential election and question the validity of the Georgia recount process."

4th witness, also a Democrat saw perfect black marks on a stack of ballots ... 500 in a row all for Biden.

Source: courtlistener.com/docket/1863278…
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20 Oct 20
NEW: The Education Department just launched a searchable database of foreign gifts and contracts reported by U.S. universities.

The portal includes only the gifts and contracts reported since June this year. Link below has a jump to the historical data.

The launch of the portal is coming hours before a major announcement by @BetsyDeVosED on the findings of the ongoing investigation into undisclosed foreign gifts and contracts to U.S. universities. DOJ and State Dept. will be at the 3 p.m. event.
DOE is investigating 12 elite universities over failure to disclose foreign gifts. Case Western U. failed to report foreign gifts and contracts for 12 years. Stanford began anonymizing gifts after it opened a center in Beijing in 2012.
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13 Sep 20
I just collated the data from the four Special Counsel's Office (SCO) iPhone inventory logs, equipment return logs, etc. A few findings:

1—During the time covered by the docs, the SCO used 92 unique iPhones....
2—Four of the phone IDs appear in the inventory logs but are either missing or marked as "N/A" in the records officer's log (which is the source of the evidence for the wiping of the phones.)

One of the four belongs to Zainab Ahmad. Another belongs to Aaron Zebley.
3—Seventeen uniquely identifiable phones were wiped.
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12 Sep 20
In addition to the at least 27 wiped phones, 8 phones used by members of the Mueller team were returned to the OCIO before they could be checked for records, in violation of special counsel procedures.

All eight were wiped and reassigned.

Details in thread
Phones 2 and 4 in the table below were also wiped as part of the 27 phones I counted previously. I figured this out by cross referencing the asset tags. So these phones were wiped once by the users + improperly handed off to the OCIO which wiped them again.
Y57008, Y57029, Y57033, Y57113, Y57130

These 5 phones were on the list I vetted, but I didn't count them as wiped.

Since they were improperly returned + wiped, I think we could count them toward the the total.
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10 Sep 20
NEWS: At least 27 phones used by the Mueller team were wiped before they could be checked for records.

Some phones just wiped themselves, in other cases there was mass password amnesia that required resets.

Source ppg. 49-52: justice.gov/oip/foia-libra…
Andrew Weismann wiped two of his three Special Counsel's Office phones.

He wiped one by accident.

He wiped the other by entering the wrong password too many times.

Has anyone ever wiped their phone by accident? Asking for a friend. Image
UPDATE: Counting the phones which were "reassigned," the Special Counsel's Office wiped 31 phones before they could be checked for records.
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19 Aug 20
The parties at the Kevin Clinesmith plea agreement hearing are having connection issues with the teleconference call.
The DOJ team are on the call now. Anthony Scarpelli introduced Timothy Fuhrman, who was named as a member of the Durham team by CNN sources back in April.
Washington Examiner description of Timothy Fuhrman:
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14 Aug 20
Kevin Clinesmith criminal information signed by John Durham PDF: courtlistener.com/docket/1744553…
Clinesmith’s tenure at the FBI ended on September 21, 2019, according to the criminal information.
In addition to working as the attorney on the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, Clinesmith worked on the probe into Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized use of a private email server to conduct government business during her tenure as secretary of state.
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17 Jul 20
NEWS: Judiciary Committee releases 57-page summary of a three-day interview with the key source for Christopher Steele's dossier.

PDF: judiciary.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/…
New(ish) codenames!
Heavy redaction suggest we won't be learning the identity of Steele's primary sub-source today.
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10 Jul 20
Ghislaine Maxwell's attorneys file their arguments for why she should be released on bail.

Maxwell's attorneys say she had not contact with Jeffrey Epstein in "more than a decade."
Maxwell's attorneys say she denies the charges, including the allegation that she has been hiding.
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7 Jul 20
In light of what we've recently learned about CrowdStrike's involvement in the probe of the DNC hack, I revisited Donna Brazile's book.

She makes several revelations given what we now know...
1. Sometime in May, CrowdStrike came to DNC and proposed taking their systems offline so the hack can be remediated. The DNC asked CS to wait for one month because the party was in the middle of primaries.

During this one month delay, 10,000s of DNC's emails were stolen...
... From the new House Intel transcripts (Tamene testimony), we know CS identified APT28 and APT29 sometime around May 10-15, 2016. Brazile's info about the one-month delay fits perfectly with this considering that CS took DNC systems offline June 11-13...
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24 Jun 20
NEWS: Kevin Clinesmith is no longer with the FBI, according to Director Christopher Wray.

Clinesmith is the lawyer who wrote "viva la resistance" after Trump's election. He also altered the email about Carter Page's status as a CIA asset, which resulted in lie to the FISC.
On the day after Trump's election win, Clinesmith wrote:

“I’m just devastated."

“I am so stressed about what I could have done differently.”

“Plus, my god damned name is all over the legal documents investigating his staff.”

And... Image
Clinesmith was one of the FBI personnel present at the second interview of @GeorgePapa19. This is the interview during which the FBI, according to Papadopoulos, showed very little interest in Joseph Mifsud and lots of interest in the Trump campaign.
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19 Jun 20
#BoltonBook hearing

Government lawyer says the onus is on John Bolton on how to pull back the 200,000 copies of his book before it is released; Bolton created the problem and should fix it.
Government lawyer: there is no precedent for an author engaging in a classification review for a work and then bailing out of it.
The government lawyer is David Michael Morrell.
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