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Keeping an eye on "Jewish Voice for Labour" (JVL) with its unorthodox "Jewish" membership and "Free Speech On Israel" (FSOI). They are the same organisation
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31 May
.@uklabour JVL member Cllr Sam Gorst is supporting the four Wavertree Labour officials. They were suspended for writing a letter attacking their MP who proposed re-building relations with the Jewish community
Gorst expressed his delight at Jewish Chronicle workers losing their jobs when it was announced the paper was folding due to Coronavirus affecting sales
But when Jewish Chronicle journalist Lee Harpin suggested there were question marks over Gorst’s suitability in his role, Gorst claims he is the innocent victim.
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30 Apr
.@uklabour 1/3 ‘Don’t Leave Organise’ is a front group setup by the JVL and LRC. They organised the infamous zoom conference.

JVL leader Idrissi helped select people to speak, including notorious antisemites from their network. The event featured Labour MPs
2/3 The organisers are now trying to distance their own toxic network from those Labour MPs to protect them. They have even sunk as low as trying to pit minorities against each other

However, the MPs would have known exactly what they were participating in, and who with.
3/3 When will @Keir_Starmer dismantle this network of hate at the centre of the Labour party? Until he does, it will stay institutionally racist to the core
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4 Apr
@sheryllowenthal @UKLabour @Keir_Starmer There is only a handful of them - utterly insignificant in terms of numbers, which is why they are so coy about mentioning membership numbers
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4 Apr
.@uklabour 1/5 A message to the new Labour leadership of @Keir_Starmer:

JVL were concocted by Corbyn’s inner circle to whitewash Labour antisemitism. They are a minuscule group of antisemitic extremists and Holocaust revisionists
2/5 If Labour’s new Leadership are serious about dealing with antisemitism, then JVL need to be dropped like a hot potato. They should sent back into obscurity
3/5 Labour members and officials should not be promoting or enabling antisemites

So Deputy Leader @AngelaRayner must stop supporting people like JVL member Tapash Abu Shaim
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24 Dec 19
.@uklabour 1/15 John McDonell’s LRC posted an article with an image of a job centre sign, altered to read ‘work will set you free’. The text is from Auschwitz where millions of Jews were murdered by Nazis.
2/15 The article was by Mike Sivier, who was apparently expelled from Labour for antisemitism. LRC posted a further two articles by Sivier within the last three days alone.
3/15 LRC again seem to minimise the Holocaust, comparing Johnson’s advisor Dominic Cummings to mystic Rasputin and Goebbels, the Nazi head of propaganda.

Goebbels publicly promoted the extermination of Jews and orchestrated persecution, bans and lynchings of Jews.
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19 Dec 19
.@uklabour 1/7 Owen Jones has persistently claimed Labour antisemitism was exaggerated. Following Labour’s annihilation at the election, he wrote an article whitewashing his previous position...
2/7 Not only did Jones use his influence to defend the Labour leadership and gaslight the Jewish community, claiming it was a ‘smear’...
3/7 Jones also promoted JVL, the tiny group who whitewash Labour antisemitism. The anti-Jewish racism of JVL members and leaders is well documented
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11 Dec 19
.@uklabour 1/5 We have detailed the endemic antisemitism in John McDonnell’s LRC group. Now we can reveal their executive member, Angie Stack, appears to have been suspended for antisemitism
Angie Stack is on their LRC is on the Unite Political Committee and is Chair of a Unite Branch. She was chair of her Labour branch for 5 years and stood as Labour candidate 3 times in local elections
3/5 Here are just a few examples of her tweets. We are not fans of Jon Lansman but no one deserves to have racist stereotypes used against them
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5 Dec 19
.@uklabour 1/5 A fake letter written from a non-existent Rabbi, in a non-existent office, from a non-existent organisation was spread by JVL. The Orthodox community were furious when they found out
2/5 Labour cannot raise support from the Jewish community to defend themselves against the Chief Rabbi’s accusations. So JVL resorted to helping fabricate a campaign to defend the Labour Party.
3/5 The hard left fake news machine such as The Canary and Skwawbox then worked overtime to ensure the letter went viral among the Labour faithful. Legitimising anti-Jewish rhetoric is now a sure-fire way to gain instant popularity from Labour Party supporters.
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12 Nov 19
.@uklabour 1/11 Following JVL leader Idrissi being cut off from a radio show for antisemitic remarks, we look at her history. *spoiler alert* it is not pretty. (Thread)
2/11 - Misled people about never having heard of a case of Labour antisemitism, when she’d experienced it directly herself
3/11 - played down abuse of Jewish MPs and claimed there was “no evidence” of antisemitism by Jackie Walker and Ken Livingstone thejc.com/news/uk-news/j…
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27 Oct 19
JVL member spotlight: getting to know Michael Morgan, who peddles Nazi strength antisemitism
2/20 Only Labour’s so called ‘Jewish Voice’ could include people who accuse Jews of being Christ Killers. This is one of the oldest known excuses for visceral hatred towards Jewish people.
3/20 Morgan is a Holocaust denier. He shares a Holocaust denying post from antisemitic hate site vidrebel. It says the Holocaust and ‘false charges of antisemitism’ both need to be destroyed as they are the foundation for ‘illicit Israel’.
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8 Sep 19
.@uklabour 1/13 A thread about the latest video by ‘Just Jews’, which features yet another JVL member, Councillor Jo Bird.

In this video Bird downplays Labour antisemitism, talking about false accusations and ‘witch-huntery’.
2/13 ‘Just Jews’ previous video featured JVL member, Cllr Sue Lukes. She made similar claims about not witnessing antisemitism, but her story had inconsistencies. Similar claims by JVL leaders have also been disproved
3/13 ‘Just Jews’ claim they are “broadening the debate”. But this is clearly untrue - three out of their four videos feature JVL members, all downplaying antisemitism as you’d expect.
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13 Aug 19
.@UKLabour 1/4 Tonight sees the launch of ‘Labour Left Alliance’, (LLA), who are backed by JVL’s even uglier sister organisation, LAW jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/chris-williams…
2/4 LLA are also backed by John McDonnell’s group, LRC, who have a history of supporting antisemites and anti-Jewish sentiment
3/4 LLA’s letter states that opposing antisemitism claims, as well as Lansman’s dismissal of JVL and Williamson (suspended for antisemitism) are the motivating factors behind their creation. Image
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21 Jul 19
.@uklabour 1/12 JVL member spotlight: getting to know the youngest committee member, Ben Southern-Thomas.
2/12 Politically active, Ben is co-chair of Sheffield Labour Students and regional officer for Redbridge Young Labour. At the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) he seconded a proposal to boycott Israel.
3/12 Ben went to the JVL counter rally, in opposition to the ‘enough is enough’ demo against Labour antisemitism by the Jewish community.

There he screamed in the faces of Jewish people objecting to antisemitism.
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13 Jul 19
1/7 .@uklabour have appointed JVL member Heather Mendick to ‘build bridges’ with the Jewish community. But most of the Jewish community despise JVL.

Like other JVL members, Mendick also has a history of problematic comments regarding Labour antisemitism
2/7 Mendick’s twitter account was so full of vitriol towards antisemitism campaigners and the Jewish community, that she had to delete her account
3/7 Mendick attacked high profile antisemitism campaigner @RachelRileyRR, libelling her to her employees
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13 Jun 19
.@uklabour 1/12 JVL member spotlight: getting to know Councillor Sue Lukes. She downplays Labour antisemitism, whitewashing it along with her JVL colleagues.
2/12 Both JVL leader Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi and Co-chair Jenny Manson misled people about not seeing antisemitic abuse in the Labour Party. In fact both had experienced it personally.
3/12 Likewise, Sue Lukes also struggles to get her story straight. To see antisemitism she just needs to look over at her JVL colleagues...
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6 Jun 19
1/4 .@uklabour Labour Parliamentary candidate Lisa Forbes liked an antisemitic post, positively commented under another and signed a letter against the IHRA definition of antisemitism. As usual, JVL fully support the perpetrator of antisemitism and denying wrongdoing.
2/4 @jewishlabour took the unusual step of withdrawing their support. Was there solidarity? No, the empty words of the Labour Party are now apparent for all to see. Momentum also supported Parliamentary candiadate Forbes, making a mockery of their antisemitism videos.
3/4 About 50 Labour MPs campaigned for Forbes to become an MP, despite claiming to oppose antisemitism. They are not ‘fighting from within’ by supporting people becoming MPs who have been racist.
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2 Jun 19
.@uklabour 1/11 JVL Co-chair Jenny Manson didn’t just support Peter Willsman’s remarks while on @bbcnews, but also claims that the embassy infiltrated the Labour conference to disrupt it.
2/11 After complaining about antisemitism whistleblowers, Manson said that Peter Willsman:

“criticised the involvement of the israeli embassy, which we know about because of the lobby, in Labour Party politics.”
3/11 “The party conference in 2016 - they were there - because we know they were there. People influenced by the embassy’s decision to try and disrupt the Labour Party”
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16 May 19
.@uklabour 1/4 The Labour Party have asked JVL leader Glyn Secker to deliver antisemitism training to their members following his recent antisemitic speech
2/4 Only days ago Secker was publicly inciting hatred against Jews with rhetoric such as ‘Jews are in the gutter with the rats’. He should be nowhere near any mainstream political party, let alone lecturing Labour members about antisemitism thejc.com/news/uk-news/l…
3/4 This is why the @EHRC investigation is necessary. Secker has a track record regarding antisemitism but was praised by @jeremycorbyn as ‘the Jewish tradition I am interested in’. The Labour leadership interfered to get his antisemitism charges dropped thejc.com/news/uk-news/c…
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25 Apr 19
1/15 .@uklabour JVL member spotlight: getting to know Sam Gorst, Labour’s council candidate for Cressington in Liverpool
2/15 Gorst says @jewishlabour should be replaced with JVL, who are ”the way forward for peace”.

But replacing the larger, established Jewish representation with a small group of antisemites is not “the way forward for peace” for the Jewish community
3/15 Claiming @jewishlabour are giving “the Tories the “upperhand” is to accuse them of being a fifth column. Gorst makes it clear he sees no place in the Party for the only affiliated Jewish group.
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7 Apr 19
.@uklabour *Sunday Times investigation special* 1/5 Sian Bloor, an antisemitic trade union official reported to Labour a year ago, colluded with JVL to submit counter-complaints against her accusers
2/5 The Sunday Times investigation reveals JVL leader Jonathan Rosenhead, who previously blamed ‘zionists’ for murders in the Holocaust, said:

‘I think this is an excellent idea. This would be turning their tactic against them’.
3/5 Their tactic was partially successful and the person remains under investigation by Labour. Meanwhile Sian Bloor was readmitted to Labour. Exonerating the perpetrator and punishing the whistleblower is institutional discrimination.
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2 Apr 19
.@uklabour 1/8 JVL members are consorting with a fake Jew who came near the top of @simonwiesenthal list for the worst antisemitism incidents responsible for whipping up hatred towards Jews
2/8 JVL members Jackie Walker and Elleanne Green are notorious for antisemitism. Here they are with infamous antisemite Christoph Glanz, a friend of Walker and a regular on her Facebook page
3/8 JVL member Diana Neslen who’s also on JVL’s steering group, described Glanz as a ‘human rights defender’ and signed a petition to support him
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