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Founding editorial board member, NATO's 'Defence Strategic Communications' journal. Center for Security Policy. Still on Committee on the Present Danger-China.
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18 Sep
This article nails it. Certain organizers of the Color Revolutions in Eastern Europe, Egypt, and elsewhere have a tried-and-true blueprint from the past and a game plan to manipulate public perceptions, the law, and the elections here at home. revolver.news/2020/09/meet-n…
George Kent is also behind efforts to discredit certain Ukrainians who used to work closely with him and the State Department, but who have since blown the whistle and are helping @RonJohnsonWI investigate Kent and his embedded allies. revolver.news/2020/08/george…
These articles add context to why the Biden team calls @realDonaldTrump a tyrant who can't possibly win an honest-reelection, a plotter of massive voter fraud, & a fascist specter who must be removed by military force. This is why they're easy on Antifa. centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2020/09/15/bid…
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16 Sep
2) "For months, Democrats on Capitol Hill have waged a whisper campaign to disparage the reputation of a former Ukrainian government official named @AndriyUkraineTe, who has emerged as a fact witness for Republicans investigating the ... business deals of Joe Biden's son Hunter."
3) Nancy Pelosi explains the context of what Senators Wyden, Peters, and @ChrisMurphyCT have been done to wreck @AndriyUkraineTe falsely in order to discredit Senator @RonJohnsonWI's investigation of Hunter Biden:
4) Biden allies said "without evidence—that Telizhenko is connected to Ukrainian Parliamentary member Andrii Derkach, identified by US intelligence as leading Russian disinformation efforts targeting Joe Biden in the 2020 election & sanctioned by the Trump Treasury Department."
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16 Sep
The Biden camp is deploying military PSYOP AI technology, calling on the Pentagon to remove @realDonaldTrump by force, labeling the president and his supporters "domestic enemies," and apparently forging an alliance of convenience with Antifa/BLM. centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2020/09/15/bid…
They're already doing the "President Pelosi" scenario. thehill.com/homenews/campa…
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14 Sep
1) Check out Germany's domestic intelligence report on Antifa and related violence in the country. It isn't just happening here. Germany is more sophisticated in assessing subversive threats than are US services. This is a lesson for what to expect here. innenministerkonferenz.de/IMK/DE/termine… Image
2) English translation of sections of introduction to German interior ministry report. See the parallels:

"A high level of radicalization of the violence-oriented left-wing extremist scene is recognizable nationwide, but the development is not the same in all federal states."
3) "For Saxony, Hamburg and Berlin but also in Thuringia, Bavaria and Bremen there are indications that that a small part of the violence-oriented left-extremist scene is becoming increasingly radicalized." #Antifa
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9 Sep
German domestic intelligence has revised a security report on Antifa and other violent extremists after the rioting and looting in Leipzig. Antifa in the US is a German import. Here's the latest report in German:
The German internal security report refers to radicalized urban warfare and quasi guerilla methods.

It notes a change in form, shape and message of the movement, away from activism towards violent subversion.

US internal intel collection has not been tasked to deal with this.
Given that the Antifa and related movement is internationalized from Europe, with common sources of support, the @FBI and state & local law enforcement would be wise to play close attention to the German reports.
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7 Sep
1) Stupendous article by a former Green Beret who lost his wife to ISIS. Insightful personal story about how President Trump best supports our troops. nbcnews.com/think/opinion/…
2) Pres Trump “asked me what I thought about Syria and what we were doing there. He talked to me —a Green Beret & a combat veteran, not some expert at the Pentagon or a think tank —about the wisdom leaving troops in harm's way once ISIS’ territorial caliphate had been destroyed.”
3) “It was clear to me that he was deeply conflicted about whether staying in Syria was worth the lives lost — Shannon and her three colleagues — on that day in January [2019].”
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31 Aug
WaPo's Robert Woodward reported in 1997 that DOJ "uncovered evidence that representatives of the People's Republic of China sought to direct contributions from foreign sources to the Democratic National Committee before the 1996 presidential campaign"
And there's this from the New Yorker at that same time. Nora & Eugene Lum were the parents of Nickie Mali Lum Davis, recently in the news on a certain China matter. newyorker.com/magazine/1997/…
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31 Aug
Don't forget: Former military officers who support @JoeBiden have weaponized the campaign this year by adapting Special Operations Command technology used to hunt terrorists, and using it against people who support the president. nypost.com/2020/05/04/dem…
I am familiar with this technology and have seen how it operates from the back end. It isn't used just to "counter terrorist propaganda." It can target any individual virtually real-time, wherever they are, by monitoring their phones, mobile devices, and certain apps.
The technology was designed by DARPA with a dual use: (1) for psychological operations (PSYOP) to detect & counter enemy narratives; and (2) for targeting & killing individual terrorists by homing in on cell phones & mobile devices.

Now it has been adapted against Americans.
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29 Aug
It's worth exploring the #WhyRepublicansAreJumpingShip hashtag to see the panicky political videos being promoted. Note how they invoke Ronald Reagan while blaming the police for Antifa and BLM mobs, and not criticizing their violent extremism at all.
ALL the pro-Biden Republicans who are invoking Ronald Reagan’s name today did everything they could to prevent Reagan from being the Republican nominee for president in 1980.
The above references those pro-Biden Republicans who were politically active as Republicans in 1980. Some, who had been in the military, were not politically active. Others weren’t old enough or hadn’t gotten started. Some weren’t even Republicans but joined out of self-interest.
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27 Aug
(1) Is Steve Bannon’s business partner Guo Wengui (Miles Guo) a real Chinese dissident or defector to the US? @Sasha_Gong and I discuss Guo and his ties to the Communist secret police.
The Economist: "Guo’s penchant for grandiosity has made it difficult to sort truth from fiction in his claims."

"...some dissidents and sceptics, wary of his past ties to Chinese state security, do not trust him, wondering if he works both sides..." economist.com/united-states/…
(2) .@Sasha_Gong and I talk about defectors from Communist countries, past and present. We discuss questions about those like Guo Wengui (Miles Guo) who claim to break with their old masters but don’t make a total break.
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24 Aug
More about the Republican national security people for @JoeBiden:

Richard Armitage - Directed US aid to former USSR at crucial time & ignored early warnings that his strategy would help the re-named KGB turn Russia into a gangster-state.

2) Chester Crocker - As assistant secretary of state for African affairs, Crocker was the #1 Republican barrier to helping Angolan anti-Communist resistance leader Jonas Savimbi defeat the Cuban- and Soviet-backed Angolan regime and recover sovereignty from Moscow.
3) James Glassman - Begged conservative Republicans (and future MAGA people) to help him become Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy, promising to correct legacy problems at State Dept. Once the Senate confirmed him, he ignored them and stabbed them in the back.
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24 Aug
1) This press coverage from @AP's Beijing bureau doesn't make sense.

The AP reporter has the Twitter handle @ComradeJoeMcD. He's been with the Associated Press in China for more than 22 years, so he seems to behave like a good comrade. @AP_Politics apnews.com/f204b8b0f6ca6e…
2) @ComradeJoeMcD of @AP's Beijing bureau is a business reporter. He barely covers politics.

Comrade Joe has never written about #GuoWengui before. His profile of Guo, with the hook being the arrest of Steve Bannon, contains glaring omissions. @AP_Politics
3) @ComradeJoeMcD omits Guo's connections to China's MSS secret police.

He does say "The former deputy chief of the Chinese intelligence agency, Ma Jian, was convicted in December 2018 of taking bribes to help Guo," but omits allegations in US that Guo is a spy. @AP_Politics
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20 Aug
1) Wall Street Journal's @BrianSpegele has an important story about criminal and other investigations involving #MilesGuo (Guo Wengui) and Steve Bannon. Excerpts follow. wsj.com/articles/fundr…
2) "A media company linked to former Trump political adviser Steve Bannon and exiled Chinese businessman Guo Wengui [aka #MilesGuo] raised more than $300 million in a private offering this spring that is now being investigated by federal and state authorities," WSJ reports.
3) "JPMorgan Chase & Co and Wells Fargo & Co have frozen accounts tied to fundraising for the company, GTV Media Group, some of these people said. Bank of America Corp. also closed an account for GTV Media’s parent company shortly after it was opened in recent months," WSJ says.
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4 Aug
.@MrAndyNgo is giving a very sober, sophisticated, yet easily understandable assessment of Antifa methodologies, from organization to command-and-control, to weaponry. judiciary.senate.gov/meetings/the-r…
"Portland is the canary in the coal mine," @MrAndyNgo says in @SenTedCruz-run hearing. Antifa, he says, wants to destroy our republic.
Professor @JonathanTurley is testifying now. We are witnessing an erosion of freedom of speech in America. "Antifa is arguably the most successful anti-speech movement of this generation," he says. judiciary.senate.gov/meetings/the-r…
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4 Aug
All 100 senators should be denouncing the organized Antifa violence and the wounding of 700 police officers, they aren't, @SenTedCruz says at hearing on Antifa. judiciary.senate.gov/meetings/the-r…
Senator @maziehirono claims nobody is condoning violence but changes the subject to blame federal troops for the uniforms and insignia that they use.

She blames "federal agents" for using "excessive and indistriminate force" in Portland.
Senator Hirono is furthering the scripted narrative to deny that Antifa is waging a campaign of organized violence, and is laying out all the blame on law enforcement action "against peaceful protesters.

@maziehirono is moving the chess board that Nadler started last week.
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2 Aug
Please provide factual information about @AndriyUkraineTe’s contacts with Russia. You were fine with him when he was working for Blue Star Strategies, a Democrat firm, and only came out against him when he started revealing what he knew about fraud.
Senator @ChrisMurphyCT - Please substantiate your allegations about Andrii Telizhenko’s supposedly dangerous and subversive Russian connections, or retract and apologize. @AndriyUkraineTe
It's been two days since Senator @ChrisMurphyCT made unsubstantiated allegations about Andrii Telizhenko's supposed ties to Moscow, and he has not provided the slightest piece of evidence.

Looks like he's just trying to smear Senator @RonJohnsonWI's investigation of Burisma.
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29 Jul
1) The fact that House Judiciary Committee Chairman @RepJerryNadler helped release the terrorist who bombed the US Capitol is not surprising.

It is no surprise that federal lawmakers and other insiders support Antifa and BLM violence. This has gone on for decades.
2) In 1987, National Review ran a piece, "Congress's Red Army," which I co-authored. Here are highlights. @NRO

"The country is said to be moving to the right, but you wouldn't know it among by the Democrats. During the Reagan years they have moved sharply and quickly leftward."
3) Regarding a congressman Crockett who had long defended Communist Party members:

"The man who once obstreperously represented Communists before a congressional committee has now been given a committee of his own. No, Crockett hasn't changed; the Democrats have."
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29 Jul
TODAY: #MilesGuo / #GuoWengui AGAIN proclaims his support for Xi Jinping. Machine translation follows. #CPDChina @WarRoomPandemic
1) Machine translation of @sinofreedom's transcript of Guo's video from today. Vetted human translation to follow soon:

"President Xi is also not a god, how can he be without fault! China can’t live without President Xi. He is in charge of 1.4 billion people. It’s not easy..."
2) #GuoWengui, as machine translated from @sinofreedom's transcript, continued:

"President Xi wants to arrest me. I don’t even hate him for wanting to arrest me like President Xi. I will return to China within 24 hours and immediately apply for a flight to fly back...."
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28 Jul
Last week, GTV, which #MilesGuo says is chaired by Steve Bannon, reportedly received a Wells Notice from the Securities & Exchange Commission.
A Wells Notice is issued when a fraud investigation has been completed and before enforcement action is taken. @WarRoomPandemic
Note the caveat “reportedly.” I am trying to confirm this report definitively.
In this video, Guo Wengui says that the SEC and Justice Department are indeed investigating him. It's in Mandarin with no subtitles. Again, I do not speak Mandarin but have had several native speakers confirm what Guo says here. Anyone is free to comment.
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25 Jul
.@JoeBiden's sleaze machine is trying to make any probe of Burisma look like a Russian op to manipulate the US Senate. Biden's son was paid $1 million a year to do nothing on the Burisma board while Joe was VP.

Burisma's business depends on Putin's supply of gas for re-sale.
Burisma, the Putin-supplied gas company, ran a classic Russian op under a false flag. It's a Ukrainian company & looks anti-Kremlin, but it depends on Putin for its survival.

There's a reason this Putin-fueled company paid Hunter Biden $1 million a year while @JoeBiden was VP.
Watch the Russian Collusion 2020 lie unfold. Just as the Clintons made cash from sales of US uranium to Russia, the Bidens made cash from Russian sales of gas to Ukraine & Europe.

Political hitmen are trying to save @JoeBiden from @RonJohnsonWI's probe. politico.com/news/2020/07/2…
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24 Jul
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave an extraordinary policy speech of historic proportions on China. It was not just words. @SecPompeo enunciated an integrated US strategy to stop the Chinese Communist Party's abuses and aggression that have harmed us all. state.gov/communist-chin…
2) Pompeo's speech was integrated with vital speeches by National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien (on ideology), FBI Director Chris Wray (on CCP espionage), and Attorney General William Barr (on CCP attacks on our economy).
3) These speeches mark the #TrumpDoctrine. When Trump's policies are carried out, the CCP will collapse like the Soviet Union did.

Pompeo: "President Nixon once said he feared he had created a 'Frankenstein' by opening the world to the CCP, and here we are."
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