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Feb 3 8 tweets 3 min read
Excess histamine—for example, from diamine oxidase deficiency induced by gut dysbiosis—acts to desensitize GABA-A receptors.

That's why high histamine (or mast cell activation syndrome) coincides with premenstrual syndrome and PMDD, and with anxiety and other mental symptoms. This could explain why some women need to supplement progesterone at the end of their cycles to avoid symptoms. Progesterone also acts on GABA-A, so "extra" progesterone compensates for desensitized GABA.
Feb 3 4 tweets 2 min read
Potentiation of Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) effects by magnesium deficiency in the rat

Moderate magnesium deficiency causes predatory, aggressive behavior with even low doses of THC. Symptoms worsen as the magnesium deficiency does. Since we need magnesium to regulate the serotonin, GABA, glutamate, and opioid systems, and since almost everyone is inflamed and malnourished to varying degrees, nowhere near enough Mg, the most vulnerable will experience these "paradoxical" reactions to psychoactive substances.
Jan 27 4 tweets 2 min read
The more time we spend in our homes, the more fine particulate matter (PM2.5) builds up, proven to hinder brain function.…

A very basic solution is to open more windows and spend more time outside. Even in winter, cracking windows open here and there. Buildings that increase outdoor air flow by 50% give inhabitants a +61% cognitive boost; 100% increased outdoor flow gives a 101% brain boost.…

People who work from home get much more PM2.5 b/c they don't ventilate enough, and are almost always inside. "On average, cognitive scores were 61% higher on the Gr
Jan 26 8 tweets 2 min read
Excess caloric restriction or intermittent fasting can be harmful.

But that doesn't mean that, when well-planned, they aren't beneficial.

Always be mindful that there is a threshold where eustress becomes distress.

This applies to exercise, cold therapy; almost anything. The evolution of the concep... Food scarcity signals "danger" to the organism, which increases SIRT1, which in turn recycles damaged cells (including cancer cells), repairs DNA, downregulates inflammation, and protects the brain.

However, this comes with a cost. SIRT1 is not meant to be constantly activated.
Jan 25 5 tweets 3 min read
Cold water immersion (with head above water) at 20°C (68°F) doubles the metabolic rate.

At 14°C (57°F) it more than quadruples it.

Theoretically, this is why cold exposure boosts muscle recovery and energy restoration after fatigue. "Changes in rectal temperature (rectal temperature; A) Cold exposure causes "highly significant increases" in the brain's metabolic rate and in brain blood flow in animals.

Sufficient brain blood flow largely determines cognitive ability, redox balance, and resiliency to oxidative stress and inflammation.
Jan 23 4 tweets 1 min read
Paradigm influences are constantly steering you as you develop. Absorb too much of one and you lose intelligent discrimination, or are taught it is wrong to discern, wrong to prefer certain things and reject others. Too much of the other thing and you become cynical, closed off. A well-meaning person once told me that "it's great to be vulnerable". This is beautiful advice for the right person; absolutely catastrophic advice for other people. Every little aphorism needs to be viewed at all its angles, like looking at a transparent statue from all sides.
Jan 22 9 tweets 4 min read
Allura Red AC food coloring promotes susceptibility to colitis via intestinal serotonin in mice…

Chronic intake of FD&C Red #40 dye worsens colitis in mice, and early-life exposure sensitizes the intestine, increasing likelihood of future colitis. Multi-colored gummy bearsA plastic container of 125 grams, or 4.4 ounces, of red no. Excess gut serotonin, which prevents autophagy and alters the microbiome, leads to leaky gut and mediates the damage from Red #40; mice lacking crucial serotonin synthesis enzyme (TPH1) are impervious to colitis from chronic Red #40 exposure.… "Effect of Allura Red AC [AR] in the development of col
Jan 5 8 tweets 2 min read
Mitochondrial melatonin, made by near-infrared light from early AM sun:

•Scavenges reactive oxygen species (anti-oxidant)
•Blocks permeability transition pore ➡️ protects from cell death
•Activates uncoupling proteins ➡️ burns more energy as heat, ⬆️fat loss, ⬆️metabolic rate "A summary of the pote... Sunlight does in fact block melatonin secretion in the pineal gland, but this is a small amount compared to mitochondrial-cytosolic melatonin, which infrared + near-infrared wavelengths from sunlight powerfully stimulate, building a reservoir throughout the day.
Jan 4 6 tweets 2 min read
Effect of taurine and caffeine on sleep–wake activity in Drosophila melanogaster…

A high taurine:caffeine ratio promotes sleep but a low taurine:caffeine ratio interrupts sleep *more* than caffeine alone does. Caffeine and taurine combined in equal ratio shortened sleep, led to insomnia, and long-term attention deficit in the fruit flies.

This may be why some keto-carnivores (many drink coffee) can get insomnia or stress: the high taurine in meat synergizes with the caffeine too much.
Jan 2 5 tweets 2 min read
Acute sleep deprivation upregulates serotonin 2A receptors in the frontal cortex of mice via the immediate early gene Egr3…
Substantial upregulation of 5-HT2A after just 6–8 hrs

5-HT2A also mediate the hallucinogenic effects of psychedelic drugs


Post-mortem data shows reduced EGR3 and 5-HT2A in the prefrontal cortex of schizophrenics vs. controls, implying that the upregulation is compensatory and due to low binding ability.
Dec 28, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
L-lysine and L-arginine reduces anxiety and basal cortisol levels in healthy humans…

1 week of 5–6 grams/day of both AA's decreased both long-term and stress-induced anxiety, likely via benzodiazepine, serotonin, and other receptors in the gut and brain. Oral treatment with L-lysine and L-arginine reduces anxiety Oral treatment with L-lysine and L-arginine reduces anxiety
Mental fatigue depletes plasma lysine (and many others, like tyrosine, methionine, and arginine) even over 24 hours after the stressor that caused the fatigue, so ample amino acid repletion, primarily from quality animal foods, is anti-stress medicine.
Dec 27, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
L-theanine inhibits nicotine-induced dependence via regulation of the nicotine acetylcholine receptor-dopamine reward pathway
In animals and in vitro, theanine decreases the number of neurons that could react to nicotine to cause development of dependence. During nicotine exposure, L-theanine significantly inhibits:
•Nicotine-induced tyrosine hydroxylase (converts tyrosine to dopamine's precursor) expression
•Midbrain dopamine release
•Nicotine acetylcholine receptor expression
•c-Fos expression in the reward circuit
Dec 26, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
7–10 days of L-theanine (0.4mg/kg for rats; 0.06mg/kg human equivalent) led to increased exploratory behavior in maze and significantly lower cerebral spinal fluid glutamate and higher methionine compared to control rats. Hippocampus activity also increased. This was based on a hunch that ample methionine is vital for brain and mood. Most pop-science seeks to lower it. Previous studies found that major depression patients in remission have higher methionine in cerebral spinal fluid than patients still suffering with major depression.
Dec 23, 2022 5 tweets 4 min read

In rats, 28 days of 0.8g/100g garlic powder significantly increased testosterone (indexed by 17-ketosteroid and luteinizing hormone), this increase amplified by higher protein intake or lard intake, with a subsequent decrease in corticosterone. "Effects of garlic supplementation on testicular testos"Effects of garlic supplementation on plasma corticoste"In the preliminary experiment, we examined the effects…

200mg/kg of garlic extract for 1–2 months increased serum testosterone and retention of testicular cellular integrity in rats weighing 120g on average.

Thus the human equivalent dose is about 32.3mg/kg, so only 0.5mg/day for a 60kg person.
Dec 18, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
A cholesterol-rich diet accelerates bacteriologic sterilization in pulmonary tuberculosis
Tuberculosis patients who ate 800mg/day cholesterol + Abx achieved 80% sterilization by week 2 vs. 9% sterilization in those eating only 250 mg/day cholesterol + Abx. Image The 800mg/day cholesterol dieters also ate lots of carbs (54% kcals); (30% fat, 16% protein). Their cholesterol was ingested in the form of butter, beef liver, egg yolks, and dairy. Image
Dec 5, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
Insulin resistance linked to lower arterial blood flow and reduced cortical perfusion in cognitively asymptomatic adults…

88% of Americans are metabolically ill, and impaired blood flow features in many of our public health disasters. Who has impaired bodily blood flow, brain blood flow, and often insulin resistance?

Those with major depression, brain fog, POTs, chronic fatigue, Long Covid / long haulers, multiple sclerosis, ALS, dementia, diabetes T2 (a given). Can you name more?
Nov 17, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
Green tea as an oral antifungal against candida albicans…

Green tea extract on teeth for 5–15 mins reduced candida by 66%.

Its antifungal activity did not lose power over time i.e. resistance didn't develop. Green tea's polyphenol EGCG increases activity of oral peroxidases by +280%, which are secreted by salivary glands to protect teeth, dentin, and prevent bad breath. Black tea shows similar effects.
Nov 3, 2022 15 tweets 6 min read
The "runner's high" is not caused by endorphins like commonly believed, but instead mainly by the endocannabinoid, anandamide, the "bliss molecule", which is synthesized from the omega-6 fat arachidonic acid. Anandamide also regulates adenosine activity to induce quality sleep. Anandamide activates CB1 and CB2 receptors on GABAergic neurons to induce relaxation and sleep, reduce pain and anxiety, and protect against brain inflammation. Mice lacking GABA CB1 receptors lose brain cells and show rapid brain aging.
Oct 29, 2022 5 tweets 1 min read
People say that keto/carnivore or fasting just appears to be efficient for weight loss because it sheds water weight. But it also powerfully causes browning of white fat tissue (⇈ mitochondrial uncoupling), increasing energy expenditure (more burned as heat rather than stored). Fully activated brown fat tissue, which is encouraged by taurine, ketosis, intermittent fasting, and cold exposure, increases resting metabolism.

About each 1/10 lb of brown fat increases resting energy expenditure by 100 calories/day.
Oct 28, 2022 7 tweets 3 min read
“Are We in Sync with Each Other?” Effects of Cosleeping on Heterosexual Couples' Sleep (Simultaneous Polysomnography)…

Cosleeping with a partner leads to:
⬆️ sleep quality
⬆️ sleep time
⬆️ sleep efficiency
⬆️ slow wave sleep (phase 3)
⬆️ REM sleep Partners' sleep stages tend to synchronize regardless of either partner's awakenings throughout the night.

Heart rate tends to synchronize in awake people who are interacting (cardiac synchrony, related to shared emotions and trust), but not in sleeping couples.
Oct 13, 2022 6 tweets 3 min read
The citrus flavonoid nobiletin stimulates the pro-metabolic enzymes AMPK and ACC, suppresses fat synthesis, enhances fat oxidation, and increases calories burned.

In mice, it prevents obesity and insulin resistance from a high carb + high fat diet.… ImageImage Nobiletin is found most concentrated in citrus peels, so formulated extracts may be the most practical option for people to experiment with. Unless you like eating the peels. Eating citrus peels has many other potential positives than just nobiletin.