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21 Jul
1. Both #Boris & #DominicCummings wrong

Yes most deaths were over 80s who only just survived last mild #FluSeason

And wouldn't have survived next if lived that long

Death rates January to March 2020 & January to June 2021 BELOW 5 year average

And death rate 2020 only 4th.....
2. Population & age adjusted death rate for 2020 only 4th highest this century

ie THREE years since Millennium had HIGHER death rates WITHOUT #COVID1984

And EVERY year in 20th century had a higher death rate than 2020

And fatality rate FAR lower than SARS & MERS #CoronaViruses
3. No one dreamed of #LockingDown or even #MaskingUp FOR #SARS or #MERS

Despite much higher #FatalityRates

Or #ProfFerguson's wild scaremongering

But #LockDown will kill far more than #COVID1984 long term

But will kill young parents & breadwinners

Not old at death's door
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20 Jul
@mauscuba7500 @ggreenwald Please share with me the s[c]ience & how it works in those 3 books you presented as "evidence" & how they are based in empiricism (not anecdotes, feelings or magical thinking)

BTW you STILL haven't answered my original question

You're all over the place!
@mauscuba7500 @ggreenwald Did you even look at my thread

Especially the later Tweets on #Eugenics & #Euthanasia

"Political '#Left' and '#Right' Properly Defined"…
@mauscuba7500 @ggreenwald '

From the Lefty "liberal" #Guardian again

"#Eugenics: the skeleton that rattles loudest in the left's closet"…
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6 Jul
@Botanygeek Wong!

1. Do you have any idea what the population of England would be if it had the same population density as France or Spain?

About 14 million in total!

Or 64 years of current net immigration!!

Compared to the 54 million it actually is!!!
@Botanygeek 2. Do you have any idea where England, where most immigrants come, comes in the world population rankings

Equivalent to 27th out of around 200 countries

But most of those ahead of us are micro city states like Hong Kong or Monaco

Or tax haven islands

Plus few special cases...
@Botanygeek 3. Plus a few artificially supported "countries" like South Korea, Puerto Rico or Palestine

Strip all of those out and England would be second behind only Bangladesh for population density!

And idiots think we can survive "#OpenBorders"?!?!
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5 Jul
For those still looking for @talkRADIO #PeterHitchens @ClarkeMicah+#MikeGraham @IRoMG interviews after this:

Published 15.06.2021

"In February the PM said there is no possibility of zero Covid So why is he acting as if he is trying to obtain zero Covid"

Published on 22.06.2021

Peter Hitchens accuses UK media of publishing a "very narrow set of views"
Published on 30.06.2021

PH: 'politicians never believed..own propaganda'

“huge gap between..[what it]..spread & what it believes"

Prof Neil Ferguson & Dominic Cummings have shown "the simple fact these people never believed their own propaganda"
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26 Jun
@MICHELL75347255 @ChrisGr97349115 @ScottyVsTyranny I never mentioned science

I was clearly commenting on your ad hominem

And your lack of self awareness of clearly leading such a sad life you need to fill your time searching Twitter for people you think are in the same boat & insulting them

But as you bring it up

You also....
@MICHELL75347255 @ChrisGr97349115 @ScottyVsTyranny But as you bring it up

You also seem to be unaware that Coronaviruses (unlike flu viruses) don't mutate much (they are able to repair errors in duplication)

When they do mutate like all viruses they generally mutate to a milder form

Or die out if not

If we can gain....
@MICHELL75347255 @ChrisGr97349115 @ScottyVsTyranny If we can gain protection from exposure to part of a virus then logically must gain (much) more protection from the whole virus

Therefore community (herd) immunity must be more achievable from actual infections

Old & vulnerable people die all the time from all sorts of things..
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14 Jun
OMG #Channel4akeNews @Channel4News just had expert epidemiologist on saying we never invested in reducing spread by aerosols by installing sophisticated ventilation in buildings

What happened to £BILLIONS #HospitalityIndustry invested in sophisticated aircon

Just B4 #SmokingBan
OMG #LOBsterOTOMY patient #CathyNewMAN Breaks off interview to shout at closed door of #Number10!!! ImageImage
OMG #PorridgeOBrain of #Channel4akeNews @Channel4News obsessing about unaccompanied miners heading for the Kent coast

I thought the Kent coalfields were one of the first to be shut down

Someone needs to tell them we don't have any coal mines

And coal has been banned in the UK!
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27 Apr
@wgsaraband 1. I thought gays wanted the government to stay out of the bedroom

They have always had the "right" to get married just like everyone else

But the marriage RITE was promoted by societies to ensure people did their duty and procreated the next generation

@wgsaraband 2. The PURPOSE of marriage was to ensure the pro-creation of the next generation of a nation or other society

That's why marriage was created promoted encourage subsidised & even funded

To ensure people did their duty & made babies

Gays & lesbians could & were encouraged to
@wgsaraband 3. Gays & lesbians could & were encouraged to marry each other or straight people of the opposite sex to make babies to ensure society survived

You could get the tax breaks bounty house whatever regardless of sexual leaning

If you can't produce & argument for same sex...
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