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11 Oct
You may come across bot-amplified activists pitching the idea that #Republicans have been packing the Courts for years, and therefore, hypocritically object to Democratic Party machinations to inflict #courtpacking on America if Kamala Harris and her running mate are elected.
So, is it true, have "Republicans been packing" the Courts for decades?

Well, let's start by agreeing that this, or any, conversation is pointless unless we share a common language. If you think so, then ...
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11 Oct
There's #gaslighting afoot, and it's the #torchsong of Sad Sack @DanRather:
#Dan, you're nearly old enough to remember actual #courtpacking, the #FDR proposal to add justices to the court, increasing the total number of justices on a formula related to justices turning 70.
For those who prefer to learn facts of what actually was proposed as #courtpacking, just @Google, @Bing, or @DuckDuckGo the term.

Here's a hint: #Dan is caught in another lie of his own manufacture.
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16 Sep
Hitler rose to power.

Along with him, fortuitous and insightful folks took advantage of his rise, tied, but not too closely, their futures to his immediate German successes, and made real differences in their own fortunes by doing so.
A case in point would be #GeorgvonHolzbrinck, who, prior to seeing the advantages of servicing the publication needs of the #ThirdReich, scrabbled for a living selling books door to door.
But not one to miss the opportunity that supporting Nazism at home presented him, he built a publishing empire that has stood the test of time better than the Third Reich that funded the rise of his publication house.
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16 Sep
Nazi German publishing house endorses @JoeBiden.

That headline isn't the one screaming out across #Twitter.

Instead, we have the #lilywhite "@sciam endorses #Biden, a first in its 150 year history."
But the correct news of the day on #ScientificAmerican endorsing #Biden is this:

A company that was founded in the USA and was suffering financially was purchased by a German publishing house, and placed with that publishing house's @SpringerNature division.
But the true truth is that #HoltzbrinckPublishing grew up with and in and supporting the #ThirdReich.
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15 May
Homicide always requires a certain hubris: a pride that vaunts the "wants" or "needs" of the killer over the life of the killed.
That hubris was on display with a posting from "Auntie Lynn." That posting directed itself to the women of Georgia (and other States adopting "heartbeat" abortion restrictions).
The posting pretends to be an invitational note from an old Auntie who lives in New York. Well, no, it is an invitation so it isn't a pretense in that respect.
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20 Apr
The behavior of Democrats in Congress "inspires" me to long for the days of yore, when a People treated like crap by those that governed figured out the best solutions to their problems.

What were those solutions?
Protests. Some peaceful. Some not.

What did these protests include?
Hanging effigies of government officials.
Beheading effigies of government officials.
Destroying the personal and real property of government officials.
Tarring and feathering of government officials.
Riding government officials out of town on a rail.

The common theme:
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16 Apr
I truly appreciate the 12 gauge shotgun that @realDonaldTrump proves himself to be day after day.

But I wish he would get the terms he uses right.
If he "#adjourns" the #Congress, they will go #home. And the #Constitution gives him the power to adjourn Congress when the House and the Senate cannot agree on adjournment.

But what he wants to do is call the Congress back to Washington. That act is the #convening of Congress.
#HarryTruman did this, just months in advance of his election victory over #ThomasDewey.

What did Truman do?

He "convened" Congress.

This "convening" calls Congress into session. It is a power that the Constitution also gives to the president:
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14 Apr
The Governor of North Carolina, @RoyCooperNC, and the Executive Director of the @NCSBE intend to try and foist #votingbymail on our State, despite the proven risks to both #electionsecurity and #securityofballots.
I submitted comments in opposition to the proposal:
GS 163-27.1:

"(a) The Executive Director, as chief State elections official, may exercise emergency
powers to conduct an election in a district where the normal schedule for the election is disrupted by any of the following:
(1) A natural disaster.
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14 Apr
I like Trump. But he is wrong about the president having total Authority.

The States created the president, the Congress, and the courts.

They did so by their ratification of the Constitution of the United States.
Before a sufficient number of states had ratified the Constitution, there was no federal government at all. There was a confederated government, a completely different Beast.
The states, following the wisdom of the framers of the Constitution, surrendered portions of their sovereignty and the associated powers of Those portions of their Sovereignty that they surrendered.
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9 Apr
Who should we kill?

A meditation on #MargaretSanger's mal mot, "The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it."

[From M. Sanger, Women and the New Race (1920).]
Oddly, I grew up thinking that mercy granted life, extended life, ameliorated pain or difficulty, removed unjustly imposed restrictions on liberty.

You know what I mean. You've granted mercies to others.

They arrived late after you labored to prepare a meal.
They failed to take care and caused damage to property, knocking over a lamp or running into your rear bumper.

Thousands of small acts of thoughtlessness or lack of self-awareness intrude on our peace, our contentment.
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1 Apr
A #StayAtHomeOrder order might not violate the #FirstAmendment #righttofreeexercise of #religion, or it might. Candidly, the answer to the question of whether it does so depends entirely on the contents and stated motivation of the Order.
Since the #SCOTUS decided #EmploymentDivisionvSmith, it has been a constitutional truism that #neutrallaws of #generalapplicability can, as an incident of their nature and scope, tread on religious exercises without violating the Free Exercise Clause.
So, for example, a city might adopt a zoning ordinance, and create an #R1district defined as residential single-family dwellings only.

Homes could be built in this zone, but not barbershops, bowling alleys, temples, churches, libraries, etc.
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25 Mar
We are being feted by #ideological #purists who pretend that they would never want the American economy restarted until the risk that a single life will be lost is reduced to zero.

Maybe you're a purist as well?

Well, maybe you are, but maybe you aren't.
Have you ever benefitted from the transshipment of goods through the #PanamaCanal?

Did you ever benefit from power generated by the #HooverDam?

Then you are feasting on the remains of the human life cost of construction.
Yes, you have enjoyed the #cannibalization embodied in risks related to the #construction of dams, canals, buildings, ships, roads, etc.

So how many lives is your front porch light worth?

Take a look to get an idea:…
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24 Mar
But for every other country on earth, the #UnitedStates is the absolute worst country on earth.
We cherish #liberty but not enough to hang politicians for their every #encroachment on it.

(Remember, according to #ThomasJefferson (and all the natural rights philosophers who preceded him), the purpose of the government is to #securetheseliberties among men.)
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24 Mar

So, today, I'm declaring a #SocialMedia #War on you. Your #PrinthouseParkway location is a #clusterfuck of carelessness and stupidity.
Daughter was seen there by a Nurse Practitioner on the 10th of March.

NP provided two scripts, to be transmitted electronically, including a steroid and pain relief.
Daughter went to pick up scripts.

No scripts.

Oh, there's a record, according to @Walmart pharmacy in #ColoradoSprings. They say, electronic record shows that @PVCHC #cancelled the scripts.

Ten days to get transmitted electronically?
Cancelled scripts?
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23 Mar
The Constitution is the #SupremeLaw of the United States, right?

Federal statutes that contradict the Constitution are #VOID, right?
So, when a Senator complains that she can't vote on a rescue bill because the Budget Reconciliation Act essentially requires support by 3/5ths of Senators, she/he is playing you for a fool.
The only thing that stops @SenateGOP from voting on the #GOP rescue #phase3 plan is the phantasm known as the Byrd rule, embodied in the Budget Reconciliation Act.

But, guess what:

A statute that contravenes the Constitution is VOID.
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27 Feb
Congress enacted a restriction on the importation of foreign workers. A fairly straightforward Act, it appeared to embody a complete and total ban on the hiring of foreigners to fill jobs here in America.
An employer in New York -- home of the Great White Way, Broadway -- ignores the law because, in its judgment, the person best suited to play the role it needed filled was not an American, was not a resident alien. No, the actor needed for this Big Apple post was an Englishman.
And, rather than ask folks in DC to create an exception to their ban on foreign workers, the New York venue simply hired the Brit!

Subsequently, that decision, giving an "American" job to a foreigner, came before the Supreme Court.
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26 Feb
A man broke into a home. Inside the house, he found the kitchen, made a sandwich, poured himself a glass of milk, and enjoyed his repast.
He found the bathroom, toileted, showered, and treated the glass cuts he got on his hand using the first aid kit under the bathroom sink. In the family room, there were shelves and shelves of books. He found an interesting one, and read for hours.
When the family came home, he had discovered that the dad worked from home as a call center operator, had signed in on the dad's accounts and was handling calls.
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25 Feb
Does #historyrepeatitself?

Does history merely #echoitself?

Pointless presidential candidate @TomSteyer declares that he will attack #climatechange beginning on Day 1 of his #presidency.
The video of his remarks at a CNN town hall shine a light on his plans:


@TomSteyer just announced that he would dictate from the #WhiteHouse, using "the Executive emergency powers of the presidency," "how [companies] can generate electricity, what kind of cars they can build, what kind of buildings we’re gonna have...”
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25 Feb
Remember when #Republicans #seceded from the #Union to defend the @PeculiarInstitution of #Slavery?

Neither do I.
Remember when #Republicans created the #KKK as an armed force of masked #terrorists to #murder newly #freedslaves and government officials that protected them?

Neither do I.
Remember when #Republicans enacted #apartheid in America through so-called #JimCrow laws?

Neither do I.
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12 Feb
Confronting a society too sympathetic to the needy, the downtrodden, the outcast, too willing to lend aid and assistance to the enfeebled offspring of unfit parents, still, #MargaretSanger #persisted.
Always she pressed the case of desirable and worthy self-concern, rejection of the morality of care for the less fortunate, and brotherhood of man.
"We are paying for, and even submitting to, the dictates of an ever-increasing, unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all.
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12 Feb
"Still, she persisted."

So inspirational. A photo montage features pioneering women, among them, #MargaretSanger.

She never succeeded in entirely eliminating blacks in America, still, she persisted:
Pushing her plan to convince blacks that it was to their benefit to reduce themselves, she proposed the "Negro Project"
She wrote of this project in a letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble. Sanger proposed a collaboration between the American Birth Control League and Sanger’s Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau.
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