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18 Jan
the greatest problem older Americans face when describing the communist takeover of the US in this election, is it has been so long since detailed descriptions were used as educational material that we ourselves forgot much of the financial and societal differences
The young will ask:
Why is socialism wrong?
What is the logical response? What details can the average 60 year old give?
Why is Communism wrong?
Can you give an answer that is more than a soundbite emphasizing the word FREEDOM?
Can we as individuals just rely on repeating the murders, starvations, censoring, re-writing of history in Communist countries or can we actually recite chapter and verse what socialism means morally and economically?
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14 Jan
@Techno_Fog Does Donald Trump lose his Constitutional Rights when he becomes Mr. Trump?
If the democrats and rinos go after Trump once he becomes a private citizen, is that a Bill of Attainder?
Does the Constitutional protection against a Bill of Attainder protect Donald Trump once he is no longer President?
Does it protect him AS President , such as his recent impeachment without legal representation?
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13 Jan
We cannot unite if one side is openly saying they want us in concentration camps.
How is that a concept difficult to understand?
PBS lawyers openly said they want to take our children away and put them in re-education camps,
have you lost your mind thinking that is something we can compromise on?
Do we let them take our kids to re-education camps only for the summer?
Because THAT is the same free speech YOU are defending!
So many on the right used to say
they are OPENLY telling people they want to take children, and you bet, ADULTS, to re-education camps...just like Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot..
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12 Jan
1/This is a rant I had with someone while texting, and I thought it would make an interesting thread:

2/ Jim, If you come across any information, I still desire to hear any information on the state of our beleaguered union.
3/ It is way overboard when it comes to conspiracy theory and I just would be ashamed to ever present it to someone as what I believe is actually going on.
4/ It is just rumor. The pope has been arrested, Donald Trump is in Texas at a secret military site on some large military base, the vice president has been moved, we have to military flotillas off both Coast because of the impending insurrections;
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11 Jan
Q is nostradamus for millennials

there is no plan but Satan’s plan to destroy us

the answer will not be found in politics or who is in office

you must repent now, for our doom is sure and already here.
we are reaping what we have sown, pornography, sexual sins, homosexuality, lies, drugs...
One political party endorses all that, and more than 50% of the other political party allows it and does nothing to stop it.

Christian persecution will start any day.
It will be illegal to say what I just said, it will be called hate speech.
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4 Jan
"First they came for your freedom of movement, but you were free to move around so you didn't speak up.
Then they came for your freedom of assembly, but you were still free to gather with friends, so you didn't speak up.
Then they came after small businesses, but you don't own one, so you didn't speak up.
Then they came for your freedom to protest, but you didn't care because you never protest, so you didn't speak out.
Then they came for your freedom of religion, but you're not religious, so you didn't speak out.
Then they came for your freedom of choice, but you still had choice, so you didn't speak out.
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10 Dec 20
So many, including people I know who are strong Bible Believers, are claiming the conjunction of planets happening soon, is the "Christmas Star", the "Bethlehem Star" seen at the time of Christ's birth.
Well, the Bible says something completely different.
The wise men came from the East, following the star, they travelled a long time, following a star.
They had to know of the larger planets because astrologers in those days knew the bright and visible ones, such as Jupiter and Saturn,
Read this: They followed the star BEFORE seeing Herod, they went back to follow the star AFTER meeting Herod, the time needed to keep seeing this star means that this is no conjunction of planets, it is a star, a literal star, a miracle, not a conjunction of planets.
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7 Dec 20
The Night They Gunned Down Santa Claus
by Chet Lynn

There's strange things done 'neath the Vietnamese sun
but the thing that locked my jaws
was the night 'neath the moon, the third platoon
gunned down Santa Claus.
It started off right just another night,
you had to spend in the dirt,
security was out, .360 about
with fifty percent alert.

We had 81s and naval guns
our tanks were track to track,
an ontos or so an arty FO
with barrages back to back.
I froze where I stood 'cause out of the wood
eight horses came charging along,
this may sound scary those mustangs were hairy,
"Oh no," I moaned," mounted Viet Cong."
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4 Nov 20
Trump can still win, we need to be in prayer to save this nation for 4 more years, but we must remember the Bible tells us that evil men will get worse and worse until the time of the tribulation.
We must also accept that times of great tribulation are the last chance to turn to a God that loves us, Making us examine our lives and our need to turn to Jesus Christ, an act of Mercy on God's part,
for we are about to truly be judged for our sins by giving us the leader we deserve, one who will be a tyrant instead of a blessing...all because we didnt bow down and turn to Jesus the first time we knew.
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3 Nov 20
Everyone take notice.
Regardless of who wins the election, Twitter and Facebook will have a purge of those who posted the most political and maybe the most Christian posts that exposed Islam, sin, homosexuality, ANTIFA, and exposed the marxist origins of BLM.
Most of us will be tossed out unceremoniously and with great fanfare on their part.
This may be the last day we see some of our online friends.
Pray for our nation.
Voting against communism and rioting is not the same as voting for the man you want, it is about trying to keep our nation safe from tyranny of the left, we face violence in the streets regardless of who wins, the choice is who leads us after the violence: Marxists?
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31 Oct 20
handed out 2 sleeping bags and one blanket today. Bought the usual fruits and sweets for the people downtown and had the opportunity to witness to about 5 in detail.
it is disappointing that people are always gimme gimme and then to see one with sincere thanks. I know that witnessing is the Lord's calling, Matt 28 commands us, but I am so unworthy to do this.
But...well, maybe it's time for a testimony.
I cam from a home that was filled with pornography and my own sexual abuse from a sister. The constant idea that all sisters thought it was funny to run their hands over me while one thought it even better to do more and never stopped.
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11 Oct 20
Obama's 400 Million to Iran:
Was it Iran's money from 1979 or was it something else?
Did we pay Iran back the money that was in Escrow?
Did we pay more than that over the years?
Reagan gave Iran their money back in 1981, not Obama
Obama’s $400 million and Carter’s $7.9 billion
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10 Oct 20
Some COVID-19 stories are just awful.
This one I am printing is one of the worst.
This is a sad story of the depression that can haunt a man.
Marcel was sick and tired of the world, of Covid 19, Brexit, Russian belligerence, global warming, racial tensions, of being a dumb Liberal and the rest of the disturbing stories
that occupy media headlines. One morning Marcel drove his car into his garage then sealed every doorway and window as best he could. He got back into his car and wound down all the windows, selected his favourite radio station and started the car.
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8 Oct 20
Ozone hole over Antarctica is 'largest' and 'deepest' it's been in years: Scientists a.msn.com/04/en-us/BB19L…
They never speak of this in the winter, spring, or summer up north.
It happens in the antarctic in their spring, every spring. It is seasonal.
Know what takes away ozone?
Know what spews out fluorocarbons other than deodorant cans (remember the 80's? Freon cans?)
Volcanos do.
Mt Erebus is an active volcano on Antarctica.
this seasonal occurrence happens seasonally.
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2 Oct 20
Biden's accusations that Trump is a racist are just plain wrong, and this thread will show who the real racist is, and the real sex pervert is, too
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23 Sep 20
this next election might be our last one. Due to voter fraud and the unconstitutional actions and support of anarchists by the democrat party regarding BLM and ANTIFA, I believe if Trump is re-elected, he will be the last republican president.
The left will riot and destroy no matter who wins.
If the election is stolen by the left through illegal ballots, the right will most likely rise up.
The level of potential violence would be horrifying.
No one's family will escape.
It would be America's second Civil War, but it will not have 2 armed and identifiable sides, it will mimic the French Revolution, something I have been saying for years.
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17 Sep 20
If you live in a country where if the dominant culture has proven to be successful by hard work and strong moral character, and you don't model the behaviors that make it successful, then it isn't the fault of the dominant culture if you aren't successful.
If you can't integrate into the dominant culture by respecting and abiding by its laws, adhering to established rules of civil conduct, getting basic education (offered free in America), developing a marketable skill, living within your means,
following its successful social model by getting married, living in two parent families, teaching values and discipline in children, then your failure is on you.
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16 Sep 20
Communist origin of ANTIFA
What do you call a civilian "police" force that is in place when we already HAVE Police forces, national and local?
And we already HAVE a military Obama
so, WHY do we need a NEW one?? Antifa?
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