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8 Aug
@Rolo_Tamasi @wrysmile9 @JST9 @pam30301 @Iromg @pritipatel UNTRUE!

can legitimately MAKE a CLAIM

help writing.. article from... Founder of.. Immigration Law Programme

recognised as refugees.. to be determined by immigration officials in whichever country #REVIEWS their asylum #APPLICATION....
@Rolo_Tamasi @wrysmile9 @JST9 @pam30301 @Iromg @pritipatel #AN INTERPRETATION.. upheld in UK case law Those trying to cross the Channel #CAN legitimately #CLAIM asylum in the UK IF they reach it

THAT SAID, refugees who arrive in the UK after passing through another EU country can, under certain circumstances circumstances, be returned..
@Rolo_Tamasi @wrysmile9 @JST9 @pam30301 @Iromg @pritipatel ..THAT SAID, refugees who arrive in the UK after passing through another EU country can, under certain circumstances circumstances, be returned to the first EU country they entered, under an EU law known as the Dublin Regulation.

So if I murder you I'm not a murderer

Until a...
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1 Jun
1. #FFS #BBCNews @BBC

Why you spreading divisive inflammatory violence rioting+arson normalising enabling promoting encouraging & glorifying left-wing propaganda

Why you broadcasting views of ignorant uneducated idiots

And I don't mean just your "liberal" staff

2. #FFS #BBCNews @BBC

More whites than blacks killed by police in US

Black cop more likely to kill black than white cop

Considering VASTLY higher level of armed violent & lethal crime carried carried out by blacks are FEWER blacks killed by police even pro rata

3. #FFS #BBCNews @BBC

Most killing by blacks

More whites are killed by blacks than blacks by whites

Most blacks are killed by fellow blacks

So stop spreading #BLM spin lies & propaganda

Stop being riot arson murder normalisers apologists enablers facilitators

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29 Dec 19
@calicobayfarm @AndrewG46502116 @LadyEnna @logical4ever @WhoresofYore @HistoryatNmpton 1. There are pictures of black white & shades of brown beJayzus & Mary

So were they experimenting with their tanning salon

And some say they didn't even exist

Also colours depend on pigments available & affordable

And we aren't discussing "dark skinned" people

@calicobayfarm @AndrewG46502116 @LadyEnna @logical4ever @WhoresofYore @HistoryatNmpton 2. There are literally hundreds of surviving artworks depicting jet black, dark, midtoned & light Jesus & Marys in Christian society

Does that even prove they exist

Never mind that that they were chamelions

There's also thousands angel & unicorn paintings

Do they exist too?!
@calicobayfarm @AndrewG46502116 @LadyEnna @logical4ever @WhoresofYore @HistoryatNmpton 3. It makes no difference if they were just Roman servants or slaves or not

As one of your fellow history distorters inadvertently proved

The DNA that fortunately survives to this day as any genealogist knows is for Coastal North African people

Who were light or white skinned
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28 Dec 19
@SophieJonasHill @WhoresofYore @TheEmmelineMay 1. No what is curious is why you find me seeing non-white faces on the TV troubling when I haven't said I do

And I certainly haven't even indicated it offends me

Can you only read minds

Do you struggle with the written word

Or are you simply projecting?!
@SophieJonasHill @WhoresofYore @TheEmmelineMay 2. While white population had been forcibly importing people of colour for years before A Christmas Carol, the African & Asian population, as well as enslaving their own in far larger numbers, also enslaved far more whites than Atlantic Slave Trade, where do you think those went
@SophieJonasHill @WhoresofYore @TheEmmelineMay 3. Why do you never see BBC dramas depicting African nations where 2/3 of population were slaves

Or North African & Middle Eastern ones populated by slaves from French coastal regions denuded by slavers of colour who raided as far North as Ireland & even Iceland

Or Slavs=slaves
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28 Dec 19
@DMUwriters @WhoresofYore 1. Is blackening it any better

And how about whitening the slave trade despite the word coming from "Slav" due to how many were enslaved

Blacks being enslaved by blacks centuries before whitey returned to Africa

The majority of some & many of all black nations being slaves...
@DMUwriters @WhoresofYore 2. Black men being slaughtered by their bros before the Atlantic trade as of little value & too much trouble

Most slaves being for the African market

More Blacks being sold East than West

More Blacks being sold to Latinos & Hispanics in South Americas than North America...
@DMUwriters @WhoresofYore 3. More Blacks surviving (as treated far better) in North America than Latino & Hispanic South & Central Americas

Slavery ending in whitey's countries before anywhere else (it STILL exists in Africa & Asia)

Whitey trying to end it across world

So whitening history is perverse!
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28 Dec 19
@moniconga @TomlinsonCJ @WhoresofYore 1. But it IS exactly trying to recreate history

Was this a Freudian slip:

"The show is not a historical documentary #PR"

As a tele-psychiatrist I'm sure you'd know!

No it's not a movie about a real event

But it's set in a real time

As was War of the Worlds Dr Who etc etc...
@moniconga @TomlinsonCJ @WhoresofYore 2. But while Scrooge, War Of The Worlds, Dr Who, etc are all clearly fantasies

They are fantasies where we suspend belief & our critical faculties

But they are not science fantasies set in other futures or on worlds

They are historical dramas set in real historical times...
@moniconga @TomlinsonCJ @WhoresofYore 3. Most people don't know much history

Historical dramas are only place they will see any history

While we all know THE STORY is A STORY

You wouldn't expect Victorian England to be peopled by characters dressed in togas or lycra cyclewear

You'd expect it to be reflect period
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28 Dec 19
@olgakeogh @WhoresofYore 1. I was going to say at least you didn't call her the black Florence Nightingale then I checked the link

A rewriting of history as "liberal" as anything by the BBC

"one of two outstanding nurses to tend to the wounded, along with Florence Nightingale"

If you only know the...
@olgakeogh @WhoresofYore 2. If you only know the kindergarten story of The Lady With The Lamp then you can be excused for believing she was "one of two outstanding nurses to tend to the wounded, along with Florence Nightingale"

Nightingale wasn't outstanding because she tended the wounded

She was a...
@olgakeogh @WhoresofYore 3. Nightingale was not only the founder of modern nursing setting up the first nursing school & developing the first modern nursing syllabus

She was one of the founders of epidemiology & evidence based medical statistical analysis

And developer of the polar-area (not pie) chart
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27 Dec 19
@DeusExCinema @WhoresofYore 1. No the BBC continually gives the impression in drama the past wasn't a different country, but Islington with funny clothes

And constantly lie about actual history

For eg recently they & Channel 4 celebrating homosexuality being decriminalised

Or occasionaly homosexual sex
@DeusExCinema @WhoresofYore 2. Neither homosexuality nor homosexual sex per se ever illegal

What legalised were some acts that half of homosexuals-lesbians-don't engage in & straight couples were sometimes punished more severely for than gays

Fancying same sex or soft furnishings arranging NEVER illegal
@DeusExCinema @WhoresofYore 3. BBC & Channel 4 (& to lesser extent other media as with previous point) celebrated Suffragettes winning vote for women

SuffragISTS were winning vote then SuffragETTES turned public against women's suffrage by terrorist activities & delayed vote

Weren't just smashing windows
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20 Dec 19
@G2daTizzle @Mike_P_Williams @JMcintosh91 @mario_cox @AndrewLT_007 @henryjc90 @GaryLineker @caldyr99 @BorisJohnson 1. Blacks were enslaved by blacks long before whites came (BACK) to Africa

Africans sold Africans to browns long before they sold them to Europeans (& exploited far more of them locally or traded them East than went West)

Before the Atlantic Slave Trade SAVED captured black men
@G2daTizzle @Mike_P_Williams @JMcintosh91 @mario_cox @AndrewLT_007 @henryjc90 @GaryLineker @caldyr99 @BorisJohnson 2. Before the Atlantic Slave Trade SAVED captured black men the fellow blacks who captured them usually slaughtered them as of little value & much trouble as the domestic market and Eastern market was mainly for women & children not (castrated) men

Most of saved black men went..
@G2daTizzle @Mike_P_Williams @JMcintosh91 @mario_cox @AndrewLT_007 @henryjc90 @GaryLineker @caldyr99 @BorisJohnson 3. Most of the saved from immediate brotherly slaughter by the Atlantic Slave Trade black men went to Latino & Hispanic South & Central Americas

Because they were treated so badly they quickly died or were just killed they needed constant replacement

Were treated best in USA!
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12 Dec 19
@DorothyHorrible @patcondell 1. some don't vote as think won't count

In some elections turnout as low as 30% & all that 30% don't vote same way

What if none of other 70% don't want incumbent but don't vote?

Also spoiled ballots are counted AND CHECKED BY CANDIDATES!!

So make your "#SpoiledBallot" count!
@DorothyHorrible @patcondell 2. "#Spoiled" #BallotPapers DON'T get binned

They are counted recorded & reported

And they're pored over by all the candidates in the hope they can claim a vote for themselves, especially if it's a close thing

So make sure you make clear WHY you're not putting an X in any box!
@DorothyHorrible @patcondell 3. Hope everyone undecided turned up at polling booth

But didn't actually "#Spoil" their #Ballot

You should be constructive & do something like adding

#NoneOfTheAbove, #NOTAparty _________ l✖️l

Or add a constructive note

So everyone can see why you didn't put an X in a box
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12 Dec 19
@RRalstonAgile @tonyposnanski @CharlieHerndon 1 You do realise #TrayvonMartin was a near 18 year old body builder+martial artist

Returning from buying legal components of a drugs cocktail

His VICTIM was a Hispanic-AFRICAN who risked his security permit by fighting for justice for a BLACK down+out injured by policeman's son
@RRalstonAgile @tonyposnanski @CharlieHerndon 2 You do realise #TrayvonMartin's VICTIM was MISREPORTED AS

White, then Hispanic (actually Hispanic-AFRICAN!)

NOT being injured on CCTV (when video showed injuries to back of head where Martin beat/bounced it on paving)

Attacking Martin (when video shows opposite)

Etc etc
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7 Dec 19
@Rhall151Hall @michaelharriot 1 No they were enslaved & sold (ie they were chattel slaves in Africa) by their fellow Africans

Previously Africans mainly only enslaved women & children as was no market for men-mainly domestic & sex slaves locally & to East

Men sold East castrated

Surplus captured men killed
@Rhall151Hall @michaelharriot 2 Traditionally African societies=slave societies (up to 60% slaves) but mainly women & children

Men killed as no market for them & too dangerous to leave alive

So Atlantic slave Trade SAVED enslaved (by bros) African men

Most slaves sold locally or East

Most of those sold...
@Rhall151Hall @michaelharriot 3 Most African slaves sold locally or East by fellow Africans

Most of those sold to West sold to Latinos & Hispanics in South & Central America (where high turnover as many killed or worked to death)

Fewest black slaves went to North America where had best life for black males
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5 Dec 19
@mrhortywho @havameow @NunesSideCow @SuzAtTheLibrary @willchamberlain @esqonfire @realDonaldTrump 2. Or do you mean this kind of critical research of YOUR OWN linked article in an ADMITTED liberal bias media source?!

So at a time (same now if country is still supposedly so racist) when black tenants in a white building would slash rental income, so corporate profits, so....
@mrhortywho @havameow @NunesSideCow @SuzAtTheLibrary @willchamberlain @esqonfire @realDonaldTrump 3. So at a time when black tenants in a white building would slash rental income, so corporate profits, so staff wages and bonuses, THE MANAGEMENT of a company THE Trumps owned discriminated against black MEN

And preferred white WOMEN to them

How many places TODAY turn away...
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5 Dec 19
@BrandiLynn4Ever @realDonaldTrump And if he'd Tweeted of DoJ FBI or DNC

Hang It All

Or meant in sense of Hang Out To Dry

But are you & Twitter seriously accusing ACTOR #JamesWoods of planning or inciting murder

It's an expression An idiom Of DISMISSAL *NOT* DEATH

Or is @Jack planning on banning #Shakespeare!
@BrandiLynn4Ever @realDonaldTrump @jack 2. But are you & Twitter seriously accusing ACTOR #JamesWoods of planning or inciting murder

Because he used AN EXPRESSION



Or are @Jack & #Twitter planning on banning all literary turns of phrase?!
@BrandiLynn4Ever @realDonaldTrump @jack 3. Is it any wonder distinguished educated literate actor #JamesWoods, once a student at MIT before he dropped out to pursue his acting career, refuses to bow down to ignorant prejudiced biased partisan no-platforming cancel-culture #Twitter #Censorship @Twitter

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4 Dec 19
1. Pope Francis Research: DuckDuckGo

Pope Francis: Christianity & Islam Protect ‘Common Values’…

Pope Francis: Christianity & Islam Same…
I have heard it all Pope Francis in Morocco: "Let us build bridges" tween Christianity & Islam
2. Pope Francis in Morocco: "Let us build bridges" between Christianity & Islam…

More Sugarcoating of Islam from Pope Francis…

Pope Francis Signs Agreement with Imam, Heading Closer to One-World Religion…
3. The one world religion

Terrorism is not fuelled by the religion of Islam itself. Terrorism is fuelled in large part by a lack of work and opportunity for people.…

Does Pope Francis Believe Christians & Muslims Worship Same God?…
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4 Dec 19
@ConradSpoke @Jlippai @JohnStossel @HeartlandInst 1. Why

It like Climate "Science" & your previous post have nothing to do with science

My reply was to do with logic common-sense economics & risk analysis

If your house starts to catch on fire & there is no fire department your house is gone

But no sane person would suggest..
@ConradSpoke @Jlippai @JohnStossel @HeartlandInst 2. If your house starts to catch on fire & there is no fire department your house is gone

But no sane person would suggest we give up modern civilisation live in caves & ban all flammable materials from them

And what has having a fire department got to do with cutting CO2...
@ConradSpoke @Jlippai @JohnStossel @HeartlandInst 3. And what has having a fire department got to do with cutting CO2

The correct analogy is having a department to cool us down if there really is Global Warming Man Made or not

Logic doesn't seem to be your strong point, but then you seem to be a believer

One of the main...
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3 Dec 19
@tayl0rwa @ChildOfAlba @JamesCleverly @bendepear @realDonaldTrump @BorisJohnson @Conservatives 1. And what about the Green delegate

Who's co-leader

And a councillor

Who are #Channel4 to rule that Gove as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster-effectively Deputy Leader of a major UK party-& former Secretary of State for Environment wasn't a suitable opponent to debate her
@tayl0rwa @ChildOfAlba @JamesCleverly @bendepear @realDonaldTrump @BorisJohnson @Conservatives 2. And what right has anyone never mind #Channel4 to expect #BorisJohnson to accept an "invitation" to a "debate" being run by a body whose

News boss brands Boris Johnson a ‘known liar’ & likens him to Putin
Dorothy Byrne said it's time for broadcasters to start using the L-word
@tayl0rwa @ChildOfAlba @JamesCleverly @bendepear @realDonaldTrump @BorisJohnson @Conservatives 3. Incidentally all claims about #Boris being a liar racist etc are based on out of context quotes from satirical parliamentary sketch type articles-verbal lampoons & cartoons about OTHER people NOT his own beliefs & opinions

And no I'm not a #BorisJohnson but a TRUTH supporter!
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